Clare Bronfman Gets Date Certain for Sentencing – April 23 – Delayed Because of Passover

Who knew Clare Bronfman was so religious?

But her sentencing has been postponed until April 23, evidently so she can celebrate Passover.

It was originally argued that everyone would finally be ready for sentencing, the prosecution, the defense, the Probation Department, and the judge, on April 8.

So what was the problem?

Passover started that very night.

Here is the judge’s order:

ORDER: As April 8, 2020 is the first day of Passover, Clare Bronfman’s sentencing is ADJOURNED to April 23, 2020 at 10:00 am in courtroom 4D South. The parties are DIRECTED to confer and establish a schedule for sentencing submissions under which all submissions will be filed by no later than April 13, 2020. The parties are further DIRECTED to file a letter setting forth their agreed-upon schedule, which the court will so-order. The court will not grant any further requests to adjourn Ms. Bronfman’s sentencing. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 1/30/2020. 

I think this is curious.

For one it tells us that the date is now certain. Clare will be sentenced on April 23, unless of course she flees the country.

For another, is the fact that the judge did not sentence her during the day, since Passover does not start until nightfall.

This suggests that Clare will leave the sentencing hearing in handcuffs and immediately be trundled off to prison.

Had sentencing occurred on the day Passover starts, as some seemed to have wanted, and she is immediately handcuffed and taken into custody, it would mean that the pious heiress would have been caged just as dusk came and Passover started.

To put it in perspective, it would be like sentencing a Christian on Christmas Eve.

If the judge planned to give her time, as some defendants get, between sentencing and when they have to report to prison, it would not have mattered if he sentenced her by day before the night when Passover begins.

The wonderful man Clare Bronfman is going to prison for.

Clare signed a plea deal last April, which did not guarantee her sentence but included the weasel-worded provision that the DOJ estimated her sentencing guideline to be between 21-27 months. This was not binding on the judge.

It is ironic. She signed her plea deal on April 19, 2019, which was the day that Passover started in 2019.

Funny, Clare probably celebrated Passover, if she celebrates Passover at all, with the notion that she got off easy and her attorneys made a real fine plea deal for her.  Little did she know her plea deal was rubbish.

The Pre-Sentencing Report came in December, during Hanukkah, and according to the report, pious Clare was made to look like a holy terror. The Probation Department made its own estimate of sentencing guidelines and it is far higher than 21-27 months.

The judge admitted he was considering giving her a longer sentence than the 21-27 months suggested in her plea deal.

Clare became a victim of the same legal system she used her money to abuse others with for years.

Holy Clare, she will get to celebrate Passover 2020 outside of prison.

In any event, Passover begins on the evening of April 8 and ends the evening of April 16 – that is on a Thursday. Clare will be expected in court the following Thursday, April 23, where the good judge will mete out her sentence.

My guess is it will be at least four years and possibly as long as 7.

And while the good judge was kind enough to delay sending the surprisingly religious Nxivm defendant to the clink during the holidays, I never knew Clare to take the slightest interest in Jewish holidays, not while her lord and master Keith Raniere managed her piety.

Passover is not a Nxivm holiday.

Passover is rooted in, like most religious holidays, rather dubious historicity. It is based on the story of the entire population of the kingdom of Judah making a pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem. It is also based, as most Christian holidays are, on a more ancient earth festival — in this case, a spring festival connected with the offering of the “first-fruits” that crop up in spring to God, in this case, in the Land of Israel, barley.

Like many religious holidays, Passover melds older, earth-based festivals with the purported history of the people who celebrate it.  Passover began as an agricultural feast but was subsumed into the narrative of Israel’s deliverance from oppression, thanks to their partisan God’s intervention.

It is fair to argue that Clare Bronfman being sentenced to prison on Passover would be inauspicious for it would be offering one of the most rotten fruits God ever made [to a place where she belongs] on a day when God is supposed to be worshiped.

On the other hand, one could argue, God is delivering the many people who Clare oppressed.

Maybe, in the future, Clare’s sentencing might be considered a religious holiday. It is rare, perhaps historic, when elite, moneyed families lose a member to prison anywhere in the world, unless they murder someone and, even then, they often get off with fancy lawyering and money paid.

Clare, of course, stupidly got convicted for minor financial crimes that amounted to a tiny fraction of her net worth. She is to lose her freedom for the theft of less than $300,000, with a net worth – counting offshore holdings – estimated at $300 million.

No one this rich ever stole so little and wound up going to prison.

We know Clare did not commit crimes for money. She did not harbor Sylvie in the US to steal $100,000 from her in unpaid wages. Nor did she use dead Pam Cafritz’s credit card to enrich herself by a paltry $200,000. The money went to Raniere and the Am-Ex bill was paid, in any event.

