Guest View: I think the Rat is a liar – here’s why!

Does the Rat really know what happened to Kristin Snyder?

Guest View By One Night in Bangkok Makes a Hard Man Humble

I think “The Rat” is a liar regarding his alleged role in the death of Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder.

The rest of you are being taken for a ride.

Based upon The Rat’s OWN WORDS, there is NO CRIME to investigate regarding the tragic suicide deaths of Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder.


Because according to The Rat, no actual murder happened.  The Rat only claims to have “encouraged” them to commit suicide which is not a federal crime.  Likewise, encouraging somebody to commit suicide was ‘probably’ not a state crime back in 2003 either, since it only recently became a state crime in many states.

However, even IF it was a ‘state’ crime back in 2003 (even if it was prosecutable) the statute of limitations would have run out by now since it’s not murder, it’s merely encouraging somebody to commit suicide.

So there is NOTHING for Federal or State officials to investigate with regard to the tragic deaths of these women, contrary to what Frank and others keep trying to imply here.

But it doesn’t end there.

You know what? In my opinion, The Rat is a liar and a delusional asshole who likely had no role in those suicides. The Rat doesn’t sound credible since why were NO DETAILS about Snyder’s suicide provided by this “Rat”!

If The Rat were truly involved in Gina’s and Kristin’s suicides, he’d have been able to provide unreleased details about these events which the public doesn’t know about.  Especially for Snyder’s suicide, since no body was recovered and lots of mysteries remain.

The Rat didn’t provide SQUAT about any of these details BECAUSE he’s most likely a LYING SACK OF SHIT.

Frank is not being a good journalist by letting certain members make bogus accusations suggesting that a murder or a prosecutable death offense has taken place.  Until I see evidence, “The Rat” is just another Pea Onyu.

Until I see evidence, The Rat is just another LYING SACK OF SHIT who’s trying to pretend he’s somebody more important than he really is.

Just like Pea Onyu PRETENDS to know Keith and Clare and Kreuk, yet in reality Pea has never even met these people. Pea is just a lonely woman sitting at home and wishing that she was intimately involved with these people.  Pea refuses to provide a SINGLE piece of information that’s not publicly known about these people.

Why?  Because she only knows what she’s read about them publicly.

The Rat and Pea Onyu are both liars. They are both sick wackadoodles who need mental treatment.

As for the claims about Keith raping or having sex with underage girls in the past, I think that’s probably true since Keith is a sick fuck for sure (in my opinion).

However, without EVIDENCE provided by the VICTIMS THEMSELVES (or a 1st Hand Witness) it’s not gonna be prosecuted.

So kindly stop spouting this BULLSHIT Frank, unless you see a REAL CRIME that can be realistically prosecuted with real victims or 1st hand witnesses ready to provide evidence.

Stop giving credibility to these wackadoodle conspiracy theories.

What’s next? An “Area 51” connection to these suicides? LOL.

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Frank Parlato


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  • “Kristin was never a part of CBI and came during a time her and Gina’s paths would not have crossed. At least not at the NXIVM center in Albany”.

    IDK where you are getting your facts but Kristin Keeffe was living with or in the compound with Keith, Pam, Karen and, later, Toni Natalie, full-time starting in the late ‘80’s -1990 latest.

    Now, you’ve got me thinking The Rat IS Mexican and you’re out to cover for him or her? Even Kristin can’t think she could possibly get away with lying about crossing paths with Gina and how long she was with KAR/ESP? Could she, would she? 30 years a “Luciferian”…hmm, maybe?

    I give up. Please, anyone withholding information about apparent suicides affiliated with NX, especially Gina Hutchinson’s, I beg of you to contact FBI EDNY investigators, EDNY DOJ and Frank Report. Thanks!

    • Whoever The Rat is/was would have been purposely putting curveballs into the writing so as not to be identified. More time should be spent on who had the motive and personality to be The Rat than on spending time analyzing the identity clues from the writing. The clues could be easily fabricated.

      Heidi’s breakdown on a different post as to why Kristin is probably The Rat, hits lots of nails on the head. Kristin had the motive. Has the intelligence to want to eject from KR. Has the personality to feel remorse/guilt. Has already proven she will & wants to spill the beans. And enjoys boozing & dropping her inhibitions.

