We Must Make China Pay for What They Did to Us!


By J. Gary DiLaura, FBI retired

Unfortunately, I have to wish my readers a Happy Easter while we are still at war, in my opinion, with a Chinese created bio Virus, “heretofore”, non-existent, that they cultured, created, and then unleashed upon the World that was…as an experiment …!


For those of you who do not understand all that is implied above… please allow me to explain:

Common sense alone should give the average person great pause and reason to suspect that China, a nation of 1.5 billion people, could NOT have a pandemic … with their TWO most important cities, Shanghai and Beijing, and their sounding rural areas… virtually disease free while the rest of the entire world is contaminated.

China Map and Satellite Image

It’s simply, NOT possible, unless they have some sort of way to exercise some form of control over the disease. That statement is as true as, “I’ve never been to the Sun, but I know it’s hot”!

Think of it this way… take a gallon jug of water, put some dye into the jug and just let it sit and see how the dye is “spread” throughout the one gallon jug! That’s water and not a “gas” like your breath. If you could mix two gases together with different colors you would be surprised how fast the two gases, like your breath and the air, mix, thoroughly! That’s what science calls, “homogeneous”. It’s simply a phenomenon of Nature and occurs when most liquids and gases mix…without agitation.


The Intermediate Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus affinis).

Regarding bio virus research…

China is known to have been conducting that type of research, for decades, remember SARs? Here’s excerpts from an interview Jesse Waters did 4-10-20 on FOX with Steven Mosher, President, Population Institute and reported by the Washington Post 4-11-20 by Reed Richardson (with opinions slipped in as fact, here and there);

Our President - PRI
Steven Mosher

“Jesse, it’s amazing over the last 15 years China has collected 2,000 dangerous viruses from the wild, including 300 coronaviruses roughly we understand, many of which came from horseshoe bats that we’re talking about as original carrier of the virus,” Mosher said. “But if those viruses had stayed in bats and caves 600 miles away from Wuhan they would have never come in contact with people.”

“Why are they taking the bats out of the caves bringing them to research facilities and investigating the viruses that the bats have?” Watters asked. “What is the purpose of that kind of virus research?”

“Well I think there were a number of purposes, one goes back to SARS epidemic back in 2003 which killed a lot of people in China and infected a lot more. The SARS virus, by the way, was studied in a lab in Beijing in 2004 and twice leaked from the lab,” Mosher claimed. Then, putting a decidedly an ominous spin on Chinese research of a documented public health risk within its borders, Mosher added: “But think about over the last 15 years, China has doubled the number of known viruses, over 200 years we’ve collected 2,000. Now we have 4,000 why? Because all of these hundreds, thousands of viruses are being kept from the two bio labs in the city of Wuhan. Many of them are dangerous.”


Here’s a fact and not just my opinion …”China is a Communist Nation and follows Communist beliefs and principles”.

This is a belief of Communism, that has been taught for decades, “the end justifies the means”…that’s a basic belief in China and the way they rule.

When someone is caught with drugs…they chop off their hand. When caught a second time …the other hand. The third…the head goes. It’s pretty basic communism …but it usually works pretty well, so it’s justified!

China wants to Rule the World, that’s a well-known fact /belief/ assumption based just upon the ways and means China attacks pretty much every country in the World that they consider a “threat”…why else would they cyber-attack, for example,  the US elections, the US power grids, the US Defense computers, US businesses and on and on?

Could it be because they

(1) like us?

(2) They hate us?

(3)They are freaking stupid?

They surreptitiously attack the US repeatedly and then deny; they cheat on every treaty we make, just like any other socialist nation like Russia, Iran and every other socialist country we deal with!


China is NOT researching ANYTHING to improve humanity!

Do I believe China would risk a few hundred thousand Chinese citizens’ lives to “test” a bio weapon, yes… and IN A HEARTBEAT!

They have 1.5 billion citizens …they had 81,907 Covid-19 cases; the US has 488,045 and the World 1,631,310. The World and US had 8% deaths…China ½ that at 4% but here’s the difference…China cured 95% , the US 8% and the world 22%. That is not mathematically possible for China to cure 95% without having a cure, that they are not sharing!

