DOJ alleges intimidation by High Rank of NXIVM of potential witnesses – in Mack bail papers

High Rank of Nxivm have been registering websites in the names of potential witnesses against cult leader Keith Raniere – and threatening to reveal damaging information about them, according to federal prosecutors.

The Feds wrote “high-ranking members … undertook efforts to undermine potential witnesses, including by registering domain names such as [Witness Name], with the intention of publishing damaging information regarding those witnesses,” prosecutors wrote in court papers Friday.

The information was given as justification for requesting a high bond for Allison Mack. Mack was arrested earlier today of charges of sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

“In light of the number of witnesses who are themselves members of DOS and have provided collateral and vows of obedience to [Mack] and other DOS masters, there is a significant and unique risk of witness intimidation and tampering which must be mitigated,” the feds wrote in their detention memo.

Mack was ordered to be detained because the magistrate overseeing her arraignment was not satisfied with the bail package that her lawyer proposed.


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  • Joke is on them, look at what has been exposed regarding all of the cult leaders Hahahahaha you stupid clowns.

    Just remember that everyday Raniere is exposed to the inside of MDC and we can only image what is being exposed regarding him while in jail.

  • NXSCUM high ranks registering websites in witnesses names and threatening to reveal damaging information about them. NXSCUM claims on there website to have nothing to do with DOS sorority. These people are as dumb as they come. Keep it up, you’re only incriminating yourselves.

  • I just checked whois, and there is, for example, a domain “”

    There is also “”

    And his wife: “”

    There isn’t an “indiaoxenbergexposed.dom”

    At least not yet….

    • Amazing work “it may be happening”. Who are the people in the cult who would be in charge of setting up these websites?

      • The domains are registered by That’s a front company specifically set up for people to register domains through, so they don’t have to put their own info into the Whois database.

  • Frank has had to deal with so much shit from these lunatics- maybe now people are starting to get a sense of just how sinister these folks are and the lengths they are willing to go to. I know it hasn’t been easy shining a light on this cult, but thank you Frank.

  • Who are the people in the cult was involved with their nefarious internet activities? Is it possible they sometimes contracted out some of the work? This is flat out nuts. These people have no boundaries- all is okay if done in the sevice of Vanguard. What kind of hold did that freak have over these people.

  • How is it known that NXIVM has been registering domains?

    Have the bail hearing documents been published someplace?

  • They’re all insane. BEYOND stupid. Do the remaining leadership and members really think the GOVT and the Public at Large have this whole thing wrong?



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