Raniere Pro Se Filing: FBI Might Have Mistaken Cami For Her Sister

Keith Raniere made a last-minute pro se filing. Though he did not intend it, it contained a lot of treasure. One might call it a Golconda of the bizarre and eccentric. Stuff that would make a short pudgy man go cross-eyed. Stuff that would make one wonder – Hey, what was he thinking?’

In this post, we look at nuggets from the world’s smartest man’s first pro se filing. He waited three years after his conviction to file it. Thirty minutes before the doors closed for all time. He managed to file his ‘newly discovered’ evidence for his pro se Rule 33 motion – and ask for a new trial.
I wanted to be part of it, I admit. I wanted to be part of closing the doors of the sepulcher. I wanted to say what he did to Camila. If this had been about Rhiannon, I would have said it too. Or Gina. Poor Gina or Kristin Snyder. And the others. But at least I got to say, “Keith Raniere raped Camila when she was 15.” And put it in the filing.
And that’s “historical” – – to use one of his favorite words. His critic called him a rapist in his motion for a new trial.
Of course, I am interested in the evidence of possible FBI tampering. I am still looking at that evidence.
But this post is about Camila.

The first nugget comes from Nicki Clyne in the form of a declaration.

Keith told her to carry the ball.

Affidavit of Nicole Clyne

1. I am Nicole Clyne.
2. The attached emails in Attachment A are true and accurate copies of email exchanges I had with Camila between the period of February 26 and March 8, 2019.
3. I have redacted certain information to protect Camila’s privacy as well as my own. I can make the unredacted copies available as needed.
4. In these emails, as well as during a phone call I had with her in March 2019, Camila expressed gratitude and a desire to be in touch, and spoke positively about Mr. Raniere and her involvement in NXIVM.
5. In her “Cover Letter,” Camila describes the experience she’s gained working with Rainbow Cultural Garden and how it aligns with her life goals.
6. I have photographs of the DOS first line, including Camila, where the area of her appendectomy scar is clearly showing, and the scar is not visible. I have similar photos where the scar is visible, which means that its visibility is dependent on the lighting and angle of the photograph. They are true and accurate depictions of Camila. I can make these available as needed.


Before we get to the emails – #6?

Nice going, Keith. You sure carried that ball.  Only you got branded on the pubis. Then you heaved an illegal seduction assignment and got thrown for a 120-year loss.  Now, you can’t pick yourself up because you haven’t got a scar to stand on.

So, Nicki has photographs of the DOS first line, including Camila? Graphic photos of Camila, and Allison, Lauren, Nicki, Monica, Rosa Laura, and Daniela. How do they feel about sharing these?

That sure is going to get people on Raniere’s team.  I saw one of those redacted photos. Camila was smiling, but it made me sad. She lost so much. She wanted kids. She wanted a husband. She wanted a career in educating children. Instead, she was an old man’s slave, taking naked group pictures with seven women forced to smile.


At Raniere’s trial, the government introduced medical records of Camila’s appendectomy. She was 16 on January 7, 2007, which is when she had the appendectomy. Her sister, Daniela, testified it was a prominent, visible scar.

FBI Special Agent Michael Weniger identified the alleged child porn photos. The girl in the pictures did not have a scar. The lack of a scar suggested Raniere took the pictures of Camila before January 2007.

What was Weniger’s authority for identifying Camila? After all, he had never met her. He testified he saw many nudes of Camila taken over the years. He saw more photos in this case than some porn addicts in a lifetime.

But the hard evidence was the EXIF dates of the photos. It showed Raniere’s camera took the photos on November 2, 2005 and November 24, 2005. Camila was 15 then.

Nicki has photos of Camila at 26. Some have scars, and some don’t. It proves little.

An invisible scar, by itself, proves nothing. If Raniere wants to exonerate himself, he must prove the EXIF data is wrong or that he did not take the photos.

Or that the girl in the photos is not Camila. In fact, that is exactly what Raniere is offering next.

