From the sublime to the ridiculous: More emails – a possible Raniere patent theft – and a Raniere look alike on Netflix

Hey Frank,
I like your writing style, but I’m wondering why you are so vitriolic in reporting on this Raniere guy. Do you have someone who got sucked into his scam?. I’m not disagreeing with you, if he has done the things that are reported, then he deserves all that’s coming to him.
I just wondered if you have been personally affected by him, or like me you are just appalled that that a creature like this exists.
About the cult, though, he has been described as a “shlub” in some interviews and I would have to agree. He’s certainly nothing to look at, yet he seems to have attracted some pretty fine looking ladies. That’s the big mystery to me.
Many years ago, there used to be a theory about some people having the gift of “animal magnetism”, whereby they could make people do and say things that we think of as outrageous. I don’t think I need to give you any examples, anybody can think of some without much effort. So this has to be what’s going on with this cult as well don’t you think?
I can’t think why any self respecting person would allow themselves to become branded with their owner’s name, can you? Well I’ve read that pimps do that, but that’s hardly a voluntary  arrangement is it?
Anyway, just my thoughts on the matter. I don`t expect you will have time to reply, you would be pretty busy with this story. I’ll go read some more of your articles, they are a good read.

Hi Frank,

This may seem awfully specific, but I’m wondering if you can share anything on Siobahn Hotaling….
[I knew her at one time and] I really did feel … that she was a a good person, but I’ve not been able to reconcile that in my head with what seems to have gone on in this cult.
(Wishing to remain anonymous for many reasons)
Szemkus query
hey f mystery muze has questions about unresolved NXIVM member disappearance
….. .and I just noticed this guy’s testimony….there are some really big names mentioned!
Hey F did you note that the video by mystery muze re: “unresolved NXIVM disappearance” has been taken down?  But the video contained here has not been taken down yet the creator looks to be missing?
Dutch Inventor named Danielle Roberts has invented a meditation suit – is it possible he stole the patent from Keith Raniere?
The meditation wearable merges spirituality with technology to help users find their ideal meditation environment.
I know this isn’t the same Danielle Roberts but it makes one wonder – did someone rip off Keith’s idea [just like AT&T and Microsoft stole his Skype invention] and maybe, to add insult to injury – stole Dr. Roberts name as well?
This could be identity theft – akin to how Rosa Laura Junco, Clare Bronfman, Mariana Fernandez, and Keith Raniere – all started using the name Pamela Cafritz – at least as far as her credit card was concerned.
On a more serious note – how is it that the NYS Department of Health hasn’t brought any charges against the real Danielle Roberts as of yet?
Dear Frank,
I just came across this new Netflix series starring Guy Pierce and, I swear on my mother, he looks like Keith Raniere. Here is the image:
And just to make it more ironic? The name of the series is “The Innocents.”
Anyway, I love your web site. Keep up the good fight.
Anyone care to get branded?

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  • Keith looks nothing like Guy Pierce. Keith has that goofy chipmunk look, with a droopy mouth corner and misleading smile. I think the only current actor who could play him, and who is of the right age, would be Johnny Depp (he can do almost anything). Others would have been good also (Gary Busey), but they have aged out. Remember a good film would depict KR over time – decades. If asny film is ever made, I hope it’s while KR is incarcerated.

    • Then Nicki can go to the Graybar Hotel where she will become the sex toy of Big Bertha, the prison bull dyke.
      Vanguard was big on sex toys, wasn’t he?
      And you and Allison can also become sex toys for some hairy lesbians.

      And the three of you “ladies” can be on the receiving end of some Sapphic gang bangs.
      One gang bang for each woman you three stooges branded like cattle.

      Orange is the new black or so they say.

      • You’re a straight-up piece of shit. No normal person would wish misfortune on anyone. Don’t talk to my niece like that again, or I will personally come to your house and jam a spork in your peehole for you.

        • Like aunt, like niece.

          FYI Pea Onyou and her gangster pals, Allison and Nicki, literally gang raped the branded women.
          Under Allison Mack’s direction, Lauren Salzman, Nicki Clyne and India Oxenberg held down the women while Dr. Danielle Roberts branded the women with a hot branding iron.
          That sounds like gang rape to me.
          Then the DOS women were made to perform as sex slaves and if they refused they were threatened with blackmail.
          These three gangsters, Allison, Nicki and Pea Onyou, deserve whatever they get in prison.

          BTW I wish misfortune on Kim Jong Un and the Muslim terrorists who desire to hurt America.

