Dr. Brandon Porter’s medical licensing revocation hearing today

Brandon Porter

Dr. Brandon Porter, 44, has been charged by the New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC)  with illegally conducting human experiments and other deeds of malpractice. He is a physician – and a high-ranking member of Keith Raniere’s  NXIVM sex-slaver cult. .

His hearing is scheduled for today.

It is not believed to be open to the public. However, if his license is suspended or revoked, it will become public. A source told me Dr. Porter’s license is already suspended pending the results of this hearing.  Keep in mind, these are not criminal charges, but licensing charges. Depending on the findings that come out of today’s hearings, there may be a criminal referral to the New York State Attorney General.

The OPMC accused Porter of moral unfitness, gross negligence, and gross incompetence.

As first reported in Frank Report, Dr. Porter showed human females, who were connected to an EEG machine, videos of murders and dismemberment of women by machetes; an African American being stomped by a Nazi; a man being forced to eat a portion of his own brain; gang rape; and other items sure to startle and be revolting to most women. Dr. Porter conducted his experiments for The Ethical Science Foundation, which is funded by Clare Bronfman.

Dr. Porter is also charged with violating state law for improperly conducting studies on obsessive compulsive disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, and monitoring brain waves of students at Nxivm intensives. As of yet, they have not brought any charges regarding Dr. Porter’s alleged involvement with Rainbow Cultural Garden, another Keith Raniere-inspired illegal operation that is funded by Sara Bronfman.

The state also admonished Dr. Porter for not reporting to health officials that more than 100 people, including children, at the 2016 Vanguard Week in Silver Bay, New York, became ill with an infectious illness that produced flu-like symptoms, vomiting and diarrhea.

Did Keith Raniere and Dr. Porter introduce something into the food as an experiment?

None of the High Rank of NXIVM got ill. Neither did several slaves Raniere was having sex with on the YMCA campgrounds on the banks of Lake George where V-Week was held. Raniere ordered all sick individuals to remain in their rooms and not to leave or even look outside and afterwards to never tell anyone they were sick. Dr. Porter was able to examine sick cult members’ reactions during illness and record how they responded to pain.

It remains to be seen if Dr. Porter is charged criminally. Perhaps, he will turn state’s evidence. It seems likely that he will lose his medical license.

Image result for mr spock

As a young man, Dr. Porter was a fan of Mr. Spock of Star Trek. Sadly, his Captain Kirk – Vanguard – was captured by the Federation.

Dr. Brandon Porter – he’s no Spock. But then again, Vanguard is his captain.


Artist conception [not a real photo]: Dr. Brandon Porter conducts a female human fright experiment where he shows a woman films of rape, and murder of women. Dr. Porter is also in charge of monitoring the linguistic skills of children in Rainbow Cultural Garden..

Dr. Porter was still in Med School when he began Executive Success Programs.

Here is his testimonial: 

As a physician and scientist, my background is in science. I entered into my MD/PhD program with the hopes of learning the tools of science so I could use them to help humanity. It was during my training as an MD/PhD student that I was first introduced to Executive Success Programs. Initially, I was intrigued by the strength of the intellectual content and the philosophical concepts introduced in the model.
However, with time, I became even more impressed by the emotional strength I was gaining as the result of these unique and innovative tools.
Simply put, prior to taking this training, I was scared of experiencing my emotions (and other people who had emotions). You could say I identified very easily with “Spock” from Star Trek. However, as with Spock, this lack of emotionality made for a sterile and frustrating experience of life. I wanted to be emotionally present, but I felt more comfortable coming from a place of intellect and logic. However, (to my great joy!) with this new toolset I was able to craft an ability to have deep emotional experiences AND hone my tools of logic and scientific inquiry together. (It turns out, unlike in Star Trek, emotional strength and logical ability are not mutually exclusive.)
As a result, I feel more like a living, breathing, compassionate human being and I think my friends, family and patients experience me this way too. I also gained a greater capacity for scientific investigation, but, in hindsight, this seems like a pleasant side effect.


Yes, indeed, Dr. Porter, it did you a lot of good.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Princess LemurIan is correct abut the trannies,,I think. When I was at that party I did observe the 2 trannies battling, and the surprising loss that occurred to the larger, albeit weaker tranny, Tramway, aka Scottie Johnson.

    I have yet to recount the rest of the story, which are all the parts in between the tranny battle and prior to the make out session with Ben (who was NOT a tranny)!

    Where, I left off was when the Tramway was crying on the floor. The other tranny , who one the fight, then took his cowboy hat and then his shirt, which is how Ben came to be in the possession of those items. The tranny did this so she could write, with a permanent marker, some very mean words on the Tramway ‘s bare skin.

    If I remember more about this party, I will tell you all.And I think thst something else happened in the bedroom in regards to some other trannies who attended and who went into that bedroom with the guy who was probably Keith .

