Will Raniere be raped in prison?

Volleyball does not figure into Keith Raniere's future.

Three print copies of the NY Daily News are delivered daily to the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn where Keith Raniere is being held  on pre-trial detention, on charges of sex-trafficking and conspiracy regarding forced labor..

No judge this side of Hades has been willing to grant him bail.

A feature story in the Daily News appeared on Sunday explaining the charges and much more on this cult leader, sex-trafficker, money launderer and pedophile pyramid schemer. And then there are the really bad things he’s done.

According to a former inmate, the story about him will be avidly read among the 1,400 inmates at MDC because Raniere is one of the most famous among them.  {I know I was once hired as his publicist and though he fired me, I continued to promote him through this website and elsewhere – as I assumed he wanted me to do – i.e. get out the truth.]

The former inmate of MDC also said he thinks there is a 60 percent chance Raniere has been raped already.  And an 80 percent chance he has been beaten. Punked you might say. And anally ravished.  It is no laughing matter.

tubby raniere
Athletic: Keith Raniere claims he was once East Coast Judo Champion – when he was 11 or 12 – and that, when he was a teen, he tied the record for  New York State’s fastest 100 yard dash.

Based on reports of his branding women and raping girls, he may not be invited to have a seat at any dining table and have to eat meals in his cell.

Because he is in pre-trial detention, he cannot qualify for a prison job unless he works for a couple of hours each day in the prison kitchen. Thus, he will very likely remain in his cell block 24/7 except for occasional trips to the library where he can check out a maximum two books per visit. His next court appearance – where he will be led out handcuffed and shackled – is April 27.

It is believed he now has access to commissary, and if supporters put money into his account, he can buy items and use them to trade with prisoners for protection.

Keith Raniere has posed questions about women who are raped and of children who are statutorily raped. He said that some women had orgasms when they are raped. And of children having sex, who enjoy it, he remarks it is not necessarily wrong. Raniere, as has been reported, has had sex with a  12-year old, according to his victim.

Prison rape is as wrong as rape anywhere else. However, if Raniere is raped – will the perpetrator argue it is not rape if Raniere has an orgasm? As Raniere has often claimed, there are no ultimate victims.

Raniere also teaches that a man marks a woman as his property if he ejaculates on her. He owns many women, he believes. Some prisoners who are not normally gay, become ‘gay for the stay”.  If a prisoner ejaculates on Raniere, would that mean Raniere is his property?

These and many other subtle questions will be explored by Raniere sometime between now and when he leaves prison – which by all accounts will be not in the foreseeable future.


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  • The only reason why I find myself conflicted of even a person like Raniere being raped is because someone I love was raped. She hasn’t dated anyone in eight years and her rapist was her fiancé to make things worse. She didn’t even let me or her father touch her for a year. That’s the only reason I find no sadistic humor in this. However I do see where some would find the sense of poetic justice. To Mr. Parlato, I don’t know of anyone you know or care about has ever been raped, but just keep that kind of sensitivity in mind.

  • Notice his front teeth and top palette of his mouth is protruding so bad like he had the worst case of buck teeth?? Lol!!! Mouth breathers are ewww

  • You forget, Raniere is highly evolved beyond normal human capabilities. He is the master of all things. He will not be raped. Any potential rapist will instead be raped. But not just any rape, Raniere will show them pleasures they never imagined. The would be teachers of prison sex shall become students of Raniere.

  • For those who criticize this blog’s posts and/or style:

    Many of us tried to bring Raniere down with facts, figures and records – only to be ignored by law enforcement officials throughout the Albany area and Buffalo area. Worse yet, many had the Raniere/Bronfman crime syndicate use those same officials to silence us.

    When conventional tactics don’t work, you do whatever is necessary to win. That’s how wars work. And this has been a long, long war.

    Now, with Raniere is prison, it looks like the tide is turning is in our favor. But there are still a lot of others who need to be brought to justice.

    I don’t condone Raniere being raped while he’s in prison. But I won’t look any sleep over it happening either.

  • Just another example of female privilege – not only do you not get arrested, but you also don’t get raped.

