Source: Raniere eating meat at MDC

According to a source familiar with his diet, Keith Raniere, formerly known as The Vanguard and now known as Federal Prisoner 57005-177,  has begun eating meat. With his new diet, Raniere is getting more than three times the calories of DOS slaves. Then again, he is their grandmaster.

His jail is filthy and inhuman – but so was his sex lair. Ask Kathy Russell whose duties included cleaning it up after Raniere’s frequent sexcapades with members of his sex-slaver cult.

The medical care is also very low quality at MDC. But then again, Raniere can probably take care of his own medical needs since he previously oversaw the medical care of Pam Cafritz, Barbara Jeske, Nancy Salzman and several other cult members. Oops…I meant the late-Pam Cafritz and the late-Barbara Jeske.

You have to stay healthy when you’re MDC. You do not get sunlight so you’re missing some essential health needs. Being there is cruel and unusual punishment. It is rather a penance.

But the “good news” is that Raniere has a fair share of rice and potatoes, something he frequently denied his slaves.  He preferred them to eat low or zero calorie Miracle [squash] noodles.

Although Raniere liked to keep his DOS slaves on low protein vegetarian diets – he needs to keep up his strength by eating meat. Only occasionally at MDC do they serve hard-boiled egg and rarely cheese. One meal per week features a chicken leg.  Baked. Crisped up in the oven. Another meal includes a 3-ounce hamburger floating in grease.

Breakfast on Sunday: Served at 7:00 AM – which is well after Raniere awakens from his usual 2-hours of overnight sleep – is often chocolate -covered donuts and cartons of milk.  Prisoners have more calories in one morning than a DOS slave in two days.

The other day, Vanguard was served two slices of a pressed ham-type product with two slices of bread. But he had all the mustard and mayonnaise he could eat. Another day, it was steamed tacos with beans and rice (Inside the flour tortilla was a meat not discernible as to the animal from which it came).

For breakfast recently, he had a frozen egg concoction with cheese and a hint of milk.  It was rubbery in texture but had protein. It was called an omelet.

Macaroni came tepid, mixed in a salty meat with cheese sauce. Before he was incarcerated, Keith loved mac-and-cheese and would eat it with hot sauce at midnight. One person dubbed him and his co-defendant [Allison] “Mack and the Big Cheese.”

Respectful persons, of course, called him Vanguard and her Pimp Mack or Madam Mack.

Salad is available at most dinners for roughage in prison.  It is the main food for DOS slaves.

Rice is usually served 3-4 nights a week.  You can get a lot of rice. Some prisoners get 500 calories in rice in a single day.

According to our sources, Keith is now able to buy from the prison Commissary. Mackerel and Tuna out of packets are a great way to get protein.   They run $1.20 per packet – and they are also used as currency in prison.  At the Commissar,y he can buy tortillas,  Ramen noodles, Kosher and  and Halal foods, candy, and salty snacks.

There is no wealth advantage because even if you’re an ex-Vanguard cult leader, you can still only spend up to $320 per month on your Commissary account. So Clare’s wealth can help him to a point. But then again, food in prison magically appears for him. Monday-Friday 6:30 AM, 11:30 AM, and 5:00 PM (On weekends, breakfast is a half-hour later).

Greeting Cards are available for $1.30 at the Commissary. Happy Birthday, Birthday Wishes, Timeless Love, Perfect Love – these are some of the cards he can purchase at the Commissary and send in lieu of his physical presence. Unfortunately, as of right now,  there are no “To My Favorite Slave” cards.

Keith used to have sex with women on their birthdays. Sometimes – as in the case of his aging harem women – he would only service them on their birthdays and, of course, they could not be with any other man the rest of the year.

It was tough on him when more than one aging harem woman had a birthday on the same day. So much old – when what he really needed was a couple of young fuck-toy life-slaves to rev him up sexually.

Keith advised women to shy away from caffeine. He used to drink a high energy high caffeine drink called ‘Guru.’

He can now buy Litpon tea at the Commissary.

At the Commissary, he can buy computer time and pay for phone calls, but because those charges are also debited against his total $320 monthly allotment for Commissary, he has to be frugal.  Just because you are Cruella Bronfman, you cannot buy the prison Commissary. Eating is hard and cruel at MDC. But DOS was harder.

It should make Raniere a bad-ass warrior bastard in no time.

