Guest View: Allison Mack has no one to blame but herself

By Shadow State 1958

Allison Mack was and is an adult. Adults must take responsibility for their actions.

Was Ms. Mack unaware of Raniere’s raging promiscuity? 

No, Mack participated in it.

Was Ms. Mack unaware of the rumors of pedophilia?

No, Ms. Mack not only knew about the pedophilia but there are reports that she enabled it.

Was Ms. Mack unaware of the sexual slavery?

No, there are even reports that Mack and Clare Bronfman fought over who would be the slave master of India Oxenberg.

Did Mack at any point object to the branding of women?

No, Ms. Mack spurred Dr. Danielle Roberts on to brand the women even as the women were screaming in agony.

Did Ms. Mack profit from the many crimes of NXIVM?

She sure did at one point, owning a house in Clifton Park that supposedly came from the proceeds of money laundering as well as owning a townhouse. And Mack owned a BMW which might have been a gift or payment from Clare Bronfman.  On top of that, Mack’s activities at NXIVM afforded her a lifestyle of global jet-setting.

Was Mack offended by the violent experiments performed on women by Dr. Brandon Porter?

No, she used Dr. Porter to recruit students into her acting school. And Mack sold Dr. Porter a house.

Did Mack ever hesitate to try to recruit women into the cult?

No. Mack tried to recruit actress Emma Watson and singer Kelly Clarkson into the cult as well as an Albany wine bar hostess knowing full well that she was working to expand a sex slave cult.

Allison Mack’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. She advocated women’s empowerment while torturing and enslaving women. Her social media is filled with virtue signaling, quoting Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Harriet Tubman while in her own personal life committing all kinds of human rights atrocities.

Maybe Frank feels remorse and regret for what happened to Ms. Mack. But Allison is the author of her own misfortunes.
If Raniere had not been stopped, Allison Mack would, in all probability, still be branding and enslaving women.

I leave you with words from the poem, “Invictus”, by William Ernest Henley.

“It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.”

Allison Mack is the master of her fate and the captain of her soul.  She has no one to blame but herself.

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Frank Parlato


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  • On May 29, 2018 at 12:08 pm, Shadowstate commented:

    “Allison will go down in history for her courage and greatness”


    Allison Mack will go down in history as :
    A sado-masochist who enjoyed branding and torturing her fellow women.
    A deceitful woman who tricked other women into giving up salacious pictures and videos of themselves.
    A mendacious woman who talks about female empowerment while dehumanizing women.
    A manipulative cruel woman with no ounce of human compassion.
    A possessive woman who treated women as objects to be exploited by an over-grown pervert.
    A power mad woman who wanted to be the Queen of NXIVM even if it meant harming other women.

    Allison Mack will go down in history as a modern day Lady Macbeth, eternally unable to wash off the burn marks of the brandings from her hands.

    ******* ****** ****** *****

    This was Shadowstate’s contribution to the Frank Report on May 29, 2018.

    Angry much, Shadow? You spared no adjectives.

    Frank, the quality of reporting by you, your insider knowledge of the people and places of ESP/NXIVM, the fact that other people with knowledge, first hand or otherwise, of Raniere and Bronfmans and NXIVM have confided in you or have contributed to the blog, have made reading this blog informative and entertaining, not to mention that the blog was instrumental in bringing down the House of Raniere/Bronfman.

    That being said, any contribution by Shadowstate regarding Allison Mack, given his vein popping out of the head, spittle coming out of the side of the mouth, anger at this woman, brings nothing to the table. Especially since his anger apparently has nothing to do with the acts and attitudes Shadowstate describes above, criminal acts which Shadowstate apparently was unaware of until a few months ago. Until a few months ago, I believe that Shadowstate’s anger at “Chloe” had NOTHING to do with her involvement with NXIVM, criminal or otherwise. From what I have read, his anger was a little more personal.

