Bail Package: Did Raniere flee from Monterrey to Puerto Vallarta because of Frank Parlato and Sarah Edmondson?

Keith Raniere known also as the Vanguard.

This is the third part of my rebuttal to Keith Raniere’s bail package.

Marc Agnifilo, Keith Raniere’s attorney, made an argument in his second bail bond motion that Raniere went from Monterrey to Puerto Vallarta not to hide from the FBI  but because he was worried about Sarah Edmondson and me.

Excerpts of Agnifilo’s arguments are in BOLD type.  My comments in regular type.

[Raniere] hired a well- respected attorney, Michael Sullivan, the former United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts to interface with any governmental entities that may be investigating [him].

This makes it clear Raniere knew he was under investigation.

Mr. Sullivan openly communicated with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of New York, thereby demonstrating Mr. Raniere had no intention of fleeing or hiding.

This is not demonstrating anything except perhaps that Raniere was setting up an alibi. He knew – from a  December 21, 2017 story in the New York Times and from the Frank Report – and other publications – including those in Mexico – including Monterrey where he was living –  that it was the Eastern District, not the Northern District, that was investigating him.

Reforma: The EU investigates a group that marked women as cattle

El Norte: The EU investigates a group that marked women as cattle

Mural: The EU investigates a group that marked
women as cattle

This is clear evidence of Mr. Raniere’s willingness to cooperate with law enforcement.

Why then did his attorney contact the Northern District when the media reported it was the Eastern District?

For nearly two decades, people associated with ESP and Nxivm have been the targets of threats, computer-hacking and blatant (sic) false statements on websites and other media specifically to damage their reputations, business and lives.

Why, for two decades, has this peaceful, ethical man and his group been the targets of such animus and harassment? Did Raniere do anything to provoke any of it?

In the summer of 2017, before Mr. Raniere and the mother of his child went to Mexico to comply with her visa requirements, Nxivm became aware that the login credentials of former students, Sarah Edmondson, Jennifer Kobelt and J.O. were accessing Nxivm servers from Canada. These accounts deleted data, stole ESP student profiles and documentation and cancelled over $100,000 credit card payments.

The $100,000 in canceled credit card payments were from Vancouver people who wished to have their payments canceled. Do you know why? Because they found out that women were getting branded. These people were not prevented from paying NXIVM.  They felt revulsion at what Raniere and his inner circle had done and wanted to quit. Anyone of them who wanted to reinstate payments was free to do so.

Anti-NXIVM press was and continues to be associated with a prolific blogger named Frank Parlato, who is currently under indictment in the Western District of New York. 

Parlato is an active antagonist who has admitted time and again that he is obsessed with ruining Mr. Raniere and others supportive of the organization.

I never said I was obsessed with “ruining Mr. Raniere and others supportive of the organization.” I said I was determined to expose Raniere and prevent him from hurting others. I have been somewhat successful in helping to do that.

This obsession does not stop with posting photos of Mr. Raniere’s newborn baby.

There is only one photo of his baby. Here it is.

I published this photograph of Keith Raniere, his baby mamma, Mariana Fernandez, and baby Kemar. I also identified his location – on December 18, 2017. This was after I [and the NY Times] identified he was under investigation in the Eastern District of NY.
On multiple occasions, Parlato published the exact location of Mr. Raniere’s whereabouts in Monterrey, Mexico, and even published multiple photos of him walking his child in the daytime.  

It is no wonder, then, that with the presence of this blogger posting Mr. Raniere’s daily whereabouts together with photographs of his four-month-old child, that Raniere would choose to leave Monterrey to protect his child.

Let us be clear: Agnifilo says that Keith Raniere left Monterrey because of me. He left Monterrey for Puerto Vallarta – but – let us be clear – this brave man left his baby and baby mamma behind!  How ethical and noble he is. He left Albany to be with his baby but when I published his whereabouts, with him and his baby and baby mother, he left his baby and baby mother there – where I found him – and skedaddled by himself to Puerto Vallarta, where he just happened to have a $10,000 per week villa chock full of sex slaves waiting.

