Can Clare Bronfman buy her way out of indictment? – don’t bet on it!

By Frank Parlato

Will Clare Bronfman be indicted? I would say, “yes and soon.”  .

Based on statements made in federal court by AUSA Moira Penza on June 12 – in a clear reference to Bronfman – the prosecution is planning to indict her.  Here are Penza’s statements referencing Clare:

MS. PENZA: This is a person who the government does believe has acted as a co-conspirator in criminal activity with the defendant [Raniere].

THE COURT: Who has?

MS. PENZA: The person who is funding this trust —


MS. PENZA: — has acted as a co-conspirator of the defendant over many years.

Image result for moira penza us doj
Moira Penza is lead prosecutor in the case against Raniere-Mack. Has she been given permission to indict a Bronfman? My guess is yes, she has.

This suggests the Department of Justice, Eastern District of New York [EDNY], which is handling the prosecution of NXIVM-related offenders – and the NYC-based FBI agents who have been conducting the underlying igation – are not wasting their time and that Main Justice [Washington DC headquarters of the DOJ] is not going to put the brakes on a Bronfman indictment – and have signaled to the EDNY that they can move forward and indict a Bronfman.

Although it is not completely analogous, for the stakes were higher – the FBI NYC had evidence they evidently believed was sufficient to convict Hillary Clinton, but were overruled by Main Justice. FBI agents who worked on the Clinton investigation were upset by this decision. They spent a lot of time on the case – and agents are not promoted based on justice, [they get no points for doing an investigation that exonerates – that does not lead to an indictment] but on indictments and convictions and the amount of time convictions yield for the accused spent in prison. This is no secret.

And it is also no secret that some FBI agents threatened to resign over what they believed was the lack of integrity at Main Justice concerning the Clinton investigation. They believed Clinton was being protected by what some have called the Deep State – the DC elite and the uber-wealthy – the wealthy of more than just this one nation.

The ‘modus operendi’ gives us a clue as to why Clare Bronfman retained a deeply-connected lawyer from Arizona.  Dennis Burke once took the fall for the DOJ – and had to resign as US Attorney for Arizona – a normally deeply embarrassing disgrace for anyone — [he resigned because he got caught lying]. Still, he resigned [and was not prosecuted] I believe – to protect the coverup of the black ops Fast and Furious criminal scheme conducted by the deep state of the US government.

After resigning, Burke went into private practice.  He seems to me the best pre-indictment legal choice money could buy for Bronfman.  He carries a cache with him. The imprimatur that he can go over the EDNY’s heads. He took the fall, fell on his sword, by resigning for the whole Department of Justice and in effect ended the public curiosity over the investigation into Fast and Furious – a most corrupt black op-fundraising scheme.  There is much Burke might have said to protect himself and expose the underbelly of this murderous scheme.  Indeed, the Deep State almost had no choice but to not prosecute him for this very reason. He played along very cleverly. He  kept his mouth shut – which is why the DOJ owes him.

Afterward, the DOJ appointed him – despite his ostensible disgrace in having to resign as a US Attorney – to a top advisory board position to the AG himself – Jeff Sessions.  This kind of prestige appointment pays nothing but is a lucrative prop to give confidence to high wealth clients who are deciding which attorney to represent them in a serious matter. Although it’s tantamount to influence peddling, it is not a crime.

I’ guessing that, at the topmost levels of the DOJ, the FBI, the ATF, the CIA and elsewhere, there are decision-makers who know they owe Dennis Burke a debt of gratitude for taking the fall for the murders, gun running and money raising and laundering on behalf of various federal agencies – by bringing untold numbers of guns into Mexico and giving/selling them to criminals.

Whether Burke can parlay that into a ‘no bill’ against Bronfman is hard to say. Can he broker a deal where Clare becomes an un-indicted co conspirator? And not be charged?  The problem with this is that everyone knows Clare funded most of the crimes.

If they indict Nancy Salzman and other less affluent NXIVM co-conspirators and absolve Clare, it will message the world that the US Department of Justice [with its Orwellian use of the word ‘justice’] is really up for sale. Which of course it truly is – only Americans are not supposed to know it.

No – I think it’s “either everyone or no one.” Clare and her gang – or let them all go free and be satisfied with only Allison Mack and Keith Raniere.  I think, we are way past the latter. I believe Main Justice DOJ in DC and Main Office IRS have signed off on a Bronfman indictment. It is only a matter of time – maybe days. And for various reasons the EDNY will have to act soon – probably by the end of July for the judge has admonished expedition.

To wit:

MS. PENZA: …As we did tell Your Honor earlier, we do expect — at our last status conference, we do expect a superseding indictment in this case and that there will be additional discovery obligations in accordance with the superseding indictment as well.

THE COURT: So this would be a superseding indictment as to these defendants?

MS. PENZA: As to these defendants — as to these defendants, yes.

THE COURT: And what about the issue of any additional defendants that might come along and whether we would be having one trial or more than one trial in this case?

MS. PENZA: Your Honor, at this time, based on our ongoing investigation and the charges that we do expect to bring in the superseding indictment, which we have made representations to at least Mr. Agnifilo on the phone earlier this week, that we expect to do that within the next month and a half, we would be seeking — the government would expect that the defendants that we seek to charge would be tried at the same time based on the charges that we anticipate bringing.