For this, he presents Eduardo Asunsolo’s declaration.

Asunsolo Declaration


Eduardo Asunsolo

I first met Marianna sometime around 2007.

I recall meeting her at the corporate retreat of NXIVM, referred to as “V-week.” She was trying to pursue a career in tennis.

I first met Camila sometime around 2011 or 2012, I mistook Camila for her older sister, Marianna. I recall meeting her at a residence in Clifton Park where she was taking care of a child.

I said to her, “Hey, so how’s tennis going?”

I remember the interaction because Camila got very upset about the fact that I had confused her with her sister Marianna.

I also know of several instances where other people in the NXIVM community confused Marianna and Camila, as well as Camila and her other sister, Daniela.


It’s true. Sometimes sisters are hard to tell apart.  And what Raniere is figuring is that FBI SA Michael Weniger was in no position to tell Camila from Daniela or Mariana.

FBI Special Agent Michael Weniger.

Did he know the difference between the sisters?




So, let’s go back to the emails. Nicki says that Camila spoke well of Raniere in February 2019. So what? She changed her mind by October 2020 when she called him a pedophile who stole her life.

Camila and Nicki had not seen each other in more than a year. Raniere was in custody at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC). He was awaiting trial.

Camila wanted help with her CV. She wanted to go to the University of Padua in Italy.

The email exchange between Camila and Nicki was just five days after the FBI found child porn pictures of Camila on Raniere’s hard drive.

Camila was in Mexico. She expressed sadness that her CV had virtually nothing on it. She had spent her life in the service of Keith Raniere – starting when she was 13.

This girl had only one year of junior high. The scoundrel did not even let her go to high school.

She was 29. But her life had flitted by under his domineering control. Now he was in custody, and Camila was neglected.

Nicki too, was struggling. Once a promising actress with a rising career, now she was working in a cafe. Nicki is a good writer. Camila wanted some help with her CV.

Camila wanted to leave her hand-to-mouth and lonely life in Mexico under the indifferent care of a NXIVM proctor and go to Italy.

She never got there.

Crazy cheap Clare Bronfman could have easily helped Camila, but she allowed the deadliest threat to her and Raniere’s freedom to languish and suffer and live hand-to-mouth.

Camila-Nicki Emails

Camila and Nicki had this last email exchange.

Feb 26, 2019, at 9:58 PM,

Camila wrote:

NICKI!!!!!!!! Hello!!!
Ma sistah! How I miss you!!!
I am so sorry for everything that is going on. I hope you are holding up okay. It might sound weird, but thank you for staying strong. It gives me strength to know that you are still there. Please know that I am still here… always.
And thank you for agreeing to help me with this! I was very excited to hear that you said yes!
It is a first draft. It might be a little disorganized and with lots of errors but give it a look
Love, love, LOVE….
I have attached my CV since they are asking me for one. It is so sad, I am trying to flower it up somehow. Let me know if you have any ideas

Cami writes,” I am not mentioning Keith, not sure if it’s a good idea. And if it is, not sure how to portray it.”

February 26, 2019, 10:19

Nicki Clyne wrote:
OOOOOOH MYYYYYY GAAAAAWD!!! It’s so, so, so nice to hear from you. I’m really happy to be in touch, and I totally know the feeling of relief and gratitude in knowing others are staying strong. You can always count on me. 100%. I am so excited you wanted my help! You couldn’t have asked for a better thing for me to help with either. It’s what I was bred to do, haha.

When I first landed in Brooklyn, I sent out over 70 personalized cover letters and resumes. Sadly, I only got a few interviews and no jobs, but I think that had more to do with my google search results than my writing skills 🙁 Sigh.

Anyway, when is this due? I’m a little fried right now and work at 6am tomorrow (I’m managing a vegan cafe in brooklyn, go figure!), but I can get to it right after work….
Sending you big hugs and kisses!!! Talk soon!


The two go back forth for several days. You can read their thread here.