    • Ms. Onyou, it is pretty clear that Nicki’s Instagram account is what probably tipped-off the DOJ, as to Vanguard’s location in Mexico. If that is true, does that count as a betrayal?

      Pease, have the courtesy to reply my question. Thank you.

      • Larry:
        You’re right.
        Nicki’s Instagram account shows pictures of iguanas as well as the sea shore at Puerto Vallarta and Nicki Clyne climbing a very identifiable pole which clearly identifies her as being in Puerto Vallarta.

        And Allison, through her videos and computer messages, has basically given the FBI all the evidence they need.

        NXIVM DOS is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

      • Good advice.
        Assuming Pea gets out of prison before Vanguard, maybe she can schedule some conjugal visits.

        And Pea, be sure not to save down there when you visit.
        Vanguard prefers a jungle down there.
        And be sure not to eat any garlic.

  • Actually he wishes he looked remotely like Guy Pierce! In his dreams! I see the resemblance as far as the glasses and the beard…. Maybe that pic looks like Keith if he stepped into a magical good looking man machine….. but Keith looks more like Rick Moranis than Guy Pierce…

    • Pumpkinhead VanGrifter on his best day, would never look as good as Guy Pierce on his worst day.

      That is like Valdemort claiming to be as smart as Stephen Hawking

  • It’s time for Nicki Clyne to start thinking about her future.

    Now that India Oxenberg has defected from NXIVM and is presumably cooperating, the Feds will not only have the videos, emails and text messages, they will also have India’s testimony to give context to the videos and documents.

    And many of the brandings involved Nicki Clyne, aka Mrs. Allison Mack.
    Nicki can be charged as part of the sex trafficking conspiracy and perhaps more.

    According to the Frank Report Nicki has already hired a defense attorney.
    Nicki Clyne retains NYC criminal ‘super’ lawyer; but who’s paying for it?
    May 17, 2018 at 2:16 am
    Nicki is one of the Originals. She is in deep and knows everything. She was also running the The Knife with Rosa Laura and Jens. IN DEEP. Her mom is no help either as she’s just a brainwashed unfortch.

    The clock is ticking against Nicki Clyne.

    Does Nicki tough it out and stick with her wife Allison
    does Nicki do the smart thing and cut a deal with the Feds ASAP?

    This will be the most important decision in Nicki Clyne’s life.

  • It is interesting to me that anyone could think Siobahn Hotaling is remotely a good person. She is a blatant con artist, and perfect for NXIVM.

    I prepaid her for six EMs, that she then refused to schedule with me.

    Jim del Negro tried to coerce me into switching them to someone else, and I said absolutely not. I demand a refund, and if I decide to schedule the EMs with someone else then I will pay them.

    He got me a check from her, which I took to her bank in Troy to cash (since I didn’t trust her). Good thing I did that, because it bounced.

    Yes, NXIVM is such an ethical place with lovely ethical people.

    I told Jim I was taking the bounced check across the street to the D.A.’s office, and he begged me not to. My understanding was they did not want the publicity involved with one of their coaches being charged with bank fraud. This was right about the time the Times Union was really starting to expose them.

    Instead, he wrote me a check himself, which did clear. It was actually the most ethical thing I ever saw out of anybody in NXIVM, although being driven by fear of exposure as much as anything else, I don’t know how ethical that really was, but, hey… I may be one of the the few people in the history of NXIVM to get a refund.

  • an excerpt from the excerpt…upon entering for Cat and India’s first intensive in Venice CA:

    It was as if the ESP troupe had slipped into town the night before and transformed someone’s home into a pop-up self-help venue.
    Standing at the front of the room, an army of barefoot ESP coaches greeted us. They wore green, orange, and yellow sashes around their necks, and they grinned from ear to ear. And when I say they grinned, I mean grinned. I’m talking face-splitting, vaguely unnerving, over-the-top smiles—as if they were trying desperately to convince us: we’re the happiest, most successful people on earth. I felt like I was standing before a choir of Tom Cruises.

    • Response to Oxenberg’s book excerpt.

      The most disturbing aspect of all the NXIVM pictures I have seen is the ridiculous grinning in all of the pictures.
      It looks like forced happiness.

      • Like a Lauren Salzman grin. But you have to get hypnotherapy first before you can grin like that. Hypnotherapy is the only way to make it work.

        • I saw a video recently of Lauren Salzman performing with Emiliano Salinas at the 2016 V-Day celebration.
          It was painful to watch.
          Worse than Nicki Clyne’s stand up comedy.