THE COURT: …As a practical matter, if there’s a superseding indictment and that superseding indictment includes other defendants, it’s going to restart the clock anyway and then there’s the question of if some of the people indicted are potentially cooperators, there are all kinds of issues here…. Last time, with all due respect to the government, they said it would be four to six weeks or something like that and we would have a superseding indictment. I thought it was scheduled today, a meeting for today we’d have a better understanding what the timing would be for a trial, but now that’s been pushed back and we’re talking about July or August, right?

MS. PENZA: Yes, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Right. So what I think I ought to do is make a schedule such that we have a status conference in July and we see where we are. And if we have to go ahead with just a trial of two people on October 1st, you can hurry up and make your motions at that point. Does that sound reasonable?


For now, let us examine the realities. America has a special cadre of men and women who are generally above the law. This includes the very wealthy [who are also above any nation’s laws] and the DC elites and their allies – sometimes referred to as “the Deep State.” A Bronfman, in the past, would have almost certainly qualified for above the law status. {Which shows how far the family has fallen in just three generations.] There are many indications that Clare Bronfman will not be treated to such special status.

Image result for dennis burke
Dennis Burke will be paid either way.

Primarily, I believe, because the federal [and state] criminal investigation into Bronfman-Raniere is massive and civil actions that may follow will likely be unprecedented and exceedingly likely to make Clare, and maybe her sister, Sara Bronfman, ultimately paupers – or at least women of substantially lower net worth. There may be nothing to protect them. The green light has likely been given to indict Clare and quite possibly Sara.

From a standpoint of justice [one of the least of considerations] should Clare Bronfman be indicted? Yes, she should.  It is the only way to prevent her from using her wealth to destroy the lives of more human beings, the only way to cripple the massive coordinated defense strategies of the NXIVM organization, the only way  – to indict her and Sara – to stop the further exploitation of people still under Raniere’s thrall. So, yes, she should be indicted.

She almost has to be indicted. For the DOJ – because this investigation is massive – and others will be indicted – it means they will have to indict her too – even if reluctantly – even if Burke might wish it otherwise – because not to indict her will make the DOJ look utterly and completely corrupt. And no agency – and one without any oversight whatsoever [which is of course the real reason for corruption] can afford to look corrupt – no matter how corrupt they are.

Clare Bronfman – much like Dennis Burke – is a good fall guy [or gal]. She belongs at least ostensibly to the above-the-law set and therefore makes a perfect example to be paraded as “see – no one is above the law.  The law is the law and we can indict even a Bronfman.”

That’s the message. It is of course untrue. The law is only the law when prosecutors want to enforce it. This time, however, it looks like  want to. For almost two decades, prosecutors in the Northern District must have known about criminality involving Bronfman-Raniere – but either chose not to enforce the law or were too inept to be able to do so.

Now the plain facts are before us: Bronfman must be charged – not because she did criminal acts – that doesn’t matter – but because she was stupid. She joined a desperado named Keith Raniere and stupidly aligned herself with this criminal – and it made worldwide news.  This is not just the local Albany Times Union writing stories. The New York Times and the entire worldwide media is on the case.

Not to charge her [while charging Mack, the two Salzmans, Unterreiner and other obscure individuals] will be prima facie evidence that there are indeed two categories of people in the US – those above the law and the rest of us.  And while there are, of course, those two categories of people – Bronfman never did anything to serve the deep state or the uber-wealthy who own and control much of the government. She’s expendable. Much like Burke, she will take the fall. Unlike Burke, who knew which side he was on – Clare doesn’t and despite her money she won’t be able to buy her way out of it.

As for Burke, the deep state will feel they have done him full service. It shall so happen that he can feed Clare alternate dishes of hope and despair – billable in multiple hours – at $2000 -$5,000 per hour – and he’ll make as much as he can prior to indictment and quite possibly a hell of a lot more – after she is indicted.

In any event, Burke won’t lose a minute of sleep if Bronfman is indicted. He and the rest of the deep state will be able to point to Clare Bronfman and say “You see- no one is above the law in America.”

And, in Burke’s case, get paid for it too.

Image result for clare bronfman
Turnabout is Fair Play: So many times Clare Bronfman headed into court to use her enormous wealth and the presumption that such a member of the elite class would not perjure herself to destroy victims of the NXIVM cult. Here she is walking with one of her attorneys – William Savino – into court to destroy an enemy – likely with Savino’s aid in suborning perjury. Next time however we see that vicious Miss Bronfman with an attorney – don’t be surprised is she is the defendant and not the plaintiff.



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  • I just try to focus on the insanity of NXIVM and it’s leaders .
    I try to ignore anything else even if I don’t always succeed.

  • From Buzzfeed Posted on June 18, 2018, at 11:39 a.m.

    The Lobbyist and the Sex Cult
    NXIVM and The Hunt for Gaddafi’s Missing Loot
    200 Billion Dollars

    A Top Trump Aide Worked In Libya With Key Backers Of An Alleged “Sex Cult” NXIVM
    Joe Hagin saw Libyan expatriate Basit Igtet as a golden goose. Igtet was more than that.