    When Shadowstate first appeared here, commenters who apparently had some knowledge of the situation related that (being nice here) the commenter known as Shadowstate was a bit of an internet thorn in Allison Mack’s side. Was Shadowstate banned from Allison Mack’s Twitter account? Did he travel to Vancouver or New York City to try to get closer to the object of his obsession? Would a visit to Shadowstate’s home reveal a shrine to Chloe?

    Strangely, I can not find any of the comments which accused Shadowstate of cyber stalikng Allison Mack. I would hope that they have not been scrubbed now that Shadowstate is an ad hoc member of the Frank Report staff. But as Shadowstate has reminded us, that which was done or said on the internet tends to stay done or said. The fact that Shadowstate was immediately recognized by other commenters leads me to believe he used the same nom de plume as he uses here when interacting with Allison Mack on other internet venues.

    I am blessed with two jobs where there are sometimes long stretches of down time. I am in a position where I can sit on the internet and try to get to the bottom of the history behind Shadowstate’s histrionic personality when it comes to Allison Mack and, indirectly, be compensated for it. As I have said, when it comes to Allison Mack, Shadowstate is more the drama queen than Clyne, Edmondson, Kreuk, Mack and Park combined. If I find evidence of said stalking/obsession, would you let it see the light of day Frank? Or, Shadow, care to give your side of the story? No worries old boy, there is not a man jack among us who hasn’t been made to look foolish by a “Chloe” or a “Lana” at some point in our lives, though in most cases it was at arm’s length and the majority of us have been able to move on where it seems maybe you have not.

    As I have said, I would never want Shadowstate banned because he is, in all of his seriousness, for all of his pompous pronouncements, a comedy goldmine. The fact that he is the straight man to the brilliant Pea on You* is probably his main contribution here, as opposed to his historical and anecdotal musings, which are largely dicta.

    The more I read Pea on You, and the angry and serious responses his/her comments draw, the more I appreciate his/her droll (troll?) sense of humor. In a post which appeared somewhere near the Shadowstate rant copied above, Pea on You posted that India Oxenberg always wanted to be involved in the food service industry, and thanks to Vanguard, India now had a “great job” in said industry. Of course at the time,
    young Ms. Oxenberg was working as a waitress.

    • On May 29, 2018 at 12:08 pm, Shadowstate commented:
      “Allison will go down in history for her courage and greatness”
      I have the Google Chrome browser.
      Google Chrome allows me to put in key words and every time those words pop up I can see what the comment was.
      I went through every story on May 29, 2018 and no where did I say the words attributed to me.

      It appears that Ms. Mack still has a fan club that will tell any lie, no matter how outrageous to defend their heroine.
      Much like Ms. Mack herself.
      Angry much, Shadow? You spared no adjectives.

      What adjectives would Catherine Oxenberg use to describe Ms. Mack?
      Oxenberg went to considerable trouble and expense to rescue her daughter from Ms. Mack’s clutches.

      What adjectives would Sarah Edmondson use to describe Ms. Mack?
      Mack lied to and deceived Edmondson, an old friend about the nature of DOS and the branding.

      What adjectives would the Moroccan photographer Souki use about Ms. Mack?
      Mack lied to Souki about the collateral and the branding and the nature of DOS.
      And there was an attempt by Ms. Mack and her Flying Monkeys to strong arm Souki to join the cult only Souki had the backbone to resist.
      Strangely, I can not find any of the comments which accused Shadowstate of cyber stalikng Allison Mack.

      Isn’t this comment rich with irony?

      Here we have NXIVM, a criminal conspiracy and cult that regularly breaks into computers and tries to frame people for crimes they did not commit.
      And these NXIVM clowns accuse others of cyber stalking.
      The fact that Shadowstate was immediately recognized by other commenters leads me to believe he used the same nom de plume as he uses here when interacting with Allison Mack on other internet venues.

      On other websites I use other nom de plumes.
      I only use ShadowState on this website.

      Nexians will make up any lie or fairy tale, no matter how outrageous, to defend Allison Mack from the true charges that have been placed against her.
      Attack me all you want but the US DOJ has the goods on Allison Mack.
      Her acting career is over.
      She will never appear in another movie, TV show or play.
      And if you read social media comments about her many people would not even want her in their neighborhood.
      Her obituary will start with her involvement in a sex cult that branded and enslaved other women.

