Is Arizona Mafia Lawyer Dennis Burke Posting Anonymously on Frank Report to Protect Salinas?

Former US Attorney Dennis Burke, - Does he post on this site anonymously?

A commenter recently claimed that Dennis Burke is commenting anonymously on Frank Report.

There is no evidence I have seen that the former US Attorney for Arizona, and famed member of the so-called Arizona Mafia, and lawyer for Clare Bronfman and likely for Emiliano Salinas, is commenting here.

I also have no evidence that attorney John Sandweg, also of the Arizona Mafia, is commenting on Frank Report.

That said, let the commenter, who calls himself, “A Friend of the Good Guys”, speak for himself.

A Friend of the Good Guy writes:

This is in response to Nxivm Victims’ Attorney Neil Glazer Speaks Out on Defamatory Commenters.

Neil, it may not surprise you to learn that an extraordinary number of the posts seen on Frank Report are made by none other than the disgraced former prosecutor, Dennis K. Burke. Burke posts under several aliases here and has done so for an extended period of time. He replies to his own posts with numerous alias accounts. The alias accounts consistently deny any connection to Burke, as does Burke himself, who apparently believes his ineffective VPN subscriptions shield him (them) from being identified.

The term “extraordinary” is used because it’s more frequent than you may first consider. There are days and weeks where something like half of the comments and alias names responding to Frank’s posts in the comments section originates from Burke’s hardware and VPN’s.

We’ve been tracking his activity for a good deal of time now. It’s been a remarkable phenomenon to observe, as he converses with himself, taking opposing positions within his multiple aliases to create the appearance of authentic personalities. When you start to appreciate the full extent of his ongoing conversations with himself, the number of numerous alias accounts, and how long it’s lasted, it starts to paint a picture of complete obsession and borderline deranged insanity, dare we invoke that word.

Not sure why Burke is so obsessed with Frank’s website and the NXIVM case. Might be because he realized he’s under investigation by the feds for his involvement in the Bronfman immigration scheme relating to certain persons including Marianna Fernandez, the mother of Vanguard’s baby. In Burke’s posts he often arrogantly lashes out at others, uses profanity, engages in name-calling, and various forms of disparagement while referring back to DOJ policies from the perspective only a former prosecutor could.

The behavior described herein seems to be somehow therapeutic for Burke – maybe an outlet for his stress over the growing, very real possibility of being prosecuted?

It’s only a theory, yet it is about the only theory we’ve been able to come up with at this point as the frequency of the posts suggests a borderline obsession with the site. Often times the Burke accounts appear to try to sway the ongoing conversation towards positions that would be helpful to Burke.

Clare Bronfman and Arizona Mafia leader John Sandweg.

John Sandweg, Burke’s law partner, posts here as well. Similar style as Burke. Once you know what to look for, they are not difficult to identify.

It is quite possible you will discover, formally or otherwise, that a lot of the more aggressive, legally adept posts here (and subsequent posts made in the same threads) are from those two lawyers: Burke and Sandweg, who are both named in the government’s documents with respect to the alleged scheme to circumvent the immigration laws for the benefit of NXIVM connected persons.

Thanks, Neil, for all you have done to help NXIVM victims.

Mariana and Keith in hiding in San Pedro Garza Garcia in November 2017. Keith, a proud papa, is pushing the stroller of his ‘avatar’ son Kemar. Frank Report found their hideout and got this picture – thus helping the US Feds to learn where he was hiding.


To repeat:  I have no way of knowing if Dennis Burke is posting on this site.  I seriously doubt, as the author above suggests, that Burke posts up to half the comments on any given day or week.

While I know it is possible to disguise IP addresses, I wonder why Burke would bother to spend so much time commenting, or hiring people to comment, on Frank Report.

What would he gain and what would be his motive?

It is true that he is a lawyer for Clare Bronfman and is aligned with the Salinas clan in Mexico. He represents Emiliano Salinas in various matters.

Burke would have to perceive a real and dangerous threat to his own interests or those of his clients, Bronfman and Salinas, to spend an inordinate amount of time commenting on Frank Report, trying to hijack the narrative.  In the end, if he really tried, I doubt he accomplished the hijacking of any of the narrative.

Still, in one respect, he may have succeeded in his overall goal. His main client and likely largest interest is the Salinas clan. I believe that Burke was retained to protect Emiliano from prosecution in the Nxivm case.

In that, he has succeeded thus far – Emiliano has not been charged.

If he failed to protect Emiliano, his father [and Burke’s main client], Carlos Salinas, would probably lose standing in the Mexican crime world.

Guns, Drugs and Human Trafficking

Carlos Salinas involved?