Here are a couple of his recent meals:

Scrambled Eggs
Brownish Potatoes
Cream-water gravy
Mini Biscuits (2)

Two packers of jelly.

A pat of Margarine.

A morsel of canned fruit with watery syrup and a watery beverage to wash it down.

Related image

A meat-soy blend.
White Rice
Pale Green Beans
Brownish water-style gravy
Wheat-like bread

For a look at the menu 

For a look at what’s available at the commissary

One picture speaks 1,000 calories.

Image result for federal prison meals


Image result for federal prison meals



Related image

Also includes milk [not shown].


Keith Raniere has said, “When we smile, the world smiles with us: each experience of joy is an experience of joy for all people and a victory for human kind.”  

So how about when we laugh? 

Related image

Keith Raniere has said, “Humans can be noble. The question is: Will we put forth what is necessary?”

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“Knowing what to do is useless without the emotional strength to do what you know.”- Keith Raniere.

Image result for meals for prisoners

“Any ideology or thoughts of a better world are just fiction until they are actualized”- Keith Raniere.

It has been. actualized.  A jury will decide for how long.

Farewell has a sweet sound of reluctance. Goodbye is short and final.

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Keith Raniere has written,  “Responsibility entrusted to us by a thousand, thousand future generations – our messages will persist, with their effects, long after we are gone.

One of history’s worst criminals, Raniere’s effect on many women will take a long time to heal.

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Will Keith get breakfast in bed in prison? No . But he never had breakfast in bed. He had dinner in bed. Because he slept all day.

Related image

Image result for meals for prisoners

Keith Raniere has written, “Data enclaves on one hand preserved humanity’s ability to ultimately find truth through independent accounts of data later to become history. On the other hand, they limited potentially important data from affecting the rest of the world.”

Yeah, yeah, that’s fine Keith, but how’s the meatloaf? .

Some find his present situation kind of hairy.

Image result for meals for prisoners

“He who has the most joy wins,” says Keith Raniere.

Said the rest of us, “He who laughs last, laughs best.”


.And thank God, we found the good in goodbye.


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  • I like the footnote on the menu, “# Indicates No Flesh Entree Item.” Keith isn’t getting any of the flesh he’s used to these days, perhaps he will give “Bubba” some of his flesh soon.

  • I only hope the prison guards make him clean his plate every meal or they will release the shower pics of him

  • For those of you (all two of you) who feel sorry for Allison Mack having to chew on animal flesh, remember that Allison is the sadist who enslaved India Oxenberg to the distress of her mother Catherine Oxenberg.

  • Ok folks, let’s face it: this may be far worse than what we will have for lunch today, but “Midnight Express”, it ain’t.

  • I’m shocked!! After Obama I thought prison’s would have wait staff on hand. The prison will soon be sued for not offering a menu. I would have starved to death by now besides the salad there is nothing edible.

    • Didn’t you hear? Trump got rid of the prison wait staffs. Didn’t you see the link to the menu above? There are “flesh” and “non-flesh” choices for every meal, plus “heart healthy” choices. Raniere doesn’t have to worry about this issue, he has no heart.

    • The reason she refused the plea deal is because there is no way they would consider one that didn’t involve significant prison time.

      They have so much evidence, they don’t need to cut weak deals to reinforce their case.

      • I have not seen a report anywhere that AM refused the plea because it involved prison time. Based on prior cases, a prospective prison sentence from a plea deal would open possibilities for house parole/ within a year to a few years while a guilty verdict would really mean a minimum of fifteen years. Any rational person would take the plea deal given the evidence that has already been made public. She has not taken a deal to this date, so we must presume that she is still committed to the NXIVM party line.

  • Don’t forget that on Tuesday, at the hearing, we’ll likely learn that Allison’s plea deal just ain’t materializing and she’ll never testify against Keith.

    For those of you who think she’s being slowly deprogrammed, you’re fucken dreaming and don’t know shit about psychology, since her devotion to ‘master’ is so deep that without him there is no ‘her’.

    The wires in her brain are so short-circuited that I’d be willing to bet she’ll have an easier time recruiting the deprogrammer to NXIVM than he’ll have in deprogramming her.

    It’s like trying to recruit Luke to the dark side. It’s virutally impossible. Vader couldn’t do it. Emperor couldn’t do it.