With a recent Nxivm server breach and misappropriation of electronic information, Mr. Raniere chose to use an encrypted email shortly after Sarah Edmondson’s story was published in The New York Times.

So he shifted to an encrypted email not to evade law enforcement but to avoid the threat of Sara Edmondson. And when was this “…recent NXIVM server breach”? Is Agnifilo referring to the alleged unauthorized accessing of NXIVM’s server by Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, and John Tighe back in 2011?

Rather than trying to evade law enforcement, Mr. Raniere chose a more secure location to reside, and an email server that could prevent hacking from a mobilized group of enemies who were ready and willing to hack in the past and willing to publicize their illegally seized information.

Mr. Raniere was arrested in a gated resort near Puerto Vallarta where he was on a vacation openly socializing with friends from Albany and different parts of Mexico.

Wait a minute, he “…went to a more secure location to reside” and he was “…openly socializing with friends on vacation?” That doesn’t make sense.

The friends were all together for the weeks leading up to “Holy Week” in Mexico.

Many of the Mexican families left the resort near Puerto Vallarta on March 25th to begin the Holy Week celebrations with their families and some guests stayed, including Mr. Raniere and guests from Albany.

Those guests were his sex slaves including Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Lauren Salzman, Loreta Garza, and his financier and slave, Clare Bronfman.

Mr. Raniere’s presence in the Puerto Vallarta area was simply to go on a vacation with his friends, many of whom he had not seen since leaving Albany in November 2017.

…the mother of his child and his child were in Puerta Vallarta beginning on March 16th and stayed with Mr. Raniere until March 25th, the day before Mr. Raniere’s arrest…. they left just a few hours earlier with friends so that their child could continue his language development at a school in Monterrey.

That means when he first left Puerto Vallarta – likely in late December or early January, he left his baby and baby mamma alone for about two and half months.  Although he went to Mexico he said because he wanted to be with his baby and baby mother,  of the four and half months he was in Mexico, he was with them for less than half the time there.

Because companions and others from Albany were still vacationing in the Puerto Vallarta resort, Mr. Raniere stayed behind and planned to join the mother of his child and his child later.

He used encrypted email. He had his attorney call the wrong US Attorney. The FBI came to Monterrey looking for him and he did not contact them or have his attorney contact them and he spent less than half the time he was down there with his son.

Mr. Raniere was not attempting to evade law enforcement.

Maybe not, but it seems like he was.

Here is what Judge Garaufis said in June and I am not sure what is new in this second bail package that is going to change his mind:

“Defendant’s history and characteristics strongly support the conclusion that he is a flight risk…First, the court finds that it is more likely than not that Defendant moved to Mexico last fall at least partly to elude law enforcement. Despite having little history of international travel. Defendant relocated to Mexico soon after attention turned to his alleged activities in connection with Nxivm and DOS. The Government avers that, while in Mexico, Defendant also began using end-to-end encrypted email and stopped using his phone.  As a result, the Government avers, it took a month and a half for authorities to track Defendant down.

“Defendant has innocent explanations for his change of scenery and behavior. He avers that he traveled to Mexico last October to be with his child and with the child’s mother when her U.S. visa expiredWhile he admits to using different phones and email addresses, he states that he did so not to evade authorities but to evade an anti-Nxivm group that he says harassed him for yearsFinally, he contends that the Government was, or should have been, aware of his location because …”his attorney left a phone number with the Department of Justice on two occasions by which he could be reached.”…

