Shadow State: Allison Mack is no different from an Inner City Pimp

Allison Mack became harem manager for Keith Raniere.

By Shadow State 1958

Pimps brand their prostitutes to show ownership.

From the Irish Mirror
Pictured: Trafficked prostitutes BRANDED by pimps to show they ‘own’ them

From the Toronto Star

Canadian girls are being beaten, branded, bought and sold in hotels and motels, and along highways across Ontario.

From the New York Times
She Has a Pimp’s Name Etched on Her

“An alleged pimp indicted … in Manhattan is accused of tattooing his street name on a prostitute’s neck, along with a bar code. He allegedly tattooed another prostitute with a symbol of his name on her pubic area, along with a dollar sign. In each case, the message was clear: They were his property, and they were for sale.”

Branded by a pimp, sex-trafficking victim speaks out | The Seattle Times

From Billings, Montana
Pimps brand the women in their “stables,” as if they were cattle.

Image result for V=cattle being branded

Allison Mack is no different from an Inner City Pimp.

Allison Mack is pure EVIL.

  • Branding torture
  • Starvation 800 calorie per day diets (with regular weigh-ins)
  • Sleep deprivation (with 3 am walks with the Vanguard to do whatever he asks)
  • Readiness drills – day and night – with texts that had to be responded to within minutes or everyone in the group was punished
  • Dr Porter’s fright experiments – watching videos of actual rapes and brutal murders
  • Punishing slaves by paddling them and putting them in cages
  • The book about torture in Keith Raniere’s library
  • A children’s school – Rainbow Cultural Garden
  • Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk recruiting girls and college students
  • Allison Mack allegedly fondling an eight-year-old.

The DOJ indictment of Allison Mack.

“RANIERE and his inner circle, including the defendants CLARE BRONFMAN, ALLISON MACK, KATHY RUSSELL, LAUREN SALZMAN AND NANCY SALZMAN, also known as “Prefect,” and others known and unknown, comprised an organized criminal enterprise (the “Enterprise”).

“The defendant ALLISON MACK was a member of the Enterprise and a high-ranking member of Nxivm. At various times relevant to the Indictment, MACK was also a first line master in DOS

The pattern of racketeering activity through which the defendants: KEITH RANIERE, CLARE BRONFMAN, ALLISON MACK, KATHY RUSSELL, LAUREN SALZMAN and NANCY SALZMAN, together with others, agreed to conduct the affairs of the Enterprise consisted of the racketeering acts set forth in paragraphs 17 to 34 Defendants KEITH RANIERE, ALLISON MACK and LAUREN SALZMAN, together with others, did knowingly and intentionally steal property by extortion,

Sex Trafficking of Jane Doe 5
Forced Labor of Jane Doe 5
State Law Extortion of Jane Doe 5

Forced Labor Conspiracy)

(Wire Fraud Conspiracy)

(Sex Trafficking Conspiracy)

(Sex Trafficking – Jane Doe 5)

(Attempted Sex Trafficking – Jane Doe 8

But I suppose you know more than the DOJ and FBI.

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  • I never watched Smallville although i was aware that it was a show on t.v. When I first heard about AM and Nxivm assumed she was a brainwashed victim as many of them were. But the more I read and learned I realized that she was no victim, she was and is a victimizer!

    AM is as evil as Clare in my opinion.

  • I was a huge fan of Allison Mack, and Smallville will probably always be my all time favorite TV Show! When I saw the allegations against her I decided to stay quite, and look into them without jumping to any conclusions. Unfortunately many of the allegations appear to be true. It’s times like these that make you lose your faith in people.

    • Mike,
      Put your faith in ideas and principles and not people.
      As the Bible itself teaches, “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”

      Good ideas and good principles if applied properly will never disappoint you.

      • We shouldn’t put our faith into TV stars and actors. Faith that they will do what? Entertain us?….cuz that’s all we are paying them to do. Entertain.

        But people do put their faith into law enforcement, (as they should,) because law enforcement is paid to keep people safe. That’s their job. If we are unable to trust that the police have out best interests at heart, who do we put our faith in?

        The bible doesn’t protect us from criminals, even if we happen to be religious and believe in the bible and in religion.

        There is only one motto that the bible teaches that we should all follow, and that is “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”….

        Obviously that motto is not being followed by anyone these days, including by most people who post here.

  • Stop picking constantly on Allison. Every day Sahdow State goes after her to gore out her eyes and her soul. Why don’t you go after true wickedness – Nancy and Lauren. Frank Toni Cat Joe and the wicked Rick Alan Ross?