Finally, Keth included in his pro se Rule 33 some of the transcripts of a podcast.   From Moira Penza’s appearance on November 22, 2021.


Anthony Ames:

I was at the metadata days. That’s what I call them. I was at three days of the trial where you guys just talked about metadata in there.

Moira Penza:

I’m sorry!

Anthony Ames:

My head was just trying to sustain and to keep myself up. But I guess you guys obviously had to do it. That’s where I think certain people are trying to find an inconsistency. To your point, he kept the photos in a library. What are they talking about?


Are they grasping at straws?

Moira Penza:

This is true. Grasping at straws. Absolutely.


It was actually a shifter strategy, which is a strategy that Keith taught us, that when you’re trying to like, deflect and you point at something over here and make a fuss about something as a way to like get away from the content. And the content is he took photos of women’s vaginas. Let’s just remember that. Right.

Moira Penza:

It was just so well proven in so many different ways. Right? Think about just the photos. They were situated among all of these other photographs of women we know he was having sex with, who we knew, we had testimony that he had gotten that camera at that specific point in time and that he was on a picture taking binge. Right?

We had another woman whose photos, two women testified at trial that their photos were taken at that exact timeframe. And that we had their photos in the same collection as the child pornography. We showed that the victim that her appendix scar, which she received her appendix surgery, which she had when she was 16, that there was no scar visible in the photos. And so, this is the kind of thing that I’m talking about, that now that I’ve read a lot about, when you argue with people who have these sorts of mindsets, there is no point.

Anthony Ames:


Moira Penza: 

It’s like talking to people who believe that 911 was an inside job or believe conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination, you’re never going to be able to refute every little point that they try to make, and no one should really be trying to do so.


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  • United States v. Raniere (1:18-cr-00204)
    District Court, E.D. New York

    Date Filed Jun 18, 2022: ORDER: Defendant Keith Raniere’s 1177 motion for an extension is DENIED. Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 33(b)(1) provides that “[a]ny motion for a new trial grounded on newly discovered evidence must be filed within 3 years after the verdict or finding of guilty.” Fed. R. Crim. P. 33(b)(1). That language is mandatory and leaves the court with no discretion to permit a motion beyond the 3-year deadline. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 6/18/2022. (Nees, Ryan)

    Document Number: 1177
    Date Filed Jun 17, 2022: MOTION for Extension of Time to File by Keith Raniere. (Tully, Joseph) (Entered: 06/17/2022)

    Document Number:1176
    Date Filed Jun 17, 2022: Supplemental MOTION for New Trial and Notice of Motion by Keith Raniere. (Attachments: # 1 Notice of Motion) (Tully, Joseph) (Entered: 06/17/2022)

    Jun 14, 2022: ORDER: Defendant Keith Raniere’s 1175 motion to supplement his pending 1168 motion for a new trial is GRANTED. Mr. Raniere is DIRECTED to adhere to the court’s Individual Rule for reply memoranda and limit his supplement to 10 pages–not including appendices or attachments. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 6/14/2022. (Kelly, Sean)

    Document Number:1175
    Jun 13, 2022: First MOTION for Leave to File Document Supplemental Briefs to Previous Rule 33 by Keith Raniere. (Attachments: # 1 Notice of Motion) (Tully, Joseph) (Entered: 06/13/2022)

    Document Number:1174
    Jun 7, 2022: Seizure Warrant Returned Executed in case as to Nancy Salzman. 18-FBl-003642 $15,670.00, 18-FBl-003644 $390,180.00, and 18-FBl-003646 $109,727.00 transferred to AFF on 6-7-2022. (Lee, Tiffeny) (Entered: 06/07/2022)

  • My name Retardo Aunsulo

    You may recall that I shook my booty nightly for male detainees at MDC.

    Once I took a magical car ride with Emiliano Salinas. I still fantasize about those few minutes

    Keith Raniere is the love of my life.

    I am very conflicted about my sexual attraction to men.

