It’s not over: Emiliano Salinas is FBI target now!

Emiliano Salinas embraces his then worshipful master Keith Raniere. Later, Salinas abandoned the hero, leaving him to his sad fate all alone.
Take this with a grain of salt, but based on discussions I had with sources familiar with the NXIVM case, the superseding indictment is not the end of the charges.
Clare Bronfman, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and the obscure Kathy Russell have been indicted.  Some – maybe all of them – will go to prison.
The Feds, by making this a RICO case, made it clear that there’s more to follow. There will likely be another superseding indictment.
Sources tell me the US Attorney in the Eastern District, Richard P. Donoghue, has ordered his office to further investigate Emiliano Salinas and that additional federal resources have been made available for that part of the case.  Emiliano Salinas is now the chief target.

As for Dennis Burke – he is not in this case by chance. He is ostensibly Clare Bronfman’s behind-the-scenes lawyer.  Given his closeness to the Salinas clan and other members of the Arizona Mafia, it would look bad for him to be a lawyer of record for Bronfman.  Nevertheless, Burke has been calling around the legal community in D.C. on behalf of Bronfman these last few weeks. He may have been making a back-room deal to indict Clare to steer prosecutors away from Emiliano.

Two sources told me the U.S. Attorney was wined and dined recently (not by Burke, but by someone else close to the Clintons) with the intent to pressure or persuade him to leave Emiliano out of the NXIVM case because he “couldn’t have known anything.”
That corroborates other sources who reported federal agents recently approached potential witnesses asking them how much certain Mexicans knew about various transactions with NXIVM.
Within the DOJ, there is a conflict. More or less, the pro-Trump feds [Donoghue, certain NYC FBI agents, and others] want Emiliano indited for crimes they believe he committed. But the Democrat-laden upper echelon at Main Justice is pushing back against indicting Salinas for political reasons.
The fact they indicted a Bronfman shows how serious the EDNY is about this case.  Elites like Bronfman are not normally subjected to the same system of justice the average American is – not at the DOJ.  Bronfman was undoubtedly a difficult charging decision. Difficult as it was to get the go-ahead to charge Bronfman, charging Emiliano [a dual citizen] is more difficult and almost as serious a decision as it would be to charge a Clinton.

Will the Arizona Mafia be able to stave off an indictment of Emiliano – the current elephant in the room at the EDNY? If so, they conceivably run a risk of turning themselves into targets.  I feel it’s possible that, before the NXIVM case is over, several high-level U.S. Government officials from the Obama era will be indicted. There’s also a very real possibility that several law enforcement officials in the Albany, NY area will be indicted (They certainly deserve to be).

Of course, the EDNY is being told that indicting Emiliano could result in an international incident between the U.S. and Mexico.
There is no guarantee that politics will not prevail and Emiliano will be spared being indicted.
Carlos Salinas is a brilliant, evil genius.  The extradited drug lord, Chapo Guzman, is a defendant right now – it has been said – as a gift from Carlos Salinas to Donald Trump.  He was trading for future favors.  Now, Carlos needs one from the DOJ.
Still, this case has gone much farther than anyone expected. Who expected they would catch a Salinas when they were looking at a simple upstate New York cult sex trafficking case? Despite initial efforts to hang the entire criminality on Rainere – it seems the case has grown bigger.
There are signs now that the EDNY is prevailing against legal and political efforts in DC to slow them down.
It has been a learning process for EDNY prosecutors. I think it’s safe to say that a January 2019 trial date is unlikely.  At some point, the media will follow the lead of the Frank Report and start connecting the dots between money laundering, the Mexicans, the politicians, and other crimes – and find the fingerprints of Carlos Salinas.
Then, things will get truly interesting.

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  • El artículo dice: “Por supuesto, a EDNY se le dice que acusar a Emiliano podría resultar en un incidente internacional entre los Estados Unidos y México.”
    Claro que de ninguna manera habrá conflicto inernacional, TODO México estaría agradecido con Trump si decide juzgar a Emiliano Salinas. Es tiempo de que alguien le de un escarmiento al padre Carlos Salinas de Gortari, el hombre más ODIADO del país.
    Ojalá lo publicaran a ocho columnas.

  • Excellent Work Frank! One of Raniere’s and Bronfmans company’s is Plugged-in Technologies. This is a internet/cell/ Network Server company promoting security with cellphone and the internet. A confined group using this would give them security against NSA/FBI and hackers. I suspect maybe this is how he got the Clinton, politicians, sex trafficking, Arizona mafia and others to listen to him or to get into their networks. It would be something these people would want

  • The Clinton’s and their Democratic cronies have done more damage to our once great Country. The corruption that has reigned because of the Clinton’s is what allowed a CULT like Nxivm to flourish for years while innocent victims were not only targeted , but further insulted when they went to the officials for help. The Mexican people were thrilled to get rid of Chapo Guzman, they are also aware that the current political regime is rooting out the corruption in our own ranks, finally. President Trump you owe mexico nothing, you took a vow to MAGA, I am counting on this. Thank you again Frank you opened a door when you went after NXIVM , a creepy little cult in Albany that was given a chance to become much more. Looking forward to what’s next

  • Mexico would NEVER extradite Emi to the USA to stand trial on NXIVM charges. It doesn’t matter that he’s a dual citizen, he’s still a Mexican citizen and the government of Mexico would be too embarrassed by letting him stand trial. Doesn’t matter who the current president is there and whether they’re friends or enemies with Salinas.

