Richard Branson’s Endorsement of Nxivm Appeared Online for 10 Years

Richard Branson’s endorsement of a Nxivm event and Keith Raniere appeared online for nearly 10 years on the website of one of Clare and Sara Bronfman’s foundations, the

The website was originally created in 2009 to announce that the Dalai Lama and Raniere were teaming up for four days in Albany to teach the world how to be more ethical.

The website posted numerous endorsements for the event, including Branson’s high praise.

The four-day event was canceled, but the Dalai Lama did make a one-day appearance in Albany. Raniere appeared briefly on stage with him.


Keith Raniere attended the Dalai Lama’s speech in Albany.


The Dalai Lama greets Keith Raniere on stage.

The World Ethical Foundation website is offline now, following the arrests of Raniere and Clare Bronfman.

Here is what Branson was quoted as saying on the website about the “founding event” for the World Ethical Foundation – the pairing of two spiritual leaders – Raniere and the Dalai Lama:

“The tools you have for compassionately dealing with complex ethical and global issues are not only unique, but also extremely valuable. This, along with a program of coordinated, organized resources, makes for an innovative approach to transforming our society. I think your founding event will be extraordinary and potentially world-changing!  —Sir Richard Branson Founder, Virgin Group

Screenshot of the World Ethical Foundation’s endorsement by Branson [as well as Desmond Tutu and Luis Todd.]
Branson is not known to have attended the Raniere-Dalai Lama event he described as “extraordinary and potentially world-changing”.

After Raniere was arrested, Branson said he never heard of Nxivm or Keith Raniere.

Some found this dubious since, in addition to endorsing a Raniere event, Branson rented his private Caribbean island, Necker Island, at least twice to Sara Bronfman who used it for Nxivm intensives.  Branson reportedly attended classes during both sessions.

In response to a story in Frank Report, the Sun, wrote about Branson and Nxivm renting Necker Island.

The Sun reported, “The tycoon maintains he was not aware of any [Nxivm] seminars – believing instead it was a booking for Sara Bronfman’s friends and family only.

“A Virgin Management spokesman said: ‘Sir Richard Branson has never heard of Keith Raniere, he has never met him and there is absolutely no association between Sir Richard and the NXIVM group or its leader.'”


Richard Branson is seen with Sara Bronfman, a devotee of Keith Raniere. The photo was taken at Necker Island in 2010 when Bronfman rented the island. Nxivm leaders taught an intensive there.

NXIVM held at least two multi-day seminars on Necker Island.

The reason Nxivm rented Necker Island, I was told by Nxivm insiders, was that they hoped to recruit Branson into Nxivm.

Nxivm members, including Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt, and others went to Necker Island.  Seminars were held in 2007 and 2010. Raniere did not attend either Necker Island seminar.

The World Ethical Foundation, where Branson’s endorsement appears, was created by Raniere.


It is, of course, possible that Raniere or Sara Bronfman simply fabricated Branson’s quote.  It is also possible that they wrote it for him and got his approval.  Branson may have said it when Sara and he partied together.


Branson’s quote appeared on the World Ethical Foundation website from 2009. This photo of Branson and Bronfman is from 2010.


Did Richard Branson endorse Nxivm, or its plan to bring the Dalai Lama and Keith Raniere together? Perhaps.

He doesn’t seem to remember much about it. He is not known to have attended any Nxivm events except on Necker Island when he rented the island to Nxivm [Sara Bronfman]. He did not attend the Dalai Lama/Keith Raniere event that he endorsed.

This would suggest that Branson’s role in Nxivm was virtually nil.

I do believe that Raniere wanted Branson recruited. It didn’t happen.

Branson got about $500,000 for two Nxivm visits to his island where, perhaps unbeknownst to him, they were hoping to recruit him. He did not join Nxivm.

It is reported that the Dalai Lama received between $1 and $2 million to make a 1 1/2 hours speech and appear on stage with Raniere for five minutes.

Keith Alan Raniere sought to be endorsed by people who were ethical, intelligent and successful – just like him.

