Heidi: Nothing will discourage or impede my seeking answers on Gina and other Nxivm related deaths

Gina Hutchinson was found shot to death in Woodstock NY. Was it suicide?

I was dumbfounded by this very disturbing, disturbed post,  No prosecutions are gonna happen for Kristin Snyder or Gina Hutchinson because they both committed suicide and were not murdered, written by someone using the moniker, One Night in Bangkok.

I strongly suspect it was composed or commissioned by Clare Bronfman’s current counsel, Dennis Burke, who is hopefully being investigated for other harassment and witness tampering antics — some of which are ongoing and, unfortunately, appear to involve Mexican Nxians and possibly compromised Federal government contractors.

Was Private Investigator Juval Aviv the precursor of Dennis Burke? As a word of warning to Burke, Aviv, after allegedly trying to intimidate [and possibly drown] Rick Ross, was sued by Nxivm and like other consultants and attorneys got entangled with their litigation machine.
I’m uncertain how any sane person would consider citing an example of a case wherein the defendant was convicted, however lightly sentenced, to be in the interests of his possible clients who may have perpetrated similar crimes.

“Bangkok’s” possible valiant “witness tampering” effort here seems to be to discourage potential witnesses such as “The Rat” and those involved in Kristin Snyder’s disappearance from coming forward by raising the specter of prosecution over these types of crimes, that may (or may not) be prosecutable in the category of other types of murder.

The late Pamela Cafritz, died and left all to Keith Raniere. 

The biggest impediment to investigating my sister, Gina Hutchinson’s untimely death, along with those of Pam Cafritz, Barbara Jeske, etc., appears to be jurisdiction. The Evil Empire State of New York holds jurisdiction, I believe, in these cases. And, when, for whatever reason [and I do believe it to be a rather nefarious one] so far, the State and other Federal districts within it have so far not only neglected to investigate NXIVM crimes but impeded and assisted in muting any who dare attempt, who live, to bring charges against them.

Barbara Jeske died. She changed her will shortly before her death and left all to Keith Raniere.  

Kristin Snyder’s disappearance, however, does squarely fall within EDNY’s Federal jurisdiction insofar as I know. Interestingly enough, part of the strenuous effort — allegedly involving self-proclaimed Mussad hitman, Juval Aviv — to silence witnesses in that case took place in Burke’s own AZ backyard whilst he reigned as US Attorney.

Nonetheless, nothing will ultimately discourage or impede myself and others from seeking answers and justice and truth, or from continuing to expose this ruthless criminal enterprise bent on evil and destruction of individuals and societies for their own gain.

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  • Dear Bangcocky,

    First, “An Inconvenient Truth” is taken by Al Gore. FYI. Second, suppose all any family members of all the dead people you seem to have on your conscience (JK) really want is to know more about how and why their loved ones died?

    Sure, justice would be nice if it’s coming to anyone but, speaking for myself, I’d trade it for the unvarnished truth any day.

    There are many unresolved mysteries surrounding these deaths and I would think anyone who has nothing to hide but maybe felt a bit guilty, anyone with a human consciousness, in fact, would welcome more information and investigation. Certainly anyone being implicated but without any actual guilt would cheer on a search for truth.

    Your posts, most all of them in fact, seem to have more the opposite along with other ullterior motives. You also seem very angry. Even threatening. What is it you have to be so angry about?

    Nobody expects any Saints to show up on FR or is making any claim to be one. Not me! I just want somewhat of an open, clear, approachable space here as I think Frank intended at least sometimes to learn more about what was going on in Gina’s head, what lead up to her choice (or, maybe, MAYBE not her choice) and maybe in exchange I can help others avoid her fate or maybe even making some of my own mistakes.

    Far as mistreating the defendants, there are some on here who have been deeply, irreversible harmed by those you name who some say are your clients. I, for one, believe we’re justified in letting off some steam in the form of satire, Mickey Mouse stuff, especially — certainly as entitled as you are to hate on our dead loved ones and means we chose for closure on our road to recovery.