Anybody who believes China is “researching bio viruses” to improve life for anyone but their Communist interests is ignorant of life. When leaders of Nations tell you that they want to kill you, your family and your allies, believe them and watch them closely or kill them immediately!

OR…risk American lives, and wait and see what they do. If their acts clearly demonstrate that they are killing US citizens …then you should really believe them and they really do mean it and then kill them!

In China’s case they are a little smarter than Iran… not a lot smarter. When they tell the country that made them a world power, “If you don’t stop blaming China we will withhold medicine you need to fight the virus”. Remember, it is a virus they “gave” us, whether you believe they did it on purpose or not…they caused the world pandemic. If you don’t believe, “ that”…go look in a mirror and say…”You are stupid”!

China manufactures the ammunition that our military and you and me use! Do some research and see what genius made that dumb-ass deal!

We MUST make China pay for what they did to us! Let the rest of the world take their own actions! Force all the private industry, that previous administrations (both parties)  allowed to go to China, like GE, GM and others and make them come back.



If we’re not exempt withhold payments anyway!!!

Start a “Payback to China” program…crash their defense computers, and power grid computers, accidentally bump into their communication satellites…get the idea…play the same game they play but do it smart, then say…”Who me”?

What we are seeing here, because of China …is a “tip of the tongue” taste of Socialism… that nut bags like Cortez, Sanders and Biden want! If you ask radicals like Omar, she’ll tell you that she wants more, not less government control.

Think about it, the government is dictating what businesses can open, who can work and who can’t, cancellation of religious gathering or gathering of any type…


You don’t like it? Then you had better give this President a Republican House and Senate or we will be screwed!

How about it Cortez, Bernie?

This was NOT caused by us or our President but by China. Do you people still want…SOCIALISM!?

Go to China like Biden did and sell your souls, also like Biden did…my opinion!

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  • Let’s see if authorities enforce the social-distancing orders for mosques during Ramadan (April 23-May 23) like they did churches during Easter

  • You ruined your credibility with your ‘we have a cure’ article. That’s totally why you’ve lost over 20,000 people.

  • “What difference does it make what his name is?
    Again you make an ad hominem attack to defend an evil Communist regime that murders people.
    Have you no shame?”

    One might ask Gibson the same question as he adamantly demanded the identity of a detractor here.
    Well and good to denounce the Chinese regime. But where are the documents to prove weaponized viruses? At this stage, it is merely conjecture. Not that anyone would put it past them to come up with it. But then again, who would put it past the Pentagon to do the same thing? Also, Shadowstate, while we’re at it, do you own a gun? It’s a fair question since you have shamelessly paraded your Hinkley-style obsession with a Hollywood starlet on this blog. Shame? Who spends *hundreds* of hours denouncing in public and for no money a woman they’ll never get to fuck?

    • “But where are the documents to prove weaponized viruses? ”

      So The Wuhan virus just happens to pop up in close proximity to China’s only Level 4 Bio Lab, the very type of facility that would work on weaponizing viruses.
      And do you seriously believe that China would provide the world with documents proving its guilt in developing a dangerous pathogen?
      Doctors who told the truth about the Wuhan virus had the nasty habit of disappearing.

      “Who spends *hundreds* of hours denouncing in public and for no money a woman they’ll never get to fuck?”

      Who would want to fuck Allison Pimp Mack?
      How many viruses is she carrying?
      More viruses than a cave full of Chinese bats.
      And to call Pimp Mack a “starlet” Is to stretch the word out of all meaning.

    • McCarthy…..Help me….

      What Frankreport Hollywood stocker uses the “ad hominem attack” as a catch phrase?

      Mmh I can’t remember…Can you help me out Sultan?

  • DiLaura is straight out of Dr. Strangelove. His articles are exactly what housewives used to read in the CIA-run Readers Digest decades ago. Anyone who writes in capitol letters like some Neanderthal shout is living in the 1950’s cold war. (The only era DiLaura ever felt at home in.) The guy’s religion is Manichean, ironically created by Iranians.

