What Crimes – And Who – Will Be Included In Future Superseding Indictments?

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As we wait for the prosecution to turn over copies of whatever evidence it’s already gathered to the six defendants in the pending U.S. v. Raniere Et Al criminal case, we have time to pause and consider what crimes – and who – might be included in any future superseding indictments in the case. And based on information provided by several sources, it appears quite likely that there will be at least two such indictments.

One of the upcoming superseding indictments will likely involve additional charges against several of the current defendants:


The Current Defendants

Keith Alan Raniere a/k/a The Vanguard



Nancy Salman a/k/a Prefect

Clare Bronfman a/k/a Legatus 


Allison Mack a/k/a Cankles

Lauren Salzman a/k/a The Great Schnozzola

and …

Kathy Russell a/k/a the hapless one


The additional charges are expected to fall into three categories: financial-related crimes; immigration-related crimes; and public corruption-related crimes.

Financial-Related Crimes
Much of the NXIVM crime syndicate was centered around financial-related crimes – which is somewhat bizarre given that Clare and Sara Bronfman-Igtet reportedly inherited more than $1 billion between them. But after getting busted by several states for his original Consumers’ Buyline scam, Raniere had vowed that he would never again abide by governmental rules when it came to money.

In addition to the crime of identity theft that has already been alleged against several of the defendants, it is expected that one of the future superseding indictments will include several other financial-related crimes. These are likely to include some or all of the following:

– Money Laundering

– Tax Evasion

– Wire Fraud


Immigration-Related Crimes
Because of Raniere’s penchant for young Mexican women, he also directed that various members of the NXIVM crime syndicate become involved in a variety of immigration-related crimes. These included, but were not necessarily limited to, the following:

– Alien Smuggling – Title 8 U.S.C. §1324(a)(1)(A)(i)

– Domestic Transportation – Title 8 U.S.C. §1324(a)(1)(A)(ii)

– Harboring – Title 8 U.S.C. §1324(a)(1)(A)(iii)

– Encouraging/Inducing Unauthorized Aliens To Enter – Title 8 U.S.C. §1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)

– Conspiracy/Aiding Or Abetting – Title 8 U.S.C. §1324(a)(1)(A)(v)

– Bringing Aliens To The United States – Title 8 U.S.C. §1324(a)(2)


Public Corruption-Related Crimes

One of the lessons that Raniere took away from his Consumers Buyline debacle is that public officials have a great deal of power. Indeed, many consider the power to indict to be the ultimate governmental power.

So, Raniere set about to use the financial wherewithal that he gained by having access to the Bronfman sisters’ fortunes – and the bevy of young, attractive, nubile women that made up most of his inner circle – to convince various public officials to aid and abet his illegal operation. Whether it was via bribery or blackmail – or in some cases both – Raniere was able to get several of his “enemies” indicted and prosecuted on a variety of baseless charges.

The victims – and intended victims – of these corruption-related crimes include the following:

– Barbara Bouchey


  • Susan Dones


  – Sarah Edmondson


  – Toni Natalie


 – Joe O’Hara

 – Catherine Oxenberg

– Frank Parlato

  – Bonnie Piesse

     – Rick Ross

     – John Tighe

     – Mark Vicente

   – Kim Woolhouse


And multiple others – including numerous Jane Does – who will likely testify against Raniere.



In addition to charging some/all of the current defendants with additional crimes, it is expected that the prosecution will also include several new defendants in one of its upcoming superseding indictments.

Although charges could easily be brought against hundreds of people who participated in – or aided and abetted – one or more Raniere-inspired criminal activities, the latest indication is that the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) team is only going to add less than a dozen new defendants to its case (Whether other individuals will be prosecuted in other jurisdictions remains an open question at this time – as does the question as to whether any public officials or members of NXIVM’s horde of attorneys will also be charged with any crimes).

At this point, the most likely additional defendants include the following:

– Karen Abney

– Alex Betancourt


– Sara Bronfman-Igtet

– Jim DelNegro

 – Basit Igtet

– Rosa Laura Junco

– Ben Meyers

– Steve Ose

– Emiliano Salinas

– Michelle Salzman


It is still quite possible that the influence of his father, Carlos Salinas, will spare Emiliano from prosecution. It is also possible that Basit and Sara will accept some sort of no-jail-time plea deal – and pay a huge sum in the form of a fine or restitution. And last but not least, Michelle and Ben may be spared prosecution as part of a plea deal by Nancy Salzman.

But for the rest of this group, it’s probably time to hire the best criminal defense attorney you can afford without looking to Clare or Sara for help.

These are dark times in NXIVMville – and the future looks even bleaker for those who are in the cross-hairs of the EDNY.


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  • Frank, don’t let these liberal morons get you to change your writing style of describing Allison as “cankles” and Lauren as “schnozzola” — since these are accurate descriptions.

