Rolling Stone, Dr. Oz, Medias Presse, LA Times and more… Raniere, NXIVM continue to get the media they deserve

The media juggernaut continues – and even 10,000 airings of The Contender to helpless ESPians won’t stop them from noticing.

Today, so far, we have Rolling Stone Magazine, Dr. Oz [TV], Medias Presse [France], LA Times, Top Celebrity Magazine and others all reporting on the cult of Keith Raniere. Ironically, NXIVM’s use of celebrities to recruit more members is fueling much of the publicity.

The same article that appears in Rolling Stone also appears in Top Celebrity Mag.

The LA Times reports: “The Dr. Oz Show: Women have reported being tortured by NXIVM, which may be an underground cult in disguise….”

Dr. Oz, whose popular TV show has branched into investigative journalism, calls his work on NXIVM “…one of the biggest investigations we have ever done.”

Dr. Oz’s crime correspondent, , visited Albany, to investigate NXIVM.

Guests include Albany Times Union Senior Investigative Reporter, Brendan LyonsToni Natalie, Susan Dones, attorney Peter Skolnik,  and cult expert, Rick Ross.

Here is a link to the first roughly four minutes of the 30 minute segment on Dr. Oz. The entire episode, I am told, will be available online. Based on the first few minutes, it will be explosive.

[By the way, the man whose face is blurred out, who answers the door at NXIVM headquarters, is believed to be James Del Negro].

Here is a link to a 30 second promotional of Dr. Oz. on NXIVM.

Here is a link to the Dr. Oz blog that describes the show: 


The French website Medias Presse has an article, also out today, discussing the hypocrisy of feminists who decry other people’s sexual harassers but are silent on the people and ‘cults’ they know personally who harass women.

Sexual Harassment: Huffington Post, UNEF, Hollywood, “Feminists” Accompanying Pigs


Two more stories today: Odd Enough: What is NXIVM? Inside this sex slave cult with terrifying allegations of abuse Is NXIVM a Cult? What We Know


The Rolling Stone article is an excellent overview that should be helpful for people who have no previous knowledge of NXIVM.

An interesting quote from the article:

Alexandra Stein, who has a PhD in the sociology of cults and wrote a book called Terror, Love and Brainwashing, tells RS that NXIVM does, indeed, qualify as a cult, per her five-point definition: it has a charismatic, authoritarian leader; it’s “steeply hierarchical” in format, with possible front groups; it bears a “total, absolute ideology;” it uses coercive persuasion or brainwashing to isolate members from family; and it exploits followers and shows “potential for violence.”
“Cults come in all forms,” she explains. “Religious, political, self-help, therapy, sports/martial arts, commercial, business. If someone is promising you the world and starting to do [those] other things, beware.”

Medias Presse concludes their article {English translation] with some irony:

Hollywood The Weinstein affair has unmasked three leftists of the most beautiful water, who “knew”, but who closed their clamshell, as it was detrimental to the cause, moreover three anti-Trump hate animators known for their eternal lessons of ethics: Jane Seymour Fonda “feminist activist”, Mary Louise Streep, firm support of Hillary Diane Clinton (she also a great “feminist” protector of sexual harassers, when it’s not pedophiles …) and, cherry on the McDo ‘, Quentin Jerome Tarantino, donor of lessons between a thousand …  But there is now a new name on the list of “balance your pork but do not touch my pig”: Allison Mack, number two of the NXIVM sect founded by Keith Raniere , but chaired by Nancy Salzman and funded by Sara and Clare Bronfman, sisters of film producer Edgar Miles Bronfman Jr. and daughters of the former head of the World Jewish Congress, Edgar Miles Bronfman Sr. This sect practices sexual slavery, including branding female followers.                                                                                                                            When feminists speak of “women’s rights”, they are no more credible than Bernard Madoff speaking of financial honesty or the good doctor Eufemiano Anti-Doping Fistings …

The comment ‘Balance Your Pork But Do not Touch My Pig’  refers to the hashtag ‘BALANCETONPORC” which denounces sexual harassers.

At least denounce the harassers who it is safe to denounce.

Dr. Oz



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  • It just makes you look like an idiot. « balance ton porc mais touche pas à mon cochon » translates more closely to “out your pig, but don’t touch mine”.

    Don’t quote foreign texts without consulting someone who actually speaks the language.

  • Thank you both for standing up and bravely speaking out. I hope my friends inside hear your words and heed your warning before it’s too late.

  • FYI It looks like these guys are revamping the NXIVEM website.

    Have a handful of NY losers and a bunch of Mexicans on the “testimonial” page and revamped world salad on the others.

    • I never noticed the stamp at the bottom before but it says 2015. I wonder if they are recovering the websites after being knocked off line.

  • It aired at 2 PM EST in Upstate NY. I caught only the last 15 minutes but the whole episode should be up within 24 hours. . The look that Dr Oz gives Rick Ross during Rick’s discussion is meme worthy. Melissa Moore who is the crime reporter for Dr Oz herself is the daughter of the serial killer “The Happy Face Killer”. She is not only Emmy nominated for her work but has lived thru trauma and domestic violence.

    • Thanks
      I guess I missed it (I was too busy dealing with more death threats today…now they emailed me pictures of a deer being butchered ) and another person targeted by them had a car with surveillence equipment on its hood parked in front of her house all day. At least we have evidence and pictures this time. Lol..fuckers.

      Law enforcement, are you ever going to do anything? Ive downloaded the pic, and I have an idea who took it…. can’t you guys do anything?

      • That is some serious news Flowers, have you gone to the authorities about this? Can they do a drive by & check out the car?
        Get some friends to come over & walk with you to the car and take you some video of it. I’m sure it can get posted. Do it everyday until they leave you alone. Make sure you have a mob with you and no harm, just pictures and videos and make have lunch around the car with some loud ass music.

        Practice some flash mob dancing anything to spice things up a bit for the guy or gal watching.

        • The car wasn’t at my house. It was parked all day in front of the house of a journalist in Baltimore. She is investigating Cults and has been harassed. The car appeared to be a licence plate reader, but if it’s parked in front of your home, I suppose it could be used to take photos of your house.

          The photo sent to me was obviously meant to be a threat…a pic of a slaughtered deer on the table, being butchered.
          The idiots who sent it to me anonymously, are not as anon as they believe. I can see the pic had been taken early Monday morning, and that suggests they were hunting on the weekend. Well guess what, harasser up in Prince George, I think your whereabouts on the weekend could be proven, and that if the cops ever did decide to help me, they may be able to link that photo to your camera.

  • The RS article had nothing new…but did have errors.

    It wrote that Mack won an Emmy…sorry, Teen Choice is not an Emmy.

    Also, RS failed to mention or show pics of Kristin Kreuk…sorry, don’t they understand clickbait?

  • Kudos to the Frank Report for waking up the rest of the media to the truly incredible story of Keith Raniere and his cult. Now if we could just figure some way to get at least one law enforcement official to get off their ass and do something to stop this craziness before we have our own version of Jonesville or Waco.


    • I’m stunned nothing no has been done to date either.

      As Catherine Oxenberg so succinctly says: “ Blackmail does not mean consent, coercion does not mean consent.”

      At the very least, file charges against the woman “doctor.”

      My only hope I am closer ngoni to at this posting is the DA’s Office is carefully building a case.

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