  • All those who love the rape of any will be subject to rape in Hades. Enjoy, scum. Guilty, guilty, guilty. You who swoon over the torture of others will receive just penance for your criminal mindset, for thought is power and power is your downfall; swoon, you will, you vile criminals.

    • You mean like VanDouche supposedly enjoyed in his gleeful manner the thought of the rapes of Toni, Bouchey, Donnes, etc., in a Mexican prison while allegedly plotting their kidnapping with Emi in Mexico? What goes around comes around.

  • Raniere is in his cell when his big, imposing cellmate says, “Lights out. Time for sex. You wanna be the husband or the wife?”
    Raniere doesn’t want gay sex but his cellmate demands he choose.
    “If I have to,” says Raniere meekly, “I’ll be the husband.”
    “Then get on your knees and suck your wife’s cock.”

  • “Will Raniere be raped in prison?”

    If Karma is real, if “what goes around comes around” is true, if “you get what you put out” is a law of return, and VanDouche did indeed rape teen girls and women like Toni Natalie, then the answer is probably yes.

  • On COME ON! Your site is so frustrating (I think the more appropriate term is “problematic” but if you can’t be bothered to edit out any stray thought that crosses your mind, why should I?) Why do you insist on cluttering up your content–chock full of prime source material and relevant data– with these prurient and salacious posts about nothing? To drive up your Reddit votes?

    I’ve resisted commenting through the months on the adolescent “humor,”, the casual racism/sexism, and the shoot-first-ask-questions-later approach to outing members/victims because I figured this was a niche topic and most people reading your content already either knew what NXIVM is about and probably even your history with them. Nor did I I didn’t have any need to cite you as a reference source. I ignored the weird stuff — annoying at best and victim-shaming at worst–mostly because it’s YOUR BLOG, and who am I to care how you choose to express yourself? I know that you’re not–nor do I believe you purport to be–a news outlet, but now with KR is in jail, the FBI investigating and NXIVM popping up all over the newswires, millions of people are hearing about this cult for the first time and heading your way. If this post or, say, the fanfic-like excerpt from the Federal Complaint illustrated with nakedcelebs.com screengrabs of Allison Mack, or one of your…I’ll charitably say “satires,” of NXIVM hype containing a pic of a woman with JIZZ PHOTSHOPPED ON HER FACE a la Perez Hilton, were my introduction to your blog, I’d no doubt immediately dismiss it as 14-year-old’s Headline News tumblr never to return. Maybe I’m not getting something and your curiously named ArtVoice is the more “newsy” site with FrankReport as a hangout for the “insiders,” But maybe even these insiders would appreciate not being retraumatized everyday looking at a new meme of Keith in his robe?

    TL;DR You’ve got the greatest repository of NXIVM info available publicly, maybe cool it with the 4Chan posts for awhile so all the traffic that is being driven your way can appreciate your comprehensive research, not to mention your tenacious and valiant efforts to bring this monster down. I’ll keep reading either way, but will probably say “oh I think I saw it on VICE.”

    P.S. Each time you want to say “rape is no laughing matter,” I suggest you and any “drop the soap” commenters put Allison’s (or any woman’s) name in this post instead of Keith’s and read how downright psychopathic it sounds. No matter how gross some people are, I’d love to stop hearing people wish rape upon anyone.

    • Go to your safe space. You’ll be ok. I 100% do not wish Keith gets raped in prison. Wait a minute…. Yes I do …, all day …..every day ….. In every possible way.

    • JK. You seem well-intended, also verbose. This is Frank’s site and he can do what the heck he wants with it.

      You’re right that rape is nothing to joke about. Especially rape in prisons. (The terrible state of the US prison system in general is a whole other topic worthy of study.) Roughly 5% of inmates are raped, juveniles experiencing the most sexual violence, followed by women. Women comprise 7% of the prison population but 46% of the victims.

      Keith Raniere is the allowable exception. He has raped so many, but does not consider them rapes. That’s an important detail. He may now in prison have the opportunity to evolve his thinking.

