Ireland’s Nxivm Leader, Kim Constable Releases Video of Her ‘Prancing Like a Stripper’ as Young Son Watches

Kim Constable makes a video dancing as a stripper as her son watches.
Kim Constable was, and possibly still is, the leader of Nxivm in Ireland. She is or was also the leader of Rainbow Cultural Garden, the childhood experiment for the now nearly decimated cult.
Kim, who is a vegan, is a body-builder and sells online courses to train others to obtain the kind of fitness she possesses.
On her Instagram, she just posted a curious two-minute video wherein she prances around in a Wonder Woman bikini/thong, “acting like a stripper” she says.
What makes it rather curious is that her son comes in and out of the video in a fairly nonchalant way.
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Kim calls herself thesculptedvegan


Kim dances, as she says, “like a stripper” as her son gets some food nearby.
Kim writes on her Instagram page about it, “I came across this video of early last year when I was practicing posing in the kitchen. It made me realise how whacky our normal life is for my kids. They come into the kitchen to make cereal, and I’m prancing around in a Wonder Woman bikini, acting like a stripper. And they don’t even bat an eyelid 😂
“It’s getting to the point where I am putting on more body fat than I’m used to carrying. And I know I’ve also built a huge amount of muscle. . I’m 4kg (8.8lbs) heavier than the end of November 2019 and not all of that is fat!  There is a part of me wants to shred to see what’s underneath the layer of fluff. And then there is the fat, lazy part of me is perfectly happy exactly where I am!
“I eat, train and sleep like a Trojan. The perfect recipe for muscle growth. And damn, I love eating, sleeping and training! So I guess we will keep going til the end of the year and maybe shred a little once winter comes.

Shredding in summer is no fun anyway. There’s far too many 🍻 to be had!“Happy Wednesday everyone 😊”

Shredding is apparently when a body-builder gets her body fat down to 6% or lower while retaining lean muscle in order to show the muscle ripple.
Kim got a few comments praising her, such as


A reader that brought to this my attention thought it was bizarre.

She wrote,  “What can one say? I showed this to my husband earlier today. He just sat nodding his head in despair.  He said, ‘You know she’s not all up there.’ I said, ‘She’s not all down there either'”.

Marie White also had a comment that I thought was precocious:  “I’ve seen these poses before. She’s probably practicing for a competition. It’s clearly inappropriate. My daughter and I both agree she’s out of her mind. I bet she’s taking steroids, ‘juicing’.  Something tells me this is what Raniere’s mother may have done as well. [She was a dancer.] Walking around like a whore. It’s like she wants the child to watch her.”

One thing that is curious is that Kim has a fairly large tattoo that seems to go beneath her bikini.  I wonder if that is to obscure a handsome pubic brand?


Does her tattoo extend below her bikini and obscure a wonderful pubic brand featuring the initials of her mentor Keith Alan Raniere?


Being as close as she was to Allison Mack and Sara Bronfman, it seems likely she was recruited for DOS. Did she obtain a brand for her efforts to serve Nxivm?


Allison Mack poses with a toy that looks not unlike her former master.

Finally, two points should be made:

First, I would not have published the photos of her kid if Kim herself had not published these for the world to see.

Second, although Keith Raniere taught in Nxivm courses that it is society that condemns parents who have sex with their children though  the children might enjoy it and, but for society, would grow up thinking it is totally natural, I doubt that this was Kim’s intention.

It seems her intent was just to show that her kids are used to her working out and showing her body unashamedly to the world – as an inspiration of what a vegan bodybuilder can do.

I might be in the minority here, but it seems disconcerting and inappropriate. That may be in part because of Raniere’s immoral teachings on the subject, and because Raniere himself was rumored to have been sexually molested by his mother for years.

But also because – and even without Constable’s long association with Raniere and his cult – it just seems unnatural.

Still, to reiterate, I doubt that it was Constable’s intention. Of course, I do not know what the mores are in Ireland where she sells her courses, were I advising her, I would not advise posting this video and probably suggest taking down now that it is up.






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  • As Frank and apparently Bangkok are well aware, the accusations against me include, chiefly, reports that I exposed myself to or somehow “sexually molested” my own son.

    These were investigated 3 times in LA county, once in Ventura County and found to be false every time. Yet, the accusations alone — which I believe NXIVM was behind — were enough for my ex, Jeff Apple, and his lawyer to opportunistically light on them in court to steal (and churn attorney fees against) Dylan’s resources.

    I’ve never so much as run past my son in a towel more clothed beneath than this lady boasts.

    Where’s child protection services in this shameful, repugnant display of indecent exposure?

