Shadow State: The rest of her life the letters ‘AM’ will be Allison Mack’s scarlet letters

MK10ART's painting of Allison "Pimp" Mack

By Shadow State 1958

Allison Mack has been indicted on a raft of crimes involving racketeering, sex trafficking, slavery, extortion, and wire fraud.

Most of the NXIVM women who actually ran the cult day-to-day knew damned well what Keith Raniere was doing with women and young girls.

Raniere openly talked about how it was OK for a grown man to have sex with underage girls.

And now Allison Mack, and her gullible supporters, are shocked that Raniere would actually act on his teachings.  Allison Mack is shocked, shocked, that Raniere would actually have sex with teenage girls.

If you read the comments sections of social media you will find that many people around the world, people who had liked “Smallville”, and the character of Chloe Sullivan, were upset when the branding and slavery were revealed.

Here are some Twitter comments from #allisonmack

So #AllisonMack who played Chloe Sullivan on #Smallville ran a secret #sexcult for years and she just got arrested for it … childhood is officially ruined 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

#KeithRaniere and #AllisonMack smile and LAUGH in court as #NXIVM cult leaders are told their trial will be delayed until March – as furious judge blasts their childish lawyers for ‘acting like third graders’

My argument is that Allison Mack sold herself to more than one Devil.

She sold herself to Raniere.

She sold herself to Clare Bronfman.

She sold herself to Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

And in the process, Allison Mack became a Devil herself.

Selling yourself to the devil is never a good bargain.


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  • She will be a pariah for the rest of her life. I don’t think she’ll be asked to appear at any future Comic Cons after this either. I guess she could do porn with a branding theme…

  • True, but the reenactme series/movue is gonna be hot, esp.if Tarantino directs. Lots of slaves sucking Allisons toes.

  • Lol so dramatic.
    Some kinky people had a kinky time.
    I can’t believe this is in court.
    No one has any sccountability.
    No one is responsible for their actions.
    It’s Allison Macks fault.
    If someone says to you “I’m gonna brand you”, you say NO.
    If they then say “if you don’t, you’re out of the group” you say
    “I’m gonna miss u girl”.

    These are grown ass adults .
    They willingly gave the nude pics.
    They willingly submitted to branding.

    It is so ABSURD that this is in court.
    The argument is what, I didn’t want to but I was so afraid of Allison Mack?
    Girls have been home tattooing the names of boys they like since the beginning of time. This whole thing is a laugh riot.

    No one was forced to do anything they didn’t want to.
    They didn’t have the power to force anyine to do anything they didn’t want to.

    How is it the other Smallville girl isn’t involved? Oh because she left.
    So people can leave when they want.

    Throw this lunacy our of court.

    Sold herself to the devil
    The only devil here is the appalling lack of personal responsibility people take for their own choices.

    • I agree completely. I think the sex trafficking charges regarding a bunch of women in their 30’s should be tossed out. As far as the allegations of pedophilia, that’s a different story…

    • Wonder if it was your daughter, would you feel mlm different. It’s one thing to take nude pics. But once you use those pics to coerce one into sex, or the pics become public, that’s a crime. Would you be ok with your daughters bf sharing nudes pics in public? Or blackmail her by saying if you dont have sex, the pics go public?

    • Jar ma 13. DOS is just a portion of this case, the feds may act like it’s a big deal , but it’s the Rick, sex trafficking and money laundering that’s going to sink these folks. Why do you think their not going after more members?

    • JM: It’s about much more than voluntary stupidity. It’s about identity theft, blackmail, money laundering, fake research (fright experiments), false imprisonment, kidnapping, forced labor from foreign nationals, tax evasion, willful misrepresentation and more. KAR has been manipulating people and ripping them off from the time he first found a way, (You should hear some of the stories about the MLM CBI’s billing practices – double and triple auto-debiting of monthly membership fees – “oops – it was only a glitch. Damn banks!”) I guess we’ll eventually see just how complicit Mack was in the current activities. I sense the feds have literally tons of evidence. I do not think they’d waste their time on a case simply about kinky sexual practices. The world is full of that, and you’re right, people have to be accountable for their decisions.