    And I hate women.

    Trans people bother me most of all. Even though I have no personal relationship or connection to any. I just know they make me feel both aroused and threatened.

    I don’t have anything of value legal to write

    Please free my vanguard!

    My acting resume lists my special skills as: long hair, driving and animal sounds. In case you are casting for the tv show Law & Order.

    Sometimes I mix up girls and the sports they play.

  • uchicagonews
    U.S. prison labor programs violate fundamental human rights, new report finds


    The Hill
    US prison workers produce $11B worth of goods and services for ‘little to no pay at all’
    BY SARAKSHI RAI – 06/15/22


    The Guardian
    US prison workers produce $11bn worth of goods and services a year for pittance
    New report by American Civil Liberties Union says incarcerated laborers are either poorly compensated or not at all


  • My name is Nikki. You might remember me from my immigration fraud. I lied about my marriage to Allison Mack. I have publicly stated that I was a partner of Keith raniere for 10 years. But I wanted to stay in America and I did want to cut the line and get in illegally. My citizenship was not through any kind of job or hard work or patience. It was by lying about my sexual orientation and fabricating a relationship. I am a liar who has already lied to the United States government. Please take what I’m saying now as honest and serious. Even though I have not been credible in the past

  • “Weniger identified the alleged child porn photos”

    These aren’t alleged. These are child porn pictures. It was an allegation before and during the trial, now it is proven fact. A jury decided the issue. Facts proven at trial are no longer allegations.

    Next, there are several independent lines of evidence proving that these photos are of an underage Camila. There’s the Exif data and the lack of appendectomy scar. Also there’s the fact that a 15 year old girl looks like a 15 year old girl. The jury could plainly see that she was underage. Children and adults look different.

    There’s a fourth line of evidence proving that Camila was underage in Raniere’s photos. Raniere’s own text messages where he crows about their relationship and reveals when it began. His own words convict him.

    Post trial, there’s a fifth line of evidence proving that Raniere took pornographic photos of 15 year old Camila: her sworn statement before Judge Garaufis during Raniere’s sentencing hearing.

    Given all this, bringing up imaginative scenarios of Exif-monkeying is as desperate as it is absurd.

    • Great catch! That’s the kind of bias that is in so many of these postings. Still saying alleged over the County child born is ridiculous. It has been proven Beyond A Reasonable Doubt!

  • “So, Nicki has photographs of the DOS first line, including Camila? Graphic photos of Camila, and Allison, Lauren, Nicki, Monica, Rosa Laura, and Daniela. How do they feel about sharing these?”

    If Nicki has photos of all first lines, what’s to say she didn’t have access to all the 2nd line (and third line) photos? Or the rest of their collaterals, not just the pictures? Or the fact that Suneel somehow got hold of some photos? How do they feel about having these shared?

    As for Eduardo A’s testimony … scraping bottom of the barrel comes to mind. So what if he needs to go to Specsavers (UK funny ads about needing to have your eyesight checked).?

  • Seems any filing that is trying to repudiate pictures of Camilla should probably include a statement from Camilla. Still concerned that Keith and co. have no concerns that in an event of a retrial or other request for evidence, that they do not think Camilla will be a threat to the story they are trying to weave. Why is that?

  • A photo of pyrites (iron (II) disulfide), a mineral with superficial similarity to gold, would be better. Pyrite is also called fool’s gold.

  • I think the FBI made a mistake. Not about Cami. It just wasn’t Keith who took the pictures. It was his brother Howard.

  • 1. These will be inadmissible if not notarized, and I don’t see any notary stamp. Not notarized, they are not under pains and penalties of perjury;

    2. Not probative, in my opinion, at all. “She told me…” is hearsay, and not subject to cross examination or otherwise admissible, which is why Vanguard needed to call these witnesses AT TRIAL. You don’t win appeals by dancing in front of the jail and twitter accounts. You win them through technical errors. IF any of these witnesses took the stand at his trial, they could have told their stories, but they could also have been dragged in through cross examination or maybe even caught pleading the Fifth;

    3. They had good experiences–great–but clearly not everyone did, and these UNNOTARIZED statements don’t reflect anything on those that were injured.