  • Sure brah. Young girls were married at the age of 12 in the predominantly Christian USA less than a hundred years ago. In Judaic tradition, Joseph was 90 when he married Mary who was 12 years old. In the Hindu tradition women were married just as young if not younger.

    The irony is according to the Qur’an, marriageable age is delineated to be when young men and women reach the age of mental and physical maturity, when they are capable of providing for themselves and an extended family. Muhammad himself was unable to marry until he was 25 years old because he did not have the financial means to do so, and was only able when his wealthy boss was so enamored by his good character it was she who proposed to him and thus removed that burden from him, a woman who was fifteen years older than him and whom he stayed married to as his only wife for over twenty five years until she passed away, thirteen years after he began preaching.

    “Test (trial) the orphans (Arabic: wa-ibtalu l-yatama) until they reach the age of marriage (Arabic: balaghu l-nikaha); if you then find sound judgment in them, release their property to them; but consume it not wastefully, nor in haste against their growing up. If the guardian is well-off, let him claim no remuneration, but if he is poor, let him have for himself what is just and reasonable. When you release their property to them, take witnesses in their presence (Arabic: Fa-ashiddu alayhim) : But all-sufficient is God in taking account.”

    There is no mention of children in these verses, To the contrary, in order to reach marriageable age, it is clear that one must be of sound judgment, maturity and certainly old enough that their wealth and property can be fully entrusted to them. The mention of witnesses in their presence clearly implies a discharge of responsibility and contractual in nature. There is no indication that any of these can be accomplished with a child.

    Whilst verse 4:6 clearly twins ‘marriageable age’ with the ability to entrust orphans with their wealth / property, another verse 6:152, clearly instructs believers not to come close to the orphan’s wealth until they are ‘ashudd’, implying physical maturity, full strength or to be in a state where one is fully grown. Thus keeping both verses 4:6 and 6:152 in view, attaining full physical strength also becomes a precursor to discerning marriageable age.


    “And do not go near to the wealth / property of the orphans except with that which is best until he reaches his maturity / his full strength (Arabic: Ashuddahu)…”

    The Arabic term ‘Ashudd’ indicates mainstream physical maturity or full strength. For example, in verse 12:19 one notes that Prophet Joseph (pbuh) was taken as a mere boy (ghulamun) and later in verses 12:22-23 we are informed was old enough to be seduced after reaching ‘ashudd’ (physical maturity / full strength).

    Other verses such as 18:82 also separate the term ‘ghulamayni’ (two boys) with ‘ashudd’ (physical maturity) indicating older age. Verses of the Quran such as verse 46:15 also indicate ‘ashudd’ to imply full physical maturity and strength.

    Such a rendition of the term ‘ashudd’ to imply physical maturity and strength is also resonated in classical sources.

    In Edward Lane’s Lexicon of the classical Arabic language, ashuud is translated as “the state of strength”, and ages given for it are from 18-30 years or from 17-40 years.

    Aisha herself has been recorded to have stated the the prophet was figuratively a walking Qur’an, or a Qur’an on two feet, meaning he completely followed its dictates, never going against any of its commands or prohibitions. Aisha also was engaged to be married *prior* to the prophet which was broken off due to religious differences and so was already of marriageable age in Arab culture, which is not a child-marrying culture.

    But, instead stupid people like noted Islamaphobe Pamela Gellar and shadowstate1958, a 60+ year old adult child who perpetually castigates a woman almost half his age in the comments here like a jilted lover, wants to believe some irrational hadiths compiled 200 years after the Muhammad’s death that said a 50+ year old man slept with a nine year old child. I have a nine year old niece who I can see with my own eyes isn’t remotely physically, mentally, or emotionally developed enough to be ready for marriage. I’ve seen her friends and many children of my friends who are around the same age or older who aren’t so either. No one is going to make me believe in such ludicrousness just because it is contained in some books that are deemed religious sources, especially those that are of a dubious nature.

    But you’re welcome to be as stupid as you want shadowstate1958 as an obvious Islamaphobic bigot.

    • Shit,who invited a terrorist onto Frank Report? Hey Sultan of Sox, Weekly World Jihad is 2 doors down on the right, and do me a favor take “onewomanarmy” with you. She may be fat, old and ugly, but she can still cook camel dung pies for you and the rest of the group.

      • Your right Benny, the guy is a real jerk. Not the first time this stalker has spewed his crapola on this site.
        I did not know that they let Guantanamo bay detainees have internet access. Go figure.

