Part 2: Crimes of Bronfman-Raniere: Blackmail, coercion, kidnapping, sex trafficking

Publicly available information, numerous sources and basic common sense informs me as to what crimes Bronfman-Raniere likely committed.

Whether or not the FBI is investigating these crimes is not for me to say. I have reported Bronfman-Raniere crimes to law enforcement officials for years –  and just like many others  – I have been ignored. Now, there appears to be some activity.

The tilting point may have been the branding issue.

The New York Times and Albany Times Union report that the NXIVM investigation is under the supervision of the U.S. Department Of Justice’s staff in the  Eastern District of New York.

Here is Part 2 of the crimes I previously reported to law enforcement – long before the cult became better known via the New York Times etc..

Blackmail, coercion, kidnapping, sex trafficking

I have spoken to DOS slaves [escaped] who could testify that they wanted to leave the cult and were told that their “collateral” would be released if they did so.  They were also told that would happen if they  did not provide more collateral, obey demands to have sex with Raniere, and seduce other men.

Some women stayed in DOS under duress for as long as a year, terrified of the consequences of not obeying: the release of their collateral.

Sarah Edmondson said on the public record that she traveled from Vancouver to Clifton Park, NY: “I was blindfolded in Clifton Park and taken to an unknown address with four of my ‘sisters’…We were told to remove our blindfolds, get undressed head to toe, and were held down by five women while Dr. Roberts performed what I thought was going to be a tattoo.”

Edmondson was told she would receive a 1×1 inch tattoo. She received a 2×2 inch brand.

Another women told me that she was held down forcibly and branded despite repeated cries to be released.

A female doctor, Dr. Danielle Roberts [a High-Rank NXIVM member], proceeded to use a cauterizing device to sear the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack into the pubic region of more than 50 women.

The branding procedure on each woman took 30-40 minutes, and was filmed, without their consent, to be used as more collateral for blackmail.

After Edmondson left the group, NXIVM filed a criminal complaint against her in Vancouver, accusing her of criminal mischief.

The brandings took place in Clifton Park, New York, which is in Saratoga County. But the Saratoga County District Attorney, Karen A. Heggen [], hasn’t lifted a finger to investigate these multiple crimes. Apparently, the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements haven’t made their way yet to Saratoga County.

Edmondson complained to the New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct. They initially declined to investigate Dr. Roberts because the branding did not occur within the doctor-patient relationship.



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  • Law enforcement is putting an enormous amount of effort into bringing down Keith Raniere and his evil cohort. The horror will be over soon. I’m not looking to the past at who could have done what when but to the future and the enormous amount of hard work and determination it takes to build a case against Keith Raniere. He’s a sophisticated criminal and the case being made against him will probably be precedent setting and a huge fight. Clare Bronfman will pay everyone’s bail and hire the most expensive criminal defense attorneys in the country and my understanding is the DOJ is like :”bring it on”. I feel gratitude.

  • It is indeed a small world. Is the “Brander in Chief” hedging her bets?

    If you “Google” Danielle Roberts, D.O., you will find that Dr. Danielle is in residence at the Mequon, Wisconsin campus of Columbia St. Marys Hospital, located at 13111 N. Port Washington Road, Mequon, WI.

    Mequon is a suburb of Milwaukee. This notice is provided as a public service for any Wisconsin residents who might want to have a Milwaukee Brewers or Green Bay Packers logo branded somewhere near their nether region.

    If I am feeling a bit bored I might call the Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital and ask why they do not advertise the availability of personalized branding at their facility.

    If there is any question that the Wisconsin Danielle Roberts is THE Danielle Roberts, please note that her contacts listed on the Columbia- St. Mary’s website include St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, NY.

    • LOL. WTF cares what her rank is? It’s high enough to secretly brand women and lie about doing it.

      • Exactly. What difference does her “ranking” in NXIVM make in regards to her unethical behaviour? It doesn’t have any bearing at all on the topic being discussed.

      • There is no lie. Danielle has given no official statement. Per New York Times, the reason the police refused to investigate the matters when Sarah Edmondson filed a complaint, is because the actions were consensual. The rank matters, as being inaccurate about it and about the consent takes credibility away from the article.

        • Yeah, I forgot. If you don’t answer, it’s all good. It’s like it never happened. The NXSpeak of not lying by omitting the truth or not telling the whole of it removes the stain of guilt.