    Basit Igtet, aka Mr. Sara Bronfman, the Libyan client, was an exile eyeing a triumphant comeback at the dawn of the Arab Spring. Hagin and his firm worked with Igtet from 2011 until at least 2013: First, Hagin would help him build support for the rebel government that toppled Muammar al-Qaddafi, and later he and his colleagues would run an international treasure hunt to try to recover Libya’s stolen billions in exchange for a massive payoff for his firm, according to three sources.

    Igtet, however, had other interests outside recovering Libyan riches, including one at the center of a major sex-trafficking case. Igtet was deeply involved in NXIVM, the celebrity “sex cult” whose leadership is now under federal indictment, two sources said. Igtet proselytized for the group, BuzzFeed News has learned, while his wife, the heir Sara Bronfman, reportedly kept the cult afloat with tens of millions of dollars.

    Before his death, Qaddafi is believed to have amassed up to $200 billion, in part by selling a portion of Libya’s gold reserves. In May 2012, Hagin’s firm signed a contract to conduct a comprehensive global effort to find and freeze assets stolen by the former Qaddafi regime and repatriate them back to the Libyan people.

    “From the beginning they always looked at [Igtet] as, ‘This guy is bizarre, but he’s an important client. They made a lot of money off him.”

    “The financing was provided by Basit and off they went,” said a source familiar with the arrangement. According to three sources and a published report, Hagin’s firm hired former government agents for the job. They would later claim, in one document seen by BuzzFeed News, that they had located from $20 billion to $50 billion in Libyan assets and expected to make anywhere from $1 billion to $5 billion for itself off the scheme.

    It’s unclear exactly how much they were actually able to recover, and the commission the firm made from it, if any. But one source familiar with the arrangement said Igtet (in reality Sara Bronfman) put roughly $10 million into the collection effort.

  • From the UK’s Daily Mail on June 19th, 2018

    NXIVM and Gaddafi’s Missing Loot.

    REVEALED: Top Trump aide Joe Hagin ‘worked in Libya with key backers of alleged sex cult NXIVM’

    The Buzzfeed article published Monday revealed that Hagin was aware of the couple’s involvement in NXIVM, and claims that Igtet even tried to recruit the senior Trump official to the group.

    A collection of at least eight sources who spoke with Buzzfeed have suggested that Hagin may have turned a blind eye to his client’s involvement with the group because of the massive payout he would receive through the Libyan treasure hunt.

    Sources told Buzzfeed that Hagin was originally tasked with building Igtet’s influence in his home country of Libya after the downfall of Muammar Gaddafi.

    However, his (Hagin’s) role soon changed, focusing on a treasure hunt for the $200 billion that Gaddafi had reportedly left behind, in exchange for a hefty finder’s fee.

    • Who hasnt sued Trump?.. and who has Clare not sued?
      So I don’t think that particular lawsuit is relevant, but some of the other information mentioned is pretty interesting. .

      • Knowing the Bronfman sisters and Keith Raniere and their overwhelming greed, the prospect of getting their hands on some of Colonel Gaddafi’s billions of dollars in missing loot has whetted their appetites.

        I would hope the US government would investigate the Bronfmans’ activities with respect to Libya.

  • Sara Bronfman paid Senator Joe Lieberman’s fees to serve as Igtet’s lobbyist in Congress.
    100,000 dollars in total.

    From Lieberman’s registration as a foreign lobbyist.

    If yes, set forth below in the required detail and separately for each foreign principal an account of such monies.5
    Date From Whom Purpose Amount
    11-19-13 Mrs. Basit Igtet/Sara Payment for services rendered $50,000.00
    R, Bronfman
    1-30-14 Mrs. Basit Igtet/Sara Payment for services rendered $50,000.00
    R. Bronfman

  • More on Basit Igtet, aka Mr. Sara Bronfman.

    Both the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda support Igtet.
    Libyan MB & al-Qaeda show support for Basit Igtet

    Basit Igtet meeting Muslim_Brotherhood led by Mohamad Sawan. In the meeting also, Tunisia Muslim Brotherhood leader R. Ghannouchi.

    Some supporters of the Libyan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, & Shura Council-al-Qaeda in Libya, took to the streets of Libya’s capital Tripoli, Green/Martyrs’ Square, to show support for Basit Igtet. Basit Igtet is married to Sara Bronfman, who’s father Edgar was the treasurer & chief executive of the World Jewish Congress (WJC). Basit Igtet anounced his intentions to run for president, & called upon his supporters to take to the streets on the 25th, as he arrived in Libya traveling from his resident country of Switzerland.

    It is estimated that Sara Bronfman has funneled more than $100 million of her assets into NXIVM. NXIVM has been described as a brainwashing cult. In a video of the leader Keith Raniere, he appears to make indirect death threats, when his leadership is questioned.
    “I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs & because of their beliefs”:

    • Good research on Sara and Pretty Boy Igtet, but I think you are in the wrong place. This is the Scott Johnson/Omar Rosales insult blog, f/k/a
      The Frank Report. Sometimes when one allows “free” speech, they get exactly what they paid for. Hopefully the children will find a more suitable forum for this little spat, which is off the topic and even more egregiously, not the slightest bit entertaining.

