Has Sara Bronfman found a new Vanguard?

By Evonne Brossard

French Correspondent

I found Sara Bronfman-Igtet in her remote and lavish hideaway at Domaine des Andeols in the Luberon region – in the heart of Provençe. Her resort is set amid the iconic lavender and old olive trees hills.

I was gladdened to see she was not alone – and not merely with her two children, her seven nannies and her retinue of servants, maids, gardeners, chauffeurs and errand boys and girls.

No, she had some adult company.  He is the handsome artiste Jean-Charles de Castelbajc. He seems to be keeping the oft promiscuous heiress company at her remote hideaway.

Sara, who has already been through the who’s who of the men of NXIVM having had affairs with her Vanguard, Keith Raniere, Emiliano Salinas, Edgar Boone and more — plus quite famously her Lama lover, the [now defrocked] Lama Tenzin Dhonden, former emissary to the Dalai Lama.

Edgar Boone
Emiliano Salinas


Sara with Lama Tenzin
Her old Vanguard

Now, as she resides in lavish Domaine des Andeols with gigolo husband sometimes off on various business assignments, Sara remains aloof to the world, but not to her artiste friend Jean-Charles who has come on the scene ostensibly as her art mentor and knight in shining armor.

And on these spacious grounds in romantic France, where adultery is considered a mere d’alliance — and discreet polyamory has been in vogue for centuries – is her artiste friend more than a friend? I don’t mean anything illicit – but could it be that Sara has found herself a new Vanguard?

With Keith Raniere tucked away in prison and likely to remain there the rest of his life, is Sara ready for a new slave master?

Is Jean-Charles de Castelbajc the new Vanguard for simple Sara Bronfman?


Who wouldn’t feel romance in the air in such a splendid setting?


Simple-Sara asks Jean-Charles about what religion should be practiced at their holiday resort getaway and listens with rapt attention to his word salad with a dash of French dressing answer.

Starry-eyed gal – but is this a romance that can last or will our heiress be plucked away by Interpol and sent to face charges for the many crimes she committed in the USA?
As one reader said, “There’s a REASON Sara is in Provence. Domaine des Andeols is a 3.5-hour drive to Italy, 4 hours to Switzerland, and 1 hour to the Coast. From Marseilles, Sara can hire a speedboat and go to Malta, Algeria, Tunisia, Albania, or Croatia. If she rents a yacht, how easy would it be to find her in the Med? Not very easy at all. Looks like she’s gonna make a run for it.” Will she take Jean-Charles with her and leave Basit with the kids and the seven nannies behind?


It’s almost reminiscent of Keith Raniere Conversations

Image result for domaine des andéols

Basit, you better act fast –,or your wife might run off with yet another Vanguard.

Oh how I hate to say it but “Viva Executive Success!”


See the magic between these two on youtube: 

Basit Igtet




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  • This is some very impressive detective work, Evelyn! Amazing you found Sara hiding out in the company of Jean-Charles without Iggy about. It is circumspect given Sara’s propensity to fall for “mentors,” frauds, pop icons and gigalos. JC would be the best Sara’s done yet in all those categories. At least JC’s employed, even if he is nearly 30 years older than she.

    Has JC taken up residence there? I hesitate to say “artist” in residence as they refer to their relationship in the video. Do find it a bit objectionable that you describe him as such. Few Frenchmen, especially, accept JC as an “artiste.” He only started scribbling a few years ago and heavily “appropriates” from his famous dead friend, “children’s artist,” Keith Herring.

    Wonder how Herring would feel about those ridiculous stain glass pieces and all the “church” talk. Sara sure likes those holy ones. I can just picture them getting it on with JC in Franciscan monk robes made of squeaky plush toys. Lol.


  • this article like many others is just a tissue of lies. big bullshit in box !! what do you really know about his people? Stop being hateful and having nothing to do with your lives than harassing them! you criticize sara but look at you friends, you are like flies aglutiner around a big shit! I knew that Americans loved telereality (which is often not real) but then you go beyond the understanding !! Sara is an accomplished woman she does not need a guru or any other person to live. she just wants to live quietly and raise her children like any other mother. you can not respect that ?? dare to talk about the head of his children to whom he looks like? no, but what’s that? Do you think in the future? could these two beautiful children read on the net? you are just a bunch of jealous and bitterly resumed your lives instead of wasting your time, these surveys and assumptions will not bring you anything. Evonne as for you dare to tell shit like that it’s really pathetic if you really live in France as you claim, meet us have the courage of that! and I specify that I have no connection with Nvxium or even Keith Raniere that I do not defend at all! I am just an honest person who hates injustices or lies !! when to those who criticize the luberon stay in your total ignorance and continue to feed you shit !! have a good word!

    • You clearly dont know much about Sara Bronfman’s extensive criminal activities. Financing a racketeering, enslaving cult, with more than a whiff of peadophilia about it is something she should have thought long and hard about if she did not want her own children to find out and possibly think ill of her. None of us are under arrest for a bag of RICO crimes, we all enjoy futures at least free of the likelihood of going to prison. Not every wealthy person has a character or life that others could or would be envious of.

  • Sara seems to be a very fickle woman, hopping from spiritual guru to spiritual guru. Did anyone else notice that the picture of her first child, when a baby, resembled the defrocked Lama Tenzin? Haven’t seen a picture of her second child yet.

  • 1) Sara’s resort looks like a DUMP.

    2) Half of that property looks like the brush-filled hills of the shitty parts of Southern California. Much of it isn’t green and lush and kept. It looks like the parts of Southern California hills that catch fire every year. lol

    3) The other half of the property looks like a “summer camp” for kids.

