How Allison Mack forced women to be branded; Smallville actress remains free to commit new sex crimes

Allison Mack appears anorexic. But how happy is her smile?

Allison Mack entered the dark cult of NXIVM after having been recruited by her Smallville co-star, Kristin Kreuk. Kreuk escaped but left Mack behind.

Mack was wealthy upon entering NXIVM, but, having abandoned her acting career to become involved, she soon depleted her wealth and became indebted to Keith Raniere, the guru of the NXIVM cult .

Over time, Mack began to recruit attractive women for Raniere for his sexual pleasures. Although Raniere desired women in their 20s and younger, Mack and Raniere found that some of these younger women were not attracted to Raniere and had to be tricked or forced to have sex with him.

Mack and Raniere devised the slave cult called DOS, a secret organization within NXIVM, that brands women with Allison Mack’s and Keith Raniere’s initials. DOS is the acronym for Dominus Obsequious Sororium – or The Master Over the Slave Women.

In Clifton Park, NY, USA, Raniere, who is now in federal custody, and Mack set up a scheme to brand human females to enslave them.  In this way, Raniere could keep a young group of women that could have the pleasure of raping at will. Mack was thrilled to be of such service to her master and lover.

A lot of people have read or heard about this human branding – and put the blame on Raniere. Not too many understand how it was done and how Mack was the guiding force and power behind enslaving other women to please Raniere.

First of all, the women who were branded were ordered to deny the branding and human trafficking scheme – or else.

Mack, Nicki Clyne, India Oxenberg, Lauren Salzman, Rosa Laura Junco, and others were told to deny that DOS exists.

Let me explain the branding procedure:

Women are brought to Allison Mack’s home in Clifton Park, N.Y. and blindfolded. Then they are led to a room and disrobed.  Naked, they are led to a larger room and made to lie on a table, one at a time. Mack arranges that the naked branding episode is filmed.

Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O., another DOS slave, administers the branding. The cauterizing pen is heated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius). Four of the naked soon-to-be slave women hold down the slave who is to be branded – one to each limb – so she doesn’t squirm and injure herself or the physician. No anesthesia is permitted.

The branding iron is applied by Dr. Roberts on the pubic region. It burns through the epidermis, then the dermis, and grazes the subcutaneous skin. The smell of burning flesh mingles with the scent of sweat falling in beads from the women holding down the woman being branded, henceforth known as the slave.

The design is not applied in one strike of the iron. Because it is painful, the to-be-branded woman, writhing in pain, struggles to escape, crying sometimes to stop the process. The white hot metal is pressed to the skin in small sections. No respite is allowed once the branding has begun.

Again and again, the white-hot iron strikes to form the design, with space between each scar for tissue to expand, filling in gaps.

The ultimate design branded is that of the letters, K-R: the initials of Keith Raniere, and A-M, the initials of Allison Mack.

The initials are K-R and A -M.

After the scarring, Dr. Roberts cleans the branded area, bandages and wraps it in cellophane so no oxygen reaches it. Oxygen speeds healing, allowing skin to repair and could obscure the initials of Raniere and Mack: The goal is a permanent scaring of the brand of K-R and A-M.  Bleeding and oozing are common. For weeks, the branded woman covers the cellophane with medical tape so fluids don’t soil her undergarments.

Silence is required of the women of DOS, for most would view branding of females as grotesque and unconscionable. To ensure this silence, every member is required to provide “collateral”, which is held by Mack.

“Collateral” consists of obscene photos and videos of each member of DOS.  It includes “confessions” on audio or video to crimes and humiliating acts she or members of her family have done in life. She may betray family and friends. She may make false confessions. Wealthy woman are also required to give financial assets as collateral to Mack.

Capture bbbbbbb
Keith Raniere

“Collateral” is uploaded to a DropBox account – where it can be accessed by Clare Bronfman, the Seagram’s heiress who funds Raniere’s operations, and Mack – and, up until he was arrested and placed in prison, Raniere himself.