  • We can all see what type of person Scott Johnson is. We can read his comments on his blog and see exactly how he talks to people (he addresses people with names such as “bitch” and “kike” ) and how he is such an asshole he can’t even say the words he used earlier….he tells people about how he called a woman a name that meant “female dog”. Lol. How old are you, Scott?

    We can read Scotts comments to people on this blog, and how he spoke to me here when I questioned the Szemkus story he was promoting. When I said I believed that Bens story was fabricated as part of an alt-right agenda, Scott thought I deserved to be referred to as an drooling moron unable to write posts on my own, and that my mother must be typing up my posts by guessing at what my babbling meant.

    Until that time I never wrote a critical word about Tex2, but with those totally uncalled insults, Tex2 demonstrated what a POS bully he truly is.

    And we can all see how 2-faced Tex2 is so gung-ho on promoting this obviously fabricated Szemkus story,.and question his motivation to do so. A smart person would check out the facts first (and cankles are not a fact) before promoting Ben, especially when it’s rather obvious from Bens facial expressions that he’s a liar. Yes, 2-faced Tex2, there are experts who analyze things such as facial expressions- so maybe we don’t need a lie detector test to prove that Ben is not being truthful.

    Tex2 has repeatedly demonstrated, by his own actions, what type of person he is. It’s apparent he doesn’t possess the insight to understand how his actions are seen by others.

  • I can see that it’s like the aftermath of the Russian Revolution these days. Everyone has turned on one another.

  • FormerNexian, they must clearly be a Raniere supporter and a total scumbag.

    We have all known all along that Scott Johnson is a scumbag only here to spread his anti-Amway religion, and make people from Texas look pathetic and stupid.

    Mike S. under his new moniker is just a piece of trash lookie-loo.

    Whoever else is in on this nasty, immature, bullshit littel game can go fuck off.

    You all are absolute trash, and classic examples of why America is in the shape that it is in.

    Shame on all of you.

      • I don’t think you are promoting NXIVM, buy you are obviously posting here purely for self promotion. And you are using this site for promoting a bullshit story that was obviously concocted as an attempt to involve NXIVM in politics and to cast doubt on Stormy Daniel’s
        Could you be any less obvious, Scott? Especially when this Ben character just pops up out of nowhere and you are the person to “discover ” him. Riiiiight….lol.

        • Hardly.
          Why would calling out an abusive person who attacked me because I recognized the story he was trying to sell was BS, equal support for another lying scam artist? I fail to see the logic there….and I had an idea you were one of the fake posters the first time I noticed your posts.
          Seems as though I was right once again.
          Your lack of logic makes it obvious.

  • Holy cow.

    Omar Rosales’ punishment was upheld by the Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    I advise everybody to read this article since it contains all kinds of immoral stuff that this attorney was doing. This guy isn’t morally fit to post here at FrankReport because NXIVM defectors had to defend themselves against litigation jerks like Omar Rosales.

    2 Quotes/Excerpts:
    “The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has affirmed sanctions of an Austin attorney for a three-year suspension and more than $175,000, describing his contentions on appeal as “frivolous.”
    “Harrington said Rosales also falsified an email that Rosales sent to himself, doctored to change the recipient and date, filed with a response to the defendant’s motion to compel a deposition in order to influence the court on the matter and then lied to the court about it. “That’s the kind of stuff that hurts the profession,” Harrington said.”

  • Frank, MooshaMooshaMoosha is an account that’s being used to purposely “bury” posts which are critical of FormerNexian by using incoherent filler words/paragraphs copied from movies it sounds like. He’s Nexian’s friend.

    Read his last 2 posts below. The russian post makes no sense here, it’s designed to bury the posts below it.

    Then he begins his 2nd post by saying “claire” (to make you think it’s relevant)…..but after that he copied-and-pasted a ton of incoherent lines from movie scripts it sounds like, which are designed to bury the criticism (located several posts below) of his friend FormerNexian.

    Can you ban Moosha’s account since he’s clearly gaming your system by posting incoherent nonsense to bury any criticism of his friend FormerNexian (this isn’t the first time he’s done that, he’s done this in other threads too).

    Please ban this fucker or counsel him not to do this. 🙂

  • Someone sure spent a lot of energy and money to lead people to believe it was
    as the “Russians”.

    Someone was confident dent they had the election all wrapped up. They are childe’s play for the FBI. Things aeen”t always what they appear to be. Does the FBI forgive and forget?

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    • Frank, if you read this post carefully……you’ll see it’s just gibberish copied from another web article.

      He posted this gibberish/nonsense to help “bury” the criticism of his friend “FormerNexian” several posts below.

      That’s what Moosha does. Please ban this guy because he’s not here to participate, he’s here to bury criticism of certain members like Nexian.

