What Really Happened at V-Week 2016 When Everyone But High Rank Got Sick?

MK10ART. Keith Raniere and Brandon Porter MD - two scientists study reactions to illness at V-Week 2016

It was not very well known – until I reported it  – except to those who were at V-Week-2016 – but hundreds of NXIVM students – followers of the Vanguard – got sick at that event.

If you were any of the approximately 400 students who attended Vanguard Week 2016 – at its last fully attended celebration – you know it was real.

Almost everyone got sick.  An illness struck the students. But somehow not the leaders. [Was it divine proof that the High Rank of Nxivm had superior mystical powers – as was told to some of the students?]

For readers who do not know, V-Week – [also known as Vanguard Week] – is an elongated week of 10 days – to celebrate the coming of the Nxivm’s lord, Keith Alan Raniere.

A week of only 7 days was not deemed dignified enough for the nativity of the lord of Nxivm. So, by decree of the Vanguard, one week of the year is extended to 10 days in his honor.

Vanguard Week was held traditionally at the Silver Bay YMCA campus – a 600 plus acre, hillside resort on the shores of Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. It was held in late August  – and began four days before Keith Alan Raniere’s birth date – August 26th – and ran for 5 days after – for a total of 10 days in pristine woodland and mountainous area, under summer skies and beautiful starry nights.

The 600 acre plus Silver Bay Resort where Vanguard Week was held.

After Frank Report broke the story of branding women on their pubic region in June 2017, attendance dramatically fell off from 400 paying students [the cost ran from $2,200 to $5,000 to attend the festival] in 2016 – to a mere 125 in 2017.

The branding story shocked followers of Vanguard and hundreds left the organization.

After Vanguard’s arrest on sex trafficking and racketeering charges in March 2018, Vanguard Week was canceled.

Keith Raniere sitting inside a Mexican police vehicle on March 26, 2018. He has been in custody ever since.
Silver Bay Resort

There is no Vanguard Week scheduled for 2019. So the last glorious Vanguard Week, when the inimitable rascal and brander of women was at his peak, was 2016.

Ah, the glory days. He had it all. He had two wealthy slaves named Clare and Sara Bronfman, born fools with a lot of money – paying for everything he wanted – to the tune of hundreds of millions.

He had his Mexican dunces, Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt, and the Boones and the Garzas rounding up cash for him in Mexico.

He had his old harem members dead or dying off – or being retired to merely work for the rascal – making room for younger ones.

He had already started branding women on their pubic region with his initials with a white-hot cauterizing pen – the work ably performed by Dr. Danielle Roberts  – so he could be honored like one would want to honor someone like himself, or Abe Lincoln or Bill Gates.

He had collateral – nude pictures or dirty confessions on most of the women he was sleeping with – though sleeping with Vanguard – at age 56 – was not quite the same as it was before he got erectile dysfunction.

Emiliano Salinas with his sister Ceci dance with other Mexican followers for Vanguard on his birthday.

Nevertheless, he was at his pinnacle.

2016. His enemies were indicted or reeling from indictments barely beaten.  Pam was dying. He had her will in place, signing everything over to him [a cool $8 million]. He had women vying for lessons from him thinking [for they were told by the older harem women] that he was the smartest, most ethical, spiritually advanced person in the world.

He had silly actress Allison Mack, with a slave pod of women to be served up to him on a sexual platter.

He had heiress Rosa Laura Junco hoping to serve up her virgin daughter to him.  He had Camila looking for virgins and fuck toys for him.

He had her sister, Mariana as his body servant. And Dani Padilla buying butt plugs and handcuffs and cages for his BDSM fun.

Two sex slaves of Keith Raniere: Allison Mack and Dani Padilla. He enjoyed threesomes with the winsome duo.

In short, he had it all.

He could fart and people would call it a sign from the gods. The wind would blow and his followers heard his message in the trees. If it would rain, it was said by his followers, that he had caused it because of some special thought he had to give to the world. And if he walked in that rain and he so willed it, say he walked with some little slender lassie, the rain might fall only on her and not on him.

He controlled the weather and the pussy in Nxivm – and Vanguard Week was the place where it was all proven. Imagine the nirvana. A place of their own – on 600 glorious acres with only Nxivm members.