The heiress allowed herself to commit comparatively small financial crimes for Raniere because she loved being his holy stooge.

Of course, she committed a lot of other crimes that she was not convicted of, and, ironically, based on the Pre-Sentencing Report, she will be, in effect, sentenced for them anyway.

Some estimated 100 victim impact statements are in the hands of the judge. [I wonder how many of these were provided by Neil Glazer and from his clients?]  Her sentencing will be guided, in part, by these victims’ statements.

Image result for book of exodus"

In the Book of Exodus, God helped the Israelites escape from slavery in ancient Egypt by inflicting 10 plagues upon the Egyptians before the Pharaoh would release the Israelite slaves.

In the Book of Nxivm, Clare inflicted hundreds of plagues on the slaves of the Lord Raniere and helped keep women bound in slavery until the FBI arrested the scoundrels.

In the old story, the last of the plagues was the death of the Egyptian first-born. The Israelites were instructed to mark the doorposts of their homes with the blood of a slaughtered spring lamb and, upon seeing this, the Lord knew enough to pass over and not kill the first-born in these Jewish homes, hence the English name of the holiday.

In modern times, the DOS First Line Masters were instructed to mark their slaves’ pussies with the initials of the Lord. And if they tried to escape, Clare would not pass over them but punish them, using her enormous wealth to hire Mexican and US attorneys to threaten them with arrest and financial ruin.

MK10ART’s painting of Clare Bronfman wearing a jockstrap under the orders of Keith Alan Raniere.

It’s too bad the Lord Passed Over Raniere’s father and mother’s home back in 1960.

Regardless of how improbable either the Passover story or the Nxivm branding story sounds, the important thing is that Clare is going to be sentenced and is going to prison.

There will be no Pass-over for her; the law will not spare her. If her sentence is long enough, her reign of terror is over, and like the old Israelites, the Nxianites will be free at last, their years’ long threat will have Passed-Over and they may enjoy, even celebrate at last.

Neil Glazer

Now what remains is for Neil Glazer to take her to the cleaners.

Apropos of that, Glazer said, speaking of recovering some money for the victims, “Raniere, the leader of this group, had within his inner circle, a group of heiresses to the Seagram’s fortune. It’s not going to be easy. It never is, but they have some assets. Some of them are in trusts that we might have to litigate. It will be interesting.”






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  • Dear Frank — You said that you didn’t have a signed contract with Clare regarding the $1 million but you said you were paid $75,000 per month by NXIVM when you were working for them. Did you not have a signed contract that covered your work as Clare’s spokesman and attack dog and couldn’t you have continued getting paid $75k a month and avoided the whole civil / criminal stuff. Why would she wire you $1 million dollars before you had finished the project?

  • It’s quite interesting the Judge has stated there will be no further adjournments for Clare Bronfman’s sentencing. He has seen the writing on the wall and knows he would have been faced with countless requests to move the date. It is my belief that Ms. Bronfman is incapable to face this reality. This time she will not be getting ‘her way’.

    She will not be given the light sentence she thought she was getting and I’m sure she is seething. Frank painted a very clear picture of Ms. Bronfman in an earlier article that shows her to be a woman who has lived a life of privilege where she was never denied. This is a woman who got what she wanted through any means. When she committed perjury, it was a means to her end. She had no qualms about altering facts to suit her needs. She has no real concept of how the ‘real’ world works and I doubt she has fully accepted she will be sitting behind bars and treated in the same manner as all the other prisoners. I expect there could be another fainting spell on sentencing day in an attempt to be sent to a hospital and not jail.

  • I doubt that she will run.

    Her expensive lawyers will promise her the Sun Moon and stars, and she will have an idiots level of trust in them.

  • Don’t worry everybody. While in prison she can celebrate Ramadad as well. She just has to fill out the specific form to let the kitchen know.

  • I am addicted to the frank report. I wish it had a dating site integrated where one could talk about political enemies and also find love on the side .

    What do others think? I feel that is what is missing from these news site . Thoughts ?

    • Pea Onyu picked April 20 as the day of Raniere’s exoneration because that it National Marijuana Day.

      420 (cannabis culture)
      420, 4:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is slang in cannabis culture for the consumption of cannabis, especially smoking cannabis around the time 4:20 PM and also refers to cannabis-oriented celebrations that take place annually on April 20 (which is 4/20 in U.S. form).

      • Shadow, Pea Onyu never specified her reason for choosing that particular date. She never said that she chose it because it was 4-20 day, and I have never heard that Keith used marijuana- so why would she find it relevant for that reason?
        April 20th is also Hitlers birthday, so that’s another possibility…..
        However, I still suspect that whoever wrote that particular Pea Onyu post was likely one of the people who has trolled me since 2014…and they have since posted other bits of information that confirmed it for me. And that particular date has a significance to me that the trolls are aware of.

