Reader asks: Do IP addresses of three critic[s] of Kristin Kreuk match?

KK10ART's depiction of Kristin Kreuk

A reader writes: Check out the comments of this article you wrote Frank:

Check the IP address of:

knows all
June 10, 2018 at 8:06 pm

“Kristin Kreuk was told multiple times on the Vancouver set of Smallville that she joined a cult. She openly discussed and talked about branding other women with her closest friend on the set daily. She is not a good actress or even person as far as that goes. She is a very exceptionally good liar though and knew completely and fully what she was doing. Her reputation precedes her when it comes to being the easiest cunt to ever walk into a film set. She is a complete child recruiting pimp who knows all to well that she was recruiting little girls for her sex cult friends. This one earned her acting career on the casting couch.”


Also, on the same article:

April 17, 2018 at 4:37 am

“I was a part of GBD in 2008 when I was 17 years old. KK would have girls fill out questionnaires (usually open ended questions about your experience as a teen) on facebook, and Kendra would contact us privately if we said something that interested her. Here’s one thing I do remember– it seemed Kristin and Kendra were more interested in recruiting girls much younger in age than me, closer to middle school. I ended up leaving GBD because of that. I also remember them both posting numerous blogs on youtube.

I do remember at one point Kendra was much more interactive with having one-on-one’s with individual girls than KK was. I remember thinking that perhaps GBD was Kendra’s thing and KK was there to generate attention (at least she didn’t seem to want to get her hands dirty).

Not sure if that information is useful, but I wanted to put it out there.”

Also, this article:

July 2, 2017 at 8:24 pm

“Kristin KREUK is a child pimp and recruits many young girls into her prostitution business!!! She runs it with the help of shit skin gangs in Surrey and Vancouver. Believe me, I know, I worked with her in film for ten years. She is the most corrupt two faced Kunt out there!!! THE EASIEST KUNT TO SET FOOT ON A FILM SET!!! just ask Toms ex-wife, if she even knows yet???”


Kristin Kreuk by MK10ART

Do the IP addresses match?


Frank Report Answer- no, the IP addresses are different on all three comments.


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  • Looks like the shoe fits well on the Sultan of Perversion. He cries more on here than most 6 year old girls. Indeed a beta male

      • I fid what Scott? Hired criminals to harass myself?
        Btw- the criminals struck again on Friday, by proving that I once again had someone prowling on my property. I also recently had another person enter my house without knocking , and then claim that they were confused about the address.
        These could be more coincidences, but maybe not.

        • Did what? The “…terribly insecure miserable excuse for a woman” part.

          If what you having been claiming on this website for the past several months were true and you had any common sense, you would:
          1. Have a gun and let the badguys know that your property is being protected by the security company Smith & Wesson;
          2. Lock your doors; and
          3. Have high quality indoor and outdoor cameras to record the criminals prowling your property.

          • Scott
            -I’m in Canada, and you can’t just buy a handgun at the corner store here….but even if you could, I wouldn’t want one anyways.
            -I do lock my doors, but I have kids that come and go, and they sometimes forget to do so.
            -It’s a rental house, so I can’t just install anything I want.
            -I also have a large dog, which chased the confused lady out of the house, so I’m not too worried about my safety. And maybe she was genuinely confused? Who knows.

            But what is strange is that people (such as yourself) would assume I’m a “terribly insecure excuse for a woman”….is that what all misogynists call women who don’t take their bullshit?

          • Flowers, I didn’t bring up the corner store to buy a gun. That just shows how serious you are about your own protection, or the stories are just made up because you’re looking for attention and sympathy, so there is nothing to worry about. If you’re so worried about your safety, the kids should be taught how to lock doors as they come and go. I find it hard to believe your landlord wouldn’t allow some wireless cameras to be fastened with double-sided tape that can be easily removed if you told them about your safety concerns. If your big dog didn’t take a chunk out of the lady’s hiney, you should reconsider how much protection it is providing.

          • Scott…I didnt your your reply before. Not sure if you will notice this, but I’ll reply anyway.
            It illegal to have a loaded gun in your house. I think if someone really were to break in and attack , by the time you get the gun and load it, the person would have already attacked you.

            The dog is a deterrent, as most people will not challange a large , barking, snarling dog. He is not a pitbull…he’s a breed which has a “soft mouth” which means he will bite (not hard enough to do serious damage) and then release. It’s a watch dog, not an attack dog.

            I do actually have security cameras already in place. I chose not to use them, but could probably have them hooked back up.

            You might wonder why I wouldn’t use them…its because I already knew someone was creeping around (they have left evidence and moved heavy items in the yard, so its obvious) so I dont need cameras to prove it. However I may start using them, just to have evidence for the police.

            No, I do not invent stories for “attention “. Does anyone really do that?

  • this post is Frank’s biggest stretch yet to get Kreuk’s name in the headline.
    But based on the low number of replies…maybe her clickbait power is waning.