“Collateral” is to be used to destroy the life and reputation of any woman who threatens to leave the group – or threatens to reveal the secrets of DOS.

Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Lauren Salzman, Rosa Laura Junco, Jimena Garza, Loreta Garza, India Oxenberg, Melissa Rodriguez, and others are some of the co–conspirators in this scheme to brand women and hold collateral over them.

Mack was identified in the criminal complaint against Keith Raniere as ‘co-conspirator #1″ – which is why she is most likely to be charged for sex trafficking and forced labor.  Ironically, Mack herself provided collateral to Raniere.

In the past, Raniere has had sexual relations with females under the age of 17, committing the felony act of statutory rape.  He’s escaped prosecution for those deeds by terrorizing the girls whom he raped and/or by compromising law enforcement officials who might otherwise have pursued charges against him.

Mack and other women continued to provide him with opportunities to commit statutory rape. There is evidence Raniere recently committed statutory rape. Mack is aware of this but chose to remain faithful to Raniere and recruit more women for him.

Mack also co-conspired with Raniere to commit tax evasion, money laundering, illegal human experiments, and many other felonies.


Her other co-conspirators include Clare BronfmanLoretta GarzaDr. Brandon Porter, Nancy SalzmanLauren SalzmanKaren UnterreinerAllison Mack, Steve Ose, Ben Myers  and others.


Mack may be a victim of hypnosis or brainwashing. But, regardless, she participated in enslaving women to please Raniere.

With Raniere in prison, Mack is head of the slave group. She is still trying to recruit women into the group and holding onto the current slaves with an iron hand.

Raniere is safely behind bars, but as long as Mack is free to lead the women, they will likely hold together, held by the insane and destructive grip of an invidious, ruthless and diabolical individual – no, not Keith Raniere but Allison Mack.

Sex slave master, Keith Raniere inside the police vehicle which took him from Mexico to Texas where he was arraigned. Allison Mack remains free to hold the slaves in line and to recruit new ones.

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  • Such branding is very evil, and all involved should be condemned, unless the recipients were doing it for BDSM purposes and enjoyed it willingly.

    “Statutory rape” is nonsense. Women have been having sex at age 12-14 for millennia. Only sick fucks who want to corral female sexuality and demonize males say otherwise, because it benefits their own sexual prospects – such are the real pedophiles,

    • BDSM? you’ll be lucky.

      And far from being nonsense – Statutory Rape is and has always been a heinous crime to grown men and women everywhere throughout time, which is how it ended up becoming illegal. 12 and 14 year old girls and boys – are not your quarry you fucking nonce – who taught you that ? I sincerely hope it wasn’t your own mum or dad. Even if that would be just about the only excuse for your views.

    • I like how this d-bag tries to flip good into bad and vice versa by saying it’s those who prevent or speak out against females from having sex when they are as young as 12-14 as ‘corralling’ their sexuality. The “natural” purpose for sex is pregnancy, not pleasure, which is a great benefit, but is there primarily to induce people to have sex for the purpose of having children to continue the species as well as to build an emotional connection and intimacy between the couple in order to raise them which is a long term process. This implies that there is an additional factor for determining sexual “readiness” and not just the fact that the body is now sexually able to produce a child post-puberty, and that is the mental and emotional maturity and stability – financial or otherwise – to take care of and raise a child. Is 12-14 years old for either the male or female such an age? Nope. There’s a reason the laws in modern society typically set the age for adulthood at 18 years old, and that is because it’s a scientific fact that the brain is still maturing throughout the teenage years.

      The only people who benefit from such laws not existing are perverted older males who want to get off with emotionally developing and vulnerable young women. It has nothing to do with helping girls to explore their sexuality or other such nonsense rationalizations. These young women will have plenty of time to do that after they reach an appropriate age.

