Nancy Salzman and DOJ jointly agree on release of forensic copies of computers to other defendants

Nancy Salzman and her daughter Michelle.

Nancy Salzman and the DOJ have come to an agreement on the production of forensic copies of devices seized at her home to the other defendants in the case.

Acting in unison, a proposed stipulation and order has been signed by counsel for Salzman and the government, where they jointly “…respectfully move for an order…permitting the government…to disclose potentially privileged material to the defendants.”

Salzman’s attorneys had previously objected to the release of forensic copies of electronic devices seized at her home if they contained potential attorney-client privilege data.

Salzman’s attorneys also wanted the Government to segregate files to prevent production to defendants that did not relate to charges against that particular defendant to protect Salzman’s rights of privacy.

That’s changed now.

The stipulation provides that the Government can produce potentially privileged documents to the other defendants and not be concerned whether production relates to a particular defendant’s charges or not.

The government need only identify the material on the devices is responsive to the search warrants and produce the material to counsel for all defendants.

The proposed order reads in part:

WHEREAS, the government seeks to produce to all defendants in this litigation (the “Defendants”) forensic copies of certain electronic devices obtained by the government pursuant to a court-authorized search of the residence of the defendant Nancy Salzman (the “Oregon Trail Devices”), some of which may contain personally sensitive information and which may contain information protected by the attorney-client privilege or work-product doctrine (the “Potentially Privileged Materials”)….

IT IS HEREBY STIPULATED AND AGREED by the undersigned attorneys
and ORDERED by the Court that:

1. The government will provide the forensic copies of the Oregon Trail Devices to counsel for the Defendants…..

2. … the defendant Nancy Salzman does not waive, and expressly reserves, any and all rights to challenge the government’s search and seizure of the Oregon Trail Devices. The government agrees not to argue that Nancy Salzman, by agreeing to the terms of this Stipulation and Order, has waived those rights. The government has identified, and will continue to identify, material on the Oregon Trail Devices that is responsive to the search warrants authorizing the seizure of the Oregon Trail Devices and will produce the material, so identified, to counsel for the Defendants.

3. … the production of the Oregon Trail Forensic Copies, including the Potentially Privileged  Materials, to the Defendants does not waive Nancy Salzman’s rights under the attorney client privilege, work product doctrine, or any other applicable privilege….

4. By agreeing to the terms of this Stipulation and Order, and by producing the Potentially Privileged Materials pursuant thereto, the government does not concede that any of the Potentially Privileged Materials is subject to any privilege. ….



This may be the first of several agreements Salzman and the government will reach – including a plea bargain and Nancy’s agreement to cooperate as a witness.

With this stipulation, once approved by the judge, Salzman has made it easier for the Government to fulfill discovery obligations within the deadlines imposed by the court.

Why should Salzman do this?

By cooperating, she has aided the prosecution.

By refusing, she might have hampered the Government’s case by causing the Government to fail to meet discovery deadlines and potentially forcing them to go to trial without being able to use certain evidence.

To ask the question in NXIVM-speak: What does it mean if the Prefect of a certain organization, who is charged with certain crimes, as is her Vanguard, and other key members of that organization – chooses to aid the prosecution by making their work easier?

It means she is no longer a Prefect, and he is no longer her Vanguard.

Said another way: Nancy has flipped.








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  • Praise the Lord and thank you Nancy. I hoped I was seeing it for what it was, Nancy has control of the info found in her home. All along everyone has been clear that Nancy has the keys to the dungeon. Now the prosecution has those keys.

  • This is a message to ShadowState:

    I have long since believed that Monte Blu is really Pea Onyu.

    Since you have done so much investigating around Pea Onyu and her writing tendencies (to see if she’s really Nicki Clyne), why don’t you compare her writing tendencies to posts made by Monte Blu in order to definitively prove that Pea Onyu and Monte Blu are the same person.

    Based upon several recent posts, Pea Onyu has revealed that she’s clearly not a real NXIVM member and couldn’t possibly be a person who knows Keith.

    This is extremely obvious because she’s recently said things which would greatly hurt his defense, such as stating in plain English that Keith Raniere officially taught 14 year olds how to receive sexual gratification from him.

    She’s also stated that she’s meeting with Clare’s attorney to help their defense, which is laughable, since after making such incriminating statements (about Keith) Clare’s attorney would want nothing to do with her.

    Keith would never allow a follower of his to incriminate him in plain language like that (which means she’s a bullshitter who’s never even met Keith, and she’s definitely not Nicki Clyne).

    We all know she’s a fraud. That’s not in question.

    We now need to know if she’s Monte Blu or not. 🙂

    • Quite the opposite, Pea was merely communicating what others have stated is a core teaching of Raniere, that underage girls are fair game to have sex with. I would think the FBI swept up that “ciriculum” in an outline and/or video form. Only a crazy NXIVM person (or a jokester who doesn’t really think it, they are just a jokester) would think that is okay.

  • @Frank Is A Pussy: you know what happens when someone complains about the food? THEY get to cook next time. How dare you “armchair quarterback” what Frank decides to post and how he does it?! IF YOU CAN DO A BETTER JOB, THEN START YOUR OWN BLOG.

    • I’ll gladly cook. You’ll get tube steak for your next meal, smothered in white gravy, straight from Pea Onyu’s 3rd leg.