This is what nirvana looks like on earth. The promised land; the blessed kingdom.  Four hundred followers and Vanguard. Now they were not all spread out from Vancouver to Mexico City. They were all in one place in Silver Bay – to love and worship his divinity.

This – 2016 – was the last great Vanguard Week.

And it was after Promotions [when, after hundreds of thousands of dollars paid for classes, an individual got a brand new sash or a stripe on that sash] and into the second half of Vanguard Week when something strange occurred.

thee peas
Vanguard appears on his birthday with Pam Cafritz – at her last V-Week and Nancy Salzman [middle].
Now, before we mention this strange occurrence, it is important to remember that Vanguard does not appear immediately on Vanguard Week. He comes on the evening of his birthday. The other attendees led by Prefect [Nancy Salzman] take classes, and frolic in the lake and eat celery and carrots [if they are in Vanguard’s slave harem] or low-grade vegetarian food [if they are not] and wait for the coming of the Vanguard on the evening of his birthday.

And he arrived on his birthday – to the adulation of his followers on August 26, 2016.

Vanguard speaks to his followers at V-Week 2016.

And it was funny but just after this night – a night of festivities and entertainment and people praising the Vanguard – almost everyone got some kind of illness.  It appeared to be food poisoning. Or perhaps it was a strange flu.

People began projectile vomiting and had diarrhea.  Parents gave it to their children. All the children got sick, every one of them, and some of them passed it back again to their parents.

All of the children subjected to his Rainbow experiment became very ill.  Even some of the Proctors got sick. No one knew why this hit with such virulence.

Dr. Brandon Porter was there. He was watching the epidemic with most astute attention.  He was not ill in the slightest.  And, curiously, Keith Raniere, The Vanguard, and Nancy Salzman, The Prefect, and the “higher-ups” did not get sick.

Lauren Salzman and Emiliano Salinas, both green sash’d ones, who had taken over the MC duties because Clare Bronfman was not there, seemed unfazed by the illness that seemed to spread everywhere.

Action had to be taken. The High Rank of NIXVM ordered all who were sick to go to their rooms. People were told they were not allowed to leave their rooms.

The Inn at Silver Bay Resort, the largest of several buildings on the campus. During V-Week, organizers book the entire facility and the Resort closed its doors to outside overnight guests and casual visitors.

The leaders of NXIVM explained that they were concerned about Pam Cafritz who was dying of cancer. [She died within four months]. They said they were worried that if anybody came into contact with her, it might kill her. People were quarantined in their rooms.

The Silver Bay grounds looked like a Zombie Apocalypse with toys left all over; towels left out. It looked like people once lived there and then deserted Silver Bay.

Raniere who walked about the grounds – or sought out several slender ladies who also were impervious to the illness – joined Raniere in his post-birthday celebration in his remote cabin in the woods – all of them donning their birthday suits in his honor.

Vanguard’s private cabin on the Silver Bay Campus.

Vanguard did not fail to mentor the slender young ladies despite the fact that most of the people were ill and confined to their rooms.

Some Vancouver students organized a triage center and brought Gatorade to the sick people’s rooms to prevent dehydration.

Vanguard was having the time of his life.  But the illness was still lingering when people left at the end of V-Week. Some were afraid to drive or fly home, frightened they would have another attack of diarrhea heading back to Albany or wherever it was they called home.

And Dr. Brandon Porter was seen everywhere, taking notes and observing symptoms. It was not that he was offering any real help. He was more interested in symptoms and people’s reactions to9 them.

So was Keith. Scientist that he is – he was especially interested in various people’ reactions to their illness and how they responded. He seemed to want to know which people reacted in which way.

This seemed to absorb the two scientists.  While the average person might be more interested in offering comfort and remedies, Dr. Porter and Vanguard were more interested in how various people reacted to their conditions. Dr. Porter was taking voluminous notes and had a strange kind of cheerfulness throughout.

And none of the people closest to Raniere – his High Rank – got ill [as did none of the women he was mentoring in their birthday suits]. To some, this showed his power – that if he came near one – or if you learned the highest teachings from him as all the High Rank did – you would be impervious to contagion – as Nancy Salzman explained.