    • Hey idiot it was your fellow democraps that kept pushing Russia Russia Russia. CIA is rouge and is basicall running your democrap party. Keep your head firmly up your ass as the Communist Chinese are the ones carrying out the Communist agenda.

      • @Liberals are a virus
        You’re a plumber aren’t you? You bowl and you like to hunt. Country music and 50’s hits play on your truck stereo. You’re overweight. You can’t reason an argument out which is why you construct the looniest of straw men. The Chinese are coming for your niece!

        • Screw that guy, you are an inner city welfare queen aren’t you. Fat, lazy and devour chips and pop during your Oprah binge watching. Fuck you and your Communist murdering Chinese masters.

    • Keep on defending Communist China, an evil empire which murders people and then harvests their organs.
      ‘Overwhelming’ evidence of Chinese government is running organ harvesting

  • Again, great article Mr. DiLaura.
    When the Japanese attacked, the US, my grandpa, a USMC flag officer with intel training at Quantico,
    fought back, cutting the Jap forces in half on the island of Iwo Jima.
    I am not an officer and never went to any formal intel training.
    I was US Navy non rated enlisted.
    But I can defend the US.
    China is playing games, and once I had a great talk with a former Chinese (People’s Republic)
    former officer who told me a lot that at the time I did not understand, and no one wanted to listen
    to, even at the FBI. I was told by someone at DHS that this info was not what they had.
    The person, Wu he said his name was told me China had US pols and journos and
    supplied info to criminals to help them fight cops, hoping to use them for civil unrest.

    Lots of other things that are now coming true.

    You are right, this is bio warfare. China wants all Americans dead or enslaved, they need land for their
    1.5 billion.

    So I am fighting back. But I am one person. I will call for their immediate removal, and maybe
    all that will happen is AnonyMaker will jump up, claiming he was a US Army officer and top Pentagon
    official and shout me down. He may in fact be a Chinese troll.

    But if on the other hand, enough men join me in the fight for America, American can win.
    ALL PR Chinese citizens are to leave IMMEDIATELY while all Chinese Americans who are
    loyal to the US are to be completely embraced and enlisted in this fight, – we need their knowledge
    now more than ever.

    Let’s roll. Call you congressman and senator and tell all your friends to do the same.
    We are not going to win just posting on the net. Work that phone, call journalists,

    Ken Gibson,

    New York City

    • Gibson, you’re a total whackjob. So glad a super patriot like you can speak for an entire country at the drop of a hat. You’re just sentient enough to stay out of the laughing academy—but for how long? Tip: a guy like you needs to avoid speed and coke at all costs.

      • What the hell is your real name?
        Hi, my name Ken Gibson. What is yours?
        And no I don’t do drugs, I arrested drug dealers and speak out against drugs –
        acts for which I was stabbed.
        Now I am speaking out against PR China and its bio terror campaign.
        For which you attack me.
        I think that even without knowing your real name – we know what you are about.
        What do you suggest, we just chill out and let these PR China agents hang out here?

        • Since you bring it up, do you have any proof that “Ken Gibson” is your real name, and not just a longstanding nom de plume or alias?

          It looks like you’ve deliberately lived so far off the grid, apparently using a series of postal drops across the country, that it’s not readily possible to verify anything about you through open source searches (PeopleFinders, etc.) like it is for most Americans.

          And I notice you’ve claimed as your sister, someone who has a different family name. How does that work?

          p.s. With all that interest in hemp, are we really to believe you don’t use cannabis?

          • Since you bring it up, do you have any proof that “Ken Gibson” is your real name, and not just a longstanding nom de plume or alias? AnonyMaker

            What difference does it make what his name is?
            Again you make an ad hominem attack to defend an evil Communist regime that murders people.
            Have you no shame?

          • Frank has an open invitation to see my passport. Send me a money order and I will deposit it –
            if this is not my real name, I could not do that, but since this is and the bank recognizes me and my ID it will be deposited. My book, or two books, one of which you claim to have read, published
            2003, bear my name. Sure, I could have used an alias for decades, but would I really be able to get a US passport before and after 9/11 with an alias?