  • “Claire: What’s your name?
    Bender: What’s yours?
    Claire: Claire.
    Bender: Ka-Laire?
    Claire: Claire. It’s a family name.
    Bender: Oh, it’s a fat girl’s name.
    Claire: Well, thank you.
    Bender: You’re welcome.
    Claire: I’m not fat!
    Bender: Well, not at present but I could see you really pushing maximum density. You see, I’m not sure if you know this, but there are two kinds of fat people. There’s fat people that were born to be fat, and then there’s fat people that were once thin but they became fat, so when you look at them you can sorta see that thin person inside! You see, you’re gonna get married, you’re gonna squeeze out a few puppies and then, uh…
    He mimes becoming fat, making noises. Claire gives him the finger.]
    Bender: Oh…obscene finger gestures from such a pristine girl!
    Claire: I’m not that pristine!
    Bender: Are you a virgin? I’ll bet you a million dollars that you are! Let’s end the suspense! Is it gonna be…a white wedding?
    Claire: Why don’t you just shut up?
    Bender: Have you ever kissed a boy on the mouth? Have you ever been felt up? Over the bra, under the blouse, shoes off…hoping to God your parents don’t walk in?
    Claire: Do you want me to puke?
    Bender: Over the panties, no bra, blouse unbuttoned, Calvin’s in a ball on the front seat past eleven on a school night?
    -The Breakfast Club

    No further questions, Your Honor.

    • Frank, if you read this post carefully you’ll see that he copied-and-pasted gibberish lines from the movie “The Breakfast Club”.

      He begins with the word “claire” (to fool you into thinking he’s posting something relevant)….but it’s just a bunch of movie script lines designed to take up space.

      *He did this to help “bury” the criticism of his friend FormerNexian (located several posts below).

      Moosha has done this in other threads too. Please ban this fucker since he’s not here to participate. He’s here to protect Nexian from criticism.

    • I hope everybody reads the link you provided so they can see how you cherry-picked and distorted the topics you brought up.

      In fact, Amway sued me and I kicked their corporate butts out of Texas: In other words, I won and Amway lost. The contempt fine was a joke, as I explained in the link. Also, it was a drop in the bucket compared to my legal fees.

      I hate that Amway rips off people, as do most other MLMs.

      I refer to Rush, I do not believe that I am Rush.

      I don’t take “meds,” I educate people about Amway and other MLM scams.

      • That’s what I said. Scott Johnson was sued by Amway and lost. He had to settle like a broke d!ck dog because he knew he was beat.

        As part of the settlement, Scott Johnson agreed to never disparage Amway again. The Judge then found Scott Johnson in contempt and fined him.

        That’s baaaaaaaaaaad behavior Scott ‘I settled with Amway like a crybaby’ Johnson. Get back on your meds.

        • I settled for the reasons I stated on my website. The contempt was during some earlier hearings and had NOTHING to do with the settlement. Amway is a scam, and I’m disparaging that scam, as allowed by the settment. LOL

          P.S., You’re stupid, but that’s probably obvious to everybody by now, OMAR! LOL

  • Scott Johnson has been banned from other blogs for sounding mentally ill. His own words:

    Scott J
    IBO #1313251
    As you can see, I couldn’t imagine bringing my prospects to these meetings as I described in the 2005 letter, as the meetings were filled with lies. I wrote emails to Amway’s complaint department starting in 2007 complaining about other IBOs cheating by advertising on Craigslist and eBay, and got ZERO meaningful response, which caused me to start thinking Amway was not interested in enforcing their rules when it meant less products being sold. I also tried tying into the Yager system in 2008, and after participating in a conference call where Yager didn’t care about someone breaking the Quixtar retailing rules by advertising the XS Energy drink in a restaurant, I complained to Quixtar and they shrugged their shoulders. I also complained to Quixtar about other IBOs breaking the rules by advertising their products on Craigslist and eBay. Another shrug. It was during this timeframe in late 2008/early 2009 I decided Amway was an active part of the problem. By the time I was terminated as an IBO in 2009, I realized Amway and the high level IBOs were engaged in a RICO fraud.

    I was very active in blogs since 2005, and soon learned that many bloggers are not participating to find solutions, but merely complaining. Once somebody with some solution ideas shows up, you are threatening to take away their favorite activity, complaining. While Amway has other issues besides the ATS, I believe you could fix every other problem than the ATS, and it would result in very little to no improvement. In fact, it would make a very corrupt situation merely appear to be better. On the other hand, if all of the other problems were ignored except the ATS, the other problems would either disappear or become significantly less significant. A perfect business should not be the expectation, but an honest one should be a requirement. This got to the point where I was “banned” from various blogs, sometimes multiple times. I wasn’t concerned about this, as I am not interested in wasting my time.

    In 2008-09, there were a couple of issues that caught Amway’s attention, and they sent me a letter telling me so. One was calling a female blogger the same name as a female dog, and the other one was calling a blogger a derogatory Jewish term that sounds a lot like the word “kite.” The female blogger was one of the defenders of the LCKs, and she stated I was “anti-business” on a blog I had been banned from, which resulted in the calling her the female dog name. The “kite” blogger was on a blog accusing another blogger of all kinds of things not related to the discussion, he claimed to have done some research on this person’s background, the fact that he received public education, etc. I knew a complainer when I saw one right away, so the “kite” remark was used quickly. He tried pushing back for a while, but the barrage of “kite” and other barbaric comments that he used turned on him made him whimper away fairly quickly. I wrote back to Amway that I would temporarily stopped this type of blogging, but I was very frustrated that after 4 years of blogging, including Amway blogs, I couldn’t get Amway’s attention to fix the ATS. I say temporarily because I gave Amway some examples of similar language being used on a pro-Amway blog, and gave Amway specific links to examples on that blog. After a couple of months and no response or changes, I restarted the “sailor talk” and got terminated.