But what a time it was for those afflicted.  When the students left, exhausted – weak – drained – the leaders told them not to tell anybody what happened.  But if anybody should find out, they were told to say that it was a flu, but not to use the language, “food poisoning”.

It was curious also that the man who made the most notes, Dr. Brandon Porter – kept the secret best.

By man-made law, he was required, as a physician, to report this outbreak of illness to the Department of Health. But he chose not to do so, He obeyed a higher authority – his Vanguard.

So some 300 people got ill with some strange illness [not to be called food poisoning] and the good doctor – the man who implemented the human right experiments and wrote tests for the language experiments on little children – chose not to report it to the authorities.

[As of this date, it is our understanding that Dr. Porter is under investigation by the NYS Department of Health for this omission and for his human fright experiments].

Now, those whose minds leap to thoughts of conspiracy – those have suggested that Keith, the scientist, may have experimented with the food to learn some important lesson about human reaction.  It might have been a drug experimentation on his part.

People who think the worst of Vanguard said maybe he meant to intentionally hasten Pam’s death.

Of course, it may have been genuine food poisoning [without his intervention] or some kind of virus.

Maybe it was a precursor test to a Jim Jones-type “revolutionary suicide”.

Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, and Emiliano Salinas

The fact that Keith and all the “higher-ups” did not get it was explained to those who asked that it was their superior powers acquired from NXIVM teachings.

Or maybe they were privately advised not to eat the tainted food.

Dr. Brandon Porter was there. Maybe somebody should ask him. Or ask to see his notes.

One is not likely to learn much from Vanguard. He is awaiting sentencing and if he had a hand in this, he is not likely to confess it now.

But for those of you who were there – and there are hundreds of you – perhaps you might care to share your stories about the fateful Vanguard Week – the last great one – when you got sick.

It is OK now to talk. Vanguard is in prison. He isn’t getting out.  Prefect awaits sentencing. She won’t punish you. Clare Bronfman can’t sue you for telling the truth anymore.

If you were ill during Vanguard Week 2016, tell us your story. This needs to be investigated. And if it was deliberately arranged for people to get ill, we need to know. We need closure on this illness outbreak just as we have closure now for Vanguard Week and for that matter, for Vanguard himself.

The 600 acre plus Silver Bay Resort was desolate during a portion of V-Week on 2016 and 2017. In 2017, it was because only a few people attended. But in 2016, it was because people were stricken with a strange illness that sent them to their rooms.


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  • –several slender ladies who also were impervious to the illness….joined him in their birthday suits–

    this line makes me think most of the post is speculation and the illness made to seem intentional not accidental.

  • Most of the higher ups were on specialty diets, brought their own fridges, and didn’t eat in the cafeteria. If they avoided the virus that is why. And the logic of this argument makes no sense: why would Vanguard throw a wrench into a 10 day celebration of him. He would do nothing to jeopardize the adulation.

  • All this reminds me of David Koresh of WACO fame. The entire compound lived in one building ..the girls were sent to the second floor on their tenth birthday….where Koresh lived . One of my neighbors was there in the Appalachian mountains of NC. …the women were recruited from the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It was an experiment in mind control like Jim Jones. Remember seeing a sheriff on TV recounting those days from Waco……with tears streaming down his eyes , asking, “Why didn’t they just kill him as he was walking into town?” He walked into town by himself. Many in my neighbor’s family had been there. She recounted that her brother was killed. The govt. kept his body for 2 years, unrefrigerated, before they sent it back to them. The women in this family were mostly very beautiful. Why has no one asked what the nazis were experimenting on? Why has no one asked what these people like Keith Ranaire and all were looking for? Was it to see how to mind control , what it takes. Trauma is definitely an aspect of it….The recruitment from churches is a way to find people already partially mind controlled. FBI recruits from the mormon church.

  • “Allison Mack and Dani Padilla. He enjoyed threesomes with the winsome duo.”
    A threesome as far as it was referred…It was also, apparently a first for Allison (who was supposed to be the whore of babylon if we listen to Actaeon,Anonymaker or Shadow)…

    Anyway, is it really a fact? that no High rank was sick?

