Church Investigated ‘Credibly Accused’ Priests; CT Family Court Needs New System to Investigate ‘Credibly Accused’ Parents

William Lori was bishop of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut, from 2001-2012.

Lori then became Archbishop of the Diocese of Baltimore from 2012 to the present.

In 2018, Bishop Frank Caggiano commissioned Pullman & Comley to investigate sexual abuse by priests in the Diocese of Bridgeport.

Retired Connecticut Judge Robert Holzberg led the one-year investigation.

The CT Attorney General was not involved.

On October 1, 2019, Holzberg released his report.

He identified 281 victims who made “credible” claims of sexual abuse over 66 years. He found 71 priests “credibly accused” since 1953.
Holzberg’s report defined “credibly accused” as having “substantial evidence,” a lower standard than a preponderance of the evidence.
Holzberg credited Bishop Lori for reversing the Bridgeport Diocese’s approach to reporting sexual abuse.

Archbishop Lori

In 2002, Bishop Lori initiated a review of priests’ personnel files and removed priests from the ministry – instead of reassigning them -after credible allegations of sexual abuse of youths.
He put their names on a website.
In 2018, Bishop Lori’s Baltimore Diocese was investigated.

The Diocese did not call for it, but law enforcement did.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh investigated priests who abused minors. Archbishop Lori turned over more than 100,000 pages of documents.

In 2022, the AG report claimed 600 victims over 80 years. The AG identified 158 Roman Catholic priests in Baltimore who were credibly accused.
Of the 158, the state had already prosecuted 115 priests.

Frosh said there were likely hundreds more victims, because sexual assaults often go unreported.

Both investigations found that the Church in the 20th century tried to keep abuses secret. They failed to take action or report abuse. They did not conduct adequate investigations or remove abusers from the ministry.

The Church did everything it could to keep abuses from the press and abusers out of court.

In CT, the Attorney General seemed to have no appetite to investigate.

The Bridgeport Diocese policed itself.

Holzberg told the public that all information should go to Pullman and Comley Inc. and the Bridgeport Diocese.

Holzberg wrote in his report:

“I invite anyone who has additional information bearing on the findings of this report or the matters investigated to provide it to the diocese or to the investigative team at Pullman and Comley, LLC.”

The point is this: Retired Judge Holzberg was a CT judge. On his legal team is former Judge Lynda Munro, who presided over family court matters.

Holzberg also said Bishop Lori communicated a clear position against abuse and began the Diocese’s first affirmative outreach efforts to the community on sexual abuse matters…

Bishop Lori issued public apologies for the Church’s failure in responding to sexual abuse…

He… change[d] the diocesan culture by speaking to the press about abuse.


Judge Lynda Munro

If Holzberg investigated CT Family Court, how would Judge Munro fare? Did she fail to find parents credibly accused when they had more money than the accuser?

Many parents have accused the CT Family Court of covering up the sexual abuse of minors.

They flip custody from the protective parent to the parent accused of abuse, without investigating if the parent was credibly accused.

A private law firm or the CT AG should investigate CT Family Court.
A definition of “credibly accused” is needed.

The investigation into Family Court needs the same diligence Holzberg focused on the Bridgeport Diocese. Or the kind MD AG Frosh brought to bear in Baltimore.

Robert Holzberg with his state portrait.

There may be more “credibly accused” parents who went through CT Family Court than abusive priests in the Diocese.

The CT Family Court abuse system might be more significant than the priest abuse scandal.

There may be many more victims.

Before Bishop Lori, the Church in the bad old days covered abuse by reassigning priests. At least they kept them away from the children they were credibly accused of abusing.

But the CT Family Court has taken the opposite approach.

CT Family Court often grants custody to credibly accused abusers.

CT Family Court often removes the accuser-spouse from the children’s lives and forces the accuser to have supervised visitation.

At the same time, the credibly accused abuser gets unrestricted access to the children he is “credibly accused” of abusing.

CT Family Court is accused of regularly handing sexually abused children to the credibly accused abuser.

Of course, warring spouses sometimes falsely allege sexual abuse. Not every accusation is credible.

But what is the system in CT Family Court to determine credible accusations?

In CT, the system is money-driven. Everyone doing the investigation is profit driven. Attorneys, GALs, custody evaluators and mental health experts bill by the hour. The more problems there are, the more one spouse will fight with the other, the more hours they bill.