  • i seriously don’t wanna die over my comments cuz they’re fucking TRUE. Not that anyone will believe me so phew. I never blow my mouth off but srsly, come ON. Aside from DS human trafficking, this tranny thing is OTT. Seriously, most of them are TRANNIES JUST LIKE HOLLYWOOD and its gone way too far. Anyway, pls my French Frank. But I c u though bud, I get what u gotta do. *shrugs*

  • Keith is wearing LIPSTICK in that photo. Also, if you look closely at the photos of the majority of Nexivm folks you will see that hardly any of the men have Adam’s apples whereas a LOT of the women DO. trannyville. Lastly, this NX shit is just a front fall for the deep state satanic child and human trafficking torture murder eating shit. So these turds take the fall and Alafantis Clinton Branson et al, all the lot of these adrenochrome drinking evil fucks just go on munching on dead tortured babies trafficked from all over the world. Come on, Frankie, out the real story, they’re ALL SATANISTS, MAJORITY TRANSGENDER (per baphomet bs)and they are all tits deep into the highest echelons of the REAL. Horror behind the scenes of the “public horror”. And before some freak comes at me for my comments, check the physical markers for trannies your damn self and don’t shoot this messenger. Seriously, most of the men in this group are either gay or are trans and the women were born MALE. there, I said it. Adam’s apples don’t lie. Ugh, I can smell the stench of the torture chambers from here. *runs and hides from deep state assasins*

  • I continue to be astonished at the number of thoroughly unsavory/unethical tentacles emerging from this monstrous cult. Just repulsive.

  • Let’s hope this quack’s license gets pulled. What the hell motivated him to conduct those experiments? My first guess is vanity. He wanted to win acclaim as a genius and he was willing to break the rules to get there quickly. I guess that was Vanguard’s influence on him.

    Just speculation on my part. But as I see it, if he was smart enough to earn a medical doctorate, there’s no excuse for conducting off-the-record medical research…particularly if it can hurt people.

  • When I attended college back in the seventies I took an introductory class in Psychology.
    Already the professionals in the field talked about Ethics in research.

    We were informed that many Psychological experiments, like the Milgram experiment at Yale University, could no longer be performed without prior INFORMED CONSENT.
    Psychologists were not allowed to show test subjects shocking or outrageous photos or videos without first informing them of the nature of the experiment and then getting their signed consent.

    The Milgram Shock Experiment raised questions about the research ethics of scientific experimentation because of the extreme emotional stress and inflicted insight suffered by the participants. Some critics such as Gina Perry argued that participants were not properly debriefed

    Dr. Brandon Porter is more like Dr.Josef Mengele or Dr. Frankenstein than a legitimate Doctor.

    • Porter did obtain consent from hundreds of people he was studying, both men & women, for various research, most of which was simply studying brainwave patterns to see if someone had a physiological reaction to having what they term ‘an integration’. Most of them had signed consent forms.

      Potentially 100 people, both men & women, in a specific experiment to studying what was termed ‘a luciferian’c had watched the films which Jen Kobelt had watched, with no ill effects. I was one of them. They were gross, but scarred for life? Please. Most action/horror movies of the past 2 years have worse images than the ones he was showing.

      Porter was misled by Keith into thinking that what he was doing was noble. He failed to follow proper procedures, and suffered the effects.

      He’s not a bad man, he just was misled & fucked up.

      • If you were subjected to these films and aren’t horrified, you are programmed and I suggest you seek cult counselling. The fact you can’t recognize the horrific intent behind this “experiment” also shows how desensitized you are. You may not see the problem with the brainwashing now, but just give it some time. It WILL show up in your life in some capacity. Dan Shaw or Rosanne Henry can help you.

  • All these idiots use the same language patterns. Porter just forgot to throw the word ethical out there a dozen times.

  • Alright, Porter’s losing his medical license is the first step towards his total downfall–the doctor who did the branding needs to go next.

  • Did that NYT photographer use a filter to make Raniere look thinner than he ever has in his life? Or did leaving town with his sex slaves force him to eat the way he pretending to eat when he was upstate and he actually got skinny?

  • Brandon Porter does not realize that he got dooped about what is ethical research based on professional standards within his profession.

    Raniere has different standards which only benefited Raniere. Porter failed to see he was under Raniere’s influence and bought his BS hook, line and sinker despite many people reaching out attempting to Wake Him Up.

    Even Porter’s wife was deep within the vat of koolaid and has put herself and her kids into a situation where they are beyond broke.

    What a waste of years of education Porter has lost and is now left with a destroyed career and has help Raniere abused so many.

    Hopefully, losing his ability to practice medicine will be his bottom and cause him to wake up. Otherwise he could miss years with his family as his ass sits in prison only to uphold is Master.

    He might abandon able yo cut a sweet deal if he’d just tell the truth.

    • If he can speak the language, Porter may still be able to practice in third world countries.

    • Porters not waking up he’s a psychopath, read his little spiel on this post, he says himself, flatline no emotion dead inside. I dated a psychopath for years and can spot these reptiles a mile away. The lot of them are on the cluster b spectrum , they traffic people and kids and adhere to satanic doctrine. And not a one of them have any conscience, remorse, or guilt. Not…one. Regards to the OG commenter, not tryna b mean (non psycho here) Have a nice day.

  • I hope he loses his license. 🙂

    It’s vacation time now. No more postings for a while. 🙂

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