  • After the comment made by Heidi the “Guest View: We should consider the Rat as being possible two persons”, I’m now almost 100% that the Rat was Kristin Keeffe, wether directly or by using someone else to reveals all the things written in John Tigue’s Saragota in Decline blog.
    The Rat wrote facts that only a few inside Raniere’s harem could know in 2010 : Pam, Barbara (not sure), Kristin, Karen.

    Even with the rare things we know about Kristin Keeffe, everything points out that she was the Rat.

    In an email she sent to some NXIVM’s attorneys in 2015, she wrote: “In the 24 years I have known Keith, 11 of which I lived with him (…)”. She knew Raniere since 1990 or 1991, she was then present since the beginning of CBL (1990).
    Even if no criminal acts were committed, The Rat shows lots of remorse and guilt over the suicide of Gina Hutchison (Keeffe’s close friend for years) and Kristin Snyder, even saying that she “put the idea in their heads”. Some people who took ESP classes had serious mental health issues after. Snyder had a psychotic reaction after Raniere tried to overcome her sexual orientation (having sex with her?).
    The remorse and guilt can be seen in all the Keeffe action after she left. Maybe it’s the maternal feeling or something, but she wanna help and save their others, although her actions were very limited being in hiding. One year after she lelf, she phoned Barbara Bouchey and told her a lot about NXIVM’s criminal actions to help her with her case. She didn’t have to but came forward.

    The same can be said with the letter she wrote to the attorneys in 2015. She said she had to protect Clare, Sara and others victims of Raniere’s manipulations and abuses.

    She wrote to the attorneys: “I am sorry for my role in playing along with Keith’s crazy conspiracy theories to you both. I had to, to protect myself and my son until I had the resources to escape. Keith began planning his attacks on Bouchey etc. in 2009, and they were small potatoes compared to how he would perceive me, once he knew or even suspected I was his enemy. In the years while I played along, I had to endure the most vile physical abuse by Keith, and attempted psychological abuse and disparagement by his closest sycophants, all directed by Keith. I took the abuse I had to take, and I acted the way I had to act, to keep them all in the dark about what I knew was happening. I had to for the protection of my son. It worked, and now my son and I are free and Keith can’t touch us.”

    Again the feeling of guilt. But also Keeffe explained very clearly the duplicity she had to play for years : she had to play the role of an Raniere’s devoted while inside her heart she was disguised and angry. But obviously she was totally afraid and had to keep silent. I don’t know exactly when she finally saw Raniere’s true face and turn against him, but I suspect it was around 2007 with her son’s birth. The Rat message was written in 2010, 3 years after Gealyn’s birth. The Rat’s message’s cries despair and madness. The one who speaks is trapped and has to hide his identity. The Rat’s weird message (with the 3rd point of view) shows the same duplicity in which Keeffe was kept into.

    For 7 years Kristin had to be very prudent and prepared her escape, gaining Kirsopp confidence, while watching Raniere’s horrible experimentations on her son. Of course to write the Rat’s message would have been foolish for her in that situation. But it may have been an impulsive act, out of anger, drunkenness or whatever. The silence was to hard to bear. But maybe Keeffe was thinking that being Gealyn’s mother would protect her from Raniere’s suspicion? Also she was good with computer hacking (a NXIVM’s speciality), so she was probably prudent enough not to give an incriminated IP address.

    It means that for years Raniere was in the dark: who between Kristin, Pam or Karen was hiding behind the Rat? That must have make him crazy. In 2014 when Kristin left with Rodger Kirsopp’s help, he finally knew.
    All we can wish now it’s that Keeffe is working with the FBI and tell them all she knows. And with Keeffe’s help, maybe one day Gina and Kistin Snyder’s love ones will understand a little bit more of what have happened.

  • If the Rat is real and exists, he/she is most likely not from Mexico.
    Gina was a part of CBI but wasn’t a figure around ESP.
    Kristin was never a part of CBI and came during a time her and Gina’s paths would not have crossed. At least not at the NXIVM center in Albany.
    Edgar Boone was the first from Mexico to take classes with NXIVM. He worked his way into the inner circle quickly and had close contact with KAR, Nancy Salzman and dated Nancy’s daughter Michelle Salzman along with Sara Bronfman.
    If the Rat planted the idea of suicide with both women, it would most likely have to be someone who was in CBI and NXIVM. They could have been someone who was close to someone high up in CBI and had an inside connection to KAR. It would have been KAR who helped plant the idea to help push these women over the edge.
    Regardless of charges can be brought against KAR or the Rat, knowing who helped drive these women to end their lives could help bring some peace to those who knew and loved them.