“These explanations are not persuasive. While it may be the case that Defendant traveled briefly to Mexico in October to be with the mother of his child in Monterrey, that does not explain why he traveled back to Mexico the following month—or why, when he did, he moved hundreds of miles away, to Puerto Vallarta…If Defendant had been seeking to avoid anti-Nxivm activists, not the Government, it is not clear why he would have stopped using his phone entirely, as the court is not aware of how the former would have the ability to track Defendant’s phone. That Defendant’s attorney left a callback number with prosecutors does not imply that Defendant was forthcoming with authorities about his location…”In any event, this explanation rings false., as defendant’s motion indicates that the mother of his child lives in or near Monterrey, but Monterrey is hundreds of miles from Puerto Vallarta. The Court is skeptical of defendant’s explanation that he began using fully encrypted email and stopped using his phone to evade Nxivm critics, not law enforcement, as the Court is not aware how the former could have the ability to track his phone.”


I suspect that Raniere is not getting out anytime soon. But if he does, he won’t make a run this time for Mexico.  He will take it on the lamb to a country that won’t arrest and deport him – if the price is right.

I believe Judge Garaufis is motivated by an earnest attempt at justice and is a believer in due process – which includes the concept that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. Raniere, at this point, in the eyes of the law, is innocent.

However, the previous bail package included armed guards to watch Raniere, 24/7 in NYC.  The judge denied that application.  The new bail package does not have guards – and is in Clifton Park, where Raniere has many devoted supporters. He could simply walk out the door and be aided by any number of nearby friends.

He could be on a private jet quicker than one could say – Viva Executive Success!

If the Judge grants bail to Raniere, an alleged sex-trafficking cult leader that both the government and Pre-Trial Supervision have warned is a flight risk, and Raniere flees, this honorable Judge will get the brunt of the blame. He will be the headline of every media outlet that has ever written a word about the NXIVM sex cult.

That is unfortunate, for no judge is omniscient, and any judge can make a mistake, and probably every experienced judge at least once in a career granted bail to a defendant who skipped. But in a high profile case like this – with all the facts militating against Raniere – how does he let Raniere out of prison? How does he take that chance?

He almost has to err, if he errs at all, on the side of caution. It is perhaps unfair. Maybe Raniere might not run, but should he release Raniere and Raniere flees [which I believe he will] the judge will take the fall for Raniere.

And that’s not right. Enough people already have taken the fall for Raniere.







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  • Hiding out in Mexico is not a good idea. Add that to the list of Keith’s ridiculous schemes – Consumers Buyline, DOS, Commodities trading, suing Microsoft, using Pam’s bank account after she died, claiming he was a pauper, etc.

    Mexico is a very Macho and Western country. If someone finds out that Keith branded their sister, daughter, etc – Keith would be found and strung up.

    Mexicans also don’t care for gringos (due to the perception of centuries of exploitation going back to Mexican American War). So, they have no qualms about screwing over Americans.

    That is why the Mexican Federal Police deported Raniere so quickly. Do you think that decision was made at the local level? Fuck no. It was made at highest levels of govt.

    So hiding out in Mexico was another one of Keith’s stupid pet tricks. And as shitty as MDC is, it IS TEN TIMES SAFER THAN MEXICO.

    There are two things the US Govt doesn’t like…TAX CHEATS and CULTS. You put those together and you are toast.

    • Nexium was a hoax; a total narcissistic hoax filled with grandiose platitudes to ease the consciousness of empty people (like myself).

      I’ve been too worried about Keith, Nancy and Allison and that’s been an excuse to not do anything in my own life. Right now I’ve got my own depression to climb out of. Sure, I could sit around and continue to heap shit on them but it isn’t their fault my life isn’t the way I want it.

      • You stand a good chance of climbing out of your depression because you seem set on taking responsibility for your life, but dont go too far AA, there are external factors that can contribute and exploit a person’s depression, nxivm certainly has form for doing that. I wish you all the best, Im sorry your curiosity, sense of fairness/desire to improve the world was harnessed by such bad people, but as you are one of many, you really should give yourself a break, forgive yourself – let the Law take care of nxivm.