      • Yawn. What you mean is I don’t like the religion or religion in general, therefore it or they are cults. Uneducated people like you should just zip it. There’s a difference between religion and cults, and a distinction between destructive and non-destructive ones. Cults don’t even have to be religious as even gangs can be cults. Certainly every major religion has its deviants and cults within it, as religions with large populations aren’t monolithic entities. But that doesn’t make a religion a cult. And a religion is just a way of life that many people follow due to believing in mostly the same things and participating in the same rituals or practices. Everyone has a way of living, whether it can be defined to be spiritual or not. I guess you’re in a cult too according to your logic – the cult of yourself.

        It’s obvious why I have been here for longer than you. Why are you even here? You don’t even have a tenuous connection to the group and you’re trying to question why I’m here like I can’t be here? “Get out of here”.

        • I learned to not waste time discussing/debating religions with people on the internet. It’s an utterly futile effort. No one is converted as a result and thus it’s just a masturbatory exercise of the intellect.

      • Islam is the Cult of Mohammed.
        Like Keith Raniere Mohammed was supposed to be the “Perfect Man” with 11 wives and numerous sex slaves.

        And Islam does not mean peace.
        Islam means Submission or slavery.

      • So is Christianity, what’s your point? It’s really funny to hear Catholics whine about Islam’s treatment of children, considering their priests’ unhealthy predilection for little kids which the church usually covers up. Despite all that, the devout keep those tithings rolling in.

    • Really?

      “adult child who perpetually castigates a woman almost half his age in the comments here like a jiltered lover”.

      So you have a problem with shadowstate1958 being obsessed with Allison Mack in the comments section, but it is okay for you to do it with Kristin Kreuk like a lovesick baby?

      • So many trolling dumdums. Can’t distinguish between a religion and a cult. Can’t distinguish between gradations within religious traditions. Can’t distinguish between the gradations of adherents within the gradations of those religious traditions. Can’t read what someone writes. Can’t distinguish between a false equivalence and true one.

        I think it’s safe to assume the default troll intellectual level is “moron”.

          • Cry some more you whiny, cowardly, one hundred alias indulging, trolling, pretending like you don’t give shit but really do, stalking loser.


        • Kristin Kreuk’s stalker calling others a “stalker” for telling you to go fuck yourself with your bullshit. Absolute cunt.

          • You’re stupid. First of all, you can’t stalk someone who lives in a different country than you. Second of all, only if you pursue someone in stealth can it be considered stalking. Third of all, previously posting on fan forums is not stalking. Fourth of all, defending someone on the Internet is not stalking.

            But frequently pissing on a person who posts here is. Pissing on the person he defends in an attempt to trigger him while pretending like you don’t care when human motivation obviously says otherwise is.

            You piss on someone and they return the favor and you whine like a bitch.

            You’re such a hypocrite. Go fuck yourself you disingenuous twat.

        • Touch a nerve? You know full well why you are called a stalker. Having an unhealthy emotional attachment to a stranger you only see in pixels and actually sending an email to her father is stalker behavior. Defending your pixel imaginary unrequited love interest from any criticism regarding the NXIVM cult, like you even know what she did in the cult is stalker-like behavior. You get emotionally triggered, like you certainly are right now reading this.

          • – Touch a nerve?

            Look whose talking “Shut the fuck up you pretentious, self righteous, sanctimonious prick.”

            – You know full well why you are called a stalker.

            Because you’re a dick and use it as a pejorative and nothing more.

            – Having an unhealthy emotional attachment [is stalker behavior]


            First of all, having an emotional attachment is clearly conceptually different than stalking. Having an “unhealthy” emotional attachment can lead to stalking, but nothing entails it to do so. Second all, whether my emotional attachment is “unhealthy” or not is not for you to fucking decide.

            – to a stranger you only see in pixels and actually sending an email to her father is stalker behavior.


            Plenty of people who have never met or even seen each other in person have contacted one another online. If what you say is true, then people who use dating sites, technical recruiters, and the many people who have sent Frank Parlato emails about NXIVM would be considered stalkers. Thus, contacting a parent once via a publicly displayed email as a fan out of warranted concern for her relationship to a group labelled as a cult wouldn’t remotely fall under any dictionary definition of stalking.

            Nice try.

            You sound mad brah, like me actually being a fan of hers and/or showing concern for her relationship with NXIVM such that it led me to contact her father had some sort of negative impact on your life.

            Are you still a NXIVM loser? Are you a loser who joined NXIVM to try to hook up with her? Are you a loser in her industry who was rejected by her, or someone who wanted to fuck her and now are venting your frustrations on this website?