One could argue that Branson received in effect $500,000 for a 51-word endorsement, which is almost $10,000 per word – since that is all Nxivm seems to have gotten for their efforts to recruit him by renting his island.

[It is noteworthy that the Nxivm members who went to Necker Island were all top recruiters and coaches for Nxivm. They did not need to hold an intensive there. Every one of them attended numerous intensives in Albany.]

Raniere and Nxivm leaders often touted Branson’s endorsement, as well as the Dalai Lama’s visit, as proof that Nxivm was a wonderful self-improvement course, led by the smartest and most ethical man in the world and endorsed by world leaders.

I am not sure what the lesson is here except perhaps “beware of endorsements,” no matter how famous the endorsers are, or how laudatory their praise.

Said another way, The Dalai Lama and Richard Branson both endorsed the sex slaver and racketeer Keith Alan Raniere and he used those endorsements to further his racketeering enterprise and enslave, brand and blackmail women.



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  • It sounds like the Branson endorsement was fake. As for Branson getting $500k for a few words that is not really correct. Even if he did the endorsement he also provided the island and staff etc for the period and if it were not let to Nex. it would have been let to another group.

  • I immediately imagine his quote being taken from a personal email (possibly written to Sara.) Why does he say “the tools YOU have” and “YOUR founding” rather than referring to Nxivm as a whole?

    Imagining Sara writing an email to Branson…asking him what he thought about all of the word-salad self-help talk they threw at him (bc obviously he didn’t care enough to weigh in in person that she had to follow up via email) and he responded in a supportive, friendly manner (to an individual.) Who then scooped up that bit of gold she was mining and used it as marketing.


  • And here we are with Shadowstate still finding any excuse to post his hatred for Alison Mack! The man(?) HATES women! e.g. Jeffery Epstein “I hope they charge the women who recruited” not the men, the perpetrators just the women! (See this people!) SEE THIS readers! On topic, Branson funded Accapella innovations a Nxxim programme to recruit college students they ran two festivals free of charge for acapella singing groups.. the other funder and judge was Bronfman’s brother connected to a music label waaay back in 2007..there is a very interesting thread on forums of this.. All the main players appear recruiting (but failed) included Mark Vicente .. gushing about the genius and the late-night volleyball games (Mark was 40 something)

    • “The man(?) HATES women! ”

      Here are the women who enabled Jeffrey Epstein over the years.

      Ghislane Maxwell
      Sarah Kellen
      Nadia Marchenko

      And here is the dirty little secret about Epstein:
      He was working for a foreign intelligence service– the Israeli Mossad.
      Ann Coulter Responds to Jeffrey Epstein Indictment

  • Never forget the evidence was faked by the government. Keith was trying to save us. We don’t always understand what he does or why he does it. Trust. Have faith and you will become unified. This is what he taught us. He alone knows why he has done this.

  • One consequence of fame is that a huge amount of people think that they kinda know you, and most of what they think that they know about you isn’t true. Fun, huh? You read quotes from yourself that never came out of your mouth. You could spend your entire life trying to handle it, when usually, no response is the best policy. So you have to learn how and when to pick your battles and to let the rest go by like a cloud of nonsense. From publicity, the famous “you” encounters a lot of misinformation about yourself and eventually one becomes inured to much of it.

    If Branson sat around and read media about himself, he wouldn’t have any time left to simply live his life, do his work. He is an old soldier of fame and its prices vs. its bonuses. I doubt if the man has ever held Nxivm and its publicity under a microscope.

    I can understand how come Branson would have superficial recall of Sara Bronfman and her Nxivm crowd renting his paradise for a week or so, twice. Branson is a busy guy and has seen decades of various groups, conferences, parties, business meetings. Of course he is going to be a pleasant host, and it’s most likely that he would have been acquainted with Sara and maybe even her awkward sister, Clare, socially. Most of the Raniere-and-company weirdness was still kept behind closed doors in 2007 and even in 2010, when these vacations were happening. If he really gave that endorsement quote, probably what he said was what a polite acknowledgement of the “fluff” which he saw. “The meringue on top of the baked Alaska was excellently made.”