    • Rat Fink: I believe like you that the Rat is not mexican. That was just a way hide his identity. Also, we should take what the Rat said with a grain of salt. To me, there is strong probabilities that the Rat was someone trapped inside NXIVM and who tried to alert the authorities. So maybe she add some exaggeration and rumours, trying to said to the world that there was someting rotten in Raniere’s kingdom.

      “Kristin was never a part of CBI and came during a time her and Gina’s paths would not have crossed. At least not at the NXIVM center in Albany”.

      Why are you so sure about that? To my knowledge, Gina never stops to see Raniere, even if she was not part of ESP (she left and came back all the time!). Heidi once wrote that Kistin was Gina’s best friend! I understand they were very close. When did Keeffe joined Raniere’s harem?

  • Thanks One Night for the shout out. Frank and the crew do a such a great job of analysis and commentary. I usually do not have anything insightful to add.

  • One other thing, this author appears to be aware of the fact that Gina and I stopped over in Bangkok one night enroute to Dharmasala, India to see the escaped Chinese Karmapa’s first public appearance with the “Dolly Lama” where we had an intense quarrel about KAR.

    IF this authoress knows about that night in Bangkok, she must have hung out with Gina in Clifton Park upon Gina’s return from her travels. She might have even prepared Gina’s enshrined NX death chart found in her car at the suicide scene dated August 2002, weeks before Gina died. She might have also participated in experimental gaslighting and harassment activities on Gina and me circa 1999, one of which curiously occurred where Kristin Keefe was bartending. She might have even placed other evidence in Gina’s car such as the torn photo of me, Gina and my ex, Jeff Apple, stuck under the visor on the passenger side.

    And I bet she can explain what The Rat meant by, “Keith did not kill. I did. I talked her into it. Keith wanted it to happen.”

    “….Walking between despair and ecstasy, I can feel an angel sliding next to me.”

    I do hope you and your son are safe, Kristin. But your son won’t be safe until your conscience is cleared and justice is fully served. That starts with the WHOLE truth and nothing but the TRUTH.

    • Heidi, this “One Night in Bangkok” guy is clearly the same guy who has written under the name Clicky and several other aliases. Are you implicating him? Do you think he was involved in NXIVM?

    • The posting name is from the song One Night in Bangkok. Here’s the verse it’s taken from

      One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble
      Not much between despair and ecstasy
      One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble
      Can’t be too careful with your company
      I can feel the devil walking next to me

  • There was a module in the intensive that specifically dealt with the ethics of suicide. Curious how everything they taught at ESP/ Nxium was one big projection.
    I think the author of this article is perhaps feeling threatened. Maybe they were not suicide?

    • Yes, indeed, there was/is a suicide module written into Keith’s “Rational Inquiry” formula that promoted suicide. I believe my sister. .Krysten Snyder and others I could name unwittingly participated in the development of that module.

      I also believe Keith would not have hesitated to use the suicide module in a Jonestown type scenario if the necessity or even simply some opportunity arose. What is the ultimate control one can have over another but taking their very life and, the method KAR used – the same coercion of others to do “what Keith wanted” to quote The Rat, to the point of taking their own lives for their “masters” – Keith being the ultimate one — was KAR’s unique signature or monogram — that he thought so valuable and effective it warrented patenting.

      Remember NX’s mission statement iterated by Clare for Ethcal Science Foundation; “whether or not humans can be manipulated and if so, how?”

      Did you take the suicide module?

    • Raniere was always creating modules to change’s people way of thinking and acting in his own interests. It was always a matter of manipulation of the people around him. An exemple was in the Time Union in 2012:

      “Another time, when her conservative Catholic upbringing made her reluctant to engage in oral sex, she was invited to attend a class Raniere created on the subject. She said he told the students, including Natalie, that mothers in some developing nations perform oral sex on their children to soothe them. She suspects the class was organized just for her.”

      • at an evening meeting with Keith discussing sex in very graphic detailed description. His father and stepmother and Nancy’s parents were in the room. I saw him humiliate Nancy’s parents and Keith’s Dad told me after the meeting “my son is crazy.”

        This was Keith’s idea of fun, watching others suffer. He is the ultimate suppressive!

        Yes I did the suicide module. Another perverted waste of time!

  • Tell it to the FBI, Bangkok. “I get my kicks above the waistline, Sunshine.” And it’s time you start shedding some light on the TRUTH.