    • Having been in a cult myself I can tell you it is akin to being mentally raped and I was only in for 2 years.

      I will confess very early on, about 4 months into the cult, the cognitive dissonance was so overwhelming, I attempted suicide.

      Thankfully I was not successful.

      My will to live, and my inner resolve saved me. Yet, I can understand how one, separated from the herd, worked on over many hours with NXIVM groupthink and NLP would be pursuaded to end their life.

      My heart goes out to Heidi in the loss of her sister.

      • I’m so sorry you had that experience but thank you for sharing here and helping to educate and support others.

  • I hope there is a break in both of those cases, because I think there are at least a few someones who know a lot more than they have told.
    Bonne chance et bonne courage, Heidi.

  • I haven’t discouraged anybody from coming forward.

    I just pointed out an inconvenient truth that no matter who comes forward now, there’s just no CRIMES to be prosecuted for these SUICIDES. Just not gonna happen.

    I’d also like to politely disagree with the other posters here.

    I don’t think Bangkok (me) is a bully.

    It’s ironic that a person can be accused of being a ‘bully’ merely for pointing out an inconvenient TRUTH that certain people don’t wish to hear, yet many other members can be thought of as ‘saints’ after repeatedly saying the ugliest things imaginable about NXIVM members like Clare, Keith, Allie, Nancy, Lauren and Kathy.

    Kinda backwards if you ask me.

    In other words, if you’re politically correct (when insulting people) then you’re a ‘saint’ and if not then you’re a ‘bully’.

    Ok. Got it. High school all over again.

    Now kindly go back to saying the ugliest things imaginable about NXIVM members, you ‘saints’ and non-bullies. LOL.

    • Bangkok, your a god damn genius….No shit Sherlock, the suicides will not be prosecuted. However, the families of the women that committed suicide will perhaps find some solace in the fact that Kieth Raniere is going to prison and will not be able to victimize other women.

      Why Frank lets sick fucks like you post is beyond me.

      Someone’s loved one committed suicide.

      You, Bankcock, area fucking tool.

      Contemplate that to tonight when you go to bed in that happening apartment in your parents basement.

    • One question, Bangcocky. You mentioned a “witness list” in an anonymous comment, I believe? …To substantiate your confusing claim that these crimes are not prosecutable as the case you sited disproved.

      I may be missing something but what “witness list” are you referring to or Anon can answer? Have you seen a witness list? Has anyone?

  • I wasn’t discouraging anybody from coming forward. I was merely pointing out an inconvenient truth that no matter who comes forward, there just isn’t any CRIMES to be prosecuted over these SUICIDES.

    But as of now, no REAL WITNESSES have come forward with credible and verifiable information on this matter.

    It’s just a rumor mill whirling around and around.

  • Bangkok is always a bully, but I didn’t understand how his post would discourage potential witnesses from coming forward. If someone really does have information that relates to these deaths, why would the ramblings of this Bangkok guy stop them from giving the information to the authorities? And if they do have info, they have had many years to come forward with the info, but never did.

    Are you suggesting that Bangkok is the one responsible for the false police report?

    • And here’s Flowers, who would still be trying to bully former members if Frank were still allowing it, calling someone else a bully, and then defending them.
      Really starting to think those two are the same person.

    • Bangkok’s post was definitely written in a cruel manner and it was also written to evoke a response and it served its purpose. It was cold and calculated.

      There are so many unanswered questions when a suicide occurs but when it happens inside a ‘cult-like’ organization where a person’s thoughts are no longer their own, I believe the questions multiply. The use of psychological techniques to seemingly hurt followers rather than to enlighten is criminal. To suggest that someone’s life is not worth living is criminal and to take advantage of a young girl just to see how much control a person has over her thoughts is evil.

      I think Heidi is right and there are people, still living, who have a good idea what happened to her sister and who owe it to Gina’s family to come forward and share their information.

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