Judge denies bail package for Raniere, Bronfman identified as co-conspirator

By Chitra Selvaraj

Keith Raniere appeared in court today at the Eastern District of NY DOJ Courthouse at 2 pm for his scheduled court hearing. He presented a bail package to the judge and claimed he was in Mexico to be with the mother of his child. The judge did not buy that explanation –  and denied his bail package.

Clare Bronfman was not indicted today but was identified, not by name, but by description as a likely-to-be-named co-conspirator. A description of the criminal acts were the same ones Bronfman participated in with her soon-to-be co-defendants, Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.

More details to follow…

Note to Clare: Time to fuel up the jet!

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  • I’m enjoying reading these articles and everyone’s convos, but what is the motivation for Clare and Sara? Were they hoping to be NXIVM’s David Miscavage? Or were they also taken in by Raniere’s gift of flab, I mean, gab? Thanks.

    • Miscavage could be characterized as an opportunist seeking money and power. In constrast, they had money and power; therefore the most likely explanation would be that Raniere beguiled them as he did others.

    • I think Clare and Sara’s motivation was that Keith Raniere was the father figure they never had.

      Keith recognized the sisters’ weaknesses and keyed in on their need for acceptance, recognition, and love that they never received from Pappa Bronfman.

      In the meantime, VanGrifter swindled them for millions bc the sisters were easy marks.

      Sara and Clare have huge existential dilemmas because what is the meaning of life if: 1) you are a Billionaire and 2) everything was given to you?

      Throw in a lack of critical thinking skills and a problematic relationship with your father. And BOOM! you are the perfect mark for a con artist.

  • that’s gonna get him in the end if all this bullsh… of consent would triumph, (which I doubt) is sex with underage girls or statutary rape, including the Chihuahua girls, of course.

  • Thanks shoegal. “So you need a couple of karate experts,” Garaufis responded. – Buzzfeed
    Judge Garaufis is a genuine Hero.

    • He’s the coolest. Totally apropiate for this case as is Moira Penza. I absolutely love the fact that the prosecusion is led by young women!

      • Its the best!! Might make a Moira Penza T-shirt, only ever done that once before – for Kim Deal!

  • If the defense attorneys had included the use of a ring doorbell as a part of their high security plan the judge may have been persuaded

  • Glorious news. Justice is prevailing. May Keith Raniere’s victims find increasing peace as the circus that is the Keith Raniere trial moves forward. Keith Raniere in prison for life is our vision for humanity and human potential!

      • How some of us can still feel nervous that he is going to get away with it somehow when his lawyers are putting absolute garbage into the case.

        He has just gotten away with so much for so long… Perhaps the consequences are really coming home to roost this time.

  • Bail denied as expected.

    The dumbest “smartest” in the world got cocky and took it too far. When a government as powerful as the United States comes after you, your goose is as good as cooked.

  • If Allison Mack could share a prison cell with Keith Raniere , she would be the happiest woman on Earth.

    Imagine spending the next 15 years talking about the meaning of the word “authenticity.”

    • Authenticity in the human context has to do with sincerity of motivation and action, i.e., that what is in your heart and mind is concordant with what is manifested in action.

      It has nothing to do with robots, nor reaching into someone’s essence, you utter blowhard. It also has nothing to do with a guy who abuses ethical “breaches” for control and sex.

    • She has kind of a big nose. But still beautiful. For most men, a gorgeous sexy blonde, tons of money, limitless adoration, and power would have been plenty good. Not for KR!!! That’s why I hope he enjoys his MDC meals and schedule. Selfish, greed bastard. He’s stepping it up and escalating as in Jim Jones, IMO.

      • How many DOS slaves would actually kill themselves for him? Just being told to do that by Clare would likely snap some of them out of it.

        As far as anybody outside of DOS slaves, yet within NXIVM, I don’t think anybody outside of orange sashes. For the orange sashes, their lives are basically over. They have little to no skills outside of coaching and EMs (and Siobahn Hotaling was lousy at those, anyhow).

        It is very possible if Raniere snaps out of his delusion that he is invincible, he could want the rest of the DOS slaves dead. He may actually realise that they are a far greater threat than their previously perceived usefulness. He can’t know which ones will turn, and none of them are actually useful for testifying on his behalf since the e-mail and text messages are going to refute their testimony.

        Thankful to not be one of them. They are in a truly perilous situation.

  • And now the really stupid stuff starts. Raniere, with his attorneys drawing their inflated fees from the no-longer-secret trust fund, will now appeal the bail denial to the Second Circuit – where he will get turned down, via a unanimous opinion, from a 3-judge panel. After that, he’ll appeal the matter to the U.S. Supreme Court – which will, of course, deny certiorari, meaning that it won’t even consider hearing the matter.