    • Heidi,

      Only fool would believe you ever purposely exposed yourself to your son or did anything else inappropriate.

      Re European Mothers & Nudity:

      Italians, French, Greeks, Germans and even the English go topples at the beach in full view of their young children, teenagers and adult children.

      I’ve been to beaches at all five locals and have witnessed topless mothers at every local. I don’t approve whatsoever, but that is European culture nevertheless.

      • Heidi,

        I mentioned your case with my wife and she said to me, “How do you not remember all the times ex-spouses have played the ‘my husband/wife exposed themselves to our children’ cards?”

        Everyone has seen their parents naked once by accident and sometimes twice.

        You are definitely not an incestuous mother. Otherwise Frank would never have stayed in communication with you.

        BTW as I have pointed out on a number of occasions, Bangkok’s parents are most likely friendly with someone in your old neighborhood, someone you are still friendly with. That’s how Bangkok knew you camped outside your home and stayed in a cheap motel.

        Someone you are friendly with is gossiping and backstabbing you in the back.

        End of story.

  • Serious Question:
    By exposing her kid to erotic images of herself and her buttocks is Kim Constable trying to raise the boy to be a future Vanguard?

    Notice the NXIVM interest in Wonder Woman.
    Kim Constable is wearing a Wonder Woman bikini.
    Allison Mack’s alter ego considers Allison Mack to be a Wonder Woman using a Wonder Woman emoji to describe Allison.

    👸👸👸❤❤❤ #allisonmack #chloesullivan #smallville #powergirl #amazingwoman

    And according to court testimony Allison Mack told one wannabe actress that if the woman joined the sex slave sorority she could be cast in the next Wonder Woman movie.

    And who is the perfect partner for Wonder Woman?
    The World’s Third Smartest Man, Keith Thor Raniere!

      • Scotty,

        —I just assumed the kid was you…LOL

        Of course, you fantasized I was a kid or maybe Scott you actually fantasized “it” was Bangkok. You appear to appreciate the young male form. Do you not?

        Please stop harassing Bangkok to contact you. You are a grown man. It is getting beyond creepy with your obsessing over Bangkok contacting you. It’s sick. Keep your proclivities to yourself where they belong.

        …Missing New Orleans are you?

        Simply have your wife *peg you.

        * definition

        • Bangkok makes far too intelligent comments to be a kid. You don’t. LOL

          Scott doesn’t harass anybody, he simply educates others that you and Bangkok are fools. First, you said would come on Scott’s show, then chickened out and said you would only come on my show if Frank did, and when you were informed Frank has already been on Scott’s show you still chickened out. LOL

          Bangkok DEMANDED that Scott answer 11 specific questions, and then asked a few more. Scott said he would be happy to answer all of Bangkok’s questions on his show, but Bangkok is too scared because he knows he would be made to look like the fool that he is. LOL

          • Scott,

            —Bangkok makes far too intelligent comments to be a kid.

            Pedophiles like yourself and Jeffery Epstein are always talking about how intelligent the children they’re interested in are.

            Get help, loser!

          • You have a fetish that Scott has a fetish for youngsters. Your [sic] projecting. Again. LOL

  • I’m kinda bothered by the fact that she has a couch in her kitchen. Eww. Nothing but a germ and scent-catcher. Couches don’t belong in kitchens. Does she carpet her bathroom too?

        • “If we’re talking about you”?

          Says the Tooth Fairy of the trailer park. You still wearing a tutu Mr. Fairy? Or is the tutu reserved for New Orleans only?

    • The couch appears to be near the kitchen, not IN the kitchen. I have carpet in my bathrooms, it’s not uncommon. LOL

  • What does the tattoo represent? Looks like a big, diffuse smudge. Anyone who gets a tattoo like that has no sense of aesthetics. You don’t disfigure your appearance with something like that if you have a correct attitude towards your body. Kim Constable, you shouldn’t be proud of your tattoo, I’m sorry, I guess me and you have a different attitude about it.

    • It’s possible that it evolved into the mess it is now, as an attempt to cover up something on her right hip (left, viewed in the image) undesired or inappropriate – say the name of an ex-lover, or a motto that later seemed all wrong – that originally was more aesthetically arranged, even if still a dumb idea. Or it could cover some skin blemish like a large birthmark or scar that was itself unsightly.

      Whether what now looks like a blob, crosses over and plunges down in her left pubic area (right, in the image) to cover up a DOS brand is anybody’s guess – but I believe I can take credit for having been the first to suggest the possibility.