I have no evidence that lawyers or therapists have a higher moral compass than priests.

These for-profit court players rely on each other for referrals. Results drive future referrals. This is a for-profit business, not a charity.

The public must properly investigate the credibly accused parents in CT Family Court. But not by those with a conflict in determining who is “credibly” accused.

Imagine if the AG made more money based on billing hours to determine credible accusations.

Suppose the AG would make more money if he found no credible accusation. Or the reverse, he would make more if he found the accusation credible.

Or suppose the Church paid retired Judge Holzberg not to find the truth wherever it lay, but to incentivize him to find results – regardless of what — and paid him more or less dependent on what he came up with?

No matter how well-meaning the investigator may be, such a report can’t be trusted.

And no one should trust those for-profit attorneys, and their GALs, custody evaluators, and mental health experts, who all make their living billing by the hour, can be neutral investigators of credible accusations of abuse.

Case-by-case, the CT court players know which direction will make more money.

And the difference in money can be dramatically higher based on one finding over another.

The conflict is obscene, and we need a different method to investigate whether a parent or child’s claim is a “credible” accusation in Family Court.

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10 months ago


Do Connecticut Democrats or Communists want to destroy families and the Church?
Do Connecticut Democrats or Communists want to destroy families and the Church?
10 months ago

Lawyers at the Bridgeport Diocese and Pullman and Comley should know enough about law to tell victims and whistleblowers to give any and all information to “a public body”, NOT the Pullman and Comley private law firm. Shame on Holzberg, Pullman and Comley — and everyone else responsible for the mishandling of that horrible situation.

Are lawyers in Connecticut trying to destroy families in “family courts” while they destroy the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church AND the judicial branch need to send out public notices to tell ALL victims and potential whistleblowers to send ALL information about crimes to “a public body” (NOT a private individual or organization) if they want protection from the state whistleblower laws.

Attorney Daniel L. Schwartz knew that when he wrote a letter to Attorney Mark Sherman. The letter mailed February 1, 2008. The letter was about a Mr. Michael Jude Fay, who was supposed to be a priest at St. John Roman Catholic Church in Darien from 1991 – 2006.

Mr. Fay and Cliff Fantini (aka Cliff Martell) bought a $449,100 condo in Fort Lauderdale in 2005. They rented a luxury apartment on East 63rd Street in New York. When Mr. Fantini was in Darien, he stayed at the church rectory with Mr. Fay, who was convicted of stealing $1.3 million from the Church.

Democratic state senators Mike Lawlor and Andrew J. McDonald must have read the news about what Mr. Fay did.

In March 2009, they pounced on the Catholic Church with Raised Bill 1098, to “revise the corporate governance provisions applicable to the Roman Catholic Church and provide for the investigation of the misappropriation of funds by religious corporations.”

According to Wikipedia: “… Raised Bill 1098 explicitly referred only to the Roman Catholic Church, and would require the creation of administrative corporate boards of lay people as heads of parishes, replacing the Church’s normal oversight by priests and bishops …”

That sounds like something the Chinese Communist Party would do.

Dr. Paul Kangor recently wrote a book called “The Devil and Bella Dodd” about American Communists planting men without morals in the priesthood to destroy Christian Churches.

Maybe Communists in Connecticut tried that old “Create the Problem to Force the Solution-That-Was-Planned-All-Along” strategy to destroy the Catholic Church in the state. Maybe not.

Whatever’s happening with the politics in the state, all the lawyers involved should protect the people of the state and their religious institutions from criminals — wherever they are.

“Sec. 31-51m. Protection of employee who discloses employer’s illegal activities or unethical practices” says:

“No employer shall discharge, discipline or otherwise penalize any employee because the employee, or a person acting on behalf of the employee, reports, verbally or in writing, a violation or a suspected violation of any state or federal law or regulation or any municipal ordinance or regulation to a public body [Pullman and Comley and the Diocese are NOT public bodies] , or because an employee is requested by a public body to participate in an investigation, hearing or inquiry held by that public body, or a court action …“

Did any diocese and/or any law firm in the state solicit and/or accept information from any victim and/or whistleblower?

If so, is all information about crimes eventually going to local law enforcement and/or the state attorney general’s office?
10 months ago

This is not just in the Catholic church or just in CT. It is everywhere.