    The extradition treaty between USA and Mexico is worthless in this case, as Mexico’s legal system is corrupt to the rafters.

    We also have an extradition treaty with France and Switzerland, yet both of those countries have used flimsy legal arguments to ignore the treaty and refuse to extradite Roman Polanski for political reasons.

    Mexico has never done (and never would do) the right thing for moral reasons. Sending a drug dealer to the USA for trial isn’t the same as sending Salinas.

    Maybe Frank can tell us how he sees the Emi arrest and extradition going down, if he’s ever indicted.

    I’ll take a stab at it:

    a) USA makes an arrest request for Emi to Mexican authorities.

    b) The very next day a Mexican swat team invades Emi’s armed compound, gets in a shootout with his 6 bodyguards, kills them all and takes Emi into custody.

    c) Influential Mexican businessmen offer the Mexican Attorney General millions of dollars in bribes and countless future favors not to extradite Emi to the USA.

    d) The Mexican Attorney General says “I am not corruptible. I am a pure man. I do not want your money or favors. Emi is going to be extradited”

    e) The USA makes a formal extradition request for Emi, citing the extradition treaty.

    f) Mexico says “Sure my good friend to the North, the rule of law is sacred to us”.

    g) Mexico says “Would you like him sent Next-Day-Air via Fedex?”

    h) Mexico says “It was our pleasure amigos. We are pleased to be your stooges.”

    You guys are dreaming if you think Emi’s being extradited. He won’t even be arrested there, let alone extradited.

    • While Carlos Salinas may still have unlimited $$$ and weapons, he is not running the country anymore.

      It’s amazing that killing off 132 candidates for election, he still couldn’t keep the power there.

      • It doesn’t matter if the new Mexican president hates Salinas. Extradition isn’t happening.

        Mexico will NEVER extradite Emi to the USA to stand trial in the embarrassing saga of a sex slave cult.

        It would be a national embarrassment for their country regardless of who’s in power at the moment.

        And who knows how many other government officials Emi could implicate if he goes on trial. Why would Mexico risk that type of national embarrassment?

        It’ll never happen. Frank is not being very realistic here, he’s kind of dreaming in a sense.

  • One of the reasons I left NXIVM was due to “cash” coming across the MX border. I was not going to have any part of this illegal activity.

    Emi did more than illegal cash, he plotted with Keith to bribe a MX Judge to file false changers against US citizens who were defectors from NXIVM/Raniere. Anyone crossing the MX border would be arrested, thrown in prison, tortured, raped, and only after signing a confession… They would be disposed of.

    Kristen Keffee was told about this plot by Raniere himself. She has shared this story with many defectors.

    All the Feds need to do, is looking into the email account that Raniere and Emi used to exchange this plot.

    Last I checked this is an illegal plot against what NXIVM deemed their enemies.

  • Again why were Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne down in Mexico in March?

    As mules carrying bulk cash or illegal contraband?

    As a team to lure NXIVM’s enemies into a trap?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Lauren was there as a medical tourist, looking for an inexpensive fix for that anteater nose.

      Allison Mack was Raniere’s fuck toy. Nikki was there for two reasons. Reason 1: make sure the Puerto Vanguarda condo was well stocked with Valtrex. Reason 2: She was in Mexico pleading to keep her $15 per hour position at The Knife.

      Shadow your continued efforts to turn Mack, Clyne and Salzman into some sort of advance team for a violent criminal wave is laughable, but might fly on what seems to be your primary source of information, Wikipedia.

    • For what should they sue Hillary and Bill? Taking campaign money from shady sources… Good luck with that. In such a case 90% of all the politicians would be in jail. Start with all the guys taking NRA blood money. Or those who get money from the millitary industrial complex and start BS wars in return.
      Iraq was the stupidest thing in recent history and if you would use international law the way it was established after WW2 Bush would be dead for a long time.

      • The Clinton foundation corruption has them all beat. Don’t forget Obammy and hellery’s CIA starting and funding ISIS. Ole war criminal billy bullsit doing his dirty deeds in Serbia. You have a selective city slicker ghetto banger memory dude.

        • CIA is a terrorist organization. Nothing else.

          Now everyone is talking about how bad Iran is and how much their government hates the USA. Just research WHY. How the CIA installed Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as defacto dictator of Persia. How Iraq was armed after he was overthrown and attacked the innocent neighbor Iran for 8 years just 1 year later.
          Google the September 11th 1973 and see how Henry Kissinger is involved and you see why a hell of a lot of countries hate the US for very good reasons.
          BTW Afghanistan is one of those as well. The US brought 100k man to Afghanistan to fill Bin Laden’s ranks, finance and train them to fight the Russians and created the man who attacked New York.

          Obama and Hillary might not be saints. But these things happened under other Presidents. One could have left Saddam in power for instance. He was not involved in the war on terror and neither did he had hte weapons he was supposed to hand over.

          Last but not least. Go after the US drone war. There are ~25 killed civilians per “military” target. And you get $200 for every killed innocent person as a compensation from the US government.

          • Of course O-hole and Hellery were saints. After all their destabilization efforts in Egypt and Libya as well as four other middle eastern countries sure were a big help. As well as 150 billion cash to Iran to spread their terror and fund
            Hezbollah in Lebanon. Not to mention the noble peace prize phony O-Hole was king of the drone strikes. don’t forget their support of ISIS in Irag and Syria…yep real saints. By the way…..9=11 pssst it was the Saudi’s and Mossed.

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