Lauren Salzman’s bail modified – she may see her mother three times per week – for three hours per visit

Mother and daughter Nancy and Lauren Salzman -

Viva Executive Success!

Nancy Salzman – along with partner-in-crime Keith Raniere – did so much to break up families and keep children apart from their parents.

Now, she is experiencing a startling dose of karma.

Most adult children can see their parents at will –  but thanks to the brilliant, criminal technology devised by Raniere  – Nancy Salzman, and daughter, Lauren, can only see each other at hours the court approves – and the court just approved a visitation schedule for mother, 64, and daughter, 41.

Here is the judge’s order:

Full docket text:
ORDER re: Defendant Lauren Salzman’s [115] Request for Modification of Bail Conditions: The court APPROVES with modification the three specific adjustments to Lauren Salzman’s bail order that were requested by Lauren Salzman and consented to by the Government because good cause was shown by Lauren Salzman’s letter requesting modifications to the court’s bail order.

Lauren Salzman may:

(i) have daily in-person visitation with Nancy Salzman at Nancy Salzman’s residence between 9:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. for a two-week period, commencing on August 30, 2018;

(ii) have in-person visitation with Nancy Salzman at Nancy Salzman’s residence three times per week for three hours per day, commencing after the two-week daily in-person visitation period has expired and until further order of the court; and

(iii) have incidental contact with her brother-in-law, Ben Myers, while visiting her mother and with the understanding that Lauren Salzman will not discuss the facts of the

From this point forward, whether and the extent to which Lauren Salzman will be permitted to visit Nancy Salzman in person outside of the specific times provided for by this order will be subject to the court’s further review.

All other conditions of bail remain in full force and effect.

Additionally, the court GRANTS Lauren Salzman’s motion that her letter requesting modifications to the court’s bail order be filed under seal.

Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 8/29/2018. (Haddad, Andrew)


The fact that Lauren’s letter requesting bail modification is under seal may be because details of Nancy Salzman’s illness are disclosed therein.

How gravely ill Nancy might be is not known. According to sources, Nancy spoke of having breast cancer at V-Week 2017 – and reportedly said she would use Raniere’s NXIVM technology to heal herself.

Later, another source implied she was feigning cancer. Another said she told another person privately she had a biopsy done and  there was no malignancy.

Because this is NXIVM which = pathological lying – it is hard to know what is truth.  Other than the fact that Nancy told the court she has a “life threatening illness”, we have no solid information.

Nancy may be gravely ill – in which case I pray for her speedy recovery – with or without NXIVM technology to help heal her.

She may be lying to get various advantages from the court or elsewhere.

Were I the judge, and knowing what I personally know about NXIVM, I would want to see a doctor’s letter – and not a letter from Dr. Danielle Roberts or Dr. Brandon Porter.

Finally, as a word to the wise, if Nancy is ill, and if she plans to use NXIVM technology in lieu of medical assistance – I would remind her that the last two women – close inner circle women and longtime members of Raniere’s harem – known to have used Raniere’s technology to cure them of life-threatening illnesses – were the late Pam Cafritz and the late Barbara Jeske.

If you see Nancy drinking a tall glass of a thick, milky-colored beverage over at So Fabulous Hair Salon – where she gets her hair done – don’t count on her going to trial. This might be just what the Dr. Raniere ordered.


Recent photo of Nancy Salzman



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  • In reading over the bail modifications, I find it interesting that lauren is allowed to visit mom daily for two weeks beginning yesterday. I wonder if Nancy just had some kind of medical procedure and the family is taking turns being with her during this time. I also find it odd, that Ben Myers is specifically mentioned but her sister Michelle is not.

  • Greed was Nancy’s sin. She enabled and encouraged his crimes against women including her young daughters. Her highest value is money and she sold out her daughters to the devil, Keith, to amass wealth. Her neglect of her daughters goes way back to when she was married to her first husband, father of her two daughters, Dr Michael Salzman. This is no kind mother but a cold calculating unethical person with no moral compass whatsoever. The most tragic figure in this family is Dr Salzman who was always a kind loving person that supported his daughters until Keith achieved his goal of separating a father from his daughters.

    Nxium was about separating couples and breaking family units. I personally know because I was encouraged to end my relationship with another member. We finally voted with our feet and never looked back until one night while listening to NPR radio I heard the news of Keith’s arrest.
    Finally, my gut feeling from the first moment I met Keith were confirmed by an independent third party. The first time I saw the adoring harem of Karen, Barbara, Nancy, Kristin, Ester and Lauren around him, I knew it was one happy orgy. They all had a giddy schoolgirl look over a short chubby long haired not too well groomed almost effeminate man. His handshake felt like a dead fish had landed in my hand and his voice was soft and without emotion almost a monotone. There was no deep content or philosophical wisdom in his answers to audience questions. What was the hype? Hypnosis is the only answer that explains it. Anyone with confidence and self esteem was not going to be brainwashed by this depraved group.

    Being street smart having grown up in NYC with a business career in one of the toughest world markets! it made sense to me that Keith made his home in Smallbany where it is easier to fool more of the people most of the time. I can hear Sinatra singing New York New York “if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.” Ergo Keith remained in the capitol district where he could be a big fish in a tiny pond.

    If nurse Nancy had kept Keith’s psychosis in check, he would still be cavorting the streets of Knox Woods by night and Nancy would be emptying the PO Boxes of cash by day! Nancy is fast becoming the Picture Of Dorian Grey while Keith sits in MDC a rat in a cage.