      Sex is casual for Raniere. Defending against monogamy for men, he said sex is like playing tennis or a violin.

      Consent is a useless concept for Raniere. From an audio of one of his lectures, and flip the genders for a deeper perspective:

      “‘If a woman offers you sex and you refuse her, you have a problem… With women, ‘yes’ mean ‘yes,’ ‘maybe’ means ‘yes,’ and ‘no’ means, ‘maybe.’”

      Casual sex, fuzzy consent, rape that’s not rape, that’s Raniere. I suspect he’ll be kept isolated (he has a team of fancy lawyers) and safe from threat, but if not, he may have the opportunity to get woke.

      • — “‘If a woman offers you sex and you refuse her, you have a problem… With women, ‘yes’ mean ‘yes,’ ‘maybe’ means ‘yes,’ and ‘no’ means, ‘maybe.’”

        How so many women have unzipped their pants for this short-armed bullshitter who spews so much garbage is beyond comprehension. Even the SOP men have fallen for his BS but I can at least understand it somewhat. Most men often think about sex though not at the same level as the sex-addicted VanDouche. I guess it’s just a reflection of the current moral state of society.

        • Look, the man is a monster. He deserves to be where he’s at, and to spend the rest of his life in prison, deprived of luxury and freedom. But if we start wishing brutal rape and injury on anyone – even in retribution for their own behavior, we descend into something almost as bad. While I have no love or sympathy for the man, please let’s not go to wishing rape or maiming. Did he order Kristin killed? I’m not sure. Did he commit other disgusting atrocities? Yes. Our system is set up to lock away the dangerous. He should pay, pay, and pay, but not by brutal, illegal rape. At least, I don’t think so. If I could smack him across the face, however, I would. Currently, I WANT HIM STOPPED. I don’t care right now about celebs or co-conspirators. All that will shake out later. He is the root cause of it all.

          • Umm…I”m not sure why you responded to me in particular, but I never “wished” rape on VanDouche.

          • I’m sorry, Darth. I did not mean that at you. I am just frustrated that some want him raped. Nothing to joke about, I absolutely despise him, but let’s let the FBI exact their brand of revenge,

          • Thank you – I feel the same. Only thing I’d add is that I want to see co-conspirators who continue to perpetrate criminal acts in DOS, RCG, NXIVM, etc. arrested ASAP to prevent further atrocities. God forbid anything happen that might make him look like a martyr to his fanatic followers – I want him to be seen clearly for what he is so those that are still capable of waking up and escaping do so.

          • OCD I’m sure you read that seven South Carolina inmates were killed in a prison uprising.

            I really want to believe in rehabilitation and second chances, but the truth is that if prison is not a hellhole, and widely and accurately portrayed as such, the proper deterrent effect will not be achieved.

            I do not wish sexual nor physical harm on Keith Raniere. Let him spend time in solitary, and with his stellar intellect (2.26 GPA!!!), let him try to figure out where it all went wrong.

            Or lock him in a small cage with an emaciated and unshaven Clare Bronfman, with Allison Whack in a cell across the hall.

    • You are my God. When I first came here wasn’t sure the story was real. Two days later Raniere was arrested. I came back because that proved it, the NYT anf Vanity Fair articles as real. The jocular gets sooooo annoying. Hit job after hit job. Then something that smells real. Hard to show others and be taken seriously, if not for the credible media outlets coverage.

        • God is the most merciful but He’s also the most just. If he wasn’t the latter and just forgave everything, then there would be no difference between good and bad, nor those who do more of one or the other. God knows who’s worthy of His grace, and it typically comes with remorse and sincere repentance. The way Vanguard has behaved for over the past two decades or more tells me he’s never had remorse and since he doesn’t even believe in God, he’s never repented.

    • You should share that message with Raniere. He embraces toxic masculinity. I’m sure he’ll appreciate getting mail.

    • ETM– this is not “Frank Reports, You Decide”. This is not “All the News Frank Sees Fit to Print”. This is not traditional journalism.

      This is Frank’s Revenge Blog.