    It was then I started the campaign to STOP THE AMWAY TOOL SCAM by turning on not only the upline, but Amway as well. This led to Amway’s SLAPP lawsuit in mid-2010, and Texas didn’t have an anti-SLAPP law to protect me at that time. After a year and a half of delay and not producing a single example that would show their complaint was valid, I decided to settle the case out of court, for a variety of reasons:

    1. The primary reasons is I attempted to counter sue Amway for RICO fraud, but unlike California (see Pokorny lawsuit elsewhere on this site), Texas is a very pro-arbitration state. The judge said I would have to settle my RICO fraud charge in Amway’s unconscionable and illusory arbitration process, which I have never had any interest in doing.

    2. The judge was a former Amway IBO, and throughout the process made decisions that were wacky and showed significant distaste for me, to the point my attorney contemplated getting a new judge. However, we decided not to do this, because if we weren’t successful, it would be even worse. An example of this behavior was after a hearing my attorney stated the decision to allow me to continue my activities as long as I did not “harass” IBOs was too vague, and we would be back in court for a contempt charge unless the terms were more specific. When Amway said I violated the decision and my attorney opened the Texas law and read it to the judge, he ignored it and found me in contempt and fined me $500.

    3. My attorney described there is no prohibition against double jeopardy in civil cases, as there is in criminal cases. In other words, I could have won the lawsuit and Amway could have walked right back in court with a new lawsuit, and I can’t compete with the time and money Amway was willing to spend. However, an out of court settlement draws a bright solid line that Amway can’t step over with another silly lawsuit, which is why I won this lawsuit. For example, I, and others working with me, can’t blame or associate Amway or IBOs with death, illness, or accidents. However, stories of beating somebody within an inch of death, intentional acts of violence, such as gang rapes, assault, etc., are not only permitted, but protected by the agreement, as are stories of fraud and scams. I can also help others with the specific techniques I used against Amway that resulted in the 2010 Amway lawsuit (in other words, effective) with other MLMs, and applying these techniques need not result in disclosing your identity, as I chose to do.

    4. The lead Amway lawyer was a former Amway LCK by the name of Charles Bundren, was the downline of Kelly Rogers, one of the last English language Diamond LCKs in the U.S., an accused Ponzi schemer who will probably spend the rest of his life in jail (, and Bundren himself was found guilty in scamming a condominium ( I didn’t find out about Bundren being a LCK until a few months before we settled, but I wasn’t interested in allowing this LCK making any more money from Amway because of me. By the way, Bundren also lost a lawsuit against bHIP shortly after my settlement, couldn’t have happened to a worse person (

    5. I could no longer afford the time or money, and Amway could. Between my lawsuit and the Pokorny lawsuit, I am very disappointed in our legal system. The side with the money wins, hands down, regardless of the facts. The U.S. may have the best system in the world, but it is far from perfect, and I have no interest in participating in it as a member of a grand jury, trial jury, etc.
    The bottom line is we lost well over $100,000 and more importantly, a good size chunk of our lives were stolen from us chasing an illusion, thanks to the ATS. I will probably never recover the money, and will definitely never recover the time, but I am determined to save others from this lie. An excellent illustration of the difference between Amway and a legal, moral, and ethical company is described in this white paper on Tupperware’s site:

  • Another story about the Texas State BAR’s disciplinary committee suing Omar Rosales (aka FormerNexian) for nefarious actions.

    This is different from the previous one.

    How can FormerNexian come here and talk fondly about Frank and Toni when he’s using litigation to harass others? There’s a special place in hell for this hypocrite.

  • Omar Rosales (aka FormerNexian) should make an apology to all of us here at FrankReport.

    He used frivolous lawsuit threats against small companies & websites that eventually got him fined $175,000 and sanctioned by a judge, plus he then got his law license suspended for 3 years.

    He also allegedly attempted to file a lawsuit against the KXAN news station that reported this story, which he later dropped.

    Sound familiar, Frank?

    Sound familiar, Toni?

    Litigation to harass people making truthful reports of his wrongdoing. He’s scum of the earth.

  • Thanks. I knew about the ADA compliant physical attributes, but not the websites. Omar should spend more time writing occult and NXIVM books and less time making a fool of himself on this website. I’m sure everyone here is now going to buy a case of your books to give to all of their friends, OMAR! LOL

    • Tex…it looks like FormerNexian has a friend named “MooshaMooshaMoosha” who’s trying to “bury” all criticism of him.

      Kinda pathetic, since it seems ‘orchestrated’. But don’t let those fuckers off the hook. 🙂 If Moosha tries to bury stuff, you should re-post near the top and teach him a lesson. lol

  • A thought to ponder.

