Is Nancy Salzman moving out? – and to where?

Is Nancy Salzman moving out of her longtime home on Oregon Trial?
If, as federal prosecutors announced last week, superseding indictments are coming with multiple new defendants, it’s hard to believe that she will not be among those charged.
Of course, it’s always possible she’s already cut a deal with the feds.
Either way, it probably makes sense to her to put her valuables away in some kind of long [and I do emphasize ‘long’] term storage.
Whether she’ll be able to get bail is a decision for the judge. The home was raided by FBI agents who spent more than 10 hours searching every inch and removing box after box of suspected evidence. And more than $500,000 in cold, hard cash, plus some foreign currency.
A reader – unsolicited – sent these pictures [below] from Clifton Park, adding, “Looks like Nancy Salzman might be packing things up at her house on Oregon Trail.  I’m fairly certain we saw her behind that SUV with the hatch open.”
Who can blame her? She rode roughshod over human beings for 20 years. And as the Prefect in the NXIVM cult, she was worshiped by those who believed that she and Keith Raniere were some kind of superior beings,
She used her skills to punish and harm an untold number of people. On the other hand, maybe a glimmer of common sense entered her brain. At the last V-Week [the very last ever], she was heard to have been defiant with Keith over the branding of women – perhaps discovering from the Frank Report that her own daughter, Lauren, wore the mark of the beastly Raniere’s initials on her crotch.
On a more comical note, another reader sent this picture [below] –  also unsolicited – with this terse note: Apparently, Nancy is doing everything she can to raise money for her defense fund.”
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Four questions arise.
1. Is that Nancy in the picture? [It sure looks like her]?
2. Is that how Keith got everyone to do his bidding?
3. Is this the simple tech he used to get women to follow him?
4. Did Keith get the patent on this yet?
This portrait of “Sir Keith Raniere” adorned the walls of NXIVM’s training center at 455 New Karner Road for many years. {artist unknown].  Now that NXIVM has suspended its training for the immediate and foreseeable future, it is not known where this treasure currently is being housed – or whether it will be included as collateral as part of Raniere’s next proposed bail package. 
Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect on the left and Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard on the right. Back when all was well in NXIVMville. 

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  • Here’s another way to look at it…

    If Nancy and her daughters ever cut a deal, they’d literally be a bunch of ex-cult psychopaths unemployable in the world except for burger joints and waitressing jobs.

    By testifying against NXIVM, they’d have no friends left. No real life left. Nothing to ‘hope’ for. Just despair and heartache. Just regrets. Just memories of what “used to be”.

    At least in jail they’ll still be connected to NXIVM and Keith, even if from a distance. They’ll be martyrs in jail.

    But by testifying and going free, they’d have NO REASONS TO LIVE anymore (without NXIVM and Keith).

    Without NXIVM and Keith, these 2 women do not even exist.

    Disagree all you want, this is just common sense.

    Time will prove this prediction true (e.g. those who disagree will be eating crow come trial time). 🙂

    If Nancy and Lauren actually testified against their GOD and called him a fraud and abuser in open court, it would be so traumatic that it may shatter their entire sense of “self”… the point that they would be walking zombies for the rest of their lives.

    I am right. You are wrong. 🙂

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Umm..they are already unemployable. The choice is serve time or flip burgers. As I mention what others have pointed out, you may begin to realize, you don’t know shit.

  • Nope, she hasn’t made a deal.

    Her entire life, self esteem and family cannot be separated from NXIVM and Keith. Just common sense. 🙂

    I doubt that Lauren or Michelle/Ben would ever cut a deal……and she ain’t gonna cut ties and testify against her family.

    For fuck sake, Lauren gave up ever having a husband and kids just to live alone with a cat for NXIVM. She and Allison are like sisters. Lauren’s sash is her ENTIRE sense of self esteem. Without it, she is nothing. Lauren ain’t gonna flip and therefore Nancy ain’t gonna flip. Ben will never flip either, so Michelle will never flip. Nancy ain’t gonna testify against her daughters.

    So nope, sorry, Nancy has NOT cut a deal already.

    Disagree all you want, but time will prove this prediction true. 🙂

    • I hope the government has enough evidence to put multiple people away without them needing anyone to flip.

      They should just say “no plea bargains” see you all in court!

    • *The fact that she’s been seen moving out is what I’d expect her to do.

