Laura Darby: Nancy Salzman’s properties used for her bail package revealed

Nancy Salzman owns some properties free and clear and used them as collateral for her bail package.
By Laura Darby
I was researching what other Nxivm-owned properties may have been listed for sale. One thing led to another and I started working on 1 Woodin Road.

Years ago, NXIVM proposed building its headquarters and school in Halfmoon. Residents on Woodin Road went ape shit as per this 2003 article:

NXIVM cuts training school from plan Halfmoon — Controversial company’s latest proposal still seeks to build headquarters, offices on town site  Times Union/December 21, 2003 By Dennis Yusko

Woodin Road was purchased by NXIVM Properties LLC as per the article:

Jill McLaughlin, formerly of 1 Woodin Road, was typical of the letter-writers: “I am pleading with the town planning department to decline this proposal,” she wrote.

“McLaughlin fired off an email to Raniere this summer, saying the proposal would ruin the property value of her single-family home, which is adjacent to the NXIVM site. Raniere wrote back and immediately sent NXIVM representatives to her home, McLaughlin said.

“The recently formed NXIVM Properties LLC then purchased McLaughlin’s home for $175,000, plus moving costs. Raniere was a pleasure to work with, she said.”

I got to thinking, could Nancy Salzman or even Lauren Salzman be hiding out over there now?

I started playing around with the address and Spokeo came up with: –

Note is shows Brandon Porter is a current resident, but it lists Jane Jeffries [his wife] as a past resident and it also lists [Name Redacted] as a past resident. It would make sense that Nancy put [Name Redacted] up over there while [Name Redacted] was a minion.

Note: Spokeo sometimes is not accurate as to who is the current resident. So, I am thinking that Brandon and Janie lived there at one time possibly before moving over to 45 Oregon Trail and are bunkered down over at Clare’s Button Rd. address.

So I began pondering about NXIVM Properties LLC and I discovered that it is not Sara and Clare Bronfman behind that LLC but Nancy Salzman.

I can tag three properties back to this LLC as per the same 2003 article: “ NXIVM Properties LLC has bought at least two other properties nearby in September, including 3 Hale Drive in Clifton Park from Elizabeth Quackenbushfor $114,900, and 12 Wilton Court in Clifton Park for $110,000 from Sabrina Nitkowski, according to deeds filed in the Saratoga County Clerk’s office.

12 WIlton Court

3 Hale Drive

Woodin Road

And then I remembered the spreadsheet which lists all the rental properties that are owned as it turns out by NXIVM Properties LLC

Boom — these must be the properties Nancy has pledged as collateral! 203 Yorktown where Dawn Morrison lived and 115 Grenadier where Ivy lived are also listed. It makes sense that Nancy probably kicked their asses out to gain liquidity. It would also explain her being seen with Kerstin Ohlander who was living in #1 Flintlock which also appears on the list. 

The spreadsheet listed two other rental properties.  I have confirmed that 11 Montgomery Way was sold in late 2015 to a Michelle Gavares for $245,000 and 13 Twilight Drive was also sold in late 2016/early 2017 for $242,000

Without further ADO……

The 8 properties Nancy owns (of which 7 are in Knox Woods) with their estimate fair market value – using Zillow to be consistent:

12 Wilton Court  – $172, 446

3 Hale Drive   – $167,676

8 Hale Drive (the Library)  – $167,934

9 Hale Drive   – $183,726

1 Flintlock Lane  – $170,501

115 Grenadier Lane – $145, 197

203 Yorktown Dr. – $138, 677

Woodin Road  – $209,414

Total $1,355,571

How much you want to bet these are owned free and clear and were purchased for cash with laundered money from course fees?

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  • Thanks Laura, so Nancy does the work for nxivm, gets paid handsomely in cash by nxivm – translates that into bricks and mortar for herself, (taking care not to render a bean unto caesar) and then pledges these properties as collateral, back to nxivm. Good job she did, because she can now use that for bail! – to buy her a few more months in the daylight before she has to go to prison!

    What does it mean when you choose to avoid maternal, social and tax responsibilities for most of your working life in order to serve corruption, and end up going to prison with one or more of your daughters? Raniere’s miniature kingdom really hoves into view in a moment like this.

    • Another NXIVM LLC property:

      7 Grant Hill Road was sold on 11/20/2015 – Nancy Salzman (by atty.) and Kathy Russell (as atty.) sold property at 7 Grant Hill Road to NXIVM Properties LLC for $250,000.

      Frank once attached Danielle Roberts to this address and this bio of Danielle bears it out – Interesting, Roberts obtained a Colorado medical license so she may be practicing in that state now. Marvin Derks and Lisa Derks who are known espians also are attached to this address. It appears this is a duplex. I cant find any recent real estate transactions other than it being listed for rent.

      9 Grant Hill Road is also owned by an Espian – Vera Autrey Da Costa-

      Mary Buser and Carrol and Marie Louise Cronin sold property at 9 Grant Hill Road to Vera Autrey Da Costa for $232,500.(2014 ish)

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