  • Raniere was the mastermind of the DOS organization. He always has been and will be, if allowed freedom, been the top dog of anything he is involved with. I’m sure his gal pals are going to fall on the sword for him, but it sounds like the FBI already knows that is a crock of shit. Allison and Lauren are going down. They are the top two mind-benders for they boy toy Raniere.

    Lauren’s been at this since the late 90s and it must of pissed her off to be a slave to Allison. Just goes to show you how he has always been using you Lauren. If never gave a rat’s ass about you or any other women he’s bedded.

    • Allison was on top re harem and slaves, and Lauren was on top re NXIVM. That Keith Raniere arranged this oppositional arrangement is positively evil. And they both vied to have his child, unbeknownst to each other Again, positively evil.

  • It was reported to me that some of the beta male flying monkeys of NXIVM were out on a walkabout last night. At least two were spotted and possibly Diane Goodman. There has been other activity over at the Library. A big pickup truck in #8 parking spot Saturday night and tonight. Removing what evidence was left behind cult monkeys? Karen Unterrainer’s Mercedes in the driveway of #3 not in #2 where it usually emerges from. There have been cars parked in the far back of Lauren Salzman’s at various times. Some of the key players are back in Clifton Park and in hiding it appears.

    Other’s: India, Allison, Nicky Clyne and Clare Bronfman are rumoured to all be in NYC. The girls appear to like Plant Made NYC a coffee shop in the Village. Does anyone know if Clare Bronfman retained a condo or home in NYC? The money is on she is also in NYC. She needs to be close to those NYC lawyers retained for Keith’s defense.

    Let us see how Clare will fare on the stand:

    Let’s Wayback to 03/26/2011 – Clare’s attorney in the LA real estate trial, Crockett, tried to stall her testimony from Friday to a Monday. the judge declined and made Clare take the stand. John Tighe reported that Clare didn’t fare well on the stand “to give you a quick example of her behavior, when asked if she had a privileged upbringing she commiserated directly to the jury that hers was a modest, even average childhood lamenting to the fact that she was even forced to care for her own group of pet horses.”

    Shortly thereafter, it was announced that Clare was suing Frank Parlato.

    Anonymous said…(March 27, 200)
    Yes, she made a real connection with the jury when she spoke about her horses, professional horse jumping, boarding schools, traveling the world at a young age, having a private jet,

    Yes, everyone on that jury was able to relate to her….keep talking Clare…you’re doing well….you’re doing so well that you come across as a mildly retarded spoiled little brat that never worked for anything in her life and is now being taken by a two bit con man named Raniere. Keep talking, you’re doing really well…..don’t stop now. Don’t forget to mention how grateful you were to Parlato again, especially with that email that shows you are planning to sue the shit out of him and get your million dollars back after you comlplain to gov. of california and get Parlato indicted. That’s gratitute yes sir !

    p.s. making 30 bucks per hour is not same as 75k per month and if you think the jury believes a word you are saying you are one stupid twat.

    • OOhhhh…poooor Babeeeee! Had to take cayah of her itty bitty stable of itty bitty thoroughbreds, that pry cost like $1M each. Boohoo! Boohoo!

      Ahhh…man. Clare was always trying to upstage Sara. Sara was the favorite, so Clare had to constantly prove herself. Sara had a different problem – always looking for acceptance and praise from Daddy. Acceptance that never came, because Dear Old Dad cared more about his fortune than his family. Sara constantly seeking approval. And Clare trying to upstage Sara.

      You gotta wonder with these folks, if the elevator doesn’t go to the top floor; porchlight is on but nobody’s home, a couple of cards shy of a full deck.

      The best thing Daddy Bronfman could have ever done … MAKE THOSE BRATS GET A JOB! Learn some character. Learn some failure. Pick yourself up and learn. Earn your keep. Shovel some shit. Get really grimy and then at the end of the day, take a shower and just be happy to have the dirt off your body.

    • Didja ever see ‘Foxcatcher’ about John DuPont? Same thing here.