  • Hilarious. It’s hilarious. That Shadow keeps writing these post and people keep commenting about it. My personal favorite is “it’s frustrating or it’s a nuisance to scroll through his post”.. Wow. First world problems. How difficult is it? In a scale of 1-10.

    As far as Mack and these women. I don’t care about this slow boil crap. All I’ve heard about is adult women willing to be used and abused by other women and and a douchebag. No sympathy

    As far as her crimes, if the evidence is there hopefully she is convicted. Most of what I’ve read isn’t a crime though. Just dumb people looking to belong.

  • Shadowstate, you are completely obsessed with Allison Mack.

    I would bet cash money, that for every 1,000 times that Allison Mack’s name is posted on Frank Report, you were the poster behind >750 (or >75%, whichever you prefer).

    As high as that number might sound, it probably is a realistic ‘guess-timate’ of your posting.

    Damn, son, give it a rest already.

    We get it. Allison Mack is bad, evil, demonic, abusive, a woman abuser, a potential child abuser, a slave trader, a sex predator, a money launderer, a charlatan, an awful Elvis impersonator, a cankled devil, and a partridge in a pear tree. We get it.

    But you know what? There ain’t a damn thing any of us are going to do about it at this point in time. It’s in the court system’s hands, and they’re ultimately going to be the ones who decide her fate.

    Repeating the same things over and over again is not going to accomplish anything; to coin a vulgar phrase, it’s like masturbation without the payoff.

    Learn to play a new song, Shadowstate, otherwise, keep up the good work.

  • They could put AM in supermax for life and Shadowstate would still think of her every night for the rest of his miserable life. She is his goddess and his devil. He loves her and despises her. He worships a fallen idol.

  • It gets tiring the snipes, vulgarity, etc by some commentors.
    If you have nothing intelligent to offer then offer up nothing.

    • Most of us have plenty of insightful, and intelligent thoughts to share. Unfortunately, these posts get overshadow(stated) and lost, because of a few commenters who dominate the comments section through repetitious posting of the same thoughts, ideas, and idle speculations.

      The worthwhile comments get lost, because people like me (and I know I’m not alone) lose patience when we have to sort through “20 pounds of fat to get to the meat”, in each and every thread. When a thread has 50 comments, and 42 of them are from the same person, that doesn’t make for an engaging read, it’s essentially 1 person ranting.

      I just don’t understand why Frank doesn’t put a stop to it. On the one hand, I applaud and support his commitment to the idea of free speech, but at the same time, it is readily apparent that not everyone can handle having Rights.

      Obviously, I do not think tyranny or dictatorship is the answer either, but people need to understand that having and exercising their Rights, does not entitle them to impose on the Rights of others, since we are all equals (in theory, at least).

      How does this sidebar on Rights relates to the comment section on Frank Report?

      Personally, I would like to see a limit put on how many times individuals can post comments, either on a “per article”, or “per 24-hour period” basis.

      I feel this would not wrongly censor anyone, (which upholds Frank’s commitment to the 1st Amendment). At the same time, it would also prevent certain people from “taking over” the comment section in each thread.

      • Frank has removed certain posters to their own sites I can’t understand why he let’s them back on. They have their freedom of speech, just not where they want it. It’s not as bad as it was but yes it lowers the blog.

        • He never removed certain posters to their own sites. He removed some of the posts. Some posts were deleted and some were moved to a separate thread.
          Now it looks as though Frank is just putting a line through some of the offensive content….but I still see the ball-sucker posts- so until all ballsucking references are removed, I’m gonna keep mentioning it.
          Basically, its hypocrisy to remove certain remarks from one poster, but allow the same remarks to stand for other posters.