      The media will likely descend upon her Clifton Park home as the new indictments come out and as the trial nears. It’s only logical to move away from that media attention. It doesn’t equate to cutting a deal.

  • My educated guess is that Nancy Salzman has cut a deal to save herself and her daughters.
    A deal will involve some prison time but less time than Raniere and Mack.

    Everyone has a ‘straw that breaks the camel’s back.’
    For some like Kristin Kreuk it was rumors of improper relations with girls.
    For Nancy Salzman it was the branding of women.

    Because Salzman has knowledge of the cult’s business dealings, she is far more valuable as a witness than the witless Allison Mack.

  • Good job whomever got the pictures of the licence plates in case Nancy hasn’t already cut a deal and the feds want to know who is helping her.

  • Salzman doesn’t own the house she was living in. Sara and or Clare Bronfman does. At.least that’s what Salzman told me. I just don’t remember what Bronfman owns it.

    Rumor is Salzman is at the Button Road house that Sara bought for Jness but when no one would drive that far, Sara housed her Lama lover there while he was “in the cult”.

    Let’s hope Salzman has said “Let’s Make a Deal” with the Feds. It would be KR and CB karma for squeezing her out and treating her like shit.

    Not saying Salzman doesn’t deserve jail time; she and her oldest daughter both do. I’d just like to see the snake fight in court with her turning on the eviler ones. Without KR, Salman most likely wouldn’t have gone down the road of criminality she did.

  • If Nancy has half a brain cell, she will flip and deliver the knockout blow to NXSCUM and VanGrifter. She would be quite a witness and the nail in the coffin to Keith’s dream of being the Messiah, the anointed one for a New Age.

    Still, it must hurt to have $500k cash seized by the Feds and be in evidence lockup. For most people, that would be motive to kill the responsible party (VanGrifter). She must be fuming bc this entire episode could have been avoided if Keith bought a sportscar to deal with his midlife crisis. Instead of creating a pyramid of sex slaves…

    • I wonder if they can make a deal with Nancy (must serve sometime) and Michelle contingent upon Ben Myers telling the truth about them setting up John Tighe and the rest of his nefarious activities on behalf of NXIVM.

      If rumours are true that Nancy already had one foot pushed out the door, and Michelle really is pregnant, one would think there would be some motivation to serve as little time as possible.

      • That has been bugging me a lot – John Tighe being set up. Frank had an article here I think long ago about how John really was forced to plead guilty due to some kind of strict liability for what is found on your computer. I have always suspected the child porn was planted – John was much too busy on local issues to be doing that, I think. I have no doubt if NX had the chance to plant stuff, they would have. Not convinced of John Tighe’s guilt.

        • When is that last time you saw someone who engages in child pornography going after a nefarious organisation saying here I am come get me?

          John Tighe never struck me as a stupid man.

          I think he had no choice but to take a deal.

          It is horrifying to think of someone setup for something like that and how much he must be suffering in prison. If he is truly innocent, which I find extremely likely, I hope he is exonerated very quickly.

    • She’s a grifter for sure. So maybe she’s in a Charlotte Corday type bind: she could assassinate the character of an already broken and decayed man, but if she did she might become the focus for a lot of hate and blame from her betrayed criminal fraternity – galvanising the battalion of fair-faced witnesses to brand her a snitch. And if she compromises Clare, she compromises the old third party pot’o’gold. Drawing even greater snitch type damnation. But also, after the vanguardists destroy each other in a frenzy of paranoia and betrayal – Justice.

      Still, I believe Nancy really IS a Don. I think she knows exactly what Raniere is and what he’s done, and while the situation serves her purpose, (500.000 in a shoe-box) she’ll be willing to ride. She’ll come out on top, whatever the outcome, even successful re-invention under witness protection. Just because she once wagered her daughters to Raniere, doesn’t mean she can’t change her mind and want to win them back. She’s about to be a grandmother possibly? She will do what she needs to keep the family out of prison.

      (Have downloaded An American Story, couldn’t do it out the country, back at work so will read asap and leave comment on Amazon!)

  • North Korea is a safe place. They always need Westerners to teach English and play the villain in state propaganda films.

      • Better yet, you can get off food stamps and get a job at the Obammy Presidential library in bullet ridden democrap run Chicago. Plenty of shithouses for you to clean there.

  • Let’s hope when she loads the moving van she will be able to secure the by lock, alarm or some other theft deterrant device. Otherwise, she might have to hire…..

    …wait for it…

    A Van Guard!

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