    Colonel Gaddafi ruled Libya for 40 years.
    During that time Gaddafi amassed 143 tons of gold, billions of dollars and dinars and a mountain of precious gems.

    After Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011 those riches went missing.
    The treasury of Libya was looted.

    Where did that loot go?

    Could it have been looted by corrupt Libyan politicians and bankers?
    Could Sara and Clair have the answer to that question?
    What about that weird picture with Allison Mack holding up the Libyan and American flags?
    Was Mack in Libya last September?

    Is the NXIVM scandal about international intrigue as sex trafficking?

    Libya destroyed by the west, $7 billion in gold and silver missing
    Jan 20, 2016 – State Dept. email reveals Gaddafi had $7 billion in gold and silver for the purpose of creating a precious metal backed currency for Libya

    Who Stole 143 Tons of Gold From the Libyan People?
    Bottom line: Nobody knows where the missing gold is.

    Hunt goes on for Gaddafi’s missing billions – Libya Analysis
    Aug 8, 2017 – Libya’s gold reserves: most of that money is still missing. Truck-loads of gold bars were also driven across the border into Niger, never to return.

    • Gosh!! SNC lavalin contracts with Ghadafi DUH! that is why Sarah didn’t want them to enter to canadian libian chamber of commerce, because SNC lavalin had tons of contracts with Ghadaffi and sons… in fact they even got a canadian called vanier in jail in mexico for trying to take his sons over there…. funny it rhymes vanier rainier ….still I wonder why she ended up in a mexican jail when she had tried to help Ghadafi family out of lybia new reign of Bronfman

      • Most of the stories about NXIVM and money laundering focus on Mexico’s corrupt political elite using NXIVM to launder money.

        But with Sara Bronfman’s ties to Libya and many internet stories about missing money from Libya in the wake of Colonel Gaddafi’s downfall in 2011, perhaps the US DOJ is looking into NXIVM’s involvement with Libya.

        A sample of some headlines from various news sources:

        Millions flow from Gaddafi’s ‘frozen funds’ to unknown beneficiaries
        As factions face off in war-torn Libya, money slips through sanctions.
        By GIULIA PARAVICINI 2/8/18, 4:02 AM CET Updated 2/14/18, 3:02 PM CET

        €10bn vanished from ‘frozen’ Gaddafi accounts in Belgium – report
        Published time: 9 Mar, 2018 05:05

        Through a network of cryptic corporate investments, secret front companies and hidden bank accounts, Gaddafi had managed to set aside a fortune since the fall of the Libyan king in 1969. Oil had made Libya and, in turn, Gaddafi, rich.

  • All you fighters are wasting space and taking too much energy from what really happening here. Ignore those that are being stupid, maybe they will go away.

  • Scott Johnson is a Baaaaaaaaaad Boy. Raping sheep in Texas again.

    Plano, Texas. Where the Men are Men and the Sheep are scared. Of Necrozoophilliacs like Scott Johnson.

    Get back to Amway Scott.

  • Scott Johnson is on his Amway soapbox again and off his meds. Your sheep miss you Scott…

    Go find some more sheep to rape

  • Keith is busy planning on brainwashing Moira Penza. I’m pretty sure she knows who she’s up against but it will be fun to watch him try and for her to put the little weasel in his place.

  • Burke doesn’t need to waste his freebie on Clare. And hopefully justice may come to the Clinton MOB. DOJ and FBI
    Aren’t looking so trustworthy these days. This is the perfect case to inspire a bit of trust in us sheep that make up the voters they will so desperately need . Watch Jordan and Goudy question these lying assholes that think they are supermen/women . They have literally made me switch sides. Every level of gov. Needs an oversight committee. Just my opinion

  • Scarecrow really up the creek here.

    Many possible felonies, plus conspiracy to commit those felonies. Money laundering, bulk cash smuggling, tax evasion, extortion, racketeering, Hobbs Act, immigration fraud, etc, etc.

    In the US, everyone pays taxes. If you brag about it (not paying taxes) and flaunt it…you’re gonna get a visit from the IRS.

      • Let’s try not to fight. I think we have the same goals. We may need to correct each other from time to time but that doesn’t mean we are at odds. Bring the man down.

        • OCD, I’m not fighting, I’m exposing a con-man, Omar Rosales. We do NOT have the same goals, and this isn’t a “correction,” it’s putting a bright light on a creep, and we are VERY much at odds. The “man” is already down. He’s in jail, remember? Omar is just a filthy, slimy, suspended dirtbag lawyer making a fool of himself on this site. He needs to be exposed just as Raniere was exposed. WAKE UP!

          • My apologies; I guess I’m in the middle of a fight here. I am in Austin – there’s been press about Omar’s situation. None of us is perfect. Omar did not starve or torture people – to my knowledge. The only reason I am here is to hopefully help see that Keith Raniere finally has to pay the piper for the horrible things he’s done. Until now, he’s lived a privileged life of luxury while others suffer.

            I am collecting information about the past CBI day during which KR honed his ugly craft. I am in touch with a number of old timers. Scott, I will go on your show if you think it would help.

      • Scott Johnson has 40,000 tweets and 392 follower on Twitter. That says plenty Scott.