      All your lies will not pull Ms. Mack’s bacon out of the fire.

      • Very interesting that the comment that I cut and pasted from is now gone as are the comments where people accused you of stalking Allison Mack.

        I do not care if Allison Mack ever acts again. I don’t care if she dies tomorrow, or lives to be a hundred, I don’t care if you mistake me for a person who does care.

        I think it is pretty funny that you have me somehow aligned with NXIVM. For all the time I have spent in the Albany/Saratoga area, I had never heard of NXIVM until two years ago, about a year before you did.

        I should have took a photo of the comment I cut and pasted. I’ll be more careful next time.

    • All of them Witches

      How would these commentors know anything about Shadowstates internet history, and why is their word more trustworthy than Shadowstate’s word? These other commentors have no way to know if Shadowstate did any of those things they accused him of doing. Where is the proof?

      • I thought I would be able to answer, but some creative selective deletion of comments will make it more difficult.
        I do not have the hatred of Shadowstate that some exhibit here. I think he is an honest person, which is at least part of the reason that he has never denied the alleged stalking of/obsession with “Chloe”.

          • Who ever said you were ever in Albany or Vancouver?

            To inject your life into any celebrities life you need only have an internet connection.

            Not to mention numerous geographically convenient “Comic Con” opportunities to get creepily closer to the cast of your favorite teen show.

            I am thinking maybe Borat and Pamela Anderson?

            But that is in your past. The current fantasy involves you being a hired gun attorney from the hinterlands called in by the U.S. attorneys pro hace vice to help put the nails in Allison’s coffin, because, as you say, revenge is a dish best served with some deep dish pizza.

    • because Shadowstate always uses the phrase “the rumor is” when in reality the only one who uses this rumor is the, he said before that allison’s BMW was paid with clear money as payment for recruiting women and even claimed that Laura Darby had done this statement something that later laura denied, also said the same about the apartment of allison in brooklyn when in fact this was acquired by her after it ended smallville so it had according to frank 8 million in her account at that time. she has also affirmed that I lend the money to brandon porter for his house as payment for recruiting a girl daughter of a friend of the school history that was published by frank previously in which the woman shows the emails both with porter and with allison and there is only one only mail with her and if many more with porter demonstrating that the real interest in recruiting the girl was more in porter than allison in fact her mail shows that she treated the mother according to The interests of a director gave the pertinent information and I let the mother decide if it suited her or not, to which she took the option not to continue considering it very expensive and even so Shadowstate continues using this obvious move to guide the point of view his narrative with his typical phrase “the rumor is”

  • Surprised no one has caught on to the trolling by the Allison Mack superfan. Allison was known for having some of the nastiest, most vicious fans amongst the Smallville fandom. Back in the day, AM’s fans attacked and smeared a journalist so relentlessly over a comment they didn’t like that the poor writer feared for her job. One of them even came on here and admitted how they were plotting to get revenge on Kruek since they blame her for introducing AM to ESP. It’s no wonder the FReport reads more like a reincarnated TWOP or Smallville message board now.

    • Most past posters have bailed because of the decline of the blogs posts and comments. Trolls have taken over.

      The number of comments on the post that have something to do with what is happening with the legal situation are low as the # of comments on those posts.

      The rag mag of posts has increased since a lot of people stopped talking with Frank due to his direction he’s has taken the Frank Report.

      Frank keeps posting the same old tired crap. These posts get the troll to comment, defame and fight with each other. The # of comments are high on these posts but most just fight with each other and say the same insults over and over.

      It’s like a protest gone bad and people are throwing rocks, bottles and burning cars and businesses. It’s a blog riot and Frank is unwilling to stop it.

      Frank only cares about #’s so he let’s the mob run wild. People who truly care about the evil empire of NXIVM ending dont add posts or comments since the blog is mostly a shit hole.