Loads of coughing crooks
Loads of coughing crooks
11 months ago
What’s “a good fit” for corrupted leaders?
What’s “a good fit” for corrupted leaders?
11 months ago

“… a conversation with Darrin Folger, former Executive Pastor of The Well in Amherst, NY about what God has to say about a shepherds response to a predator among the flock …”

11 months ago

Connecticut Family Court the cesspool of leaches in American society

What can be done about corrupt bullies who bully whistleblowers?
What can be done about corrupt bullies who bully whistleblowers?
11 months ago

Attorney Cunha and Archbishop Vigano were both punished for exposing corruption in family courts and the Church.

Why are whistleblowers punished?

Why did family court and Catholic Church administrators enable the sexual abuse of children since the 1950s?

Because the wrong people have way too much power.

Jorge should apologize to Joseph before Joseph passes away.
Jorge should apologize to Joseph before Joseph passes away.
11 months ago

Why would Holzberg, Pullman and Comley ignore such important information?

Church Militant, October 30, 2018

… Father Boniface Ramsey, the first person to formally speak out against Theodore McCarrick’s serial sexual predation of seminarians, is slamming the former D.C. cardinal’s case as “a failure of fraternal correction.”

In an Oct. 29 Commonweal article, Fr. Ramsey recounts the multiple warning signs surrounding McCarrick’s behavior — and the number of times they were ignored by Church insiders …

… Ramsey described yet another indicator, in July 2004, when “in the course of a conversation with New York’s Cardinal Edward Egan, who had welcomed me into his archdiocese as a diocesan priest, I had an occasion to bring up the topic of McCarrick’s behavior.”

“Cardinal Egan did not want to discuss this, and we went on to other topics,” Ramsey said. “But it was perfectly obvious from his immediate reaction that he knew about McCarrick.” Egan later claimed he was unaware of sexual abuse by priests during his tenure …

Lifesitenews August 27, 2018:

“Pope Emeritus Benedict has confirmed the claim that he acted during his tenure to discipline now ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in response to accusations of sexual abuse, according to sources that have spoken to the National Catholic Register.

If true, the Pope Emeritus’ confirmation that he knew about McCarrick and sought to punish him lends strong weight to the claim that Pope Francis knew about McCarrick’s abuse but permitted him to act freely as an emissary of the Holy See and as a “kingmaker” for bishop and curial appointments in the Francis papacy.

Although Benedict reportedly cannot remember the exact nature of the punishment he imposed on McCarrick, he recalls having instructed Cardinal Bertone, his then Secretary of State, to impose “measures” against the cardinal in response to the allegations against him of homosexual predation against seminarians and adolescents.

“The Register has independently confirmed that the allegations against McCarrick were certainly known to Benedict, and the Pope Emeritus remembers instructing Cardinal Bertone to impose measures but cannot recall their exact nature,” the publication states in a widely overlooked passage in its original article on the scandal published on Saturday. The Register does not reveal its sources for this information.

The affirmation comes in the wake of allegations made on Saturday by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio in the United States, that Pope Benedict had imposed severe penalties on Cardinal McCarrick years before Francis became pope, forbidding him to celebrate Mass in public, to participate in public meetings, to give lectures, and to travel, “dedicating himself to a life of prayer and penance.”

In his written testimony on the affair, simultaneously published by and the National Catholic Register on Saturday, Viganò says that he personally knows that Pope Francis was aware of the accusations against McCarrick, because he mentioned them to the pontiff himself on two different occasions in 2013, shortly after his election, when Francis appeared to be probing him to see if he was an ally or an enemy of McCarrick.

Asked, “What is Cardinal McCarrick like?” Viganò writes, “I answered him with complete frankness and, if you want, with great naiveté: ‘Holy Father, I don’t know if you know Cardinal McCarrick, but if you ask the Congregation for Bishops there is a dossier this thick about him. He corrupted generations of seminarians and priests and Pope Benedict ordered him to withdraw to a life of prayer and penance.’” …

Pope Benedict might soon pass away.

In response, Jesuit (and some say Freemason) Jorge Bergoglio wrote this message to the faithful:

“Let us pray together for Pope Emeritus Benedict who is supporting the Church in silence. Let us ask the Lord to console him and to sustain him in this witness of love fr the Church, until the end.”

Supporting the Church in silence is a witness of love for the Church?

To what end?