            IT LOOKS LIKE is always a weak way to start an indictment. To a fool, IT LOOKS LIKE is proof. It means nothing. Could mean you are blind. I have never used a postal drop. I do use a lot less twitter, FB, instagram etc than most people, though I did just sign up to an instagram account so I could take part in https://www.instagram.com/centralparkmap/ which a family member set up to promote my map – the copyright of which is in my name. Maps, books, passports, bank accounts all in my name.

            How does it work that my sister has a different family name?
            Stupid questions get stupid answers. She has a different dad. How hard was that to figure out?

            With all my interest in hemp – why would I even want to smoke marijuana? Get a copy of Hemp for Victory – foreword by Woody Harrelson – and read what I wrote about it all. I made that book to stand out by NOT being a pot smoker or interested in marijuana – it IS full of info with 700 footnotes from rare books in the UC, NYPL, Library of Scotland, BL, etc. For which I had to show valid ID – passport etc, to access.

            Why do you think I would smoke marijuana when I wrote a book on the industrial uses of cannabis? Do you just assume things? If so, grow up. You make yourself look stupid.

          • I believe it was established that Ken was lying about his identity back when Frank published Ken’ first article. At that time I questioned the authenticity of Ken’s book (not the hemp book but the other book which he claims to have written) and it was proven that Ken was a liar. That book never existed, and the number he provided (which I searched for using various search engines) did not show up on a search.

            All of his posts are nonsense because he’s just a political troll with an agenda to spread disinformation and propaganda.

          • I disagree. I think Ken is anything but a troll. He is sincere in my opinion and genuinely cares about this nation.

        • @Gibtard Officer I choose not to impart that information without a lawyer present. So you arrested pot dealers and wrote a book about hemp? Sounds like a screw is extremely loose somewhere. BTW, if you arrested drug dealers then you do not believe in a free market. Again, a screw is loose. Gibson does not add up Very fishy indeed..

          • When drug dealers turned the Kenmore Hotel into a living nightmare, raping and murdering elderly tenants, I did not see it as a free market issue. I don’t mind if people sell pot or some other things, but crack, croc, meth etc. are illegal for a reason.
            READ things before you make yourself look stupid: I NEVER ARRESTED POT DEALERS.
            Learn about the Kenmore Hotel – which is still public record, Our Town and NYT article ca 1994 –
            then talk.
            And yes, I wrote a book about hemp. It may be a bit over your reading level so I am not inviting you to buy it.

          • In response to Flowers – again – not a real name is it? –
            Ironically, while you claim the book, translated into Arabic in 2003, does not exist, AnonyMaker
            claims it does and tries to use it as proof that I am evil.
            So which is it, the book exists or it does not?
            It does. It is on my shelf.
            You can’t find it using the ISBN #?
            Maybe you are stupid.

            Maybe both of you are stupid.

            All my posts are nonsense because you can’t find a book ISBN # in a search?

            If ever a post or comment was nonsense, yours takes the prize.

        • Officer Gibson: You misunderstood my comment. I dig the super-hero persona and the medium-level Asperger’s you’ve got (It used to be called Delusions Of Grandeur before the advent of lithium). I was really serious though–coke and speed would turn you into more of a maniac than you already are. Stimulants would have you seeing U.S. presidents directly selling ballistic missiles to the Chinese, and venting in right-wing chat rooms about it. And let’s not forget writing books lauding a plant that you would arrest people for smoking. Running after irresponsible dog owners is totally respectable in my book. Stick with that. That would actually benefit more New Yorkers than your current efforts to save the world through hackneyed posts about privileged info from Chinese mucky-mucks you have. Also, from your posts I gather you’ve suffered from dyslexia for most of your life? True or False? Be honest.

          • “Stimulants would have you seeing U.S. presidents directly selling ballistic missiles to the Chinese, and venting in right-wing chat rooms about it.”

            Hey man didn’t we just read that Clinton helped the Chinese make their missiles go further? Or was that “fake news”?