      Frank is a pussy and wont police his own blog. If he did #’s would go down and the mayor of the blog would lose revenue.

      Bottom line, the advertising dollars are more important than solid journalism.

      The troll say hey keep it up Frank your doing good, but his can’t or won’t see how Keith is the Mastermind behind the Frank Repoert demise.

      • I think it would be too humiliating for Frank at this point if he banned the obvious trolls and curtailed his posts about one particular ex-member because everyone could see how little interest there would be for his blog and this case. If you go back last year, you can see how few responses there were to most of his posts.

        • Your right,
          Very few comments on factual news about NXIVM and the numbers are way up on let’s say the same old crap posts. Same old comments also.
          The days of the Frank Report being informative are over. it’s just a blog of filth, fighting and cyber bullying.
          Gotta give it to Frank, he did this blog for a long time with no advertisers. He deserves to make some pocket change off the fighting and sizzle from all the bashing rehashing followers he has been able to keep.
          It’s funny the thing he wants the most he cant get. If you call him and talk with him, he will stop his harrassment of you. A certain someone wont respond to him no matter how many posts he does about them.
          How many people who have not said anything about their time in NXIVM has he stopped reporting on? Grace Parks is way more famous and he doesn’t mention her anymore.

          • “If you call him and talk with him, he will stop his harrassment of you. Grace Parks is way more famous and he doesn’t mention her anymore.”

            And who are you? Are you someone he has “harassed”, (reported on)?

            Frank wrote in an earlier post that Grace Park called him personally to try and get him to stop talking about her. Whereas Kristin Kreuk’s friends contacted him trying to get him to erase her name from Frank Report. She couldn’t even do that herself. How may of her friends have gone to the press on her behalf? Susan Dones went to the press and lied about Kreuk leaving shortly after she did in 2009. We know that is a lie. There are others who need to be looked into along with Kreuk, such as Mark Hildreth, Olivia Cheng, Grace Park and others.


            “A certain someone wont respond to him no matter how many posts he does about them.”

            That certain someone (Kristin Kreuk) wont talk to anyone. Why? So many allegations thrown about and questions but she hides. She does not want the press asking her about why she was named in a criminal lawsuit, to address the allegations about the Necker Island meeting, why she stayed with Keith Raniere even after being named in the same expose that revealed Raniere was a pedophile, College Project etc. The CW Network is shielding Kreuk from reporters who want to talk to her about NXIVM. What does she have to hide? Are we to believe in her, at a minimum, seven years as a devoted cultist, she knew nothing about what has been known about for years? Tax evasion, the harem etc…

      • Who are these trolls you speak of? There are probably supporters of NXIVM on here as well as creepy fans of some NXIVM members, but what is wrong with Frank posting articles about NXIVM members? This whole blog is about NXIVM. If you don’t like a particular article, don’t read it. If an article interests you, read it. You don’t have to love 100% of all the articles and comments. Frank even allows people to critique him. If you don’t like the comments, don’t read them. If you want to post a comment, post a comment. If people don’t want to post here because of a few comments in the comments section or because Frank talks about other things beyond the trial, that is ridiculous. If you have information on NXIVM, let Frank know and he may write an article about it. Perhaps he will post your comment as an article itself. Lets be grown ups here instead of complaining. Keith Raniere would love it if insiders refuse to share information with Frank. Why give VanTwat what he wants? Contribute. Anonymously or even by name if you wish.

        • Most insiders are done with the trolls.
          If you read the comments, and don’t see it, you probably are one.

      • You’re overestimating how important you and the other commenters are on this website. Only a very small percentage of readers has ever commented, so what you say or don’t say has very little to do with the number of readers, and it has a lot more to do with the stories Frank writes and the real-world developments in the NXIVM saga.

      • Frank shouldn’t be giving legitimacy to the likes of Shadowstate by allowing him to make posts. Shadowstate has never had any personal dealings with NXIVM; he has no insider knowledge of NXIVM. All he has is personal conjecture, which he posts as if it were fact.