      People with a lot of money, and never earned it, just go apeshit with stupid quests that destroy others in their wake. Looking for acceptance, fame, something that can’t be purchased – SELF WORTH. Nobody can give you self worth – not people, not awards, not Vanguard, not anyone. Self Worth comes from within.

      Same friggin thing here!!!

    • — India, Allison, Nicky Clyne and Clare Bronfman…

      I feel a wee bit of pity for these girls. Instead of dating and settling down with real men who would love and complement them and have their best interests in mind, they gave up real life to be infatuated with a conman who had them brainwashed and now live in a fantasy where they think they’re more ethical than everyone else and he’s leading them on a path to a more noble civilization. Don’t make me laugh. None of it is real ladies!

      Sharing a fifty-seven year old man and/or being slaves to a man who is a snake oil salesman has got to be on the lowest ladder rung of the pathetic scale.

      • Tweeting as if her life won’t turn upside down soon. In the twitterverse, you can schedule tweets far ahead of time, which I suspect she does.

        For those with sympathy for Sara Bronfman, because she’s the happy party girl compared to dour Clare, keep in mind that Keith’s empire would not have been possible without her. She is, at minimum, financially complicit.

        Sara Bronfman would happily enroll every child into her unlicensed cult daycare. And her husband meets with terrorists (including Ahmed Abu Khattala who killed a US ambassador and 3 Americans).

        • Agreed, I basically had come to think of Sara as a air-head party girl who flits from one thing to the next. We outsiders all thought she was out when she married Basit. However, the intel that has been shared by various news teams is that she is most definitely highly involved with Rainbow Cultural Gardens. She is probably the prime reason children are placed in the program by parents who obviously never did a google search of the organization. Sara was also very involved with JNESS NYC. She needs to be kept on the Feds Radar.

          Anyone know if Kim Constable, out of Ireland, is still pro-Rainbow? She is married to ex-Rugby star Ryan Constable and they definitely have some unorthodox child raising beliefs –

          • The Constables gave testimonials to the RCG UK website, not sure if they are still there. They live in Belfast, but like a lot of us, really live and work elsewhere. Have enquired about them in a few pubs back home. Their RCG involvement would be dealt with by the authorities in mainland UK.

  • Roberts will be at the next conference too. In Hauppauge NY. She’ll be speaking 2 pm Saturday and 11 am Sunday.

    To read about her presentation, see page 29 of the linked pdf: (To go non-pdf, visit and click on “speaker roster.”)

    Evidently, we have pain because of our emotional limitations? I’m not sure, my eyes crossed reading it, so I may have missed something. Whatever the case, good news for branding clients without emotional limitations!

    • Danielle Roberts is going to have a very small party, I’m just guessing, 😉 Have a good time. It might be your last illusion.

    • If anyone deserves to be thrown in the slammer, it’s Dr. D.R. for doing the branding up close and personal. Showing up in NY State sounds suicidal.

      The blurb for her talk at the conference talks about curing Tourrette’s Syndrome, and seems to be a pitch for her NXIVM spin-off EXO|ESO. Amazingly. she is still pitching the Albany area franchise.

      (Some commenters think she is in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area, but I think that’s an old address lingering on the Internet).

    • Some ways down the page next to her small photograph is described the material she is to discuss. It’s relatively vague and it’s obviously linked to NXIVM in some manner. However, it is nothing new. It mentions the mind-body connection and indirectly references psychosomatic symptoms. These ideas are well known and plenty of research has been done on them. I’m sure Raniere just ripped off much of this existing material. Trauma release and Peter Levine come to mind.

    • To me, it seems everyone on that Expo pamphlet is a charlatan. People who believe in that kind of pseudo science are precisely the ones who fall for the NXIVM garbage.

  • Experts in human optimization from around the world! Fancy. For more conference information, visit “Leaders in the free-market medicine movement will discuss structures for a seven-figure, third-party independent practice, specializing in cause-focused healing and the science of human optimization.” Ah, word salad. Alrighty then. What is it with crazy people and MLM?