          • Obviously you do not read very well. I arrested drug dealers that raped and murdered, or caused rape and murder, and did not sell pot but crack, meth, heroin etc.
            I NEVER arrested or advocated the arrest of anyone for pot, but rather advocated making it legal and allowing medical cannabis,
            Read before you write.
            No, I never suffered from dyslexia.
            Your ad hominem attacks are false.
            Just learn to read before you make stupid statements and false accusations,
            Mr Vice President.

        • My name is Peaches, Ken Gibson. No need for my last name. Question: what does the PR stand for? Thank you.

          • Peaches you are OK. Not sure what OK stands for but PR stands for People’s Republic, to distinguish it from the Republic of China – which is Taiwan, aka Formosa, the island that is US friendly.

        • Ken, I have never seen such rabid trolls as I have seen here.
          NXIVM brings out the worst in people.

          Concerning your book “Hemp For Victory” my maternal grandfather would joke about how his relatives who owned Midwestern farms grew hemp for the government in World War 2 and received subsidies.
          He laughed when he said that they would never have dreamed of smoking the stuff.

          I have also noticed that some of the “ladies” of NXIVM have a great personal interest in weed.
          And their interests do not involve treating Glaucoma.
          One of the NXIVM “ladies” would claim that Raniere would be vindicated on 4-20,
          National Marijuana Day.
          I believe their use of Loco weed clouded their judgments about Raniere.

          • Ken- ok stands for “oll korrect” or “all correct”. It’s short for okay. As an adjective, OK principally means “adequate” or “acceptable” as a contrast to “bad” “The boss approved this cauterizing pen so its OK. It can also mean “mediocre” when used in contrast with “good” The squash noodles were great, but the tofu was just OK”. It fulfills a similar role as an adverb. “Wow, you did OK for your first time branding my pussy”. As an interjection, it can denote compliance. Ok I will be your slave. or agreement “OK, the branding looks fine on my pussy”. It can mean “assent” when it is used as a noun “the boss gave her the OK to purchase the panties” or as a verb “the boss OKed the purchase of a tight black dress”.

          • HEMP FOR VICTORY is the slogan the US used to encourage farmers to grow it,
            so I used it for my book.
            It could have another meaning as this plant could supply a raw material to a US paper
            industry and then a US textile industry.
            The first US flag was made of hemp: the Founding Fathers grew it.
            Thank you for mentioning your family’s cultivation of it, I have always wanted to find
            specific instances of this for a 2nd edition.
            The book is available on Amazon by the way, sold
            by my sister who AnonyMaker insinuates can’t be my sister because she
            had a different last name.

  • The bat coronaviruses were not particularly dangerous in themselves unless a human went into isolated caves and interacted with bats.
    And then Mad Chinese scientists, acting under the direction of a wicked and evil Chinese Communist government, genetically engineered Frankenstein bat viruses combing coronaviruses with the HIV virus making it easier to infect humans.

    Now millions of people around the world are infected and thousands will die.
    Major economies around the Globe have been plunged into Depression because of the murderous, duplicitous Chinese Communist government.

    In 1941, three thousand Americans were murdered at Pearl Harbor by an evil Japanese government.
    Americans reacted by firebombing and vaporizing Japanese cities.

    In 2001, Satanic Islamic terrorists murdered 3000 Americans in New York and Northern Virginia.
    America reacted by toppling Satanic Islamic regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    In 2020, the perfidious Satanic government of Communist China has already murdered 10,000 Americans and the death toll is rising.
    The Ruthless, Vicious Murderers of China must be sent to HADES!

    • Say that and some internet troll will call you a total whackjob and suggest you are on drugs, as someone just did to me a couple comments above.
      If I did nothing and let them just hang out in NY, would I be sane?
      If that’s the definition of insanity, call me crazy.
      And if someone sells US missile systems to PR China so that they can attack the US,
      what is he called?
      Mr President, aka Slick Willie.
      I get it.

      • Ken,
        Remember they called Churchill insane when he warned of the evil growing in Nazi Germany.
        Churchill was a lone voice in the wilderness.
        And Churchill was 100% right.
        Stick to your guns and continue your fight against evil.

