Nancy Salzman identified as co defendant ready to flip

According to a source, –  and published reports –  the Prefect, Nancy Salzman, 64, through her attorney, Robert Soloway, is engaged in plea discussions with prosecutors for the US Department of Justice, Eastern District of New York.

Salzman did not appear in court for the status conference earlier today. The court was told she was recovering from surgery.

Last month, Salzman told the court she is suffering from a life-threatening illness. In August 2017, she told friends she had breast cancer and would use the NXIVM technology exclusively to heal it.

“It would be pretty unusual for a defense lawyer not to consider what the government has to say,” Soloway said, when asked about the possibility that he was in discussions with the government to cut a deal for Salzman.

Salzman is the co-founder of NXIVM, its president, and, in my opinion, a longtime stooge and virtual slave of NXIVM’s leader, Keith Alan Raniere – known also as Vanguard.

FBI agents seized over $500,000 in cash from Salzman’s home – most of it found in a shoebox – during a raid on her home on March 27th – one day after Raniere was brought to the US from Mexico on an arrest warrant for sex trafficking.

Salzman has not been charged with sex trafficking but on racketeering charges.

Any plea deal Salzman cuts will undoubtedly require her to testify against Raniere.

If her condition is grave enough, and there is a chance she will not live until trial, legal sources say her testimony will be videotaped in advance, and both the prosecution and the defense will have an opportunity to cross-examine her.  In the event that she dies or is incapacitated before trial, this videotape would be presented at trial and seen by the jury.

If she is well enough to testify, the videotape would be disregarded and she would appear live in court.

Since a superseding indictment is likely – [according to Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza] – the trial will not likely take place at its now-scheduled January 2019 date – but kicked back to at least June 2019.

If Salzman is at death’s door, there might be little reason for her to cut a deal – which suggests there is hope for her recovery,  By making a plea deal, she would be spared the health-draining and stressful requirements to appear and be tried.  By making a deal, she can concentrate on wellness and put the stress of prosecution behind her.  She might even be able to get a no-jail deal in return for a “tell-all” on Raniere.

This is likely something Soloway is working toward and something Salzman could deliver in spades. Salzman knows much and can tell much.

If the information she provides is good enough, Salzman may even be able to get some sort of reduced charges for her daughter, Lauren – and perhaps no-charges for her other daughter, Michelle, and Michelle’s husband, Ben Meyers. But that would require that Nancy become a very pro-active witness – and tell virtually everything she knows about all of NXIVM’s illegal activities.

It appears the prosecution is not adverse to making a deal with Salzman. Whether it will result in a no-jail plea deal is anybody’s guess. It may depend on how much Salzman can serve up on Raniere and his primary partner-in-crime Clare Bronfman.

Bronfman supplanted Salzman in 2009 as the de facto second in command in NXIVM, although Salzman continued to retain the title of president of NXIVM.

For several years, Raniere cut off Salzman’s salary and assigned Clare Bronfman to control what money she was allowed to receive. Raniere did this, he said, because Salzman had issues with money. Consequently, Salzman had to get Clare’s permission for all her expenditures.

Those who know the underbelly of NXIVM, are aware that Nancy Salzman [r] knows a great deal about that little cross-eyed rascal that people in NXIVM refer to as Vanguard [l].

It’s also possible that Nancy [l] may be able to persuade daughter, Lauren [r], to cut a plea deal – and sooner rather than later. Whether other defendants, including Allison Mack, are also in plea negotiations is not known.

The fact that Assistant US Attorney Penza revealed in court that one of the defendants is in plea negotiations seems a strategic move: letting other defendants know their united defense is not a reality.

It is well known in the criminal defense world that the early bird gets the worm – that the first ones to make plea deals get the best deals.

This mention of one of them falling – by the prosecution –  might signal to the other defendants [and their attorneys] that the time has come  – that it’s now or never – to cut a deal, rather than take the fall for Keith Alan Raniere – who’s going down anyway.

It makes sense. If Prefect herself is making a deal, why should the others remain with that sinking ship of fools who sail under the flag of the Vanguard?