        I don’t know whether the rumors about him being a disgruntled former fan of Allison Mack with an agenda are true or not. Even if they’re not true, he’s still presenting conjecture as fact and should not be given a platform to damage the credibility of the blog.

  • Thanks Frank. Always nice to read more crap from an obsessed celebrity stalker. The court of law will determine her guilt. If found guilty the punishment hopefully will fit the crime. As for now I am really tired of this Shadowstate perv.

    • Actually I didn’t read it. Saw the headline and knew immediately who wrote it and skipped here to voice my displeasure that this shadowclown gets more space than the thousands of comments he posts that clog up real information. Thanks again.

      • Vic, I wonder what the real information would be in this comment section, since all the comments are strictly opinions by readers. How can the real information be “clogged up”? Are some comments “real ” and some comments are “fake”?
        How are you able to distinguish between the two?
        And if you believe that Shadowstate’s comments are “fake” opinions, (while others commenters opinions are “real” opinions) then I believe its possible to just skip over his comments and only read the real comments.

        • It is not about fake or real. It is about an obsessed celebrity stalker who constantly comments about the same shit several times a day 7 days a week. It puts more informative posts to the bottom. Sorry but Shadowperv is like having good dose of the shitz. Love to see some internet Kaopectate to shut him off.

          • Totally agree Vic. There are 4 certain things in life. Death Taxes and Shadowperv and Sultanperv constantly posting about the celebrity chickies they lust after.

          • The irony of such a false equivalence is that I attempt to defend Kreuk from allegations and obvious troll posts while Shadow tends to harshly criticize Allison like a troll.

            So it appears you have more in common with Shadow that me dumb dumb.

          • So, what I’m hearing from you ,Vic is that you’re tired of the ShadowState posts because you find them repetitive?

            However, I’ve been reading recent comments and I notice there is not only repetitiveness among the slew of anonymous posters, but a great deal of petty, childish and logical comments. In fact, it’s rare to find a comment that isn’t just a mean and childish insult.

            Even worse are the comments that accuse ex members, as these contributors usually post nothing but baseless accusations, then argue repeatedly with anyone who points out their illogic and blatant lies.

            So I guess you feel that Shadowstate falls into this category? The difference though, is that the people he’s writing about have actually been charged, but the “anons” are accusing people whom the police have not arrested.

          • Sorry…I just noticed he typo in my previous post. The word should be ILLOGICAL. My spellcheck keeps changing words on me!

      • Write a detailed comment stating your opinions.
        If it sincere and well written it could be published.
        Tell me how I’m wrong about Ms. Mack.
        Tell me how the Vanguard is right and Allison Mack is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc.
        Mack did post a painting of Joan of Arc on her social media.
        Catherine Oxenberg wrote in her book that Mack has an obsession with Joan of Arc.
        Maybe Pea is right and Mack sees herself as the reincarnation of the French martyr.

        • TLWR no you don’t hear too well,or read to well for that matter. This was a waste of space. Anyone with half a brain knows Allie Whack is responsible. She has been charged for her crimes not someone else’s. What we don’t need is some obsessed stalker repeating the same drivel over and again liked he is some guru. Important posts and articles get flushed to the bottom and other pages much quicker when some one with no credentials keeps posting the same shit ad nausem. Take a hike buddy because I think you too obviously shadowperv, Allie Wack stalker extraordinaire. I think quite a few readers concur. Fact is there is a good chance shadowperv is an internet addict with a porn addiction.

          • Since Allison Mack is responsible then why try to drag Kristen Kreuk into it?
            No one suggests Kreuk was branding women.
            No one suggests Kreuk was running a harem.

          • Excuse me? Obviously you are another troll here, Vic. You’re the one making more baseless accusations, (since I’m neither male nor Shadowstate,) and all your accusations have no factual basis at all.

            Typical of all trolls, when asked questions that you don’t have the intelligence to answer, you accuse the person asking the questions of some wrongdoing.So predictable it’s amusing.