    And this is Executive Success ala Nxium!

    • Lauren was either 21 or 22 when she first met Keith. She didn’t immediately start hooking up with him. Keith courted her. I don’t think Nancy was happy with it – but what could Nancy say? At the time, Nancy believed (and was running around telling everyone) that Keith was the smartest and most ethical guy in the world. If Keith wanted Lauren, how could she stand in the way of her daughter hooking up with the world’s smartest and most ethical man? Besides, Lauren was an adult. It was her decision. Nancy didn’t “give” her away. But she did inadvertantly “sell” Lauren on the guy.

      The whole situation is/was fucked up. Nancy deserves a ton of the blame and the venom directed at her. Greed was a huge sin of Nancy. However, she got conned by Raniere (and his sales force: Pam, Barbara, Kristin & Karen) just like thousands of others did.

      Let’s not forget that there is a zero percent chance that Keith would have let Nancy peacefully leave the business. It would have been mayhem if Nancy wanted out. She would have almost certainly ended up bankrupt, in prison, dead, or on the run. Add in the fact that Lauren was NOT leaving Keith, and the decision not to leave or push back too hard against Keith was the easy (cowardly?) path to take. Plus, Nancy was getting rewarded for her cowardice by getting rich and getting bowed to.

      Did Nancy want to leave? Would she have left if not for the above reasons that made it tough to get out? Who knows. Knowing Nancy, I think she wanted out. But money, power, family, and Keith’s presumed threats lead her down this road to hell.

  • Time and time again, we see people eating themselves from the inside out.

    Nancy loved every bit of cash and power Raniere gave her to be his front woman all these years, and never cared one iota for the people she harmed for her gain.

    Unless she has flipped, I am wishing Nancy Salzman a posthumous conviction.

  • Possibly dying? Isn’t she resting at home right now? I have terminal cancer and chose to follow a treatment plan by a genuine oncologist, I have survived a year and a half longer than my original diagnosis. Since that time it has spread, I have developed brain cancer and undergone radiation, there are medications for pain and nausea that make it bearable, and pres. Trump has made it possible for new meds to be ok’d, not Keith Rainere.How dare someone like Keith Rainere shorten the life of his followers with his arrogance, she might still be here if he’d stayed out of her care. If Nancy Salzman does have cancer what she should be doing is begging her victims for forgiveness, her daughter’s more than any. If this is a Nxivm lie she deserves what comes next.

  • What is a matter with you
    Savages? Our Prefect is ill, possibly dying and you want to rush her to her grave? The judge should immediately drop all charges. So she can rest and heal. Her lawyer should immediately make a motion in the interest of justice that charges be dropped and she be freed to recover. And then you will see the tech will heal her. Pam died because she didn’t listen to Keith until the very end. When it is too late. Still Keith tried to save her and got special medicine that the FDA did not approve. And we got it finally the very day she died. She would have lived. So you savages you’re wrong again. I call upon the judge to dismiss this case against Nancy immediately!

    • I don’t have a problem with that. As long as she can cough up a tumor. She’s just as much a lair as you are. She has evaded paying taxes or that is one of the plethora of charges pending against. her.

    • Ok, no. It’s unfortunate that Nancy is sick, but illness (no matter how grave) has never been grounds for DISMISSING CHARGES. I agree that she should be able to access treatment, but via people who are not currently indicted for crimes against others’ health and safety. I’m sure there are other avenues that do not involve alleged criminals. It sucks that people you love die, but no one is immortal

  • Who cares if the judge allows a little talk between the morons of this cult? All the more rope to hang themselves with. They’ve become so dependent on the smartest dumbest man in the world they won’t fair any better. Do you think the prosecution doesn’t have actual damning physical evidence and witness testimony for these people? That the legal entities acting in the name of the people would go through a multi-year investigative process, file a warrant for an arrest for the leader, extradite him from a foreign country, subsequently indict other major players from the cult, costing taxpayers millions of dollars, just to let everyone off in a sham dog and pony show? I don’t know about you guys, but I have more trust in the law doing its job than such a scenario happening.

  • Milky White liquid served up by a sex fiend with a God-complex who exhorts the healing powers of his spew?…..EWWWW!

    Poor Pam Cafritz (the cash cadaver) and Barbara Jeske were tortured being forced to drink this con-cocktion before expiring?! OH-MY-GOD!

  • I has been said that Vanguards’ tech can cure cancer. Isn’t he the most intelligent human being ever on this planet?

  • Nancy got duped by Raniere and went into business with him. Nancy believed in Keith and went along with everything he said. Nancy had a front row seat and saw things Keith did that she wasn’t ok with. Nancy knows ALL about Keith.

    Nancy would have gotten away from Keith years ago but she wimped out and chose the path of least resistance. She wimped out for 2 main reasons: 1. Lauren was so involved. 2. If she left, Nancy knew damn well that Keith would be coming for her even harder than he went after Toni.

    Nancy will not be drinking the milky liquid to cure her cancer.

    • If Nancy Salzman were smart she would use this situation as an opportunity to get back at Raniere for the way he treated both her and Lauren.
      The way to do that is for Nancy to cut a deal with the US prosecutors.

    • You got that right. This went to hell in hand basket in a nano second. Witness tampering and intimation here we come.

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