        • There you go self-aggrandizing again. Just can’t help yourself, can you, Toots? It’s all about you. Of course it is. 😐

          • To the “All About Troll”
            I have never said, ever, that I thought it was all about me. What I have said is that the people who harassed me & intimidated me with a bogus lawsuit are probably trolling this forum. I know they read FR because I have emails from them that state that they do.

            It would be very simple for them to post some of the Pea Onyu troll comments, as those comments have obviously been posted by multiple people. And since the people who harassed me are experienced trolls, I think it’s at least possible that it was them.

        • Flowers, at first I thought that 4-20 referred to Hitler’s birthday.
          But to many younger people now Hitler is almost ancient history except as some kind of vaguely defined “bad guy”.

          Then someone said that 4-20 is National Marijuana Day.
          When I was in college some students would go on the Quad and openly smoke marijuana on a day they called “Hash Wednesday.”
          In going through Allison Mack’s social media I ran across this picture showing a tall metal cylinder that looks like an
          incense burner.

          Allison Mack’s Albany NY Townhouse Was House of Horrors

        • well Nancy Salzman was Adolf Hitler in her former life, so there’s that angle. I wonder if that will come up at her sentencing?

  • Frank , how about a story on what it will
    be like for Clare while she is in prison? Where is she likely headed? What it will be like for her?

  • Does Clair’s time under home arrest count as time served at sentencing?

    If so, I would sure procrastinate sentencing as long as possible.

    • No, her home confinement does not count at all towards her sentence. So, procrastinating does not really do her any good…

      • She gets 1 day credit for the day she was arrested and taken into custody. If overnight in jail you get 2 days credit etc…

        In Federal prison if your release date is scheduled for Saturday or Sunday they have to by law release you on the prior Friday.

        Because of one day of arrest credit and her release being on a Sunday, Felicity Huffman was able to serve 11 days instead of 14.

        This all matters when you are serving 2 weeks but won’t make a difference for Clare of course. Her saving grace is that in the Federal system you only serve 85% of your sentence.

        • You are 100% correct on all points. But as for that 85% rule, please note that prisoners can – and do – lose “good time” for a variety of infractions while they’re in prison. So, that 85% is the best-case scenario for federal prisoners (State prisoners are often eligible for parole after they serve 50% of their sentences). Also note that federal prisoners usually get to serve some amount of time in a Halfway House (The amount varies but it’s usually in the 3-6 month range). But other than that, Clare will indeed be incarcerated in a federal women’s prison – and serving time with women who come from much less affluent upbringings than hers.

    • I think if she’s going to run, it will most likely be right after she’s sentenced. Which is why Judge Garufis may remand her at the sentencing hearing (Bring your toothbrush with you to the hearing, Clare!).


    NXIVM cultist Kristin Kreuk has bravely retweeted to her 235,000 twitter followers this article from a black woman who clearly doesn’t like white people, who claims “CanCon is having a moment. We need to talk about the great white elephant in the room. Why is Canadian television so white?”

    Kristin Kreuk, a privileged mixed race actress, is happy to receive predominately white people’s tax money to appear on CBC television to pretend to fight evil white people, but is unhappy that a white country with predominately white people in it, with predominately white people paying taxes, leads to predominately white people on Canadian television. Kristin Kreuk wants you to think white people are a “great white elephant in the room” for being the most seen race on Canadian television, but it does not matter at all that white people are the main tax payers funding her lavish lifestyle. That’s nice of her. And very brave.

    • This might shock Christine Kreuk but Canada was built by white people.

      Indeed, Kreuk’s father is white and if the rumors are correct Papa Kreuk helped pull Kristin’s butt out of NXIVM.

      • Kristin Crooked is a hypocrite, racist & coward, still spewing her drivel despite being identified as a spineless hypocrite. If this spoiled brat hates white people so much, she should fuck off from Canada and go somewhere else. What an ignorant sack of shit.

    • You do a great job of stalking Kreuk.
      Please submit your tax returns so we can determine how much you pay to fund her TV show. Then Frank can set up a GoFundMe account to reimburse you…then maybe you will stop harping on this stupid phony issue!

    • How do you go from an article the purpose of which is to exhort those who determine content for Canadian TV to represent more people on the screen who reflect Canada’s diverse population, to the author and Ms. Kreuk hate white people?

