Crime Watch Daily investigating Raniere, reportedly seeking sources with info on crimes

Crime Watch Daily, an American syndicated investigative news magazine series, is doing an investigation into NXIVM and its founder, Keith Raniere.

Frank Report has learned the producers are speaking with victims, ex-cult members and current members of NXIVM in what appears to be shaping up as one of the most comprehensive TV investigations on this extreme cult ever aired.

Crime Watch Daily is a daily show, one hour in length, and is hosted by television journalist Chris Hansen, who gained great renown for busting pedophiles by luring them before the cameras and exposing them to the world.

Crime Watch Daily is produced by Telepictures and distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution. It features a mix of investigative reports, true crime stories and caught-on-tape footage.

Frank Report has learned that the producers have spoken with numerous victims of NXIVM and, as the show’s name indicates, the focus is on ‘crime’.

Jen Antonelli is the Senior Segment Producer, and, according to sources, she is seeking out anyone and everyone. The show is known for taking pains to protect the innocent and sources can offer information anonymously.

If anyone wants to help put an end to the nightmares caused by the continued thriving of the criminal organization of Bronfman-Raniere, this might be a good time to get involved.

Think of how your life would change if you did not have to fear Bronfman-Raniere. Not worry about them suing you, or releasing collateral, or arranging for your disappearance.

The shows work with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. They have the ability to investigate independently and have the ability to do more than a single investigative news story. They are on daily and can run new reports as info breaks.

If you can add something to the knowledge of crimes of NXIVM, please contact Jen Antonelli, Sr. Segment Producer: 818-972-0511 – Direct Line


Your identity will be protected.

3 thoughts on “Crime Watch Daily investigating Raniere, reportedly seeking sources with info on crimes

    • Hmmm how comes The Sun gets to see this stuff but we don’t? Who sent it to them. I think Frank Report should get the exclusive on this collateral “leak”. And where is this apparent “leak” they speak of anyway? I can’t find any evidence of the sort. Believe me I know where to look. And now the Sun have written about it, so does every two-bit internet “news” site copying them.

  1. If you have hesitated to go to local or NY State law enforcement, or local FBI, due to the rumors of NXIVM moles who will reveal you to Raniere for revenge, this is a great opportunity.

    Tell them your story.

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