        • Thanks. The problem is I’m not innocent. I became like them. And, that’s not easy to accept. But, I appreciate the support. Going in the right direction is most important right now.

          • Uplifting, sound thoughts as usual, Orange & One. I think it’s natural to go inside yourself, that direction, do some self examination first. We’re all far too critical of ourselves, though. As you say there are a lot of “factors” that can and do take advantage of the raw vulnerabilities — the guilt, self-doubt or loathing and so forth — of victims in a situation like this. It just IS depressing for many, no doubt. Majorly.

            There must be some trustworthy resources around to help cope. “Didi Hirsch” is a “suicide” group that helped me after Gina died but IDK if they’re National. I’ll look into it. I did hear that Rick Ross is setting up a sort of “Nx recovery” group for victims out of Vancouver that’s being taped so others can tune in to get vicarious help. Might be a guide on his website but can’t find one at the moment and late for work! Take care, Double.

    • Reading through some comments and love the noise you’re making, Mouse!

      Don’t exactly agree, though, that MDC is safer than Mexico once you factor El Chapo and Keith Raniere imprisoned together into the MDC side of the equation.

      …Plus at MDC there are the mites and gonad-eating fungus and mysterious sharp objects underfoot. And overflowing toilets on slippery surfaces. And those bitches that steal a man’s prescription glasses just for shits and giggles. Then, there’s the poor lighting, disagreeably cool temperature…it’s all just a classic Clare Bronfman lawsuit waiting to happen.

      Plus, I hear El Chapo needs a new bunk mate at MDC. Not a plus for Raniere. And, man, is Chapo pissed Salinas is spending more on fucking “Vanguard’s” case with that Bronfman bitch than his own family (or govt. partners) are willing to spend on “El Chapo”!

  • The judge just has to let him go. We need him. He will not flee. He will have an attorney on hand at all hours so he will not violate the court conditions and we can be there with him. Plus Mariana can come back and I will be there. I can fill the place of Alison until she is acquitted. Kathy can come and Lauren. The time maybe ripe for her to have his avatar baby. Lauren I know you read this ,,, do not betray him. Come your time for motherhood is now.

  • If Rainiere was truly a flight risk and wished to avoid deportation he would have avoided Mexico altogether; he would have gone immediately to a country with no extradition treaty with the USA. The Frank Report has chided or suggested that Rainiere would go to Fiji and pay their government to not deport him. If Rainiere’s goal was avoiding USA authorities why did he not do this?
    I don’t think Rainiere was avoiding deportation; I think he was avoiding everyone who was scrutinizing him from Parlato and the NYT to all his followers he’d have to answer to. He was scared, freaked out and needed a break to decide his next move. Nothing more.

      • Keith is not a traveling man. He’s comfy in Mexico and thought he could beat an extradition with the help of his wealthy, connected Mexican friends. Only the feds were one step ahead and deported him instead. Way to go USA. I’m sure he was working on permanent plans he just got arrested unexpectedly ahead of schedule.

    • I disagree. He thought he was safe in Mexico because of his very well connected Mexican Pals who buddy fucked him due to the bad publicity in the press in Mexico at the time. With the presidential election that was coming up soon, and his pal being a candidate, they had no choice but to dump on Van Puto.

    • You clearly have a very fixed set of beliefs there AA, he probs was ‘scared, freaked out and needed a break to decide his next move’ He also, as a matter of record, boldly avoided his deportation, he required restraining and was pursued by his equally non-cooperative harem at high speed.

      • If that’s accurate, he was a fool to require restraint.
        I have no sympathy for KAR. He caused a lot of pain; I do believe everyone should have equal and fair treatment under the law, Including KAR.

        • ‘I do believe everyone should have equal and fair treatment under the law, Including KAR.’

          You are a better person than those you want treated with fairness. I hope you can overcome your depression – Don’t be so hard on yourself for your choices, we all make bad ones sometimes, its how you deal and recover from them that counts.