    Danielle Roberts, D.O., took part as a speaker, which you can see here:

    She talked about “Placebo Effect: Creating the Belief Systems for Miraculous Healing.” (Not miraculous enough for Pamela Cafritz and Barbara Jeske, but quibbling doesn’t increase your profits, amirite?)

  • Screw Allison! I.hope she gets life in prison. She is scum and a c u next tuesday.

    I hope the judge throws the book at her.

  • I don’t normally wish ill on people, but I really wish that the slaves were to have themselves an uprising of their own. See just how much collateral AM can release with two broken arms.

    • I think there has been an uprising. Only in much smarter moves than breaking arms. As the video of Keith’s arrest shows, someone(s) on the inside is cooperating with the FBI. That someone made that video. It’s akso likely that someone isn’t alone. This might also explain why Allison hasn’t been arrested yet. They know what she’s up to all hours of all days. If they knew she was harming anyone, she’d be in a jail cell. She might be just cracking up at this point. The jig has been up since his arrest.

      • Yeah, I would concur. There’s definitely an insider we don’t know about. Has more info than me…;)

        And I know quite a bit…

      • The arrest video is from Nicki Cline’s cellphone. But it’s hard to believe she sent it to Frank and expected to stay covert.

        Much easier to believe it was sent to a bigger insider list and one of them leaked it.

  • Whose idea was it not to use anesthesia during the horrifying torture? Do you know how easy it would have been to use a local anesthetic, especially a topical? How much cruelty was required from everyone involved to use no anesthesia?

    I’m going to guess Keith Raniere. He likes to help weak indulgent women (and all women are weak and indulgent according to him) become enlightened. He believes tolerance for pain helps build women’s capacity for love. I’d love to see the science on that (just kidding, there is no science supporting that idea).

    “Jacqueline,” a DOS insider, defending DOS on this blog on July 26, 2017, said: “We build a capacity for love through tolerance of pain.”

    More from Jacqueline here:

    • “We build a capacity for love through tolerance of pain.”

      This is ass-backwards. It is because you love someone, then you tolerate pain. The greater you love someone, the more pain you are willing to endure for them. You don’t build a “capacity” for love by increasing your tolerance for pain. That’s sadistic.

  • Let me be the first to say waaa, waaa, you are mean, Mr Frank. Waa, waa, they are victims, Mr. Frank. Waa, waa, they were child actors who never had a childhood and were easily brainwashed. Waa, waa, leave them alone they are so adorkable, waa, waa, waa, your blog shouldn’t be used to vilify victims just so you get more clicks, waa, waa, waa. Did I miss anything?

    Not so much sympathy for the Bronftard girls. No empathy for the less than winsome ones, those utterly lacking in pulchitrude? Weren’t these sad little rich girls, who probably had very little formal education (oof? Who says oof?) as susceptible as the starlets to love bombing and brainwashing? Where are the pathos for the poor little rich girls?

    Why not send a Frank Report correspondent to the suburbs of Milwaukee to check out Danielle Roberts, D.O., brander in chief?
    Has she carved a special niche for herself branding cheeseheads with Green Bay Packer logos?

  • It’s time Allison was arrested and put behind bars. Doesn’t matter if she’s brainwashed or not. The fact is she’s a danger to others and possibly herself. The authorities really need to act on that. If she’s in Mexico though, the authorities may not get Carlos Salinas’s help again like they did with Raniere. Then once convicted, get her some prison psychologist to see if she can be helped. I suspect not. But we’ll see.

  • I fear AM may still learn the meaning of “expendable” once KR starts singing. All the responsibility for this group will be laid at her feet. But I also suspect that given the amount of coverage on this, the legal system may now be unwilling to turn a blind eye to the shit slurry emerging from the mouth of KR when he throws everyone but himself under the bus.

    His highest value has only ever been about his narcissism and his supersized ego, not to mention control over others and escaping responsibility for anything. This is going to be interesting to watch.

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