Part 1: English translation of Univision Broadcast – gives insight into Mexican world of NXIVM

One of our correspondents was kind enough to translate the Univision investigative story on NXIVM from Spanish to English.


Part I  watch the video in Spanish and read English translation below 

An hermetic organization

A personal growth guru

And a super undercover group of woman called DOS or the oath


They were branded like cattle

Witnesses say Dr. Danielle Roberts used a laser with a hot stinging end

One by one, the woman took turns getting branded while others held them from arms and legs to prevent them from turning around from the pain they felt.


“Keith Raniere Played Chess and all the rest where his pieces”

In the pelvic zone and without anesthesia, the Dr. burned in Keith Raniere initials over a period of 30 minutes, According to the complaint, during the ceremony, Allison Mack held her arms over the slaves body and told them, feel the pain and think about the master while they cried.

“Simply, I do  not only own your mind, I manipulate and control your actions, I also own your body till the point that I brand it. This is very perverse.”

This is how the scar of the brand turned out showed by the Canadian actress Sarah Edmondson who today alleges she was mentally manipulated.

This is one of the confiscated houses where they suspect these questioned practices or criminal practices took place to brand the women’s bodies with Raniere initials.

This ceremony and other practices are today part of a criminal complaint from the FBI for slavery and consensual sexual traffic with coercion. And the accused is this man Keith Raniere. A charismatic Guru from a personal growth program.

His friend, Allison Mack, the actress from to series Smallvile, is now facing the same charges. The complaint confirms that Raniere, 58 years old was leading a program called DOS where he formed a pyramid of only women and he was the great master. The women were obliged to tape sexual videos as guarantee for obedience. These guarantees were called collateral.

The psychologist Maria Basalt studied the accusation: “The psychological  profile of KR seems to confirm the characteristics of a psychotic personality possibly with some narcissistic traits where manipulating others and putting the others like an object for his own pleasure or benefit is a common practice.


Raniere was considered a hero of the personal growth industry in Mexico. Almost a God according to some ex-students.

“There was a lot of expectation of everybody… like if he was a god. And that is very weird because you never expect God to come down and enlighten you right?”

When he was arrested in Puerto Vallarta in March of this year and was immediately deported to the USA, the news hit various families who were rich and famous that venerated and financed him.

“He is a very serious scientific,  mathematic, philosopher, entrepreneur, educator, inventor, who has dedicated his life to study the human psychodynamic, how the mind works, with your emotions and your body”. Alejandra Gonzalez Anaya is the sister of Mexico IRS head chief Jose Antonio Gonzalez Anaya, she is a Raniere associate in a group of companies that gets many government contracts.

“He is a man of many accomplishments, but more importantly, he’s a man of proven character and an ethical leader in the face of adversity.” This is how Emiliano Salinas Occelli, son of Mexico former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, described Raniere. For 15 years,  Emiliano was Raniere’s biggest promoter in Mexico.

“I see Emiliano also as a victim, I mean, I see him like…. Everyone who entered the organization, everyone was manipulated as he wanted to manipulate them, I mean they are his chess figures”.

Maayan Tuati Saraga a businesswoman in Mexico that got disappointed from the courses and became an expert of the organization.

“I spent approximately 10k in the two years I was there”

Nexium Mexico SA de Cv, one of the companies of the conglomerate directed by Salinas, is cited in the criminal complaint. None of the Mexicans have been criminally accused and Mexico’s members from the organization have tried to distance themselves from their leader.

“The actual position of ESP Mexico in relation of the accusations over Raniere and other members of the organization is to condemn these type of practices if these where true”. (Diego Ruiz lawyer of ESP Mexico and the person who has the nxivm rep).

This pronouncement makes a contrast in relation with the first reaction when Raniere was arrested.” We want people to know that the company has all the arguments to demonstrate that the accusations have a lack of foundation”.

Raniere and Allison Mack have declared themselves not guilty – and he is in a prison in New York. In a hearing in a federal court, the prosecutors convinced the judge to not let him out on bail because there is a risk of him escaping and a risk for the community.

Catherine Oxenberg: “I am very happy that this man is still in jail”

Gerardo Reyes: Why?

Catherine Oxenberg: Because he is a criminal and has hurt many many people.

Catherine Oxenberg, an actress from the Dynasty series, maintains that this has harmed her family, one of her daughters, India, has enrolled in DOS and has been branded. We tried to speak with India who works in a restaurant in Manhattan.

India: This is not appropriate….

Until now, Raniere’s lawyers have not denied the existence of DOS, nor the branding ceremonies. Neither have they denied the collateral videos but they sustain that everything was made with consensual knowledge from the woman.

“These woman enrolled voluntarily, they are all adults, they all knew the agreement and they all knew about the collateral, and the collateral was there to promote unification not to hurt anyone”. (KR lawyer)

GR: India’s maternal grandmother, Princess Elizabeth from Yugoslavia, has said that she  won’t rest until her granddaughter wakes up

Princess Elizabeth: “Unfortunately she did not wake up, she thinks everything is perfectly ok, that there is nothing negative but we know it’s very dangerous and unfortunately she does not realize this”.

The question the FBI is asking now from sources near the agency is how much did the Mexican friends know about Raniere and the program of sexual slavery.

MT: “Of course they knew. We have some recordings where we know that they knew what was happening, but they denied, and that is what more terrifying for the people who were outside, that we knew that they knew about it and denied it”.



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Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

India is just like our downline in Amway. I tried to explain to them how we were being scammed by our Amway upline via the ATS (Amway Tool Scam), and they refused to listen. They even tried to sign up under someone else in our upline to get away from us, but I refused to sign the form allowing this and they had to quit, wait 6 months, and then sign up under them. Today, none of us are in Amway.

5 years ago


Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

So over your head, Moosha. LOL

5 years ago

No, it’s incredibly boring.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  zzz

No, you’re incredibly stupid. LOL

Just wait.
Just wait.
5 years ago

Flowers (likely the latest identity in a string from Allison’s mother) will be along any moment along with the “but Ramtha” contingent.

They’re all a bunch of twats.

I’d much rather hear from Monte Blu or Pea OnYou.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  Just wait.

You enjoy fiction? So do I, at the appropriate time, and this isn’t it. LOL

5 years ago

Give it a rest

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

Shut up.

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Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

Glad you’re having a good time. IDIOT. LOL

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Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

Keep rolling, the joke is on you. LOL

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