        • Thank you so much. Neville Chamberlain wanted to appease Hitler, just as some people want to appease communist China. We need to kick communist China out this MOMENT – and EMBRACE the Chinese Americans who love this country. I spend time each day talking to such individuals, one guy whose grandfather was in WWII in the Pacific for the US – as was mine. Another is a US NAVY CWO now on reserve duty at the Javits Center. Another talked to me today trying to explain that I needed to get my story ‘over the firewall’ – that is, get 300 million communist Chinese talking about my antagonism toward their evil regime –
          to be honest, that is beyond my tech capabilities. Look for something to be posted here tomorrow and then let’s get it all over Facebook etc – and into China as much as we can.
          I will contact of course the Epoch Times, the pro-Fulan Gong paper, and the NY Post is talking to me but wants a quote from a congressman.
          There is only so much time and the rest of the day and into tomorrow I must work on a specific project that
          I will give to Frank to post – so stay tuned.
          What does your congressman and senator think about closing the door on communist China to secure the safety of every American?

    • Shadow 🤯 slow down. Your going to fast for me. WTF 🤬 are you talking about? Chinese scientist developed coronavirus and HIV?

      • Chinese scientists created a Frankenstein virus, what scientists call a Chimera virus by combining strands of genetic material from two different viruses to create a m=new, more virulent virus.
        Soviet scientists did the same in the eighties.

        Chimera (virus)
        A chimera virus is defined by the Center for Veterinary Biologics (part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) as a “new hybrid microorganism created by joining nucleic acid fragments from two or more different microorganisms in which each of at least two of the fragments contain essential genes necessary for replication.
        As a bioweapon
        Combining two pathogenic viruses increases the lethality of the new virus[3] which is why there have been cases where chimeric viruses have been considered for use as a bioweapon. For example, the Soviet Union’s Chimera Project attempted to combine DNA from Venezuelan equine encephalitis, smallpox and Ebola virus in the late 1980s[4]. A combination smallpox and monkeypox virus has also been studied

  • EXACTLY!!!!!!!!


  • The fake news know their PLANdemic has failed and they are angry, the panic is getting real.

    They each go in to these press meetings with questions to undermine President Trump and his pandemic response efforts.

    They never ask real questions that would be beneficial to the American people, they are ALL attack questions.

    The media / Democrat plan:

    1) Ramp up fear 24/7

    2) Ramp up death rate projections (2 million)

    3) Force Trump to shut down the states/economy

    4) No known cure

    5) Attack the President, make him look inept

    6) Create a scenario (negative statistics) that could be used against President Trump in the upcoming election

    President Trump destroyed them at their own game:

    1) Shut down air travel from China, minimize deaths

    2) Introduce a cure (HCQ), calm fears

    3) Leave shut down orders at the discretion of the Governors

    4) Deploy every available asset to fight the virus (Production Act)

    5) Daily updates to the American people, instill confidence, everything is under control

    We end up with death rate that are 1% of original projections.

    The media leaves without any anti-Trump propaganda to be used in the upcoming election.

    The American people left with the impression President Trump is a true leader.

    President Trump exposes the lefts anti-American sentiment.

    The left/media cabal wanted extreme death rates, they wanted a worst case scenario. They wanted people from China to come in, bashed Trump for closing it down. Pelosi encouraged people to congregate in China town. Cuomo encourage the same in New Yok City. In the beginning the media told the public that Covd19 posed no serious risk.The media discouraged life saving treatment (HCQ) claiming serious side effects / death. Every step of the way they manipulated the situation to cause the death rate to increase. Its easy to see.

    Now the writing is on the wall their plan has failed. President Trump is standing on stage with full confidence. He will open the country in a few days. The economy will take off like a rocket ship. We are left with a better understanding of the corrupt Liberal empire. We see where our true enemies were hiding. Federal Reserve has been disarmed. Anti trafficking missions on several continents. Rumors of anti vax department being established. The lefts evil plans exposed.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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