          • How’s trying to control the entire city of Vancouver going for you today? Probably bout as well as trying to control people here.

          • Well, anonymous, so far today I’ve been able to stop at least 20 ball-sucking incidents from occurring. And that was just today….think of how many I can prevent during a whole week? What have you done today, anon, besides not understand some very simple sarcasm? Or pretend not to, is probably more like it.

            Happy trolling, anon and Mr. Ballsucker.

        • I’d like to see a “maximum comments, per poster, per thread” rule put in place. To my way of thinking, this would accomplish a couple of things:

          a) Prevent a single commenter from overwhelming the comments section in a given post, without unfairly singling them out for censorship.

          b) Keep some of the BS trolling/arguing between individuals in check.

          c) Force commenters to put more thought into their comments. If they can only post ‘so many times in this thread’, they won’t “waste” comments, which will eliminate situations where a single person posted 90% of the comments in a thread.

          It’s just an idea, and although I try to be optimistic, I’m doubtful that Frank will make it happen.

      • Just curious.
        When was the last time you posted a comment with a link to another relevant story in it?

        Many of my comments have links to other relevant stories, either about NXIVM or similar criminal activity.

  • Hey Shadow is it true that you asked Allison to sleep with you on Twitter and she blocked you?

    • Is it true that Allison Mack reads the Frank Report and directs some people what to comment?
      Pea Onyu
      October 7, 2018 at 9:13 pm
      Tell me troll, are you paid to post here or are you a true believer? Is your name a tribute to Ayn Rand or to the moon Goddess Rhiannon, who well serviced our Vanguard in her youthful splendor?
      Ryanne S
      October 7, 2018 at 9:59 pm
      I don’t know Pea because I’m not the inventor of this dumb name Alison is the one who chose it, so ask her!
      Who is Rhiannon?, I’ve heard that name .mentioned before.
      But Pea, you may finally be right about something! How about THAT Captain Shadow!!
      Finally Pea gets something correct!!

      October 7, 2018 at 10:11 pm
      I don’t know Pea because I’m not the inventor of this dumb name Alison is the one who chose it, so ask her!

      Are you saying Allison Mack created Pea Onyu?
      Or at least chose the name?
      Ryanne S
      October 7, 2018 at 10:30 pm
      Sorry Captain Shadow
      I wasnt clear, which was my fault.
      No, Allison did not create Pea Onyu, as far as I know. But she did choose THIS name, right Allie?…And I ever said anything about Mack.
      Now I think Allie is all mad cuz I’m taunting her with this dumb name
      October 7, 2018 at 11:00 pm
      Now I think Allie is all mad cuz I’m taunting her with this dumb name…

      Does Allie follow the Frank Report?
      How does she do so in spite of the court order?
      Ryanne S
      October 7, 2018 at 11:19 pm
      She sure does, Captain Shadow. She even writes posts here. In fact, she could be Heidi or Anon or Onewomanarmy or
      OCD. But I dont think she is the scooter/flowers guy, but maybe she is.

      But I know for a fact that she is writing shit here. Right Allie?

      I dont think this Allie is a Mack, though, more like Allie Whack
      Two days later an anonymous poster sent this message to Ryanne S.
      Anon says:
      October 9, 2018 at 1:40 pm
      To the CREATURE CALLING THEMSELF RYANNE S. YOU LOST BITCH. I usually don’t use language like this but that’s between me and God. Wether pretending to be someone else or this is who you really are I don’t care , please write an awesome response I won’t bother to be back to read it. If you are A than your kid/kids should be removed .

      So I repeat my question:
      Is it true that Allison reads the Frank Report and directs some people what to comment?

  • Tune next time on ShadowState’s many tales of Allison Mack as we learn that Allison maybe an alien as Shadow finds out the truth or not, because god knows….Shadow has nothing to do but to eat, shit, and dream of Allison Mack.


    Frank please fire this bum, he’s a stalker and a freak of nature who has nothing better to do post Allison.

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