      (I maintain that Pea Onyu does not have a pussy, she’s got a cock, and she’s also Monte Blue in drag)

      I don’t need to start my own blog. I can merely stay here and call Frank a PUSSY until the cows come home, or until he gets off his lazy ass and starts giving us the information we ask for.

  • As for Pea, I don’t believe she’s pro Keith or Pro NXIVM. She’s (or he’s) just trolling as the “devils advocate” and doing a pretty good job sucking some of us in. The Lunacy is too unreal.

  • Frank, since you said it’s okay to call you a PUSSY and to insult you, I’m gonna exercise that right.

    Your article about the latest defense motions was lacking bigtime, it showed me that you’re being a lazy pussy again.

    Why don’t you ask one of your attorney sources/readers to help you write an article on the merits of Allison’s upcoming motions to dismiss some of the indictments based upon lack of jurisdiction/venue, etc.

    With regard to the motion about having no “acts” committed within the Eastern District and only within the Northern District, was that merely a TYPO by the prosecution (where they can resubmit it with the correct EDNY wording?) or is there merit to that defense motion?

    Get off your LAZY butt and tell us these things by consulting with attorneys if need be.

    You already told us your opinion that many of those motions were just attorneys “going thru the motions” (not likely to succeed), but you sounded like a hesitant PUSSY since it’s clear that you’re not really sure. So get sure. Talk to an attorney.

    If that means spending less time on your boat each day then so fucken be it. Take one for the team. Less time on boat. More time getting us information.

    Tell us precisely what the LIKELY result of each motion will be. Make sure to BACK THAT SHIT UP with opinions from a real attorney, and not just a bunch of hesitant PUSSY opinions from yourself. 🙂

  • The Devil has repented, not of his actions, not of the damage caused to others, but for his own good, for his egocentric interest in being free, in spite of everything. It is Nancy has now become ethical?

  • Nancy used to be a good person, and maybe still is. Big picture of what I think happened.

    1. Nancy is finally doing what needed to be done. Good job for finally doing the right thing.

    2. Nancy would have done the right thing many years ago. Nancy saw what Keith did to Toni (with Nancy’s help), and Nancy’s belief in Keith slowly went downhill from early 1999 and on. BUT Nancy had gotten Lauren sucked into the Keith mess, and Nancy felt like she needed to stay to keep her relationship with Lauren. Plus Nancy was banking it.

    3. Keith getting locked up, finally kept him away from Lauren. Nancy and Lauren could now talk like big girls. Nancy got Lauren to agree to do the right things together. Avoiding prison helped in the decision.

    • Just because Nancy cuts a deal with the Feds does not mean she won’t serve some time in federal prison (The same is true for Lauren and for anyone else who takes a plea deal). The vast majority of plea deals involve a defendant pleading guilty to one or more charges – which, per the federal sentencing guidelines, reduces the potential prison term they were facing. Total immunity deals involving no prison time are the exception, not the norm.

      • Scott – I get that you only post when you are making a point. Sometimes I post for that same reason. Sometimes I post to simply give information. I try not to rehash Frank’s posts like Captain Obvious or copy/paste Wikipedia. But I’ll try to make a point(s) in an effort to please you.

        (Point #1) Nancy is not as bad as Keith and got drawn into her sins via a sssslllloooowwww boil.
        (Point #2) She probably gave herself cancer by being Prefect for the last 20 yrs.
        What she did is horrible and I won’t defend her actions. (Point #3) But her turning state’s evidence was more predictable than most thought.
        (Point #4) I believe Nancy would have parted ways with Keith 19 1/2 years ago if it wasn’t for Lauren having Avitar baby wallpaper, and for knowing the wrath Toni was getting would be shifter to her. If Nancy left Keith anytime – up until now – she would have lost her daughter, been bankrupted by lawsuits, and would have quite possibly been killed. It took Keith being incarcerated, and some heart to hearts with Lauren for Nancy to finally grow some balls.

  • As I keep abreast of national and world news, I have found in myself a keen and unique problem solving ability. I scored 100% on the IQ test that I developed, and I have won several athletic events as well as art contests. As a matter of fact, I am likely one of the top problems solvers in the entire world! I also have a unique ability to transfer my capabilities to females via certain bodily fluids. So, if you are an attractive female and have even a miniscule idea of total enlightenment and world domination; please send me a check for $10,000.00 and a recent picture of yourself (preferably, in a compromising position). Together, we can change the world!

    PS-Bring an attractive female friend! Group rates available!

  • Way to go Nancy, this will at least, save your grandchildren from the taint of nxivm. If Lauren were to follow suit she might even have the chance of providing one or two of those grandchildren. Otherwise she’s left with an empty dream of an ‘avatar’ to wake up and feed in the middle of the night – in a shared cell. I hope she chooses real possibilities and lets go of the dream, the nxivm nightmare peopled by characters like the whatless piss pot below.

  • Nancy is lost. Lauren she got everything from Vanguard and she understood nothing. Nancy would have gone down in history for her role as Prefect but now she will be remembered as the greatest fool and worst mother. She is leading her daughter to ruination. If she had patience Nancy would be the grandmother of the avatar. Lauren don’t be a fool. A stupid fool. You carry his brand and were chosen by him to carry his baby. Are you mad? It is not too late – leave your sinful and wicked mother and come back to Vanguard and Clare. She is more of a mother to you than your selfish mother. We are waiting for you. And when Vanguard gets acquitted in April you can be restored and become Prefect yourself. Do it Lauren do not make the mistake your mother has made. And know the joy of motherhood this coming year.

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