11 months ago

Wheeling the gavel of destruction in the state of Connecticut. Currently in Connecticut family court the forcing of GaLs on cases. These gals repeatedly obstruct litigants from interducing DCF records , out side psycholocal eval and records. Police reports. How is this due process? The forced use of psychologist. How is this considered eithical representation of the best interest of the minor? Our attorney general’s office is not addressing the courts because it’s not in the financial best interest of the state. He’s continuesly interduce legislation to silence the victims of the court system. The scales of the justice system in family court appearing to be eliminated. The GALs are not held to the eithical guidelines of the professional standards. Neither are the clinical psychologist engaged in these cases. People are being railroaded through the system. It appears that there is a massive history of covering up of questionable justice. The united states’government so far is leaving it to the state. You would not be reading the frank report or this comment if it was being handled. We elect the officials running the state. The same needs to happen with the judges. Connecticut elected government we need real investigation and intervention in the courts. Connecticut is a small state and is considered to be one of if not the worst family court system in the country. How are we not ashamed and embarrassed? It receive lots of funding despite this. They are using our tax dollars. Where is the money going? Obviously not to fix it. Why is nobody in a position of power doing anything for the residents. More importantly children!!!!! Money 🤑 Prayers for 2023 to bring light on what is happening in our judicial system no matter religious beliefs.

11 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Exactly on point.

Gals need to be eliminated. The corruption and abuse of power is rampant. They’re unnecessary. It’s one more attorney to steal and destroy.

The Purposeful Destruction of the Roman Catholic Church
The Purposeful Destruction of the Roman Catholic Church
11 months ago

“The priest-abuse scandal has cost the Roman Catholic church an estimated $3 billion or more, and plunged dioceses around the world into bankruptcy.”

11 months ago

Holding the Roman Catholic church accountable for its global, decades if not centuries-long crimes is hardly “purposeful destruction.” If there were any real justice that number would be a hundred times 3 billion.

for 5:04
for 5:04
11 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Enemies of the Roman Catholic Church deceived and infiltrated the Church to destroy it.

Those who deceived and infiltrated the Church should be held accountable for harm done. Pullman and Comley reported a few events and left out most of the most important facts. They ignored the big picture of how it happened. Theodore McCarrick and “the pipeline running up and down the east coast” is just one example of that.

As long as large institutions can be held accountable for large crimes, family courts should be held accountable in that same way. I hope justice offered will be a hundred times 3 billion there too.

11 months ago
Reply to  for 5:04

The Roman Catholic church elevated and turned a blind eye to pedophiles over many centuries. The pedophiles were not a conspiracy against the church, the ARE the church and always have been.

for 9:26
for 9:26
10 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Lots of theories and versions of history. Any specifics to support your theory?

While it does look like Mr. Bergoglio hijacked the Vatican, many popes were great popes and most people are good people in most religions.

Why no mention in Pullman and Comley and Holzberg’s Report about the Haitian boys?
Why no mention in Pullman and Comley and Holzberg’s Report about the Haitian boys?
11 months ago

Sunday Connecticut Post, January 31, 2010:

“… A primary supporter of the project was Jesuit Fr. Paul Carrier, director of campus ministry at Fairfield until he was abruptly moved from the position in 2006. Carrier set up the Haiti Fund Inc., the funding arm of Perlitz’s project. According to the indictment, a total of $2 million was moved from the Haiti Fund to an account controlled by Perlitz. Some of it, investigators said, was used to pay boys to engage in sexual acts.

In recent weeks, Carrier had dropped from sight but the Jesuits broke their silence on his activities Oct. 1 when the New England Province of Jesuits released a statement saying the province was cooperating with the U.S. attorney regarding Carrier’s whereabouts.

The statement also said that Carrier “currently has no assignment and is not performing any public ministry.”

Paul Kendrick, a Fairfield alumnus and an advocate for victims of sexual abuse, said he was unable to get any information on Carrier despite repeated queries to the New England Province. Kendrick had traveled to Haiti and visited Perlitz’s operation in April 2003. Perlitz was not present at the time of his visit, Kendrick said in a recent phone interview with NCR, but Kendrick said he was impressed with the operation. But when allegations surfaced about the project, Kendrick pressed the Jesuits for answers about Carrier, who, he said, had visited the school and homes in Haiti frequently.