    • You don’t know the half of it, Double.

      Keith has an infantile need to (and belief that he does) control his environment and everyone, especially females — mother figures — in it. He doesn’t travel to places he doesn’t feel he’s fully in control of. Never has. He thought he had the 1st son of Mexico, that whole Country, by the balls. Same way he believes Saratoga & Albany Counties are all his.

      The Fiji escape plan was, still is, in play for decades. Why do you think Clare bought it to begin with? But Keith doesn’t have any corrupt govt. officials or their kids dancing, singing to or saluting him in Fiji. Not yet. Let’s hope never.

      Feel better. This is probably not the best place to hang out for depression, btw. This is more of a Nihilism de-construction zone. 🙂

        • Lol. I didn’t read yours first or wouldn’t have repeated. You seem to have some insider insights, Anne. Welcome.

      • Thanks!

        Somehow, I need to talk about the issues here. Why? I think part of Keith in me (metaphorically speaking) and that’s not a good thing. Keith is deceitful sociopath and I see how I’ve become that myself. The thing is how does one admit that to friends, family or even a therapist? Is there a 12 step group for liars, grifters and sociopaths? I don’t think so. Did Nexium cause that? No, I got off track a long time ago sometime in childhood/adolescence/early adulthood and I could never admit to it. I think I was attracted to Nexium because it abetted my sense of superiority and entitlement which is related to sociopathy. I made excuses for Keith, Nancy and everyone else but it was all sick and wrong.

        So, I’m here not to entertain others or have them feel sorry for me; rather I need to honest as a first step in getting better. Talking about it is only a beginning; making amends to people I’ve hurt and acting with respect for myself and others need to follow.

        I realize people have different agendas here and there are some people that enjoy humiliating others. That’s distasteful but part of life. I’m glad that I can see how wrong I’ve been and I’m willing to get back on the right track again.

        • Bravo DA. One step at a time. And i am sorry you were such an asshole for so long but glad you’re trying not to be one anymore.

  • Excellent points, Frank.

    …But you forgot to mention that when Keith was first arrested in Mexico, he was *not* cooperative with immigration authorities in their quest to bring him to America.

    He actively resisted coming back to America until law enforcement sought his official deportation — which happened very quickly, but was nonetheless still against Keith’s will. This is NOT consistent with his attorney’s description of a man willing to return to America on his own free will. LOL.

    His attorney is now Pinocchio.

    Quote from TU article:
    “The defendant was uncooperative when immigration authorities arrived”

    If Keith was truly looking to ‘cooperate’ and was willing to return to America at any time to assist Federal Law Enforcement — as his attorney is claiming — then WHY THE FUCK was he *uncooperative* with immigration authorities after being arrested?

    Why did he actively resist coming back?

    That’s game over right there. He can’t explain that away.

    Keith spent several months in Mexico after the NY Times article was published, something he’d NEVER done before for that length of time. He was arrested hundreds of miles away from his baby, while shacked up with 4 sex slaves.

    He then was *uncooperative* with immigration authorities after being arrested — and he actively resisted coming back to America.

    That means his trip to Mexico was meant to flee America.

    Oh, and Clare (aka the ugly mule) was with that mother fucker in Mexico too? Yeah okay, that sounds normal.

    Also… If Keith was so terrified of Frank Parlato to the point he fled America for several MONTHS and abandoned his cell phone —- then why the fuck did Keith actively file lawsuits and harass Frank Parlato for YEARS? That’s a contradiction. It doesn’t make sense.

    Also, after being arrested Keith lied on his ‘asset sheet’ — by purposely misspelling Pam Cafritz as “Pam Kfritz” (probably to try and hide her sizable $8 million dollar account from immediate discovery by law enforcement, at least until he could decide how best to explain his control of that account).

    • So true. the words ‘cooperative’ and ‘raniere’ can only be used in a sentence ironically, with the heaviest dose of sarcasm.

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