Sultan of Six defended Kreuk on John Tighe’s blog in 2011

This is a comment made on John Tighe’s blog on August 2011 about Kristin Kreuk:

H said…

Actually, I go by the alias of SultanOfSix on a few different forums related to her. I’m Muslim and I’ve posted a few times on this forum as well. In fact, most likely, all of the Quranic verses that have been posted here were probably done by myself.

I have no need to discredit the list. I asked the question to verify the authenticity of it because that is the way of my faith.

Yes, I am a fan of hers, and honestly, I don’t appreciate you accusing her (implicitly or explicitly) of having sexual relations with Raniere.

The status of her sexual activity is none of your business. If I knew anything about it, I wouldn’t talk about it. And if I didn’t know anything about it, I still wouldn’t make claims that count amount to aspersions, because in my faith it’s a grievous sin:

“Those who slander chaste women, indiscreet but believing, are cursed in this life and in the Hereafter: for them is a grievous Penalty.”

“And those who launch a charge against chaste women, and produce not four witnesses (to support their allegations), flog them with eighty stripes; and reject their evidence ever after: for such men are wicked transgressors”

I’m not afraid to speak my mind or back up my words, and I’m disappointed in someone like you who claims to have Muslim friends would talk in such a fucking disparaging manner.

AUGUST 8, 2011 10:13 AM


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  • Sultan of Six. -these comments and the people who post them represent the outside world. Come join us and learn from us. You are storing and chivalrous man and you could be helped and when Keith walks among us in April (20) you will meet him. The women will show you gratitude and many will give you great credit for your courage. Kristin May return. She has never truly left us. She is the cowardly one. But she is a woman and Believes she is entitled. She craves her Vanguard and her true friends. Join us won’t you ?

    • He already did that. His NXIVM time was cut short for harassment of a certain celebrity member. Raniere hates competition from fellow beta males especially if they were directly under him.

  • Sultan is a chivalrous man who is in love with a lady he cannot ever love. But still he noble defends her. This is a beautiful kind of love. He should take Level 1 course and learn what this means and how to better express it.

    • NXIVM has SHUT DOWN and is no longer capable of offering classes, probably due to the fact that Vanguard, Prefect and Legatus have been arrested and indicted.

      DOS is also shut down, probably because Pimp Mack and Lauren have been indicted too. India has left you also.

      Only Nicky Clyne is left, but she has nothing to do all day except wait tables at a Vegan Eatery while cleaning the toilets — but I’m sure you already know that since you are possibly her or Monte Blu.

      There’s nobody left to teach classes at NXIVM.

      So sad that you sit at home and dream about the glory days of NXIVM, which don’t exist anymore.

      Pea, maybe you can teach a level 1 course for Sultan and show him how to express his love, perhaps even offering him some good old fashioned LOVIN, in bed, NXIVM style (to better acquaint him with NXIVM love expression).

      • Nope. I’ve never been in NXIVM or anywhere near a NXIVM member or facility. I’ve been an outspoken critic of the group for a while. If I wanted to get closer to Kristin I could’ve easily taken a course, went to Acapella Innovations or some other event, and then become Facebook friends with her as she became friends with many members, but I took the opposite path because I saw through the facade at my own expense. You people are just too clueless to understand this.

        • You could never have gotten “close” to Kristin Kreuk since she’s not into older male fanboys.

          You could MAYBE get close to Pea Onyu, and possibly even bed her, but only if you ask real nice and take a NXIVM level 1 course.

          Pea, please respond and show Sultan how to express his “love” better.

        • Joe O’Hara says otherwise. He thinks he knows who you are, that you fucked an old NXIVM member and that he knows what kind of camera you have.

  • It’s interesting that a Google search for “SultanofSix” only turns up results related to Kreuk and nobody else.

    Which means he’s not just a “fan” who defends his favorite TV stars, he literally only defends Kreuk and HE’S BEEN DOING IT FOR NEARLY A DECADE — which logically tells me he’s likely a professional who was hired to do that.