    If a truck were speeding towards Keith…..Allison would gladly step in front of it and get squashed to spare him.

    But remaining loyal to Keith is the best thing for her really.

    She needs to spend at least 15 years in prison cuz her existence as a human being really isn’t offering anything positive for society. She’s basically the equivalent of human trash and therefore a cage is the best place for her.

    Giving her a plea and letting her out early would only endanger society by having a batshit crazy cunt running around town.

    But after 15 years in prison……the short circuited wires in her brain will have self-healed and she’ll once again be a productive citizen no longer under master’s control and no longer seeking to create slaves for him.

    Disagree all you want, but she ain’t gonna flip.

    The very fact that prosecutors actually wasted time by going to court to insist that her ankle GPS doesn’t come off next week (during the plane flight) shows that prosecutors don’t even believe they’ve made one iota of progress in deprogramming that cunt.

    I’m done annoying y’all for now. 🙂

    • While you may be right, you don’t have a clue whether she’ll flip or not. Time and facts will tell, not some crystal ball glaring “great Carnac.”

  • Frank is wrong here.

    MDC allows prisoners FAR more meat than what Frank described.

    Frank forgot to mention that MDC allows prisoners to have steak 3 days per week. Well, maybe not steak…..but TUBE STEAK with white gravy.

    Also… I’ve learned that prisoners at MDC are allowed an UNLIMITED quantity of Oscar Meyer WEINERS……well, maybe not Oscar Meyer, but weiners nonetheless.

    Keith will also be allowed to continue practicing his philosophy of collateralized life slaves…..except that he’ll be the one to pledge his lifelong allegiance to Bubba as his fuck toy. Call it karma.

    I imagine that one day very soon……Keith will be waking up to a tasty breakfast of tube steak smothered in dirty underwear. Yummy!

  • Thank you Frank, and all of you that have anger towards Keith, get over it and focus on what you can do! If you have anything that can help to move forward, anything that will help piece together the failure of a man, a man that may die in prison, a man that was not honest with his followers, please step up. Focus on what you can do or don’t waste your breathe on nothing.

    • Good point. People who know anything, now is the time to speak up. I have nothing worthwhile to offer.

  • How did anybody ever believe he wasn’t eating meat? You can’t stay that chubby on a fresh fruit and veg only diet.

    Although, it must have been harder for him to get away with once he had to live with the harem 24/7. Bet he was hangry.

  • When the Vanguard’s “Badass Warrior ” women get sent away their portions will have to be cut to a quarter of that.
    And the meat will have to be replaced with squash and melons.
    We wouldn’t want Raniere’s women to get too fat.

    • They’ll want to gain weight. If you think “Bubba” is a nasty roommate, the prison women make his kind look like a boy scout.

  • Serves him right – controlling what his slaves ate so they would be stick thin to suit his preferences while he shoveled whatever he wanted into his gut. The inner rage that must be happening now that he cannot have his pizza and pussy whenever he wants. His exalted, fully integrated being must be outraged over the lack of respect for his specialness. For all the scorn and disrespect and abuse he has shown to every woman in his life (and probably every man as well – just differently), I wish him a celebratory MDC meal; may he celebrate his specialness for a lifetime!

  • Holy Baby Jesus…what the heck are those two Grey-brown ‘meat loafs’ pictured at the top of the article?

    Dear Yahweh, it looks like a baby elephant took a dump. Yuck!

    I told you all VanGrifter eats Cheeseburgers. Now, he will have to get his protein in another manner.

    I also think Allison still believes that the Nexians are X-Men and Keith is her Professor Xavier. Maybe after ten years in a USP she will realize it was all a lie…

    USP = United States Penitentiary
    FDC = Federal Detention Center

    • It is largely a meat-based patty, or galette de viande, the main ingredient of which is composed of the renderings of a particular local wild animal that heretofore would have been seen, scurrying around the confines of the MDC. This wild-caught critter’s Latin name is Rattus Norvegicus. Its delectable meat can be is used in a melange of international gourmet dishes, and its flavor is definitely enhanced by a generous dollop of Momofuku Ssam Sauce, spicy.

  • With meals like those available to inmates, I think the starving hordes of female slaves might try breaking IN TO prison, instead of trying to break Raniere OUT of prison. If I were the prison warden, I would hire extra guards to stop attempted break-ins.

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