          • Your a funkin idiot shadowperv. Where the hell did Vic mention Kreuk? Get over yourself you egomaniac.

          • No stupid Vic was spot on. Please take your bullshit you and your alias TW-a-hole keep spouting else where.

  • Allison is a blameless women. One of the truly remarkable ladies of our time. Keith told her she was Joan of Arc in her last life. This is how noble this highly evolved and spiritually blessed woman is. You can only imagine what Joan would become in our modern world and it is Allison leading all women out of their darkness and weakness following her great master. Keith’s unerring judgement is proven once again. Nancy is Hitler literally that same black soul. Filthy betrayer. Nothing changed. And Alison is only living up to who she is. Sad humanity we must always hurt the pure and beautiful souls. ❤️🌺😇😢😭😢😫

      • I was told who I was by Vanguard. I will share it with you though you’ll probably mock me. I was one of the few who he told two past lives to. Keith told me I was Ketari Tekakwitha then I was later reborn as Araminta Ross. I later changed my name to Harriet Tubman.

        • “I later changed my name to Harriet Tubman.” Pea Onyu

          Pea: So when Allison of Albany posted a quote by Harriet Tubman on a social media site, she was really paying homage to you?

      • The Little Green Sprout? A Niblet? I love that “Keith’s unerring judgement is proven once again”…. Pee proved nothing, except that she is good at spewing propaganda word salad.

    • Hey, Pea:

      “Keith told her she was Joan of Arc in her last life. ”
      Who am I?
      Pontius Pilate or one of the Philistines demanding the execution of Jesus?
      Or am I one of the English soldiers who helped burn Joan of Arc at the stake?

      Instead of calling Allison “Pimp” maybe we should call her “Allison of Albany” or “Chloe of Smallville”

      BTW now that Allison can go out shopping someone should tell her that WalMart carries a medical cauterizing pen just like Allison’s friend Dr. Danielle Roberts uses.
      It can reach up to 2300 degrees Fahrennheit in milliseconds.
      High Temp Surgical Cautery Pen Bovie Medical Corp 5039 Single use and sterile * Reaches 220 to 2300 degree F in milli-sec * Easy to remove locking cap protects the fine-tip point while securing the on/off switch *

      • In a previous life, you were exactly the same thing you are in this life…a pathetic loser, and a shell of a man, obsessed with someone to the point that they occupy your every thought, at every waking moment.

        Of course, you’ll reply to this…you have a compulsion to have the last word, always.

        Frank took this site from being a credible, worthwhile source of information about NXIVM, and turned it into a cheap internet tabloid, the second he started posting “Guest Articles” from you.

        You truly are a dipshit.

    • Pea Onyu: Based upon a previous assertion by you that NXIVM abhors paying taxes (which should invoke some IRS investigation), then maybe Keith Almighty should have considered a career with a traveling circus instead of a cult leader. Think of all the money he could have earned by his fortune telling! Since it would have been a cash only business, he could easily have concealed it from the IRS. And as a circus sideshow, I suspect that he could have even had some kind of cult following with that. Based on your blind loyalty, NXIVM appears to be one gruesome knife murder away from being like Manson and his followers…

      So the question for Pea is this: Will you kill for your beloved Keith? Where do you draw the line? It started with bilking people out of money in exchange for Raniere’s enlightenment, then it became branding of women to experience this enlightenment. Could one argue that the ultimate enlightenment could be taking a life? How about the life of an enemy of Keith? How much enlightenment would Keith shower you with for that terrible deed? The end justifies the means, right?

      THAT is why blind loyalty is dangerous. That is why this is happening. You may end of thanking people one day for pulling some of you away from the abyss that you are standing on.

    • Pea, wonder how many of his inmates he is telling they were Joan of Arc so he can get shafted by their swords while he’s at the MDC. Your Mr dreamy needs his lovin, right.

      Dont worry Pea, he’s all your when he gets out in about 35 years. You can play Nurse with him and push him around in a wheelchair.