          And there is no fucking way being psychologically thought reformed for years, lied to about receiving a tattoo only to be held down by four women while a scalding hot iron is used to carve initials into your flesh that you aren’t even told the real meaning of, is consensual. No one in a sane, uncorrupted mind would partake in such a useless, mindless activity.

      • I think you completely miss the point Anonymous. The rank of this doctor within this cult has absolutely NOTHING to do with her unethical actions. Can you even explain why you believe her rank is important?

        What is important are her actions, and the fact that she committed her unethical actions as part of her job while working for NXIVM.

        How stupid are you, anonymous, that you actually defend a doctor who literally held a branding iron to people who were screaming in pain and being restrained and held down?? The person who would do this (Danielle) is obviously very FUCKED in the head. Why is a person , who is undeniably FUCKED in the head, allowed to practice medicine?

  • I heard from a reliable source in her office that Heggen actually shut down an investigation of NXIVM because she didn’t “want to take on the Bronfman sisters.” So much for equal justice in Saratoga County.

  • There seems to be no place to voice complaints against doctors if the abuse occurs outside of the patient/doctor relationship. This is unacceptable. These doctors are still violating ethics and their morality is so questionable that they should be banned from practising medicine.

    The doctor who harassed me is also in NY state. – He harassed me online by bullying me on his forum (pretending it was another person “trolling” ne) and now last week this doctor deleted 1600 comments from his forum and disabled the comments section, after I sent emails to one of the other bullies involved. I imagine he is trying to delete the evidence.

    These doctors are liars who should not be placed in positions where the public believes they are trustworthy.

    • I should mention this is not just about my harassment. ..there seems to be other criminal activity occurring.
      The person to whom I sent those emails (just prior to the comment deletion ) is a lawyer for a firm who has represented the Bronfmans in Canada. He specializes in Internet communications , things like copyright infringement.

    • It’s ridiculous to expect doctors to be held accountable as doctors, outside of doctor/patient relationship. When they are not they are not that person’s doctors, and are just normal people. It’s really that simple. It’s a completely different matter whether people should behave in this way. In that case that’s applicable to everyone, not just doctors. Keeping that in mind branding with consent is not illegal. So actually nothing illegal has happened. The doctor who harassed you should be held accountable for being a bad businessman based on what you shared. Else, I would want to hold most people on Facebook accountable for being assholes and have their degrees etc. taken away. It’s not reasonable to expect people to be flawless. I doubt you have never lied in your whole life.

      • Wow.
        Let me address that, Anonymous.
        How is it ridiculous to expect doctors to abide by their oath to “do no harm”? And branding someone (who by all witness accounts ) is screaming in agony and is being forcefully held down, is doing harm to that person. Yes, It’s just that simple , Anon.

        “Keep in mind that branding with consent is legal “….And You should keep in mind, Anon, that that these victims claim they were lied to and were told they were getting a tattoo, not an ugly and painful brand of an ugly sociopath’s initials.

        I don’t expect people to be flawless, but I do expect them to be moral, ethical, and honest.
        And I will say I have never lied to cover up any wrongdoings….and the reason I haven’t is because I didn’t choose to do any wrongdoings in the first place, so I have no reason to lie about anything.

        The doctor who participated in bullying me is not a bad “business man”…but he IS a bad human being , that is clear from his actions taken to cover up his lies.

  • Interesting that Karen Heggen is up for re-election this year. Seems to me that her unwillingness to investigate or prosecute anyone associated with the NXIVM cult ought to bring out some serious challengers, both in the primary and the general election. Let’s see if the residents of Saratoga County want to allow a cult-supporting DA to have a second term.

  • Let’s hope that the federal investigators in the Eastern District take a long, hard look at our DA Karen Heggen. If they do, I think they’ll find the reasons why NXIVM, Raniere and Bronfman have been allowed to roam free here in Saratoga County ever since she took office. I doubt that Jim Murphy would be sitting on his ass while more than 50 women were branded – do you hear that, Karen, BRANDED? – on his watch. What a horrible DA you turned out to be, Karen and what a disappointing woman.

    • > I think they’ll find the reasons why NXIVM, Raniere and Bronfman have been allowed to roam free here in Saratoga County ever since she took office < Keith prolly had her branded too but lets her work outside the cult in her very important role as District Attorney. It wouldn't surprise me at all. Is she also anorexic looking? Somewhat young?

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