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  • I wonder if Nancy was/is the mole from whom some of the info has been leaking and has been for some time? Perhaps she made a plan that she kept to herself, to help hasten the demise of NXIVM when Mark V, Sarah, Nippy, et al decided to leave. She is NXIVM’s equivalent to Paul Manafort.. Sure, Nancy’s hands are dirty but it also seems that she had been castrated as far as any financial and possibly even the day to day operations of the company back to 2010 or whenever that Necker Island Summit happened. Or perhaps she has been planning for this day since then. It would be comedic justice, if there are videotapes of her in front of a camera, outlining all of Keith’s and Clare’s crimes that were taken from her home in that March raid. The question is was Nancy that smart to insure her future? Did she actually listen to Kristin Keeffe, when Kristin tried to talk to her about Keith. Kristin, mentioned trying to “rescue’ or “wake-up” Nancy. Maybe she did.

    • John Tigue who exposed the Necker Island trip claimed someone in the photographs was the one who gave him the photos. Nancy Salzman was on Necker Island. Could it of been her?
      Money laundering was discussed. How did John Tigue know that?

  • I may be one of the next women unfairly and brutally and falsely charged. But I will never do what Pigfect has done. The dirty stooge she is forsaking history fo short term gain what fools these morals be.
    Pig-fect be damned you and your ugly daughter. Allison Kathy Clare and I will
    Never fail our Vanguard. To hell with the dirty Salzman family. See Keith was right she was Adolf Hitler and her role this time is worse than her last birth.

  • She realizes that Keith turned her into his stooge. Once she started the relationship with him, there was no way out. You saw what Keith did to Toni. Imagine if Prefect herself had tried to sever her personal/business relationship with Keith? To make it an even more impossible situation for Nancy, Lauren had fallen for the hypnosis/lies of the sociopath.

    So Nancy did what most would have done. She closed her eyes and hoped it would all work out. But Nancy saw it all. ALL OF IT. She knew it wasn’t going to work out. She just didn’t know how to either fix it or eject from it.

    • Amen. It would have been a terrible choice for anyone deeply involved – stay and hope, or leave and be ruthlessly destroyed by litigation and worse.

    • Knew it. Nancy Salzman being portrayed as a cornered victim. News flash: Nancy Salzman is a CUNT who deserves to rot.

    • Unfortunately talk on here seems to allege that Nancy all but gave Lauren to Raniere. That said, she is a much bigger fish than Allison Mack in terms of hierarchy and knowledge of NXIVM’s inner workings. The authorities probably won’t need to negotiate a plea deal with Mack if they’ve managed to flip Nancy Salzman.

  • “A very gaunt Lauren Salzman sat directly across from Keith at the defendant’s table, yet made no eye contact with him. She turned sideways and avoided looking directly at the man who promised her an avatar baby more than a decade ago.”

    This might explain Lauren’s reaction to Raniere sitting across from him at the defendants table as described above in the previous article.

  • Pope Slappy (little davie miscabbage) is following this case by the minute ! He’s scared as hell – the same will happen to him!

    • I had the same thoughts. Scientologists have to be watching this case with interest. The Feds are laying the groundwork for taking on bigger fish than NXIVM.

  • At the hearing before the latest one, Nancy and her lawyer sat way in the back, near the entrance to the spectator area. It was as far away from the defense table as one could get in that courtroom. Quite a contrast from Clare and Allison chatting airily away at the defense table.
    And I guess, unlike some others who are or will be charged, she won’t need Clare’s money to pay her lawyers. After all, she left behind 500K in chump change when she fled her house.

    • I was just thinking of that right now – I mean the fact that she is one of the few of them that doesn’t need Clare’s money. I’m sure that must be a factor.

  • Karen Untereiner is the source of all financial crimes and I’ve seen little or no mention of her. Has she flipped?

    If Nancy, Karen and Lauren talk, the case is a slam dunk!

    Who has the evidence of the suicide/possible murders of Gina Hutchinson, Kristen Snyder and Toni Natalie’s brother? Could Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz deaths be related in some way? Did they know too much?

  • For the longest time I have argued that the key to cracking NXIVM is flipping Nancy Salzman.
    The sex slavery crimes are proven by videos and electronic evidence plus the testimony of witnesses.

    The financial crimes re more complex and subtle.
    To understand the fraudulent bookkeeping you need an insider like Nancy Salzman.
    And if Nancy can flip Lauren, there is no need to flip Allison Mack.

    Then the trial can righly focus on demonizing the Unholy Trinity of Keith, Clare and Allison.

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