            You sure show a lot of Internet attention for people who have no impact on your life. Talk about an “unhealthy” attachment.


            — Defending your pixel imaginary unrequited love interest from any criticism regarding the NXIVM cult, like you even know what she did in the cult is stalker-like behavior.

            And you know what she did such that you can cast aspersions and absurd logical fallacies and not be called out for it? Piss off you disingenuous hypocrite.

            – You get emotionally triggered, like you certainly are right now reading this.

            No shit. That’s what I just fucking said. This is usual human behavior when you purposely piss on someone.

  • If Keith Raniere beats the rap, he’s planning on moving to France.

    France Passes Law Saying Children Can Consent To Sex With Adults: Federal law in France now has no legal age of consent, meaning adults who have sex with children of any age will not be prosecuted for rape

    Why did France’s government vote against having an age of consent? The answer is obvious. Muhammad married his favorite wife Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when Aisha was nine. Since Muhammad did that, and since he is the “excellent example” for all Muslims to follow, child marriage is acceptable in Islam. This is a sign of France’s capitulation and Islamization. They cannot set an age of consent, because Islam doesn’t have one. This is a sign of how quickly Western values erode when our leaders do not have the will to defend them.

    • I like most Asians.
      The Chinese, Japanese and Koreans are industrious and frugal people.
      And the Hindu Indians are often intelligent.
      My last three doctors have all been Hindu and are top notch doctors.
      A close family friend, now deceased, was a Hindu. He was the first Hindu buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

      Islamic Invasion Of India: The Greatest Genocide In History

      Will Durant argued in his 1935 book “The Story of Civilisation: Our Oriental Heritage” (page 459):

      “The Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. The Islamic historians and scholars have recorded with great glee and pride the slaughters of Hindus, forced conversions, abduction of Hindu women and children to slave markets and the destruction of temples carried out by the warriors of Islam during 800 AD to 1700 AD. Millions of Hindus were converted to Islam by sword during this period.”

      • I didn’t respond to you, you blowhard. I was responding to the guy who thinks Raniere looks like Guy Pierce. Hence, the links to their images.

  • And the troika of Raniere, Mack and Bronfman can expect new charges to be filed against them to boot.

  • Speaking of Danielle Roberts, the mad brander of Albany had better be prepared to be indicted.
    And she will be joined by Nicki Clyne, aka Mrs. Allison Mack, and perhaps Rosa Laura Junco.

    After Ms. Clyne serves her time, she will be deported back to her native Canada as an undesirable alien who committed crimes of moral turpitude.

    • shadowstate1958
      August 8, 2018 at 6:22 pm
      Speaking of Danielle Roberts, the mad brander of Albany had better be prepared to be indicted.
      And she will be joined by Nicki Clyne, aka Mrs. Allison Mack, and perhaps Rosa Laura Junco.

      After Ms. Clyne serves her time, she will be deported back to her native Canada as an undesirable alien who committed crimes of moral turpitude.

      Wow!!!! You’re a regular Judge Judy there, aren’t ya Skipper. Please just STFU and put your head in a toilet and end all for the sake of humanity.

      • Shadowstate is correct.

        If Nicki Clyne has not already left, she will unquestionably be deported. The real reason will be her fraudulent green card marriage, though.

        Grow up, and quit your whining at Shadowstate. You just look childish.

        • Wow another Perry Mason. Did you have a shingle on the front of your double wide that says fortune teller.

          You don’t have a clue how things are going to play out and you are just as ignorant no matter what name you post your crap under.

          • If you had any idea just how ridiculous your insinuation is, you would be laughing as hard at yourself as I am.

            Amusing that somebody is here anonymously defending sleezebag Nicki Clyne, though.

      • It’s the law.

        Under current law the INS is authorized to deport aliens convicted of “aggravated felonies” violent, property, or drug crimes that are punishable by prison sentence of at least one year, whether or not such a sentence was imposed or served.

        If Nicki Clyne is convicted of a serious felony that is punishable by over a year she can be deported.
        Being involved in sex trafficking is a serious crime.

  • I see no resemblance between Guy Pierce and Keith Raniere such that one could say they look similar. Perhaps this person needs to take a gander to the nearest optometrist’s office.

  • Regarding the first letter, the cult went after Frank. They expected to use money and connections to crush him like they had done to so many others. That was clearly a big mistake on their part. Frank is a beast.

    • Agreed. Frank is a beast.

      I wonder how many times the people in his cross-hairs have wished they would’ve just left him alone way back when. Probably daily. LOL!

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