Carlos Salinas is believed by many to be the leader of the drug cartels in Mexico, the boss of bosses. Whether this is false rumor or fact is hard to know.

There are people on both sides. Some say Carlos has no real power anymore and others think he is still the most powerful and dangerous man in Mexico.

If he is indeed the crime boss, it would be both his perceived and real power that would keep various and competing cartels in line and under some kind of allegiance to him for the “greater good” of their profiteering.

The business is drugs for American youth, and guns for Mexicans, with a side business of human trafficking.  This is one of the biggest businesses in the world.  It dwarfs Nxivm like the sun dwarfs a firefly.

It is a far too big criminal enterprise for the DOJ to tackle. It is bigger than government and has infiltrated government – both in the US and in Mexico and, of course, in other countries all over the world.

No one can stop it, for there is an unending demand for drugs. As long as Americans desire drugs, and as long as they are illegal, this enterprise will go on, unabated.

If anyone gets too problematic, they will be assassinated – inside or outside government –  and that, I suspect, would include judges, senators, even presidents.

According to the theory that Salinas is a crime boss, Mexico is the headquarters. Arizona is the gateway.

There are many who believe that the Arizona Mafia, a group of Democratic politicians, lawyers and political operatives, are facilitators of that gateway and work in tandem with the CIA, Homeland Security and other Deep State entities and individuals to help facilitate and fund operations for everyone involved.

Fast and Furious is one such example and was the reason Burke had to leave his position with the US Attorney’s office in Arizona.  The optics of his remaining became too scandalous and he seems to have taken the fall for the so-called Deep State and others [possibly Salinas]. He resigned in disgrace in lieu of going to prison, and perhaps telling on his brethren and getting assassinated in return.

After being forced to resign from the US Attorney’s position, he was given a top advisory position for the Attorney General, which guaranteed power, prestige, and money from clients seeking to purchase justice and needing a good broker with the Department [Store] of Justice.

Image result for lee harvey oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald is assassinated while in custody.

If anybody, by the way, is naive enough to think there was no American, [CIA and ATF] involvement in the crimes and murder involved in Fast and Furious, they are likely the same kind of people who think that John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a lone, insane gunman or that Martin Luther King was not assassinated by the US government.

Image result for martin luther king assassinated

That is a story for another day.

So is the Arizona Mafia and their possible role in facilitating the Salinas clan.

Enter Nitwit Son, Emiliano

Emiliano with his sister, Cecilia Salinas, salute their master, Keith Alan Raniere, on his birthday, Aug. 26, 2016.

Instead of joining his father’s business, Emiliano joined the clownish Nxivm and became a follower of the royal ass-dunce Keith Alan Raniere.

Emiliano believed him to be the smartest man in the world.  Emiliano wanted to be like his Vanguard – super smart and highly ethical.

Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard did the thinking for Emiliano Salinas and many others who were equally foolish.

Emiliano has no major role in his father’s operations, it would appear.

He is sort of like Fredo in The Godfather – the imbecile, weak son.

Image result for fredo i'm smart

But – if Emiliano were to be indicted, arrested, extradited to the USA, dumb as he is, it could topple Carlos Salinas’ entire operation, according to the theory that Salinas is the crime boss of Mexico.

The drug cartel leaders – violent men whose view of the world is that it belongs to him who takes by force – would see Carlos as weak and unable to protect his own son – let alone protect them with “all the judges and politicians he has in his pocket, like so many nickels and dimes.”

They would know Carlos is not able to contain the DOJ any more and that the Clintons cannot or will not protect him in a Trump administration.  They would assassinate him or make him irrelevant.

No, in this scenario, Emiliano must not be indicted.  Carlos would expend every effort to stop this from happening from money to murder.

Clare Bronfman gave Raniere more than $100 million to squander, steal and punish his enemies. She also wore a jockstrap when he ordered her to do so as punishment for acting too much like a man.

Clare Still Got Off Easy

There are some who think that Burke took on Clare Bronfman as a client in her criminal case mainly to shield Emiliano. She was permitted to take the fall to protect Emiliano.

She might have otherwise been protected from indictment – or at best got a wrist slap – no actual prison time – if she was the main figure to be protected. But she was not.

So they did the best they could. Though she was clearly the second most guilty in the Nxivm racketeering enterprise, she was permitted to get a plea deal with the second lightest sentence.

Only a hapless, know nothing bookkeeper got a lighter plea deal.

Evidently, the goal was to protect Emiliano.

Both Emiliano and Clare were on the executive board of Nxivm [USA] and worked hand-in-hand together.  The DOJ’s target was Nxivm and not, of course, the Salinas clan.

