Michelle 'Shelly' Tarzia - might be a witness for the prosecution.

Who is mystery bookkeeper who will be witness against Clare Bronfman?

In Susan Necheles letter to Judge Nicholas Garaufis, seeking to end Clare Bronfman’s home detention and allow her to communicate with hundreds of NXIVM members, Necheles reveals an explosive fact: One of Clare Bronfman’s bookkeepers may  testify against her

Necheles writes, while arguing for Bronfman to be able to freely communicate with NXIVM members, “[T]he government has agreed to allow Ms. Bronfman to have contact with a few [NXIVM] individuals … , there is one individual raised by the defense for whom the government has said it will not allow direct contact. We will ask the Court on Tuesday to rule on whether Ms. Bronfman can have contact with this individual.

“The individual in question has been employed by one of Ms. Bronfman’s companies for at least nine years as a bookkeeper and assistant who deals with her personal finances and many of her business interests. The government considers the bookkeeper a witness in this case and, we understand, has interviewed her on more than one occasion. By taking the position that she can have no contact with Ms. Bronfman, the government is effectively depriving the witness of her livelihood and employment and limiting Ms. Bronfman’s ability to conduct lawful business and personal finance transactions. This is an unreasonable restriction as the government has no basis to claim that Ms. Bronfman has, at any point, sought to influence the witness’s testimony or prevent her from talking to the government. We propose that Ms. Bronfman be permitted to have contact with this witness, outside the presence of counsel, for purposes of dealing with her personal and business finances, as long as she does not discuss the facts of the case with her.”

Who is this potential witness?

I wrote on the Frank Report on April 1 – in my article FBI Probes expands beyond sex trafficking – [prior to Allison Mack’s arrest and just days after Keith Raniere’s arrest]: “Other people believed to have been subpoenaed or expected to be subpoenaed are Kathy RussellKaren AbneyBen MeyersAngel SmithShelly Tarzia, James Del Negro, and Esther Chiappone Carlson.”

I wrote on Frank Report in May – prior to Clare Bronfman’s arrest: “Michelle ‘Shelly’ Tarzia, who works for Wisdom LLC (one of Clare Bronfman’s companies) and was once married to Jim Del Negro, is still on hand. She lives in Saratoga. Working in Clifton Park for Clare Bronfman. She might be a choice witness for the prosecution based on what she likely knows. She may be able to identify some of the dozens of secret post office boxes where cash was received under the names of shell companies that Clare Bronfman operated for Raniere and herself.”

The witness that the Bronfman’s lawyers are so eager to have Bronfman employ may or may not be Shelly Tarzia.
It might be another bookkeeper. Maybe it is Karen Unterreiner, or Karen Abney.
But my guess is that Shelly is the witness Bronfman is fighting so hard to remain close with. The prosecution wisely is opposing it.
It must be a severe shock to the privileged and sadistic heiress that her money cannot buy her way out of this.





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  • I don’t know who that mystery bookeeper is, but she has got some smokin’ hot smoky dark eyes. Would defiitely like to meet her.

  • Matt McMorris was/is a NXIVM member who worked for Barbara Bouchey when Clare & Sara Bronfman were Bouchey’s clients.
    After Bouchey left NXIVM. Matt McMorris continued to work for Clare and Sara Bronfman as one of their tax guys.
    If he hasn’t talked with the Feds he should go right to them and sing like a bird. He was more than a bookkeeper.
    Shelly Tarzia, who was married to James Del Negro when they both started NXIVM, also worked for Bouchey before Bouchey left NXIVM.
    Shelly Tarzia is a good friend of Steve Ose who lied to the police about NXIVM computer trespassing case. He pretended he (and Ben Meyers were independent computer conspirators NXIVM hired to go through their server to see who was logging in to their social page.
    Steve Ose most likely was responsible for hacking into NXIVM members computers. In order to get wireless at the center, Steve would take members laptops and set up the wireless for them. Makes one wonder why he had to put the password in. Why not have it posted like normal businesses do?
    Steve Ose has been with his Master, Vanguard since Consumer Byline days. Clare Bear and her Master Vanguard made sure Steve got out of New York State before things could get too heated up in their false charges in the hacking case.

