Shadow responds to Pea: ‘Stop beating around the bush’

By Shadow State 1958

In response to Pea Onyu’s post Pea Onyu: Keith advised rightly – for health, hygiene and pleasure – on the benefits of the full bush

Pea, let’s stop beating around the bush.

Here is my analysis of some of the things you wrote:

“if you have permission from your master to masturbate”

Why does a woman need permission to masturbate?

“Think of it as a homegrown moat working to protect your special castle that belongs to you as queen and me as your King.”

Why is King capitalized but not queen? And a man’s home is his castle but a woman’s castle is only her public hair?

By the way, another way to protect against STDs is for men and women to avoid promiscuity or at least for men to wear condoms.

He (Keith) is not afraid of having us look like women.
Pea, why doesn’t Keith want women to look like women instead of scrawny flat chested 12 year old girls?

“Keith called it my “nether-lips.”
Pea, you said that Keith was teaching the Iguanas of Puerto Vallarta to talk.
Does Keith also teach women’s “nether-lips” to talk?

“He was the best at giving head.”
Is that why your wife, Allison, is always sticking her tongue out?
Is that Keith’s hold on women– cunnilingus?

If you love pussy, as Keith does
ea, isn’t a woman more than a pussy?

“There is nothing more empowering for a woman,” Keith taught us, “than to be the slave of the right man and make ourselves his human sculpture.”

Pea, this statement sets back women 100 years.

This also proves how advanced Keith is.
Pea, if Keith were truly advanced he would not label women as “slaves.”

Shadow will try to guess who I am
Pea, I don’t have to guess who you are. I know who you are, but I won’t belabor the point.

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  • I think you are wrong on who Pea is SS58.

    Firstly who would be the best person who loves VGs penis the most AND also think it is the best thing ever, ever after?

    Who would come across across as angry in their repsonses now their life and his baby’s is now in tatters?

    Who would write an almost tender story of perhaps a younger woman who was helped by an older man to understand what sex is perhaps way too soon?

    Who would be with Allie, Keith and I i.e. the top people?

    Who else would sympathise with SB who has a child who might one day get on the internet?

    Answers on a Mexican postcard please!

  • if you have permission from your master to masturbate

    Pea, since you appear to be in a quandary about what to do without your Vanguard I will help.

    Pea, you have my blanket permission to masturbate and enjoy the masturbation.
    And you have my blanket permission to use devices, such as vibrators, to enhance the experience.
    Just make sure you do so in a discreet way.

  • I stated I would not make any wisecracks anymore but what WTF did I just read.

    Dude your article reads like it was written by a middle age man with a 4th grade education high on meth channeling the ghost of Larry Flynt.

    Seriously WTF?!?!?!

    • it was written by a middle age man with a 4th grade education high on meth channeling the ghost of Larry Flynt.

      You just gave the perfect description of the Vanguard Keith Allan Raniere.



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