Clare ran US operations of Nxivm, while Emiliano ran the much larger Mexico operations of Nxivm.

The two worked hand-in-hand for years in both the legal and illegal business of the Nxivm enterprise.

Clare a Sadist; Emiliano, a Sex Addict

Clare was mainly a sadistic creature, hell-bent on destroying others. In that, she resembled her master, Keith Alan Raniere.

She enjoyed hurting others – while couching it as necessary to save the mission of Nxivm.

She reminds me of the electrocutioner in the story who argues that society needs to execute criminals to save society from them.

When asked by his son if he enjoys pulling the switch, he answers, “Enjoy it? My God, how could anyone not enjoy it?”

Emiliano, on the other hand, did not have the same sadistic temperament. He is a sex addict.

In that, he resembled his master, Keith Alan Raniere.

In a sense, Emiliano and Clare both mirrored Raniere in different ways. Emiliano in sex and Clare in the desire to hurt others.

They were two of his most able lieutenants.

Emiliano committed crimes no doubt, but it was not his goal to crucify enemies for Raniere. He would rather have sex with Raniere’s leftovers.

Emiliano’s Family More Powerful Than Bronfman

When Edgar Bronfman Sr. was alive, he might have been able to prevent Clare from getting indicted.

But he is gone [He died in 2013] and with his death died all support for her in the Bronfman family. Her half-siblings never cared for the embarrassment she caused the family and felt disdain at her sudden deathbed interest in her father.

Edgar’s powerful friends never cared much for her spying on her father, his family and friends on behalf of Raniere to make any effort to save her.

So from that great Department [Store] of Justice, no giant effort was made to purchase justice for her like they seem to have done for Emiliano.

It was just the usual, routine sale of justice at the DOJ for Clare. They let her pay a $6 million fine and lessened her sentence to that which comes with a sentencing guideline of 21-24 months.

Of course, the sale of justice and its purchase from the Federal Department [Store] of Justice should not be construed as having been done for Emiliano or Clare per se.

Clare was a simple purchase. Emiliano was done for more significant reasons. If the theory is true, it was done to protect the status quo in drug running.

It was done for Carlos Salinas.

Not because Emiliano is important to the Salinas group, but solely because his arrest and indictment could topple the Salinas enterprise and Carlos would be unable to broker deals and keep the peace among the cartels who bring death and disease into America and death and violence into Mexico.

And plenty of profit for many people involved both outside and inside government.

That is the theory anyway. And it may be as good as any to explain what happened here.

Whether Dennis Burke and John Sandweg – top leaders of the Arizona Mafia – felt it necessary to try to control the flow of comments away from themselves or away from Emiliano Salinas remains unproven.

Your comments – whether you are Burke, Sandweg or anyone else  – are welcome.

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[…] Is Arizona Mafia Lawyer Dennis Burke Posting Anonymously on Frank Report to Protect Salinas? […]

dianne Lipson
dianne Lipson
4 years ago

In the photo of Clare, something looked off. Then I realized, she is carrying no handbag. Women don’t leave the house without their purse. Wealthy, powerful women such as Anna Wintour have an assistant carry their purse. Since Clare had no assistant with her, maybe one of her lawyers carried it.

4 years ago
Reply to  dianne Lipson


You are just finally noticing that something looks off about Clare Bronfman? (Kidding)

I am pretty sure it’s because Clare Bronfman does not use makeup just like her doppelgänger Woody Allen. Hence,
she has no need for a pocketbook.

“It’s all elementary my dear Watson”.

Diane, anytime you have a question that you can’t answer or mystery you can’t solve….

….Know that you can always ask Shadowstate, Scott Johnson, Bangkok or myself. What the four of us lack in intelligence and rationality….

We more than makeup up for with rich fertile imaginations and outside the box delusional thinking.

I am completely joking about everything of course.

dianne Lipson
dianne Lipson
4 years ago
Reply to  Niceguy

niceguy, I don’t wear makeup, yet I would never, ever leave the house without my purse. It is enormously politically incorrect for me to say this but, niceguy, I am guessing you are male. I am sure you are a true expert on many subjects, but your gender makes you unqualified to address this. I am sure you are a smart guy as well as a nice guy, but the mysterious contents of a woman’s purse are far beyond your grasp or even your imagination.

But I appreciate your offer to help me solve the many other mysteries of life.

4 years ago
Reply to  dianne Lipson


I was kidding around. Although I had thought the idea behind pocketbooks was to carry makeup.
I was joking about helping to solve mysteries as well…

I am sure Frank, Krclaviger, yourself and the newest addition to the team, JJ O’Hara, need no help from me.

4 years ago
Reply to  Niceguy

niceguy is Burke. Using the old “my wife is a lawyer” trick to throw us off his trail.