    • Stop picking constantly on Allison. Every day Sahdow State goes after her to gore out her eyes and her soul.

      What do Allison and her friends have to complain about?
      First of all the people who started calling Allison a pimp are her own slaves, not me.
      Upon investigation the FBI found that yes indeed Allison is a pimp.
      And the Justice Department saw fit to indict her for being a pimp.
      If Allison did not want to be called a pimp, then she should not have chosen to act like a pimp.

      Allison should not have branded the women.
      Allison should not have collected blackmail on the women.
      Allison should not have introduced corporal punishment for the women.
      And Allison should not talk about female empowerment while acting like a pimp.

      And what about the souls of the women pimped out by Allison Mack?
      They are the true victims of this story, not Allison Mack.

      Pea, As for the people you label as wicked, Frank Parlato exposed the criminal behavior.
      Toni Natali is a former girl friend of Raniere who exposed him as a psychopath.
      Catherine Oxenberg is a mother trying to save her daughter from the clutches of Allison Pimp Mack.
      Joe O’Hara worked to expose the financial crimes of NXIVM.
      And Rick Alan Ross worked to expose the cult-like nature of NXIVM.
      All those people are heroes.

      And Pea I have some news for you.
      The FBI has combed through Allison’s electronic accounts and plans to drop more charges on Allison, Keith and Clare just in time for Christmas.

  • Most accurate post in the history of the Frank report was a spot 100% reply to flowergirl

    October 26, 2018 at 3:27 pm
    But also notice how Sultans posts are quickly attacked everytime he posts…no sane and normal adult would bother to attack him like that.
    Obviously there is something weird going on here…its not just random people writing these repetitive childish comments to Sultan and Shadow. And notice the recent comments to me…the ones that say they hope I’ll be shot and killed? Who posts stuff like that?

    October 27, 2018 at 12:50 pm
    The three of you are the most worthless comment whores here. It is really that simple. The three of you are obviously ex-NXIVM members. Shadowperv and Sultan perv obviously because they were stalking certain celebrity members in the cult. Shadow was stalking and harassing Allie Whack and of course the perverted Sultan was doing the same with Kreuk. Both were dismissed because the perverted Raniere hates competition from fellow Beta males. You just have nowhere else to go since you are a very weak minded individual and once NXIVM was starting to dissolve in the Vancouver area, it left you out in the cold and more bitter and demented than ever

    Well said Anon

    • Felicia, according to you, it’s perfectly acceptable for someone to post that they hope I will be murdered.
      Would any other blog allow death threats like that? Would normal people be so angry that they would post death threats against people they don’t even know?

  • Frank you are a funking idiot. Tuned in after few days and see this shit. Just saw the title and knew right away the perv that wrote it. How many fucking more ways can this degenerate say the same fucking thing? He has enough space from you in the comment section which he constantly shits all over with the same drivel. Bye Frankie I can’t read the Shadow report.

    • Maybe Allison should not have abused some 150 women.
      ‘See how many ways the DOJ can dump “drivel” on Allison Mack.
      The DOJ is planning new indictments against Allison Pimp Mack.
      Charges could involve immigration fraud.

  • Is there any doubt folks, that with the Shadow out there, Allison Mack’s house arrest is, in fact, a matter of protective custody?

    Another hate crime/mass homicide to horrify us all, but I will wince at least once or twice in the near future as Shadow portrays Allison Mack as the world’s most hated female criminal and Raniere/Salzman/Bronfman as criminal masterminds. Perhaps if Shadowstate were not OBSESSED with Allison Mack, he would be able to put NXIVM’s crimes in perspective.

    The creator of this blog, and many of the people who comment here, are victims of NXIVM. Some possibly branded, others defrauded out of money or property, others harassed with frivolous litigation, others separated from family or friends. To those people, I do not mean to diminish the scope or impact of NXIVM’s criminal and or immoral acts.

    How come the angriest voice is that of SHADOWSTATE? He apparently has no nexus with NXIVM.

    I will repeat: The story of one man’s OBSESSION with this evil B minus actress is as creepy and quirky as many of the stories in the Vanguard dossier.

    Frank took us on a fun ride beginning with branded slaves continuing through to Vanguard’s arrest (the “B minus actress in the headlights” look on A. Mack’s face – priceless) and the trial preliminaries. Frank is setting up another fun ride, because each time Mack Daddy exposes his hatred for the object of his OBSESSION we will come closer to knowing the reason for Shadow’s anger towards and concern with one NXIVM defendant over all others.