    4. Two doctors lost there medical licenses. I feel sorry for them, especially Dr Danielle who I have no doubt is an amazing person and a great doctor.

    Either way, not good.

    My personal, humble opinion.

  • Weeds always grow through the cracks.

    I think it takes strength and intelligence to stay honest amid this type of back and forth, so I commend those like Sarah and Nippy who are able to see through the crap.

    Perhaps Cami did need Nicki for help with the resume but also because maybe she cared enough about her to think maybe just talking to her, Nicki may see the light and bring it up herself. I think not bringing up Keith is very telling of what about NXIVM might have been good memories for her, and which were not. And a year of self reflection and possible therapy could make someone understand better what happened to them, esp going in as a child.

    Growing up abused myself, it took me a very long time to out my abuser vocally and publicly for fear of the disbelief people around me would have. It was also very much the misunderstanding of what my abuser tried to teach me was right and loving, but these are only words and actions speak so much louder.

    Sarah is so right, after everything I’ve watched and read, the Shifter strategy is all Keith has left and it should allow people to see through to that hollow interior inside of him and that “the worlds smartest man” doesn’t actually know anything at all.

    • What confuses me the most is how Sarah Edmondson has successfully manipulated everyone into seeing her as a victim, when she owned, operated, managed, directed, and profited from one of NXIVM’s most prominent centers.

      Vicente and Edmondson recruited more people together, directly and indirectly, than every other recruiter put together. Allison Mack was recruited into Edmondson’s center, not the other way around.

      But this adult woman, who profited from NXIVM, who recruited people into NXIVM, who continues to make money off of NXIVM documentaries and podcasts, she gets to play the part of the victim of the thing that she helped grow, that she benefited from for almost two decades. And the people who got hurt because of her actions, she gets to sue them for what Sarah herself did, and portray her recruits as the victimizers.

      That’s insane. And that Moira Penza would giggle like a school girl with Edmondson on a podcast, after Penza had terrorized and harassed Danielle Roberts, who had no power or authority in the group, who was not a “Master” in the group, who was not a recruiter in the group, who made no money from the group, is appalling.

      Allison is in jail, and Danielle lost her medical license. And Sarah, who had more influence than both, who was one of the few who made a nice living from the organization, she faces no consequences at all.

      Since Sarah ran and recruited for a criminal enterprise, a sex cult posing as an MLM, per her narrative, why does she get to keep her kids? Does Canada not have a CPS? Doesn’t it concern people that a recruiter for a SEX CULT, who made money from a SEX CULT, has two young kids at home?

      Or are we picking and choosing who gets punished based on whether they’re a “good guy” or a “bad guy” in the story, even if many of the “good guys” are even more gross?

      • Sarah has been very open about the fact that she profited from ESP. That is not the same thing as the slavering. But you know that. Enrolling people to sign up for classes while distasteful to many people now is not a criminal act. Sarah did not know about Keith’s initials in the brand she did not know that the damaging and pornographic in some cases blackmail was going to Keith and she did not know that Keith ran the master slave ring which as the dead Enders repeatedly point out was not the same as ESP.

      • Oh boy, where do I begin. Just because Allison was recruited by Sarah, that doesn’t negate the possibility that Allison victimized Sarah. The Vancouver center was run by Sarah as that was her livelihood during the period of time she was there.

        It wasn’t until certain things came to light, that Sarah left it all behind. The fact that she earned a living doesn’t nullify Sarah’s suffering. It also doesn’t mean that she caused the suffering of others directly. She didn’t know there was sexual abuse going on.

        When these folks were recruiting and yes, making money off of NXIVM, they were fully unaware of the nefarious going’s on in the inner circle. Allison was aware.