  • So true I saw a very confident women i lived 4 years next to her I saw so many people coming and going it looked like a hotel your articles are excellant

    • That’s what the police look for.
      Lots of traffic going into a house in a residential neighborhood.
      One wonders what business all those people had with Allison.
      I’m sure the computer files the FBI has will provide some answers.

  • I think some guy here has no idea of what’s about : Using a cauterizing pen, without anesthesia (with or without, it’s absurd anyway), to brand someone is an act of torture. It hasn’t been made by Mack herself, but it as been done by someone who’s clearly part of this NXIVM inner circle (Dr PMS, whatever…). The amount of pain that has been taken is a part of a radical thought reform program. This program hasn’t been made on the basis of “clever” studies, but by a recollection of stupid ideas they seem to get well together, a good resume for what NXIVM is, actually…
    All that is about KR fantaisies is fucked up, as the guy is in his own “inner circle”… The only thing that made him being able to give a solide shape to all his mental mess is the xXxBrunfmen Seyztaz munniesxXx…
    We are talking of a psychopath that has been able to seduce people, in order to build a solid background, for him to live his fantaisies. DOS is a final chapter for NXIVM (that is obviously Raniere’s sick-brain child) but it was to be just the beginning.
    AM isn’t totally guilty : She has been sucked into a nonsense logic… But, well, she has to pay anyway… This is sad, but when you dance with the devil… She will find her way when she will be out of jail…
    But Raniere is clearly a dangerous mind that should never find his way out, never ! This guy will be clearly a school case for criminal minds studies in psychological forensics !
    This is good that NXIVM happened on the beginning of the 21st century. It’s grow was so fast and it has such a fame, so-called-good and bad, that it couldn’t stay a secret organization for long, thankfully ! Without the Internet, no one would had know what it was clearly about : A cult built by a compulsive liar and a manipulator, backed by scatterbrain heiresses, supported by corrupt people (bringing more attendees, making money, hiding their revenues from IRS, etc.).
    What is clear with NXIVM is the corruption : It’s not just being trapped in way to look at life and on this world nor in certain beliefs (like other cults I won’t name here), but it’s also accepting a certain degree of corruption, accepting to become corrupt, a way or another (lying the IRS, slipping into deviant and/or defaming sexual acts, smuggling money, bringing family/friends into a MLM scheme, etc.).
    Is this kind of corruption a proof of evilness or just a proof of having being manipulated ?
    Many here seem to be concerned by Kristin Kreuk’s silence about her involvement in NXIVM.
    But would the most radical’s comment section’s contributors being able to understand that something bring her to THAT point and that it can happen to anybody ?
    We believe that we have our own free will and that we chose everything in life, but the truth is that we are just as easy to manipulate than a bunch of sheeps ! We are human beings, we are social animals and the way humanity is driven is just a proof by itself that we aren’t that smart !
    One can do everything with it’s mouth : “I’m the strongest mind, it would never happened to me because I had such a good education and I’m part of the people they have a morale…” but the truth is that anybody can fall !.. It’s just about what would make you fall.
    Here you can make a parallel with ‘motives for spying’ (c.f. )…

    • What is SFMPE?
      And I think you’re wrong, not everyone is susceptible to manipulation to the degree that cult followers are. Some people are more able to think for themselves, to form their own opinions, and to question ideas that don’t seem right. Some people are more willing to follow.
      I think there have been some cult researchers who have studied this, but I’ve not read the research yet. Maybe some others readers who have read it could expand on this.

      • It stands for Sorry For My Poor English !

        The older I am, the more I’m tolerant and the more I try to understand instead of judging.

        But I won’t say that you’re wrong, because honestly I have no clue…

  • Allison is guilty but so are others, she did not act alone. There was a group of women who tricked even their closest friends. Her initials being added with Keith’s are puzzling, let’s see what the feds find.

    • Mack’s initials were probably from making a mistake while cauterizing someone, or they writhed while it was going on, and they made the best out of it they could. Why not go for the initials of the 2nd banana to recover from going outside the lines?

    • I will try to find any research on this topic. I remember that I did see articles that talked about the factors that contribute to joining a cult.