    • I agree. Individually, Raniere should be getting much more ink than any other NXIVM crook. MLM scams in general should be getting much more ink than NXIVM, considering the numerous deaths, bankruptcies, broken relationships, debt, etc., that have resulted. Factor in the fact that most NXIVM participants were relatively wealthy compared to most MLM past, current, and future MLM marks, and it’s a slam dunk.

    • And who will protect Allison’s family from her habit of lying about important issues?
      Allison’s persistent fabrication of false stories that have serious legal consequences for other people.
      Allison Mack is a true disciple of her Vanguard.

  • Allison Mack allegedly fondling an eight-year-old.

    Remembering back to when I was 8 years old the last thing on my mind was sex.
    While 8 year old children know that the opposite sex exists they are more interested in other things and do not fully appreciate sexual meanings or actions.

    For an adult to take advantage of children’s innocence about sex is outrageous.
    The FBI should investigate as to whether Allison Mack committed the act that the neighbor saw.
    Since NXIVM is a sex cult and Raniere preferred prepubescent girls, it seems plausible that Mack and others in NXIVM were involved in grooming girls for sexual activities.
    Raniere lectured his followers that sex with twelve year old children was acceptable.
    Does anyone honestly believe that Raniere and his folllowers did not act on his teachings?
    An investigation of NXIVM that does not look at the child sex allegations is incomplete.

    • Why is all of your anger directed towards this particular sex offender? Are you spending much time on blogs for victims of abuse at the hands of RC priests? Does it concern you how many licensed educators are accused of sexually abusing minors? Or is it one particular sex offender you are concerned with?
      #OBSESSED much?

      • Are you spending much time on blogs for victims of abuse at the hands of RC priests?

        Some 25 years ago I pounded away on the Catholic church.
        And I caught a lot of heat because I have Catholic relatives and a cousin who works for a Catholic Theological Seminary.
        But evil is evil and must be confronted wherever it rears its ugly head.

    • Is it now wrong to point out evil acts b y people who pretend to be good?

      Is it now wrong to describe Allison Mack as a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing who pretends to empower women while in fact enslaving women?

  • ShadowState is no different than a rejected fan who got turned down by Allison when he asked her to be his lover on Twitter. This man eats, shits, and breaths Allison Mack 24/7. He makes up stories about Allison being a pedo without anysort of proof.

    ShadowState is no different than any scumbag reporter who wants attenion reporting anything a so-called source about Allison Mack because Allison Mack is his greatest nemesis the Luthor to his messed up verison of Superman.

    ShadowState stalks Allison Mack’s family and friends. He’s such an idiot that believes that Mindy Mack and Nikki Cyde are members here ? What proof do you have?

    ShadowState doesn’t care about the women who are branded but only his name on the reporters getting his due on taking down Allison Mack because god knows Shadow gridge against Allison means so much to him.

    Frank outta fire your stalker ass ot of here.

    ShadowState is an online bully and a lying piece of shit .

    If Allison somehow gets off this and sues Shadow along with the rest of Frank Report Frank will know it was all Shadow’s fault.

    Stalker ShadowState is what im calling him from now on.

    • He makes up stories about Allison being a pedo without anysort of proof.


      Transcript of interview with neighbor who claims Allison Mack molested 8 year old girl

      Without disclosing his identity, the Know Woods neighbor who said he saw Allison Mack molest an 8 year old girl knowingly did a taped and filmed interview with me, on-the-record, and was not compensated, in any way, for doing so.

      Once again, I’ll remind you that we do not know Allison’s side of the story.

      For those who blast me for daring to publish this results of the interview, kindly keep in mind that Allison Mack gave Keith Raniere “collateral” that included a letter claiming her nephew was sexually molested.

      So please – all you screamers – calm down a bit – and let us simply listen to what the neighbor said:

      Here is a partial transcript of his on-the-record comments:

      Frank: Allison was trying to interview an 8 or 9 year old girl who was trying to be a gymnast?

      Neighbor: Yes. She even told me I should get into doing a blog. That’s what she was doing with the girl – a video blog.

      F: Allison?

      N: Yeah.

      F: And she wanted to video tape this girl?

      N: Yeah. She was video taping the girl…. The girl was doing these little gymnast things.

      F: Did you think it was suspicious at all?

      N: It was creepy. Very creepy.

      F: That is very creepy because you know Keith Raniere had a predilection for little girls.

      N: I saw her feel the 8 year old up.

      F: Whoa!… Could you say that again? You saw her feel the 8 year girl old up?

      N: Yes.

      F: Where were you?