      A lot of the late arrivals here do not know that the Vanguard and Clare “Two Bagger” Bronfman tried to inflict pain upon Frank in the most sensitive part of any real man’s anatomy…the bankroll.

      The fact that the wheels are probably permanently off the Raniere/ Salzman/ Bronfman axis has a lot to do with Frank Parlato, Mr Tighe of the Saratoga in Decline blog, who was probably framed and imprisoned with Bronfman money, and a couple of Times Union journalists who were professionally discredited for trying to uncover the underlying evil of ESP and NXIVM.

      Repeating, this is Frank’s Revenge Blog. If he wants to wonder about what Raniere’s time in prison will be like, so be it. If he wants to report on the complicity of Raniere’s harem of Canadian “B” actresses, let it be.

      It’s Frank’s world, and he has seen fit to let you and me comment in it. Civilly, responsibly or otherwise.

      My only regret is that Raniere’s Mexile didn’t last a bit longer, so that he might have separated Clare from a little more of her inherited millions.

      • Frank Parlato has shone a light on the cesspool that is Keith Raniere for so many years,. With so many victims, including people who can’t speak for themselves.

        How many of us could turn our rage and frustration at injustice into something good? Something that breaks a cesspool story and helps justice be served?

        And don’t forget that Parlato is now a full-fledged journalist with a great weekly publication including a team of talented porters, along with this cesspool-breaking blog.

    • I know a lot of people are shouting this comment down, but I agree. As someone who has spent years following Tony Ortega and his flawlessly professional and credible takedown of Scientology, this blog is hard to look at. I know you have sources, legitimate sources, Frank. But I wish you would leave the writing and curating of this blog to someone who does not use salacious language and adult screengrabs. This might get you clicks, but it won’t get you the respect. Honestly, this very tone is I think what kept this story from going wider all this time. This and Artvoice, if the tone had been journalistic, might have had this story picked up by major news outlets years ago.

      More than that, the people who are leaving this cult need a safe space to congregate and commiserate. And I know the phrase “safe space” has become some kind of condescending term these days with the way the internet has corrupted things. But there are genuinely people who might need a space where they feel safe and not judged so that they can break free from this terrible organization and discuss it with other members and with compassionate members of the public — the way that ex-scientologists feel free and safe on Tony Ortega’s blog.

      If Frank is not willing to make this blog a professional space, then I hope someone else, maybe even an ex member or a reporter find a way to make something that can be reliable, at least semi objective, and compassionate and welcoming for those who want to leave this cult.

    • The jokes are about Male to Male rape, brought about entirely by Vantard’s actions. I am personally loathe of wishing Ill on anyone, but in his case, I’ll gladly make an exception. KR deserves every bit of pain and anguish coming to him.

    • More rapes each year against men inside jails and prisons than of women outside – and COMPLETELY preventable crimes. The karmic debt of society will go deep, and hard. None of you will escape your guilt. Guar-run-TEED.

  • “if Raniere is raped – will the perpetrator argue it is not rape if Raniere has an orgasm? As Raniere has often claimed, there are no ultimate victims.”

    His attitudes towards women are despicable, particularly that orgasm during rape makes it consensual. He may well get the opportunity to evolve his thinking.

  • Still think he is better off in prison than having to play hubby wifey with Clare Bronfman.

    Frank, any chance his overmatched legal team will suggest he pleads guilty in hopes of spending a year or two late in his life as a free man?

    • I am sure they already recommended he take a plea, and he refused.
      Many lawyers don’t care about justice nearly as much as they do billable hours.
      They are going to make a fortune off him going to trial.

  • http://indicepolitico.com/balconeando-emiliano-salinas-lavador-de-dinero-como-sus-tios/

    “Balconeando – Emiliano Salinas, money launderer? Like your uncles?”

    “serious sources assure me that the reason for [Emiliano Salinas’] resignation from the Rainere sect, is due to investigations initiated by the New York prosecutors connected with the huge amount of dollars, rubles and other currencies found in the residence Nancy Salzman, number two in the criminal organization, allegedly sent from Mexico in cash .

    So, after resigning, most likely Carlos Emiliano [Salinas] has already fled. “

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