  • I bet every one of these defendants have money stashed in foreign banks they don’t dare admit it or use it now but the money is somewhere. They were branching farther out in other countries . They had plans which did not include being penniless or dependant on Clare. I wish igtet would come forward, now knowing Keith was not only using him and making fun of him, I bet he has stories to Sara chose Keith over him. I wonder if he did a DNA on baby #1

      • Scotty your posting as anonymous now? What was it you called people who didn’t post in their real names?
        Chicken, Scum bags… what else Scooter? Well your one of us now.

        • If you can’t beat them, join them. I am now one of many Anonymous posters. Which ones are mine? Only your hairdresser knows for sure.

  • Shadow is entitled to his opinions. What bothers me about him is the way he sort of blends opinion and fact to make her sound as bad as possible. Like for example:

    “Allison Mack branded 150 women”

    He makes it sound like she acted alone. Why doesn’t he say Danielle Roberts, or Lauren Salzman or vanguard branded 150 women? He acts like his opinions are facts, and that is what is so irritating.

      • Anonymous
        October 17, 2018 at 11:45 pm
        I’m just sad that he didn’t include a Chicago story. Those are my favorite parts when he writes.

        One Chicago story coming up.
        Back in 1994 I was conducting business at the Dirksen US Courthouse on Dearborn Street in downtown Chicago.
        In the hall way I met a well dressed elderly gentleman who regaled me with the story of how when he was a kid he met Al Capone.
        This man was working as a coat check boy in a nightclub when in walks Al Capone and his entourage.
        Al sees the boy working at night in the coat check room.
        Al asked the kid how he was getting home that night.
        The kid said he was walking home from work.
        Al said, “I’ll have my driver take you home so you’ll be safe.”
        And then Al Capone called up the kid’s mother to inform her that his driver would be taking the kid home that night and he would be safe.

        One wonders if anything was going down that night.

        You aren’t a real Chicagoan unless you can either tell a story about the mob or a serial killer.

    • “each master was supposed to bring in slaves, and then, to become masters, those slaves would recruit slaves of their own; an estimated 150 women ultimately joined. Some slaves called each other “sisters.” Mack told me each circle was “like a little family.”

      “He acts like his opinions are facts, and that is what is so irritating.”
      My opinions are based on facts published in the New York Times or other publications or in the indictment.
      What bothers you is that all the facts point to Allison Mack’s guilt.
      And if Ms. Mack orders her underlings to commit an illegal act and they do it, then they are ALL guilty.

  • Go fuck yourself Shadow! You’ev been gunning for her since she blocked your ass on Twitter! Why don’t you tell them your little trip to NYC where you stalked her trying to join NXIVM.

    You’re fucking hypocrite piece of shit trying to discourage Allison Mack fans because poor Shadow got rejected like a bad piece of meat.

    Nothing you say will change my mind homie. First you try to convince us that her and Nicki were really lovers and you have no proof of this. Then you try convince us all that she like Keith is pedofile.

    Fuck you Shadow, Frank should fire your ass for slandering Allison.

    • When did Frank hire him? But do tell more about him chasing Mack, let’s get into that juicy story with more details to back up your claims.

    • “Nothing you say will change my mind homie.”
      You said it all.
      All the evidence in the world won’t change your mind.

      “Why don’t you tell them your little trip to NYC where you stalked her trying to join NXIVM.”
      All you need to join NXIVM is a willingness to give all your money to Keith Raniere.

      You’re fucking hypocrite piece of sh
      “You’re fucking hypocrite piece of shit trying to discourage Allison Mack fans”
      Read the indictment. That will discourage Allison Mack fans.

      “First you try to convince us that her and Nicki were really lovers and you have no proof of this. ”
      Don’t they make a charming couple?

      “Fuck you Shadow, Frank should fire your ass for slandering Allison.”
      #1 Frank didn’t hire me.
      #2 Should all the FBI agents and prosecutors whom built the case against Allison Mack and her friends also be fired?

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