    4) The buildings look as though they were built in the 1700’s with antiquated architecture that looks ready to crumble. They’re probably infested with rats and cockroaches. Looks as though they haven’t been painted since the 1800’s. Not sure why anybody would view them as beautiful. More like an eye sore.

    5) The pools and tons of lounge chairs look more like a summer camp setup, rather than a millionaire’s paradise.

    6) The mattresses outside also look like a summer camp amenity, not really like a millionaire’s paradise.

    7) I hope she didn’t pay too much for that DUMP since it looks more like a get-a-way for Europe’s peasants. It’s like the YMCA for Europe. Probably has communal bathrooms. Maybe she’s taking reservations for V-week 2019.

    8) I’ll take Clare’s mosquito infested Wakaya Island over that dump any day of the week.

  • Pea, I will try to respond.
    If Sara is a dedicated member as you say what did you consider harassment?
    As I’m not aware of any serious crimes committed by her yet and that’s my own ignorance I’m sure see her as a woman who makes her own choices. I don’t think any man is in charge of Sara Bronfman.
    She wanted children, I doubt that was in vanguard plan for her!
    I have to say again though I seriously doubt Keith who sleeps all day and thinks all night is competition for Jean Claude or any other man who really has a career and visable talent. I’m not a fan of the primary colered art, but love the outside.

  • Sara will never leave her Vanguard. I think it is rude that that you are harassing this wonderful lady who has done so much to help the world. How much pain do you want to inflict on this beautiful and compassionate woman? she loves only one man Her Vanguard. Keith assigned her to the Lama Tenzin to teach him about unfulfilled dreams and to help Keith teach the Dalai Lama. He also assigned her to Basit to ensure she had a chivalrous companion and that he could enoble the store in Libya which Sara’s father helped create. Don’t jump to conclusions. He may have assigned her to Jean Claude who is very handsome to revolutionize the art world. He is working even from prison. But do not think for one minute that Sara’s total love is not transfixed on her eternal Vanguard. In every life she is at his side. Just as I am.

    • It is not uncommon for artists and designers to meet with their clients at their homes / places of business to offer consultation on interior design or building an art collection. Castelbajac is known in France as a fashion designer and he has also designed some furniture. He could be serving as an interior design consultant to Sara Bronfman. His work is colorful, whimsical and influenced by Pop Culture; he is not a “serious artist”. From a quick examination of the interiors of the chateau one can see his influence.

    • Pea,
      Could you please help me out with a few small questions?
      In November, 2016 Allison met with Sara’s friend Kim Constable in a coffeehouse in soggy Belfast.
      They took a selfie of the encounter.
      Sara Bronfman responded to the picture with a cryptic comment.

      “sarabronfmanLove my girls! #friendship’

      How are Kim Constable and Allison Mack the girls of Sara Bronfman?
      What services do they perform for Sara Bronfman?

      Thank you Pea for answering my very serious questions.

  • I just don’t thing Sara is as indoctrinated in the cult as the rest. I think her involvement was always about her, she may have dumped money in but not like her sister. I think if it weren’t for Clare, Sara would have dumped the cult a long time ago. She likes a good time and she chose a family. How many inner circle members had that opportunity? She may make terrible choices about the men in her life, but she makes those choices!
    This doesn’t give her a free pass, but I bet in her case her money will!
    She didn’t sit around like an idiot waiting for an avatar baby!

    • Baset. Had at least one child with Sara, a smart move on his part. Like women for generations it gives him a measure of security. 7 nannies to choose from, he’s probably ok with whatever Sara does.

  • Domaine des Andiols is 449 Euros per night for a room in early December.Most other rooms in Luberon are under 100 Euros for this time period. The weather in Provence is not much different than South Carolina, meaning you cannot swim or sunbathe at this time. Taking walks, cycling the gentle hills and the cuisine are the attractions.

    Simply put, this resort does not fit in with the price structure of other establishments with similar amenities. I can’t imagine people rushing to stay there when they could much less. Is this really a resort or just her home that has decided to take in occasional guests?

    • I’m not harassing her. If your referring to me. I think she may have a bit more going for her than the rest. She found an artiste! Someone who actually does something. I don’t see this guy sitting /sleeping all day plotting others demise and screwing whatever’s available. I don’t think she’s as dumb as you do .
      She knows she’s an aging heiress and she’s living her life unlike you.
      So Keith knows Jean Claude? I kinda doubt that

  • Basit had better get back to Provence in a hurry, it looks like his gravy train is leaving the station without him !

      • I would use “raised by their mother” very loosely.
        No attention or affection from either of their parents is undoubtedly the proximate cause of their current predicament.

      • I find her haughty accent to be both fake and annoying.
        Just the fact her multi millions bankrolled NXIVM and helped victimize others litigiously makes me cringe when I see her smug face.
        You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

  • Evonne69, you seem to be French like me I’m from Illinois !
    JCDC a guru? Damn but it’s the best one!
    He is a designer a bit crazy in the style of a Jean-Paul Gaultier, very talented but hetero that’all ! So yes, very likely, that he passed to the pan this bitch and he is not known to be specialy cheap …So bravo JC ! France is proud of you !

    • gaultier is a disgusting fool who assigns men to walk as women even the wedding gown at the end this year look it up
      their agenda is very anti woman all this nxivm slavery branding anorexia false body type worship of unachieveable results

      they play on the human condition there is no real woman on tv ….. <==think about this…..tv!

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