4 years ago
Reply to  Niceguy




I am Dennis Burke.

Now, please excuse me. I am running late to my afternoon AA meeting!

4 years ago
Reply to  dianne Lipson

I wouldn’t put too much stock into Clare not carrying a purse. Some women simply hate them – I do. I rarely carry a purse and never carry one when I go into a courthouse. I go minimalist when I know I have to go through security. Clothing with zipped pockets are the way to go.

4 years ago

Alright, I’ll admit it. I am Dennis Burke.

dianne Lipson
dianne Lipson
4 years ago
Reply to  Somebody

I am Spartacus

4 years ago
Reply to  dianne Lipson

I thought Kirk Douglas was Spartacus.

4 years ago

Remember how Burke was calling nvixm victims by phone, suggesting he was involved with the feds, that they would be criminally prosecuted if they did not do as he instructed? Impersonating a law enforcement officer is a crime itself.

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ
4 years ago


Firstly, if these 2 Arizona assholes actually posted on FrankReport, it sure as fuck isn’t to ‘control the flow’ of discussion (like this IDIOT author claims).


Cuz NOBODY on FrankReport has been able to control the flow of anything, not even Frank himself can control shit here.

That’s why he had to switch to moderating comments, cuz this place is an uncontrollable jungle. LOL.

The writer of this article is basically a paranoid ‘conspiracy theorist’.

He’s a male version of Heidi and Flowers all rolled into one. 🙂

I know a way to verify if there’s any truth to this rumor.

Here’s an idea…

Please email Frank a list of every poster on FrankReport that you’ve been ‘tracking’ as Denny Burke (LOL).

Then, Frank can look at the IP addresses (of these posters) and verify who’s using a VPN and who’s using a real IP address from a mainstream cable provider.

Frank can then confirm if there’s any truth to these rumors about tons of posts coming from the Arizona Mafia using a VPN. LOL.

I have a hard time not laughing out loud while typing this shit.

Please indulge this idiot, Frank. 🙂

4 years ago

Even if someone engaged in such an obsessive campaign of posting under multiple aliases, how can it be tied to Burke? I would presume that attorneys have much better things to do with their time, while it’s obvious that this site has attracted commenters with various obsessions and too much time on their hands.

4 years ago

Carlos Slim is considering leaving Mexico for Spain as Mexico’s new President, Lopez Obrador continues the most agressive anti-corruption campaign seen in more than twenty five years, the time of Salinas.

“It is being said between friends — the relationship between Lopez Obrador and Slim is not getting any better”

“AMLO repeated to his constituents a very difficult phrase: The owner of Telmex [Slim] had never stopped being the financier of Carlos Salinas de Gortari”.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Slim has been investing in Spain’s real estate market for the past 4-5 years, as he believes it is depressed but on the way up, but has lived in the same Mexico City house for 40 years, see

What is your source that he is planning to move to Mexico?

4 years ago

good guys, it’s been obvious there are accounts sockpuppeting fake two way conversations here. i wondered about the lawyer posts written by writers who talk and act as if they are intimately familiar with prosecutions. this article explains it. thank you!

4 years ago

Is there proof? How are you privy to the vpn’s? I really don’t think he’s posting here. Seems you are the obsessed one, not him.

4 years ago

“Emiliano’s Family More Powerful Than Bronfman”

Net worth is always tricky to calculate but many people believe that Carlos Salinas, father of Emiliano, is worth 17 billion dollars or more.
According to Wikipedia, Forbes & Various Online resource, Carlos Salinas de Gortari’s estimated net worth $17.4 Billion.

His good friend Carlos Slim who owns the New York Times as well as TelMex and America Movil is estimated to be worth up to 63 billion dollars.
“he and his family having a net worth estimated at $63.1 billion.[1] He is the richest person in Latin America.[6]”

The Bronfman sisters were probably not worth more than 600 million dollars put together even before Raniere got into their pocketbooks.

The frightening thing about Salinas is that he supposedly has more than one child into NXIVM.
And Salinas is about 70 years old and at some point his NXIVM-addicted children will inherit much of his fortune.
This gruesome mathematics is why NXIVM must be destroyed now.

4 years ago

If 50% of the comments are from Dennis, I guess the mystery is solved as to one of his monikers.
Instead of quickly deflecting, this might have been a good thread to sit out, shadow…

4 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

I am not Dennis Burke.
The last time I was in Arizona was in 1973.
I have nothing to do with the Arizona Democratic party.
All of my IP addresses for my Frank Report posts and comments have been based in Illinois.
I hope that sets the record straight.
Sorry to disappoint you, Nutjob.

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