Carrier, now identified in news reports as the “religious leader” referred to in the indictment, selected the Haiti Fund’s board, whose members included influential figures in the Bridgeport diocese. Among the board members were Philip Allen Lacovara, the attorney who represented the diocese in several recent high-profile court cases, including the failed attempt to block release of documents relating to clergy sexual abuse cases, and his wife, Madeline. She is a member of the Dames of Malta and he is listed as legal counsel for the Knights of Malta, a Catholic service organization that has also donated significant sums to the Haiti Fund. …”

“… Additionally, the suits charge Perlitz with violating international law and United Nations regulations by abusing the children. They accuse Carrier, Carter and five of the yet-to-be named defendants in aiding and abetting his violation of international law by allegedly failing to stop the abuse.

The plaintiffs’ lawyers are expected to announce the filings during a conference at the Delmar Hotel in Southport late Thursday morning.

Perlitz, with the help of money from the Order of Malta, of which Carter is involved, and donations through Mass collections at Fairfield University and the Haiti Fund, created Project Pierre Toussaint. The program grew into a three-phase operation to help abandoned young boys living on the streets of Cap-Haitien, Haiti’s second largest city.“

Was Paul Carrier, Jesuit director of campus ministry at Fairfield University in the Pullman and Comley Report?
Was Paul Carrier, Jesuit director of campus ministry at Fairfield University in the Pullman and Comley Report?
10 months ago

“Sued 10/17/14 in federal court in CT by man accusing Carrier of sexually abusing him as a teen 10 years previously at Project Pierre Toussaint School in Haiti. The school was a charity supported by Fairfield Univ., where Carrier was chaplain. Plaintiff also claimed abuse by Doug Perlitz, a school founder supervised by Carrier, who was convicted in 12/10 of sexually abusing boys there. In 10/14 Carrier was residing at Weston Jesuit Center in MA.”

11 months ago

Why does CT allow attorneys to investigate crimes like the sexual abuse of children?

Where are the police? The AG? The FBI? The churches move priests across state lines to other dioceses.

Attorneys in CT- are given unlimited power in family court. The vilify and criminalize innocent parents.

Munro leader of family court cabal
Munro leader of family court cabal
11 months ago

Linda Munro is a leader in family court abuse and racketeering.
One example:

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Here is my favorite Munro story:

The psychologists that were big into the “custody study” business realized that it if they actually had to write a custody study, someone might actually read it and realize that there was no scientific, psychological or other basis for anything in the report.

So Horowitz & Krieger perfected the art of delaying, deferring, demanding “feedback sessions” and other dirty tricks to avoid ever having to issue the report.

Of course, they still got paid for their work but they’d try to make the case settle without having to write anything for which they could be held accountable. The other psychologists started to copy their methods. Then the game became how to bill the greatest number of hours and make life as difficult as possible for the parents to force the family to settle (or just let the crazy people kill each other or the kids) and never have to issue a report.

However, in some rare cases, they actually had to write a report, which some logical litigant might actually read.

What to do?

Answer: get the judge to order that the parents not be permitted to read the report. You make up some reason like the parents might release the report to the public in a manner that would hurt the kids.

(Remember, in family court fantasyland, the PARENTS are bad for the kids, while the DIVORCE INDUSTRY is good for the kids.)

Thus, in a Stamford matter, Munro ordered the parents to take the kids to (I think) Horowitz, pay him whatever he asked for, then Munro ordered that the parents not be permitted to read the Custody Evaluation, and then she started issuing orders based on the Custody Evaluation that she had forbade the parents from even reading. At this point, the ultimate goal has been realized: the parents role has been reduced to simply writing checks to the divorce industry.

True story. This is due process in Connecticut family court. You get to write the check, or you will lose custody of your kids and be incarcerated.

11 months ago

It’s telling that the CT AG doesn’t get involved in these investigations.

CT fails to hold anyone accountable criminally.

Do Connecticut churches and family courts ever refer sex-abuse allegations to civil authorities?
Do Connecticut churches and family courts ever refer sex-abuse allegations to civil authorities?
11 months ago

“ Hartford Institute Of Living Doctors Say The Church Used Them To Keep Abusive Priests On The Job

MAR 24, 2002 AT 3:00 AM

… Court documents reviewed by The Courant — which contain sealed pretrial testimony from the settled Bridgeport cases — show that the diocese never referred sex-abuse allegations against a priest to civil authorities for investigation. Instead, church officials made clear they believed that an evaluation at the institute would determine the truth of an accusation.

Egan said during a 1999 deposition that he could take little action against an accused priest if doctors did not substantiate the complaint: `We would have to proceed as anyone else would proceed, by presuming innocence until guilt is proved,’ he said. …”

Why does the same thing happen in Connecticut family courts?