        • Hi NiceGuy,

          As I’ve written before, I find it an interesting sociological – and even psychological – phenomenon, going back to the days when I knew followers of Rajneesh (deceased, and now known as Osho) who were among the very first from more advantaged social backgrounds to adopt body modification (including piercing) practices. So I can share my possibly relevant observations and knowledge that sometimes these messes that appear bizarre, have evolved out of some earlier minor mistake in judgment that can be understood as having seemed to make some sort of sense originally – in a phenomenon of sunk costs and escalation of commitment similar to what happens to people who get into cults.

          And it beats chiming in on the topics that tend to attract the craziness and toxic nastiness. I’m dealing with a bit too much of that in my real life right now, between a neighbor who is shouting crazy things over the the back fence (I’m having to put in new landscaping to eliminate the sight line from where they hang out and get drunk), and a good friend whose sibling is so far into a version of 5G conspiracy theory that they no longer believe COVID-19 is a contagious disease and refuses to take proper precautions, plus occasional other nuttiness.

          I hope all is as well as can be expected with you and yours.

          • AnonyMaker,

            Just ribbing you brother! You’re a good man.

            I hope you & your family are doing well.

            Stay safe!

    • Mmm. That dark smudge reminds me of those in some of Michelle Salzman’s live portraits of DOS slaves. And the positioning of the live brands.

  • While i don’t find that appropriate, she is in Bikini, not naked…Granted it’s a skimpy and particularly unclassy one but you compare body-building contestor to stripper?
    Let’s make things clear, i don’t like Kim Constable, i don’t like her principle and i don’t like the kind of person she is…but that doesn’t mean i’ll make up stories about her.
    Once again, Stick with the facts!

    “Being as close as she was to Allison Mack and Sara Bronfman, it seems likely she was recruited for DOS. Did she obtain a brand for her efforts to serve Nxivm?”
    Except it was not Allison’s decision (nor Sara) and, therefore, being “close” (which is untrue…or many people have been close to her) doesn’t impact whether she was in or not.
    Little reminder for you because you obviously don’t always understand how life is: Being close on a picture, geographically or anything similar doesn’t mean having a close relation…being acquaintance is not the same as being friend…

    Anyway, it’s Raniere only that made those decisions and only him.
    While you like to mix everything and despite the fact that i’m not a fan of any of the Bronfmans, you are connecting someone that is more than remote from DOS …
    You are not tired of making silly conclusions and connecting everyone?

    “The mailman was delivering package to each member of DOS and the executive…it means he was a member!! he probably also decided the color of the wallpaper of Raniere’s office as well as his underwear”.

    The fact is (and will always be):
    Allison never had any decision power and not even on her own life and this is illustrated by the trial (including solid proofs) but also by your own allegations when you said that Allison wasn’t allowed to decide for her own contracts.
    Sara was never connected to DOS…Clare was allegedly connected (thou never demonstrated) and it was you who presented this “story” as the authority shows that, despite her heavy implication, Clare seems to be out of DOS.

    Raniere was the SOLE person to make any kind of decision. This is clear from the trial, this is clear from the proofs and this is actually your original allegation before you got into the conspiracy theories.

    You do understand that your behavior, trying to implicate everyone, is a mark of support for the devil…hhmm i mean Raniere?
    You seem to find excuses for him every time you can by pretending that other people had their word in this cult…

    He was the head with Nancy Salzman. Lauren was his underdog and he had a few uncoerced followers (Bronfmans and a few other) that helped him…
    For the rest, they are his victim…

    “First, I would not have published the photos of her kid if Kim herself had not published these for the world to see.”
    Don’t act like you are ethical, you spend all your time spreading lies lately…Why would you care for kids?
    It doesn’t change that while the pictures are technically public, they are still the property of Kim (and even more since she doesn’t depend of USA …USA has privacy protection laws but they are rarely applied).
    Taking the picture of her kids is not legal without her permission (especially when you mix her to shady activity)…It’s lucky that not that many people read your blog anymore because there, you could damage her kid’s life.

    It’s not like you care, much like Raniere, you love to destroy people’s life…but be cautious because here, you are on a mined ground…you can’t just post picture of people without approbation and connect them to crimes without expecting serious return of stick.

    I can’t believe i end up defending someone i dislike like Kim but i’m someone who is fair (contrary to you) and i only go after those who deserve it…
    you, you just go for the clicks.

  • That photo of Allison and Keith makes me feel hopeful their love will last 4ver. 🤪 He is her Master after all.
    Besides the fact that stripper is dancing for dollars in her tiny flat, did you guys notice the time? 9:10 am says the clock on her wall and the box of cereal says ‘Shreddies’. 🧐

  • Even a Dirty Rat Bastard like myself is disturbed by the photos of Kim with her kiddy….

    BTW: Anyone know if Kim is looking to adopt a 40 year old man?

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