    • Stop accusing Frank of trying to get click bait just because you are obviously a fan of this cult member. Kreuk is in the public eye and was deep in the NXIVM cult for a very long time. Her silence, deliberately vague statement and all these allegations such as College Project, Girls By Design, Necker Island, Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit etc make her look bad. It is all Kreuk’s fault. All of it. She does not deserve a free pass just because someone likes her. More information will come out on her whether you like it or not. And it will probably come from here. Don’t like it, don’t read it.

  • Frank,

    this was a trivial insight. Basically all private users have dynamic IPs as they are shared and leased. They change very much every 24 hours. Having a static IP is something you have to pay for on top. So comparing the IP addresses of posts from multiple days is pointless in the first place.
    What you could do is find out whether they are from the same region or not, but even this could be problematic as this information is not stored for so long. You simply do not know.

    • Just because IP’s are dynamically assigned and leased DOES NOT mean they are changed every 24 hours, you DOLT.

      Most big cable providers in the US, such as Cox, will not change a customer’s leased IP address —- UNLESS the customer disconnects their modem/router for more than 24 hours, at which point the IP address is “released” back into the pool of available IP’s for others to receive.

      (or unless the customer changes the MAC address of the router and fools the provider into thinking that a different router was connected)

      Barring that, the IP address will remain the same and will not change — even though it’s technically a dynamically assigned leased IP address. Not every provider operates this way, but many of the big ones do.

      For instance, if I disconnect my router and connect a new one then I’ll get a new IP address of course — BUT if I reconnect my old router before 24 hours have elapsed, I’ll get the SAME OLD IP ADDRESS assigned again, since it was not yet released back into the pool of available IP addresses.

      • Dimwit shut the fuck up when you are completely clueless. IPs do change depending on the policy of your provider. Mine change every ~24h, whenever I restart the router and whenever I send the command to the router to renew the IP.
        On top of that I possess mobile devices that can be used away from home. Lastly, I use a browser that does not show my real IP. I would bet Frank does not know where I am from and I logged in from 10 different countries during my last 20 visits alone. So what is your point?

        • Willard, I know it’s not true that all IPs are constantly changing (Google it if you dont believe it) but its certainly possible for one person to use multiple IPs, if they post from various devices and locations.
          But Frank should be able to see the general location the posts come from, unless the poster deliberately does something to mask their location.

    • Shadow, its mainly drugs and weapons that are being trafficked. Its not just Asia, either, lots of traffic between Mexico too.

      Google the Bacon brothers (Red Scorpion members) and you’ll see what was said about these gangs at the recent murder trial this summer.

      One brother is still awaiting trial, and has been for years, because all these other related gang murder cases are being tried first.

  • Not a single mention of Allison Mack in this article, meaning there will probably be no comment from “Mack Daddy” Shadowstate….

  • Does it matter if it matches? It probably is the same person who wrote all those posts, and it certainly sounds like this person is a racist ( their use of “shit-skin”), and its highly doubtful they have any real information or they would have already given that info to the police, right? I don’t trust the word of anyone who uses terms like shit-skin, as these are angry people who tend to fabricate.

    But what is true is that there is a big gang problem in Vancouver and in Surrey. It’s no secret, and the police are very well aware of it…. but these gangs are selling drugs and weapons mainly.

    There are many ethnic groups involved in these gangs, so it’s certainly not only Indo-Canadians. The biggest names are actually the notorious Bacon brothers, who are white guys….one brother is still being held in Surrey pre-trial jail, one brother was gunned down in the street in Kelowna a few years ago, and I can’t remember what happened to the third brother.

    So, while there is a lot of gang activity in this area, I doubt if Kruek was involved with this. These gangs are not known for dealing in prostitution.

    • There is a lot of human trafficking in Vancouver. Also, think “Jane” the DOS slave potentially recruited into GBD then further into NXIVM then DOS.

      • Even if that Jane Doe story was true, (which I highly doubt,) it has nothing at all to do with gangs or with prostitution.

        The gangs here dont give a fuck about some no-name actresses. Get real. These gang members are actually plotting how to drop bombs on the Bacon brothers house(unbelievable but true story), how to smuggle cyanide laced drugs into Surrey Pretrail to kill one of them, and plotting to murder the Vancouver journalist covering these topics.

        I’m way more worried about the gun violence which has happened in this neighborhood, than about human trafficking. Several murders took place in an apartment building right next to a busy mall, and 2 innocent men were killed. The mother of one of these innocent victims (a very nice lady whom I’ve met before) has now had her life threatened for speaking out. These are the real problems here- the gangs selling drugs and the resulting gang rivalries.

        Read up on this first before you comment.

        • It must be really taxing to be so much better than everyone else, and constantly need to put them in their place. Poor Flowers.

          • Certainly not as taxing it must be for you trolls to keep policing the board and writing comments about the other people who comment.

            If you read my posts you will see they are either about the topic, or in reply to someone who addressed me or someone who attacked me (such as yourself.) But you just keep writing posts for the sole purpose of attacking people.

          • She can’t seem to help opening her mouth without thinking.if she’s not stuck on you being a troll who’s “after” her. She can’t let a subject drop til you finally throw your hands up and say fuck it. Try to just bypass her that’s what I do. Good luck

          • Heather, is there some reason why you are so obsessed with ME?
            You’re the one who keep commenting about me, when I don’t ever address you first.