      • The article specifically called Canada racist. White people being attacked and told to be ashamed for merely existing in their own country. The privileged coulored (without any diversity in their own countries) don’t complain about lack of ‘diversity’ in the tax system, to represent Canada’s “diverse population” 🤮do they? Cherry picking their ‘oppression’. And Kreuk really is in no position to point fingers. Her behaviour 2017 onwards is beyond hypocrisy. Your fandom does not change that. It can be explained to you, but it cannot be understood for you.

        • “existing in their own country.“

          The indigenous say “hi”. It’s a privileged industry that doesn’t reflect Canada’s diversity according to multicultural population ratio. It could be that way for a number of reasons: lack of talent, opportunity, or systemic racism, etc. That it is the latter is the contention of the author. I don’t know what taxation has to do with this. People and corporations are taxed according to income and profits, respectively, with proportions of the taxes going to whatever governmentally regulated industry the tax law in effect determines to be budgeted as payments and subsidies.

          • Say hi back to the indigenous. They are about as diverse as your two brain cells. The rest of your diatribe was meaningless word salad just like your alter ego spouts.

          • The indigenous reference applied to what was quoted, not to them being diverse within themselves. A group is not diverse at their own categorization. Diversity here applies to an aggregation of groups of similar people that differ among each other by some defined attribute like race or skin color. You should also look up the word diatribe, since that term is far more applicable to what you wrote than anything I wrote, before you ironically rant that someone else uses word salad or has only two brain cells.

          • No fool, your diatribe was nothing but pure pablum. Diversity is fine for you leftists until the diverse disagree with your view. You are a typical hypocrite along the lines of your feline hero Kreuk.

      • Because it is an idiotic racist tweet. You so called diversity clowns claim to love diversity except for those you hate.which are most people.

    • Her father is white. She dated Mark Hildreth, who is also white. Now she’s sleeping with an unknown writer on her new show who is also white. Most of her friends are white. If anything, she’s as white as they come.

  • One of the most vicious criminals in Chicago history was a man named Lenny Patrick.
    A man who admitted in open court to killing at least six people.
    (Patrick was a childhood friend of Jack Ruby.)

    Lenny Patrick admitted to committing his first murder at the tender age of twenty.
    Young Lenny killed a man on the steps of a synagogue.
    By the way Lenny Patrick was Jewish.

    “In 1932, he got into a quarrel with Herman Glick, 21, during a dice game. ”He hit me and I went down,” Patrick said. ”I killed him a week later. I shot him in the head.”

    Patrick said he spent a month in Cook County Jail after Glick identified him as the gunman on his deathbed, but he was released when prosecutors couldn`t use Glick`s statement.”

    These NXIVM gangsters can shove their religion where the sun don’t shine.
    Raniere, Mack, the Salzmans and Bronfman are all scumbags.

    • “These gangsters can shove it where the sun don’t shine.”

      Oh yeah! You wanna take turns shoving things where the sun don’t shine puddings?

  • Are you Fucking serious Frank?

    Clare Bronfman is about as Jewish as the Ayatollah. Scott Johnson is a more pious Jew than Clare.

    And the Judge bought this load of horseshit? Cmon. Wake the fuck up sheeple.

    • These people are desperate. She would even play the “woman card” if it would help her (while munching on an ever so kosher bacon sandwich).

    • Under Jewish and Christian law, the religion of the mother is passed to the child.

      If a Jewish man marries a Christian woman, then the child is raised as a Christian.

      If a Christian man marries a Jewish woman, the child is raised as a Jew.

      The Bronfman brats’ mother is Christian.

      • The Google will tell you that Reform Judaism and Reconstructionist movements now recognize patrilineal descent, which has historical and biblical precedents. It gets into yet another of those pick-and-choose arguments about what following the Bible, and which parts of it, does or doesn’t entail.

        No judge is going to try to wade into making a call on such a matter, nor should they.

        • Hey anonyfaker, I hope you had a nice Hijab day!!!

          While women in some Muslim-majority countries are forced by governments to wear hijabs and face torture or imprisonment if they violate that official ordinance, much of the Western world will be celebrating “World Hijab Day.” Founded by Nazma Khan, who claims she was harassed for wearing a hijab in New York, the annual event began in 2013.

          The event takes place on February 1 every year, in many countries worldwide, in order “to encourage women of all religions and backgrounds to wear and experience the hijab.”

          • People don’t understand that woman are literally forced to wear this because of their religion controlled by a hierarchy of men. The irony. (And they hate and bash Christianity so much). Absolute hypocrisy at its finest

      • There is no such thing as a Christian law that defines the religion of a child based on the religion of the mother. Go back to talking about Mack, you make a fool of yourself when you try to branch out to other topics. LOL

    • I don’t mind Bronfman having more time restricted to her apartment before she is sentenced. It just means she will have less free days in her life. What’s the problem? For the record, I’m neither pious or Jewish.

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