    You may be right that these “suicide” crimes are not prosecutable, but that doesn’t mean you’re free to obscure them. Lying to investigators, btw, now that is most definitely a prosecutable crime and that may include lies by omission or subterfuge.

    “I can feel an angel walking next to me.”

    …God, Gina loved that tune!

  • My question for the writer of the above article is why has the reappearance of ‘the rat’s’ post struck such a nerve? This post is filled with such anger at the people who have taken the time to read it and believe it has kernels of truth held within. Why does this threaten this author?

    Why call Frank a “lying sack of shit” for reposting? The rage is incongruent to the rat’s post.

    It could be true that a person putting ideas of suicide into another’s head can’t be charged criminally but this person will have to live with knowingly doing this and knowing the result was suicide. Yes, the person could have been directed, by others holding power over them, to do such a thing but there is always free will and this person must wish they had chosen a different path; if this commenter is speaking the truth. And remember this post wasn’t written yesterday. It was penned years ago.

    • I am sorry to go on but this article has angered me because it seems to not take the feelings of the friends and family who have been left behind by suicide into account.

      This is from Psychology Today:

      Suicide, however, has been described as a death like no other … and it truly is. Death by suicide stuns with soul-crushing surprise, leaving family and friends not only grieving the unexpected death, but confused and lost by this haunting loss.

      When someone dies by suicide, research shows that at least 6 people are intimately traumatized by the death. Those who are directly affected include immediate family members, relatives, neighbors, friends, fellow students and/or co-workers.

      I think this author fails to take into account these people who have been traumatized by suicide are always searching for answers and they must take ‘the rat’s’ words seriously and, of course, they want to dig deeper and find out who could have written it. To draw a direct comparison between ‘the rat’ and Pea is ridiculous. Pea keeps commenting but ‘the rat’ was one and done. This lends credibility to the admission; in my humble opinion.

      • I think this is the same troll who has called all of us liars. They always say LOL and use emoticons like smiley faces after taking nasty digs at whomever they can.
        Just desperate for someone else to lash out at since Frank isn’t posting the posts attacking us.
        They just want a visceral reaction out of you.
        While Frank continues to feed the troll for posting material, I highly recommend others choose to take a higher road.

        • Good points Just Sayin’. This one just really struck a nerve for me. Makes me wonder if this poster may feel responsible for someone choosing suicide and wants to assuage their guilt.

          • That appears to be their goal… To strike as many nerves as possible. As soon as I see one sentence intended to insult every single reader, I just skip the post / comment to save myself the negativity.
            Who knows what is wrong with them. That is certainly a possibility. It’s unfortunate they are not getting the help they clearly need. They said they were originally from Toronto. Not sure where they are now.
            There is definitely a lack of attention to mental health issues in many countries.

          • Maybe they are still in Toronto.
            I don’t think location is a factor in seeking mental health treatment. But, because there is no effective treatment for misogynistic narcissists, can they even be helped ? I think mental health issues such as depression , OCD, and bi-polar disorder are treatable, but not NPD.

    • Festinger
      This same author has written many posts here using the exact same language as he uses in article. He’s not writing like this because he’s threatened – he ALWAYS writes like this.
      He has written nasty posts before about me and about other people who post here – his anger does not appear to be related to any threat. I believe he just enjoys being malicious.

    • I agree, Leon.

      This comment: “Until I see evidence, The Rat is just another LYING SACK OF SHIT who’s trying to pretend he’s somebody more important than he really is.”

      I disagree. The post was originally published in October, 2010, when most of these details weren’t common knowledge. And while I don’t know for sure, I suspect the readership of Saratoga In Decline was far smaller than Frank’s multi national audience. (I was reading it, but only because I had encountered KAR in the 90’s and was curious about his evolving scams.) I would bet SID was read mostly by locals. It was the obvious “safe place” to post something negative about NXIVM.

      It’s chilling to think that the higher ups at NX could have traced this person via an IP address provided to them by corrupt law enforcement. if so, they may have already punished this person.

      Separately, I continue to believe Pea Onyu is not a real person but merely an imposter having a great deal of fun with us.

    • Well said Leon.

      I also fail to see how lack of new details about either of the two suicides carries any weight here whatsoever. Sewing a seed of suggestion can be done any time any place and has nothing to do with the action itself. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the Rat would know anything more than anyone else about the suicide details.

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