        Go back to your AMWAY conspiracy theories. No one on this website likes you Scott or takes you seriously Sir.

        Scott Johnson, owner of Johnson Enterprises in Plano, Texas. With 12 connections on LinkedIn.

        I guess you are correct. If you are the owner of a fake business (that’s not even registered with Sec of State) then you pry have zero clients and zero revenue. And don’t pay taxes.

        Which means you sponge off everyone else. Get a job and pay taxes sir. No one wants to hear about you and Amway, Scott Johnson of Johnson Enterprises in Plano, Texas.

  • If Clair Cruella Bronfman thinks she can buy her way out of this rap, she’s nuts.

    Some 22 years ago George Lindeman, Junior, an equestrian like Clair Bronfman, was indicted and convicted of insurance fraud in Chicago.
    Lindeman’s father George Lindeman, Senior made a fortune in cable TV, cellular phones and contact lenses.
    At the time the Lindeman family was worth an estimated 300 million dollars, about as much as Clair Bronfman is worth today.

    George Junior had the ambition of competing in Olympic equestrian events.
    When George Junior’s horse “Charisma” twisted its ankle and could no longer perform, George Junior hired a professional horse assassin nicknamed “The Sandman” to kill the horse for insurance money.
    At the time Chicago actually had a Horse Mafia that was pulling all kinds of insurance scams in the horse industry.
    The Sandman could kill a horse without leaving any tell tale marks for an insurance investigator to find.

    All of Lindeman’s wealth did not prevent his conviction for mail fraud.
    From the Chicago Tribune
    Equestrian, Trainer Sentenced To Prison In Horse-killing Scheme

    The heir to one of America’s great fortunes, an accomplished equestrian with Olympic hopes, was sentenced Thursday in federal court in Chicago to 33 months in prison for having a once-prized horse killed for insurance money.

    George Lindemann Jr., whose father made hundreds of millions of dollars in cellular telephones, cable TV and contact lenses, said nothing as he hurried from the Dirksen Federal Building with his parents.

    Co-defendant Marion Hulick, a nationally known trainer, was given a 21-month prison term after she tearfully pleaded for mercy so she could care for her adult son who is a quadriplegic.

    U.S. District Judge George Marovich said he spent many sleepless nights pondering why Lindemann, with access to such fabulous wealth, ordered Charisma, a thoroughbred who didn’t live up to his billing, killed to collect $250,000 in insurance.

    At the trial last September, the defense had made that argument–that $250,000 was meaningless to Lindemann–the cornerstone of its case, but a federal jury convicted him and Hulick of three counts of wire fraud each.

    Assistant U.S. Atty. Susan Cox, who prosecuted the case, suggested Lindemann’s motive was to avoid the embarrassment of selling Charisma, admitting to the close-knit horse set that he had erred in paying so much for the failed horse.

    U.S. Atty. James Burns compared Lindemann to “a very wealthy kid that has a toy that he doesn’t like or gets mad at and throws it on the floor and stomps on it.”

    “He had a horse that he thought was going to be a champion horse, it turned out to be a dismal failure, and he hated the horse, so like the expensive toy, he got rid of it,” Burns told reporters. “This whole case demonstrated unmitigated arrogance.”

    Judge Marovich also fined Lindemann $500,000 and ordered him to pay restitution of $250,000 and the cost of imprisonment.

    Lindemann’s prison term, the maximum possible, was the stiffest yet resulting from the government’s massive probe of the killing of horses for insurance payouts.

    In what started out as a probe of the mysterious disappearance of candy heiress Helen Brach, authorities caught hit man Tommy Burns red-handed bludgeoning a horse to death in Florida in early 1991. Burns cooperated and implicated some of the nation’s leading trainers, owners and riders in 15 horse killings.

    • Wow. Sad but interesting. Was the Sandman story covered by American Greed? I smell a book, call it Exit Sandman…

      • Yes Former Nexian, write another book to fund all of the existing and future fines you will be responsible to pay, especially since you’ve been suspended from “practicing” law in your putrid manner that got you in trouble in the first place. LOL

      • The best book that covers the Chicago Horse Mafia is titled “Hot Blood” by Ken Englade.

        Hot Blood: The Money, the Brach Heiress, the Horse Murders

        The disappearance of fabulously rich Chicago candy heiress Helen Brach and the suspicious deaths of a string of champion racehorses are linked in a celebrated scandal that has reverberated through every level of the glamorous enclaves of thoroughbred horse breeding.
        When widowed heiress Helen Brach suddenly disappeared on the morning of February 17, 1977, after a visit to the Mayo Clinic, she left behind a lavender Rolls-Royce, Cadillacs in red, pink, and coral, an eighteen-room mansion, and a fortune now estimated at 75 million. She also left behind a mystery that would tantalize investigators for years.

  • Ah, the lovely Ms Penza. Small, brunette, pretty. WAIT. We know what this means; don’t we?

    She tried to avoid contact with Vanguard, but accidentally looked into his eyes at the last session.

    She has now wired her estate to NXIVM, has already taken 2 classes and is ready for her next sash. She has also confided to friends that she wishes to bear Keith’s next baby

    This case is closed! Raniere will be a free man within weeks

    Viva Vanguard!

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