    So, in a about a year, Raniere will know, with absolute certainty, that he’s going to be at MDC until his trial date. And, once the superseding indictments come down – and there will be more than one – that trial date should be sometime in the Fall of 2019 or the Spring of 2020.

    Time to order more popcorn. This movie is turning into a mini-series.

  • Yes,
    Denied Bail and now Clare is finally outed by the FEDS radar.

    Nothing could have made my day better other than Allison Mack bail being suspended. If she ain’t gonna deal, there should be no bail deal. Wasn’t that part of the agreement that she was working on a plea deal?

    Now, she gets to sit by her parents pool all day and order them around to be her slaves. She has a spell on them. They thought she was doing good in the world and she has most likely convinced them this is all a big mistake and will get cleared up.

    How do the Feds really know she’s not in contact with NXIVM members and not using the internet?

    • Her parents are NXIVM members. Her father had to have been more active in order to be getting other members to use him for voice coaching, because that is just how it works.

      Allegedly Clare has bragged about being in contact with Allison.

      I don’t think anybody who knows the situation thinks Allison has actually been at all isolated, which is also probably why she hasn’t cut a deal.

      • Everything reported here suggests the following situation:
        1. AM’s parents want her out of the cults and have employed an exit counselor.
        2. AM’s attorneys have been paid by Clare Bronfman, but the retainer grants them a certain freedom of action (unless it goes to trial and fees mount).
        3. Bronfman has had some contact with AM, but the scope and conduit of such contact is unknown.
        4. NOBODY knows the actions of AM’s attorneys. Have they been the conduit for such communication? Have they also presented her with plea options as well?
        5. AM does not appear ready for a plea deal.

        I think that the district attorney must understand the calculations underpinning AM’s bail and its continuation.

      • I believe that Keith Raniere is too far deep into Allison Mack’s head for her to cut a plea deal.
        As far as AM is concerned the women who were in the DOS cult were “consenting adults” regardless of the blackmail material.

        If AM knew about Raniere’s involvement with underage girls and still remained in the cult then she is a True Believer in the Vanguard and has consumed too much NXIVM Kool Aid.

        Look at the bright side.
        People will no longer confuse Allison Mack with Kristen Bell.

  • Glad to hear Keith’s bail is denied and that more indictments are coming. The sooner the better! Clare is being given way too much of a warning and is probably already fleeing to her private island or preparing to do so! Nab her already!!

  • The Bail proposal was somewhat ridiculous, especially the parts about the mysterious ‘trust’ paying for security measures. GTFOH.

    I think the other factors were the obstruction of justice and the attempts by Raniere to flee to Quebec first, then Mexico.

    Superseding indictments should be released shortly. I expect more rats to jump the burning USS BRONFMAN once Clare aka The Enforcer/Scarecrow is indicted.

  • Thank God. Justice will truly be done when/if they arrest Clare (and Sara – who should not be allowed near any of the “Rainbow ” children who are unfortunate enough to have parents who trust NXIVM with their kids)

  • Ayla Ferrone:

    NEW YORK (NEWS10) – NXIVM Founder Keith Raniere and Allison Mack both appeared in federal court on Tuesday.

    The government laid out that it still has about a month and a half left in the discovery process and still expecting superseding indictments as well as more arrests connected to NXIVM.

    The judge denied Raniere’s recent bail application saying he is a flight risk.

    The defense claimed the funds for bail would come out of a trust that was established when Raniere was first arrested, saying it’s funded by a third party.

    The government and those familiar with NXIVM suspect this third party is none other than Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman.

    The government also making mention that they are in continues talks with Mack about a potential plea.


    • Loved it when she stuck the microphone in Allison Mack’s face and asked if she had anything to say to the people she has hurt.

      She’ll be back in MDC where she belongs in no time.

      • Comments on the Ayla Ferrone’s Twitter feed.

        Replying to @AylaFerrone @zachhaller and @allisonmack
        Know where I can get a good deal on a branding iron..?

        Replying to @AylaFerrone @AnOpenSecret and @allisonmack
        We deh paparazzi baby, “Hey Allison show us your butthole”

        Replying to @AylaFerrone and @allisonmack
        The walking dead

        Replying to @AylaFerrone @JohnDoe78359022 and @allisonmack
        Maybe a comment for the children that you trafficked?

        Replying to @denny_roberts50 @AylaFerrone and @allisonmack
        Brainwashed ppl usually have little to say

        She’s so busted Maybe she should have worn bright orange or just basic stripes.

      • It will be healing to those females that are under his power. They need to not be in physical contact with him to heal. I t will take a long time, but they can now heal.

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