11 months ago

You know Howard Krieger and Sidney Horowitz’s Connecticut Resource group had the only outpatient pedophile treatment program in the country and it was successful- both of these details provided by their website until 2012… why no AG? Because CT is part of Silk Road pedo trade

Which interests are conflicts — if any?
Which interests are conflicts — if any?
11 months ago

Did Catholic church parishioners put checks and cash in a separate envelope at collection time to pay for the Pullman and Comley, Inc. investigation and report — or did the diocese pay Pullman and Comley, Inc. out of the general fund?

Representative Steven Stafstrom works for Pullman and Comley, Inc.

The Pullman and Comley, Inc. website lists “Saint Ann Roman Catholic Church – Trustee“ among Rep. Stafstrom’s Community Involvement activities.

As co-chair of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, is Representative Stafstrom allowed to make a public comment about the investigations of child sexual abuse cases in family courts and Catholic churches?

In the “Joint Committee on Judiciary … all bills carrying civil penalties which exceed the sum of, or which may exceed in the aggregate, five thousand dollars; and all bills carrying criminal penalties, other than infractions, favorably reported by any other committee shall be referred to said committee, provided the committee’s consideration shall be limited to the criminal penalties established in such bills and shall not extend to their substantive provisions or purpose.“

As co-chair of the committee, Rep. Stafstrom should be able to comment and fully participate in the conversation.

If and when the conversation is introduced, will conflicts of interest prevent Representative Stafstrom from commenting and participating?

11 months ago

Attorney Cunha did
what St. Paul did
two thousand years
after that.

Eyes wide closed
Eyes wide closed
11 months ago

The Catholic church is infilterated in every hallmark of fashion and politics.

Just consider the recent Balenciaga scandal that clearly promotes child sexual abuse and trafficking. Owned by Kering organizations, which is owned by Francois Henri Pinault who sells extremely expensive child sex dolls that are absolutely horrifying. His wife, Salma Hayek, Hollywood actress is a “devout Catholic”

Joshua Bocenega is running for Senate in California. He also happens to have an extremely expensive sex club that promotes a Eyes Wide Shut theme. Eyes Wide Shut is a movie about ritualistic ceremonies that include human sacrifice for the Elite. These rituals stem from the Catholic church.

Josh Bocenega runs in same circles as the Kinky Rabbit Club which features naked women wearing gigantic panda heads. Panda heads are symbols for pedophiles which literally mean that they promote child sodomy. This is why Baal elncia has been boycotted for the last few weeks, because they are glamorizing child sodomy and child exploitation through porn, bondage, violence and trafficking. The Kinky Rabbit also features a child like woman wearing a back pack, like in the Balenciaga ads, with bear ( called pedo bear ) with a dildo on it.

It costs $500.00 per person. They have as much as 100 people at the club per night. It is in a house in the Hollywood hills. They charge this much to keep secrets. The people who go to these parties are the elite. These sex parties are letting the public know through symbols that they are promoting pedophillia. Houses in that area are known to have dungeons and worse yet, underground trenches which lead to actual tunnels.

A documented 840,00 children per year go missing in USA per year. That’s not even including all the undocumented refugees which are being brought here to be trafficked. Millions upon millions of children go missing world wide per year that are NEVER FOUND. Why? Where do they go?

There is a world wide problem. To think this would not infect our families is bat shit crazy. Anyone who thinks this is a conspiracy theory is as dumb as rocks.

Whistleblowers would help.
Whistleblowers would help.
11 months ago

Is it for blackmail to have more political power and/or because they say they are Christians and are not?

The Templars/The Order of Solomon’s Temple have a record of criminal behavior in some versions of history. Some say that’s where the “bad luck on Friday the 13th” superstition started.

Professor Walter Veith of South Africa said The Jesuits are involved.

Wikipedia says: “The Templars were accused of idolatry and were suspected of worshiping either a figure known as Baphomet or a mummified severed head they recovered, amongst other artifacts, at their original headquarters on the Temple Mount that many scholars theorize might have been that of John the Baptist, among other things.”

An FBI agent in the New Haven, Connecticut office a few years ago wore a silver ring with what looked like a Templar Cross. Whistleblowers will help.

11 months ago

$500 keeps secrets?? That’s like 5 cents to a rich person.

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