Allison Mack’s descent into hell; She is rumored to be having a meltdown!

Her critics call her “Pimp Mack.”

Sources report that Allison Mack is still trying to recruit woman to join DOS, Jness and Executive Success Programs to atone for her sin of allowing DOS to become public.

Some are saying she is in a desperate state of mind; the former TV actress is trying to use the last vestiges of her waning celebrity to round up new, young women for DOS – the sex slave cult.

Keith Raniere created the idea for DOS, with a mathematical formula based on 6-6-6. Mack was given charge of it.

The plan was he – as the Grand Master – would have six direct female slaves, and each of these six females slaves would have six female slaves each who, in turn, would have six female slaves, who, in turn, would have six female slaves, etc. etc, until the entire worthy female population would owe allegiance to “the most ethical man in the world” – Raniere – and as a combined female force could effect worldwide change. All the fit and deserving women in the world would be the slaves of one man – Raniere.

They were to be the fulfillment of Raniere’s oft-stated dream: “Humans can be noble. The question is, will we put forth the effort?”

According to sources, Mack is persuaded the fault lies with her – and, consequently, she has agreed to make atone for allowing the secret human branding and the collecting of blackmail worthy material [called collateral] to have spun into something evil that led to Raniere’s arrest on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy. Mack is listed on federal documents as a co-conspirator.

Mack maintains DOS is a coaching program for women to help them unite and save the world.

Clare Bronfman, the Seagrams’ heiress, who funds the sex-slaver cult – and who had been receiving extensive NXIVM ‘therapy’ over her extreme jealousy issues regarding Mack – now feels she has been vindicated. She was right to jealously guard Raniere away from Mack. It was Mack and her branding and blackmail scheme that landed Raniere in jail.

Mack destroyed the NXIVM Centers in  Vancouver, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Now the leaders of NXIVM’s  Mexican operations have resigned to save face and escape possible criminal prosecution. People connected to the Albany Center want to leave NXIVM and Nancy Salzman, known as the Prefect of NXIVM, had her home raided and more than $500,000 seized by the FBI.

Mack is doing penance. She will try to bring new slave women into DOS, sources say who know her. She would be better off getting a lawyer and cutting a plea deal.

But she is depressed. Not about her career. Not about her reputation. Not about her going to prison. Right now, she is likely depressed because not a single new woman is joining the DOS slave cult. Every one of them simply Google the names Keith Raniere or Allison Mack and are shocked to learn about DOS branding and blackmail.

Raniere is in jail in Brooklyn and can do nothing to guide or punish her.

After  Frank Report/Artvoice first published the secrets of DOS, Raniere laid the blame at her doorstep. Allison Mack, he told her, committed a major “ethical breach” by failing to screen women properly before allowing them to become DOS slave members.  Mack tried to defend herself by saying it was Raniere’s idea.

maxresdefault (1)
Allison Mack is now officially a target of the FBI’s  investigation into sex trafficking

Raniere, with the slightest inflection of his voice, as he imitated the cadence of Mack, asked her, “Oh, so in this life, you don’t want to accept responsibility for the mistakes you make?”

Mack begged his forgiveness. She wept. Raniere allowed her to atone for her conduct by penance.  She must go out and recruit new members and admit it was all her idea and take the fall for Raniere criminally or she will suffer in her next life her bad karma.

But the FBI did not buy it. They arrested Raniere. She is also officially a target. The search warrant application for the raid of Raniere’s sex lair names her openly. She is definitely a target.

Whether Mack is legally insane or having a meltdown from lack of nourishment, sleep, and stress – which may land her in the hospital – is hard to say. And we probably won’t find out if she lands in prison first.

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  • I don’t feel sorry for her. She joined Keith out of her own free will, nobody forced her. I’lll never understand how women can be so naive and gullible. Still, I hope she doesn’t do something crazy like commit suicide.

  • Coincidentally (it wasn’t really a coincidence), I started reading two books yesterday as part of some research that I am doing into the roots, history, and lineage of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and into the modern history of mind control. One of the books is entitled, “Secret agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence, and the Occult” by academic Richard B. Spence and the other is entitled “Mind Control, World Control: The Encyclopedia of Mind Control” by Jim Keith. The title of first book should give you some insight into the roots of both NLP and modern mind control.

    I have watched a number of KR’s interview videos. His hand gestures are so staged and calculated that it is as though he is performing magic tricks with them, while all the time distracting the interviewee from the content of his rather bland and dreary message; he is certainly the master of the jejune. Nonetheless, the grifter does have a certain je ne sais quoi, a form of animal magnetism or mesmerism about him. It may just be that he bores his victims into submission, but I suspect that that cuckoo’s-nest-of-a-nurse of his, “Prefect,” is at the root of creating this little Hitler wannabe. Does anyone know what those white pills that the FBI allegedly found are?

    In the meantime, I would also like to refer you to the fascinating book “Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich” by Norman Ohler. “Hitler himself became increasingly dependent on injections of a cocktail of drugs – ultimately including Eukadol, a cousin of heroin – administered by his personal doctor.” Are or were the morons within the inner sanctum of NXIUM on drugs? The skim off of rugs is how Emiliano Silanas’ old man reportedly made billions of his ill-gotten dollars. By the way, Aleister Crowley, the Beast himself, reportedly died from an overdose of heroin. But not soon enough! Crowley was another spoiled rich A**hole.


  • She could be suffering withdrawal symptoms in the absence of Keith Raniere. Maybe this meltdown is just what she needs in order to recover. She will face consequences either way, but at least it would mean that she’s getting a wake up call.

  • Allison Mack had $8 million, a devoted fan base, an awesome and successful (director and actor) fiance (broke up with him in 2010, and you know Keith was involved in that decision).

    Allison could have had love, career, and children, and instead she’ll be in prison.

    Mark joined in 2004, same year he started up with Kristin, Kristin joined in 2006 (witness places her at an intensive in Clifton Park), Allison around 2008. I wish Kristin had left Allison alone.

    • If Kristin had never recruited Mack, Raniere would not be in a jail cell.

      Voila! Kristin Kreuk saved the day, just as her character went off to do when she finally left Smallville.

      • If you know who the enemy is, the day has structure. Just take the most visible thing and antagonize it, which is Kristin I guess. It worked well during the cold war, war on terrorism, Iran, … It even works in case of feminism, #metoo and Weinstein.

  • 6 direct slaves, each with 6 slaves, each of those slaves with 6 slaves, equals 258 slaves.

    The next layer would add 36 x 6 x 6, for an additional 1296 slaves, 1554 total.

    I bet thinking about geometric slave progression turned psychopath Keith on big-time.

    • This is normal MLM-think, all Keith knows. This exponential growth requirement is what breaks most of these systems rather fast as there are no more people left on the planet after just a few levels, generations or whatever you want to call it. The worst part of it all is that you need to have several layers under you to gain anything in the first place which puts hundreds of people in a bad spot and only very few actually earn a thing.

      What I do not get in this case is what the top girls make. If they were interested in being with Keith, a huge slave pod would be counterproductive… unless they DO NOT. But would it not be easier to leave in the first place?

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