      N: We were up off of Independence. She was up on —-. and they were sitting there and I was walking [with his dog] and we were coming back and I was wondering what she was doing. I did not know who she was at the time. I did not know who she was until November and then I was like, ‘Oh that’s who that girl is.’ But they were sitting there and I just said “Hi” and … I went up to to be nice to them . We started talking and she was trying to quick-end the conversation so she could get back to what she was doing.

      F: With this 8 year old?

      N: Yeah, And at one point she was next to the 8 year old and she turned around and went like that up the girl’s chest.

      F: Allison?

      N: Allison did that, yeah.

      F: Maybe she’s a perv too.

      N: Yeah, she is obviously.

      F: Could you have been mistaken? Could it have been a push or friendly playful thing?

      N: It didn’t look like that

      To Stalker ShadowState:
      Why was Allison feeling up the 8 year old girl?
      Is Allison involved in child sex trafficking on behalf of Raniere?

      I urge this neighbor to go to the FBI in the Eastern District of New York with his story.
      I urge the FBI, if they have not done so already, to investigate the very real possibility that Allison Mack is involved in child sex trafficking and was conceivably grooming this child for sex with Raniere.

  • @ Frank Parlato:

    Why are we reading posts from this idiot? Was he in NXIVM? Was he connected to anybody in NXIVM? Does he have access to inside information about NXIVM?

    Does his professional background give him unique insight or perspective into NXIVM’s inner workings?

    NO, is the answer on all counts, so who gives a rats’ ass what this creepy stalker thinks?

    You apparently do, or else we wouldn’t have to keep seeing posts from this abortion that lived.

    “What Shadowstate thinks” has been a recurring theme in the comment section for months, and now it’s taking over the posts, too.

    Why not just rename the site “The Shadowstate Report”, or “The Allison Mack Obsession Blog”?

    Count me as another person who’s done reading here.

  • I really think you have to be careful with this last point: Allison Mack allegedly fondling an eight-year-old. The person who allegedly witnessed this even seems rather suspicious and not credible. Otherwise, everything you’ve written is accurate and I find it horrifying that a woman who was once all about helping people and wanting to change the world and becoming a better has been reduced to a depraved criminal.

  • This is what happens when you take telos out of Nature, the Absolute from the relative, and traditional values out of social mores. You end up being clueless and fall for false leaders and diminish what is normal. There are only two kinds of “not normal”. There’s the special kind, e.g., exceptional intelligence, athletic ability, or beauty, etc., and there’s the other kind: the stupid kind. There is no in between. The freedom to choose is only freedom if you choose what is better.

  • Cankles the pimp is the world’s worst person. I wonder what her parental units thought when they found out what kind of monster they raised.

    • My guess: “We’ll just take her home and fix her.”
      (with a complete lack of self-awareness that pimping her out as a child probably contributed to creating the monster, as well as completely ignoring her setting up her nephews to get taken by CPS)

      • Good point, Just. What if Allison’s with the people who first pimped her out and messed her up to begin with?

        She really, truly needs a good, objective therapist, IMHO. At least as much if not more so than Shadow here…JK. 😆.

        IDK why Allison’s people aren’t requesting time out of home confinement for therapy. It would show the court and rest of us she’s willing to admit wrong-doing and work on reforming herself. Maybe that’s the problem — none want to admit maybe they made a mistake and therapy might look like someone, somehow — including NXIVM leaders — did. The family do seem “image” oriented and sugar-coating everything seems to be the collective defense strategy, so far.

        But Allison’s, many of the slaves, mental health must be seriously at permanent risk.

        Did NXIVM still have their “suicide module” in play when you took courses, Just?

        • ‘What if Allison’s with the people who first pimped her out and messed her up to begin with?’

          Bang on H. As great uncle Sid used to sing at christmas “Don’t put your daughter on the stage mrs. Worthington” -Don’t turn her into an inveterate follower of scripts and direction and svengali types, before she has the strength to make choices of her own. This fact about AM provides a possible reason for her ensuing behaviour, but without therapy and reform, it wont provide an excuse.

        • I believe that is the case.

          I don’t remember a suicide module. As much as I zoned out after the “how we’re not a cult” module, I think I would remember if that had been part of the intensive.

          I pretty much just tried to put the whole thing behind me. I never even opened my binder again afterwards.

    • I wonder what Allison’s siblings think about Allison’s allegation that her nephew was abused?

      Mack’s collateral was described as:

      (1) a letter regarding Mack’s mother and father that would “destroy their character”

      (4) a letter addressed to social services alleging abuse to Mack ‘s nephews.

      This collateral is now in the hands of the FBI.

  • No doubt allison and kristin is involve, i’m just wondering what about Mark Hildreth. Too many feminist in this forum. What are your thoughts?

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