    Besides, liberals routinely bash Trump for his physical features and laugh when others make fun of his family too. They even applaud people on Twitter or CNN for wishing harm upon Trump and his family — so don’t fall for their “hypocritical advice” when they try to claim that you shouldn’t make fun of women.

    Pot meet kettle. They are hypocrites.

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    They can dish it out but they can never take it, just like typical WUSSIES. 🙂

    Keep it up Frank.

  • Disappointed that you are following in Frank’s juvenile, misogynistic name calling or are the captions all Frank and you just don’t care? If you are going to label Allison Mack as Cankles, why use Vanguard for Keith? Why not go with Rodent Feet instead for consistency. How about using Frank’s nickname. What was it Moldy Balls or something like that?

    • Yes, let’s change Keith’s alias. Now he’s AKA Tiny rat feet.

      Why did the author type it as A/K/A?
      What’s the deal with all those slashes?

      • It is from a millenial so they are forward slashes like a web page. Young blood is the order of the day around these here parts.

        • Inception,
          I just wondered why they wasted their time with adding the ///s.
          I always write it as AKA , no slashes.

          I guess I wouldn’t mention it, except that someone (who I can’t name here) told me 2 days ago that a guy called “AKA” was involved in harassing her (and is probably harassing me, too.) So that post just caught my eye.

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            Flowers has admitted to visiting the RCMP’s Vancouver office (probably dozens of times) to complain about stalkers and criminals — and I’m betting that the RCMP is tired of listening to her wacky stories.

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          • Well, the proof is that this person did send me an email mentioning it a couple days ago. But it’s not proof that a “criminal mastermind” is involved….it’s just evidence that suggests I was right about these stalkers now posting here. Or it could be a coincidence.

            You seem interested in these stalkers, Nobody. Why? Are you a former Nxivm member?

          • “Nobody”
            Also, almost everything you wrote in your weird post about me is stuff you invented.
            I never said I was taking medication, I never said people were following me, I never said I have ever gone to the police station to report this.
            I also never said I was confused about what AKA meant (btw, Frank didnt write that article.) What I said is that it was weird to write it as A/K/A. I’ve never seen anyone write it like that before.

            Anyways, mind your own business, and don’t invent lies about me.

          • Perhaps Flowers is hoping Frank will take on her story as his next project and that’s why she keeps dropping herself into the narrative. She’s been doing it since she first started writing here. And Flowers you can’t keep telling everyone your business and then get angry when someone asks some questions and tell them to mind their own business. Bad form for someone who is seemingly looking for answers. 🙄

          • Flowers did you post under the name AKA here on Nov 7 under the article about Pea?

            November 7, 2018 at 2:10 pm
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          • Theory,
            No. Frank offered to post the names of these stalkers here before (after they tried to intimidate with a lawsuit.) I don’t want it posted here, for several reasons.

            I don’t get mad because someone asks me a question about it. I get mad when someone claims things about me that aren’t true. I never said those things “nobody” claimed I said . He sounds like the same writer who has done this several times – written long posts about me full of false info.

            Why does he care what I think? If I believe these stalkers are now posting here (and there’s certainly a possibility that they are) it’s not his concern. Right?

          • Call for help
            I don’t think that AKA post means their name is Aka. I think it means that they think those handles names are all written by the same person.

    • India is a disgrace. Betrayed Vanguard for a disgustingly earthy relationship. Left divinity for a commoner. Her mother brainwashed her. P

      • Pea, you are a disgrace to the human race.
        You celebrate lives lost to enslavement, careers and reputations lost forever, certainty of felonious acts petformed by NXIVM.
        By the way.
        You have yet to rise to the challenge of revealing who you are.
        Remove the mask. We would see you.

        • By the way.
          You have yet to rise to the challenge of revealing who you are.
          Remove the mask. We would see you.

          Pea is in all probability Nicki Clyne.

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  • But for the rest of this group, it’s probably time to hire the best criminal defense attorney you can afford without looking to Clare or Sara for help.

    Great advice!
    Any Bronfman financed attorney will probably try to sabotage a plea deal.

    She who pays the piper calls the tune.

    • Shadow you may need one when this is over if Allison don’t win enough to sue your fat ass.

      • To be clear i am ANTI NXIVM.. But this website has gone to shit.. Woman with eating disorder called Cankles! Obsessive stalker writes daily articles about ONGOING case! Can’t wait for this creepy nutter to be charged for either defamation of contempt of court.. AM by ALL accounts is horrible, will pay her dues.. But two old men running a website dehumanizing and degrading her is as bad as the cult!!! Shadow state ball park figure how many photos of her ya got?

  • The Great Schnozzola. haha.

    If Lauren would just get that oversized nose fixed, she’d make any man a fine wife.

    Their attorney should try to get a nose job included as part of any plea deals signed.

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