            You trolls remind me of little kids who keep poking and annoying their sibling for hours, but who will then cry and tattle when this sibling finally slaps their hand away. Can you honestly not see that you behave like this?

      • Maybe consider why you are wishing harm against an innocent person, a person whom you don’t even know…..sounds like you must have some serious mental health issues.

    • Why would EVERYONE be out to get me, Scott? …as far as I know, it’s just the criminals who messed with me, and who now don’t want me to talk about it.

  • The comment about Tom Welling. Read this from Crazy Days and Nights:

    and this:

    Potentially, Kreuk’s Smallville cast mate Tom Welling had to pay his ex-wife a huge amount of money because she has information on him regarding a “group” (NXIVM) that is being talked about right now. The twitter account is no longer active but you can still see the screen shots.

    As for the comment:

    “Kristin KREUK is a child pimp and recruits many young girls into her prostitution business!!! She runs it with the help of shit skin gangs in Surrey and Vancouver. Believe me, I know, I worked with her in film for ten years. She is the most corrupt two faced Kunt out there!!! THE EASIEST KUNT TO SET FOOT ON A FILM SET!!! just ask Toms ex-wife, if she even knows yet???”

    Firstly, Girls By Design and the “Jane” DOS slave? And does Tom Welling’s wife know what?

    • No dumb dumb. As someone who has passed a fifth grade education level unlike you, I’m aware 1) the same person can post from multiple IP addresses, e.g., home, work (you wouldn’t know anything about this), wireless, public, etc., 2) different people can post from the same IP address, in particular if the IP address exposed to the WAN is serving multiple computers 3) the same person can post from one computer and mask his IP address with multiple addresses via proxies or other mechanisms 4) the same person can post from one computer and his IP address with his ISP could change if it is DHCP.

      For example, I have posted from home, work, wireless, public, members of family and friend residences, on public networks all using the same alias.

      Therefore, I wouldn’t ask such a silly question like that.


      • Yeah you post from work mostly BECAUSE you’re likely working for a reputation management firm (one of those firms who hires dolts for minimum wage to post positive comments about their clients in online forums, and to defend those clients against negative posts to the last breath, LOL).

        That’s why your response rate to negative posts is 100% in regard to a certain person, LOL.

        You don’t just respond to 99% of negative posts about this person, you literally respond to 100% of negative posts about this particular person — and you do it 24 hours per day, round the clock, without fail.

        Only a professional would do that, or somebody with a deep personal connection that goes way beyond fanboys.

        You probably get a bonus for responding at night from home, like maybe a free coupon to Burger King or Arabia’s House of Pancakes, or something like that.

        I could set my watch by your promptness when responding to negative comments about this person.

        Frank, I’m being serious here. I think there’s a good chance that Sultan has been hired to defend a client of his firm. Either that or he’s got a personal connection to this person that he’s not disclosing. No sane person would bother responding with his often LENGTHY defenses, over and over, hundreds of times. 🙂

        • But also notice how Sultans posts are quickly attacked everytime he posts…no sane and normal adult would bother to attack him like that.
          Obviously there is something weird going on here…its not just random people writing these repetitive childish comments to Sultan and Shadow. And notice the recent comments to me…the ones that say they hope I’ll be shot and killed? Who posts stuff like that?

          • There’s a difference though.

            Sultan’s usual defenses are extremely lengthy and well thought out. There are probably hundreds of them. Only a pro would do that, or somebody with a deep personal connection to her.

            However, most of the people insulting Sultan every day — and calling him endless names — do it with short posts for the most part (and the ones that are longer are still NOT very well thought out or organized, just drivel typed out fast). That’s par for the course on forums. That’s flaming 101.

            Also, Sultan maintains a very even demeanor and professional attitude no matter what —- which is also the sign of a professional.

          • The three of you are the most worthless comment whores here. It is really that simple. The three of you are obviously ex-NXIVM members. Shadowperv and Sultan perv obviously because they were stalking certain celebrity members in the cult. Shadow was stalking and harassing Allie Whack and of course the perverted Sultan was doing the same with Kreuk. Both were dismissed because the perverted Raniere hates competition from fellow Beta males. You just have nowhere else to go since you are a very weak minded individual and once NXIVM was starting to dissolve in the Vancouver area, it left you out in the cold and more bitter and demented than ever

          • — The three of you are obviously ex-NXIVM members. Shadowperv and Sultan perv obviously because they were stalking certain celebrity members in the cult.

            Dumbest non-sequitur ever.

        • — Yeah you post from work mostly BECAUSE you’re likely working for a reputation management firm

          Yes, except instead of taking cash, I get paid in sexual favors from Kristin. And she can’t get enough of me.

          • She still is. She has extra security because of stalkers like him here in Toronto This Sultan turd is a predator

          • Nah. That’s just some role-playing we do. I handcuff her to the bed and teach her a few lessons for being a bad girl in joining NXIVM in the first place. She agrees that a satisfactory punishment is a few spankings and for me to have my way with her. And after she’s been satisfied multiple times we laugh together in bed at how stupid particular commentators are here.

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