  • Frank you are my huckleberry! Not since Doc Holiday have I ever seen such an intelligent, gunslinging hero who also plays the piano just like Doc Holiday who like you was a true Renaissance man. I am just so happy and can not wait to hear your interview with William Ramsey. Heard it was great. I am just laughing like a crazed hyena that you got them. He wasn’t a daisy was he? “Poor thing he was just too high strung!” (what Doc said after he shot his arch nemesis Johnny Ringold)

  • I have a hunch the bookkeeper is Karen Unterreiner. She’s been out of sight and very quiet. She knows where all the skeletons are closeted.

  • All of these requests – communication between the Salzmans, Clare wanting out of house arrest and contact with her personal bookkeeper, Allison granted ability to leave her house arrest – seems like the hydra trying to regrow its heads. The lawyers are doing their jobs and pushing forward for their clients, but for victims and witnesses watching from the sidelines, it’s disquieting. I would guess communication = conspiracy planning with this group.

    • I would assume it’s not unusual for these types of requests to be granted when those accused are not accused of violent crimes.
      Keith is the only one who has had not his requests granted (so far), and he will definitely be staying in prison until trial. It doesn’t sound as if the others are able to communicate with him, but who knows for sure- there may be ways that messages get thru to him. But he’s always been the ones in control of all this, so how much could they rebuild without instructions from their Vanguard?

  • Cruella Bronfman will resort to using a cut out or straw person to communicate with verboten witnesses.
    There are many ways to skin a cat and Cruella has skinned many cats over the years.

  • No way the judge is going to allow contact with a witness. Clare is day-dreaming and her attorney is making her believe something like that is even possible, but, of course, when you are making so much money it’s worth trying 😉

  • Clare is itching to get her paws on as many witnesses as she can. Witness tampering is exactly the reason she wants detention restrictions lifted. I cannot believe she’s going to get it. But this judge seems to have no clue how cults and Clare’s influence works. V

    • Technically, the Judge’s job is to make sure there is a balance between the personal interests of the individuals, who are technically innocent until proven guilty (even though we all know they are dirty as feck), and the interests of “justice”.

      I think the important thing to remember is that neither the Judge, nor any of the lawyers are really personally invested in this. They have all taken an oath to each other that outweighs anything else. Above all, their loyalty is to the bar.

      Beyond another notch in their belt for a win, it is another day, and another paycheck, and there will be another case after this one. For the firms, there are multiple cases going on at the same time.

      The whole court system is really a game to pretty much everyone except the people on the receiving end of it. It doesn’t work too well if any of them actually have a conscience.

      • Read the charges and the evidence the prosecutors have! It is all tumbling down. Better yet read Catherine Oxenberg’s book about how she and Frank bought them down in this David/Goliath battle.That is what led me here. It is touching, funny shocking,and shows the will and strength of people. It gives hope. It shows a mother’s love and the magical connection that put Frank and Catherine together! There are now 3 angry female prosecutors involved along with the FBI and others. I hope this evil gets its reckoning. And I believe from the looks of things they will.

    • Yup. It’ll backfire soon as there’s an ethical witness who cannot be tampered with. And, despite their best efforts to weed out, compromise or destroy anyone with a conscience or true sense of ethics, some may have slipped in and past them. After all, this IS the cult of “ethical” supremacy isn’t it? Whom other than seekers of ethics would have been attracted to it to begin with?

      • Very true. I hadn’t looked at it that way. Those who came to NXIVM were not corrupted by their desire for a better life, or an ethical life, but by the demons who promised to show them how to accomplish their goals.

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About Frank Parlato

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His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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