    No sane person spends a full DECADE visiting forums all day long and defending Kreuk hundreds of times or possibly thousands of times. He responds to EVERY negative thread or post about her, without exception, all day long.

    • It might not be the same person using that name on all those sites. There is a possibility that someone saw the old posts and decided to use that name to post here. I wonder when the first Sultan posts showed up here?
      Also, how is he “after ” Kruek? Has she ever claimed she was being harassed by an obsessed fan? I hadn’t heard that she had been, but if she has, that would be an interesting article to post.

      • Of course, a clueless Flowers can’t help herself (himself…) and needs to throw spit at the fan about a fake name / liar / conspiracy theory etc. Sorry Flowers, SOS confirmed to Joe O’Hara that he is the same person.
        But maybe it was a fake Joe O’Hara….!!! Run with it, Flowers!

        • Nutjob
          What conspiracy are you talking about? I’m not the one who keeps mentioning conspiracies…it’s all you “nutjobs” who keep talking about some kind of conspiracy. Or, as with the Bzemkus story, inventing your own conspiracy story out of hot air.

          But I’m interested to know what type of conspiracy YOU think is going on here. Is Frank really the Sultan? Is Shadow really Scott? Maybe Kruek is actually Pea, and she and Sultan are trying to frame Frank, and Ben is really a super hero who……

          The possibilities are endless.

    • Nope. I’m never ever worked in public relations. I’m in IT as I graduated MCL with a degree in EE, so I’m in front of a computer a lot. Thus, when I’m not working I just have to select a bookmark and start typing. I just have varied interests, rational discourse being one of them since college.

    • “No sane person spends a full DECADE visiting forums all day long and defending Kreuk hundreds of times or possibly thousands of times. He responds to EVERY negative thread or post about her, without exception, all day long.”

      That is because he is NOT sane. He is a weak, emasculated beta male. If he were a professional paid defender, he would still be a loser. The fact that he is doing it all off his own back means he is a really really really sad loser.

  • If SOS has been after her this long there’s no point trying to tell him anything. Ignore or respond but he’s in to deep and to long with his obsession. I’ll just bypass his posts.

  • Islam was invented by a pedophile who taugth never to question (or be punished), never to critizise (or be punished), and that men can have many women, all of them submissive and slaves.

    • If you think Keith Raniere and NXIVM are bad just look at Islam.
      A cult of personality built around a pedophile that has over 1.5 billion followers.
      And while NXIVM branded women in the pubic region, Islam practices FGM a barabric practice that denies women their sexuality and freedom.

      A cult where they practice Taharrush
      The Islamic rape game.

      The Arabic gang-rape ‘Taharrush’ phenomenon which sees women surrounded by groups of men in crowds and sexually assaulted… and has now spread to Europe

      The Arabic term ‘taharrush’ roughly translates to ‘collective harassment’
      It refers to sexual assaults carried out by groups of men in public places
      Surrounded by dozens of attackers, lone women are groped or raped
      The phenomenon was first seen in 2011 when a reporter was attacked
      Lara Logan endured an assault while reporting on the protests in Egypt
      Police say attacks in Cologne marked Europe’s first instance of taharrush

      • — A cult of personality built around a pedophile that has over 1.5 billion followers.

        Nah. That’s the Catholic Church and Hollywood. Except they have more than one pedophile. Thousands dressed up as priests and bishops and producers. And let’s not forget businessmen and politicians like Jeff Epstein and his buddies Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

          • All these religions are based on hidden sex. Parents you cannot teach your children to obey their elders in a religious setting, the Catholic church well it speaks for itself, the bottom line with most cults is they are mini versions. Islam is much worse and is growing in the US. We need to get our core values brought back to the forefront believe and trust in God not people representing their view

          • Heather:
            Well said.
            Nature abhors a vacuum.
            If America loses its Christian values another religion will come in to take its place.
            And the most dynamic, dangerous religion is the personality cult of Islam, which demands total submission.

        • Wow the things you learn from some of the idiot commenters on the Frank Report. Jesus Christ was a pedophile and Hollywood elitists are his followers.

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