        Sarah didn’t intentionally victimize anyone during her time in the group. I’d venture to say she didn’t abuse anyone during her tenure there. Why would she get her children taken away from her? Contrary to your belief, Sarah and Nippy didn’t make any money directly from the making of The Vow.

        Your comment is uninformed and short-sighted. Danielle being a non-earner doesn’t absolve her of her guilt. The link between money and culpability here doesn’t carry weight.

        • The argument of Nicki comes to my mind, who claimed, mutatis mutandis, that she had no money, and for this reason one could not sue her.

      • Kevin, your Vantard is never leaving prison unless it is in a body bag.

        Deal with it.

        Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

      • Ummmm Kevin. Sarah is no longer in a sex cult nor is her husband. I am sure her children are fine….and its’ not like she was offering her small children up to be the next virgin successor like another woman was organizing her daughter to be for Keith.

  • Supreme Court’s decision on abortion could open the door to overturn same-sex marriage

    Oh, No! This could end the marriage of Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack!
    It could also mean the ending of Allison Mack’s sister’s marriage.

    Going through the Nicki-Cami emails it seems that the so-called defectors from NXIVM are still quite fond of their sisterhood.

    • 50 years backwards and you dont think theres a war on women? 9/10ths of Americans are for Roe Vs. Wade, including men but nothing suspicious here, huh? We have insufficient supplies of baby formula and distribution, / crisis of food supplies, but hey my local store is offering 20.00 off food if ya get 2 vaccines in one day!!!

      • 25% of the country voted trump. Another 50% couldn’t be bothered to vote. Way I see it 75% of the country wanted Roe overturned. They got exactly what they wanted. If didn’t want that, should have voted. Its not like Trump and co made any effort to hide that this was the goal.

        Not voting has consequences and I have little sympathy for those complaining now when they could have done the smallest thing then to avoid it. Especially when its clear that history is going to repeat in 2022 and 2024 because again so many moderates and liberals would rather stay home and pout and bitch via social media. At least conservatives back up their wants with votes.

  • Eduardo could have smply mistaken which sister played tennis instead of actually not knowing the identity of a particular sister.

    Meaning: Eduardo might have known well and good he was talking to a specific sister but miss remembered that she was not the sister who played tennis. It’s so stupid!

    The three sisters look so completely different. Frank, even you have commented on Daniela being such an intense and singulat beauty.

    Cami is extremely adorable and presents as cuter and younger. And a very different individual.

    And Mariana… well…she is also a sister.

    There is no mistaking them.

    Only a complete chauvinistic racist like Keith Raniere would try to say those three very different sisters were interchangeable.

    Nicki, Keith and Retardo Aunsulo.

    3 idiots.

    And Nicki is exactly that cunt who saves all personal emails and screenshots and photos and everything to try and keep tabs on and blackmail people later

    Every time Nicki has a private message exchange with a human she later posts an edited versions on Twitter. To serve herself in some manner.

    Nicki is a transactional manipulator who’s never had an honest agenda free interaction in her pathetic soulless life.

    Nicki is as empty as her creepy eyes.

    • Chekhov
      “And Nicki is exactly that cunt who saves all personal emails and screenshots and photos and everything to try and keep tabs on and blackmail people later

      Every time Nicki has a private message exchange with a human she later posts an edited versions on Twitter. To serve herself in some manner.”

      As a matter of curiosity how many emails are on Hunter Biden’s laptop?
      The Laptop from Hell as Trump named it?
      Would you believe 120,000 emails?
      It’s not difficult to have a laptop with numerous emails.

      Over 120,000 emails from hunter Biden’s discarded laptop leaked| Former Trump aide shared emails| US
      From India’s News
      Over 120,000 emails from hunter Biden’s discarded laptop leaked| Former Trump aide shared emails| US

      • Oh fuck off with this and try to think about something besides the Biden’s for two seconds.

        Any random word you can pull out of a comment and try to use it to justify bringing up your obsession.

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