    Now if by some chance Branson wants to come after “his” Nxivm recommendation with a great big mop, since it is again getting negative publicity, that would be lovely. But who knows who Branson really is and what’s inside his head? The drumbeats in the jungle about some Necker Island events are already interesting enough. Maybe he doesn’t want to open any cans full of worms.

  • I’ve always found Branson a bit creepy. But then again, most of his class are creeps. More money than morals.

  • Dear Allison Mack and Keith Raniere,

    Q: What does Necker Island and a Federal Correctional Institution have in common?
    A: Not a damn thing! LOL!

  • When Richard Branson finally goes up into space her can stay there.
    America does not want him.
    America does not need him.
    New Virgin Galactic Chairman Chamath Palihapitiya says tourism spaceflights to begin within a year

    SpaceShipTwo – Catastrophic Failure Moment | Video

    The NTSB has released video showing several angles of the doomed SpaceShipTwo flight, from initial separation from the White Knight carrier aircraft to the moment when the ‘feather’ was manually unlocked, too early in the flight, causing the accident.

  • Great points!

    ….Having Richard Branson’s endorsement definitely helped give credibility and legitimacy and authenticity to the NXIVM enterprise.

    I am sure Richard Branson’s endorsement helped a little with with bureaucrats and elected officials.

  • I was at the Necker Island in 2010 and I can assure you Sir Richard was very pleased with the outcomes from his course work. He endorsed us repeatedly and enthusiastically. if it were not for the negative biased media and US Injustice system he would have been with us. It would have created a more noble civilization. You are the people who lost. The world lost.

    • Say Pea,
      Now that Jeffrey Epstein is on ice so to speak will you help find His Royal Highness Prince Andrew some female company the next time he is in the States?
      I understand that Prince Andrew likes to have sex with teen age girls just like Epstein.

      Epstein allegedly forced a teen girl to have sex with Prince Andrew on three separate occasions.

      If Allison were out of home confinement, I am sure she would help pimp for Prince Andrew.

    • Yes, yes – quite sad the numbers of virginal innocents who lost out on the edifying experience of his transcendent dick and the noxious nobility of his presence. Don’t fear, wee pea-brain – all the world needs to know is written in his texts to Cami. His very own scripture if you will. And who knows – there may be treasure troves yet to discover if they continue to dig through all his communications for further revelations (and perhaps further indictments). Perhaps you too will achieve sainthood in the unholy order of the sister(wife)hood of Vanguard.

      Yes, the world lost – a vile little tick, a putrescent pestilence down in the depths of the MDC. Hopefully the world will lose more of these pernicious insects. I’ll drink to the health of all the exterminators!

    • Bit late for this implausible claim. Why didn’t you stand up in court and declare as much for your master? Too shy?

    • Troll or whatever, the claims about Branson are worth addressing in general.

      As far as I can figure, there was never any real “course” given at Necker Island, so it’s more likely that, if anything, he got some sort of specialized attention, possibly just EMs, such as Mark Vicente described as seeming impressive at first because they helped his girlfriend quit smoking. Edgar Bronfman apparently also got some sort of kid-glove treatment and was satisfied with that, at first, too – until he realized the group was really a cult.

      NXians might well have been told that Branson was doing courses – it’s typical for such groups, that there is often buzz about the supposed involvement of celebrities and successful people, often overblown or completely fabricated – but does anyone actually know for certain what, if anything, he received or did?

      If NXIVM really had anything to offer with its supposed “success” programs, then there would actually be successful people like Branson who were staunch advocates.

      • Yah, I’m sure Branson got some EM/s. Hard to keep track of those pesky abbreviations. actually mean Note to Richard B: Mum’s the word! Just keep your trap shut and this will pass…

    • So if it’s true you were there, you have narrowed your identity down literally to the game of Guess Who? That place sleeps not that many btw.

      Also, just because someone doesn’t share your views on life doesn’t necessarily create a you vs the world situation. You need to grow up otherwise.

    • Richard Branson is a decadent looser, just like Vangone and you, Pea, of course. And by the way, who gives a sh.. if you were at Branson’s island?

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