    This is really really bad if true as it’s obviously another freak experiment but at a larger scale!

    How can it take so long to revoke his license (if it’s true)

    BTW, I’m not disputing the fact that people got sick and that Porter did wrong as he has a procedure against him so i know it’s a fact…
    But if the High rank didn’t get sick, it must have been an experiment….
    Or maybe something to boost confidence about Raniere being some kind of superman…

  • One thing that was done at Rajneeshpuram commune in Oregon and is not mentioned much is that the boss lady, Sheela, and her large, mostly female goon squad did a lot of drugging, isolating, fake hospitalizing, terrorizing, etc.to the people who lived in the commune. Naturally, the group has been more infamous for spreading salmonella virus to sicken people eating in restaurants, as well as other locations, in nearby towns, so that they wouldn’t be able to vote in an imminent election which Sheela and her planners wanted to win. The salmonella attacks were something that made the news immediately, as soon as 70 people or so were stricken ill.

    However a lot of drugging, along with both brief and longterm isolation of people, was happening there inside the commune, which was huge, around 64,000 acres. Sheela governed the place with her own inner circle while Rajneesh lived at his own private compound, off with his own personal staff and apparently somebody kept a helluva lot of peacocks squawking out on his lawns. Rolls Royces and nitrous oxide were not his only loves, evidently.

    Sheela had designated and upclose individuals to do her dirty work, as well as commanding teams of guards, a police force, a large legal team, medical clinics, architects, an airfield and jets, you name it. The internally hidden rotten deeds only really began to be heard a lot later on, after people left. There are some excellent books, from both insiders and journalists. Some awful things were done by those within a core power structure. There could be some similarities between how these two groups were doing things, especially the commune leaders and their “lieutenants.”

    What happened at Creepboy’s birthday vacation could have been an unfortunate accidental outbreak from food that was off. Perhaps food set out for the guests but not for Raniere’s private lodging. It does sound very much like food-poisoning.

    Or maybe, while saying toodle-loo to the acolytes at their unappetizing buffet and before trotting off like a horse’s ass to dine elsewhere with the elite, Nancy Salzman let RIP with a long but tediously discrete fart. Yes. That could’ve done it. One of her happy harpy trails.

    • Just to clarify, the election Sheela was trying to control was voting about a land use decision which she and her city planners wanted to go their way. Poisoning American voters was not the only method used. Over a thousand homeless people were swept off the streets out west, bused into the commune, put up in trailers in their new paradise and were registered to vote to control this election. After it was over, most were bused back to the streets.

  • Fyi, it has not been an issue (yet) this year, but 2016, 17, and 18 had many water quality issues with Lake George (raw sewage, etc. released into the lake).

    Pretty sure there was an issue with consuming cilantro as well.

    Frank or whoever–who catered the event? Probably a Nxivm-related business? It would sort of explain the desire to hush it.

  • This is so interesting. While I’d like to believe that Brandon is a stupid moron who is highly incompetent – and I still do, it probably wouldn’t take that much intelligence to harm a group of people like that if you had the right toxin. This should be investigated, but in the end, most of the culprits for it are going to jail anyway. It would be nice to see Brandon in jail though. He definitely belongs there too. Although having him selling vacuums door to door or some other shit job while people make fun of him is pretty good karma as well.

    • Careful, my radio show partner sold vacuums door to door after he graduated from college. He was quite successful at it, too. Isn’t doing home insulation estimates low enough for Porter? That’s what he’s doing now, no need to insult the honorable vacuum cleaner salesmen (and women, sorry gals!). I’ve got a great story involving a Rainbow salesman and my capable Amway vacuum cleaner. Just ask, and I’ll bring it up on my next show.

  • Maybe it was just a bug. But also,

    As chief grifter, KAR will have had nothing but contempt for his followers, those not in the control command centre of things or sex slave material (who he HAD TO deal with), will have been of no interest to him at all, as if he would commune with these proven, utterly gulled marks, are you kidding?

    What a cool way to get out of receiving tribute from people he feels are totally beneath him, utter marks and targets of the nexium grift, – diarrhoea indeed – keep the riff-raff at bay.

    And he and the dubious Doctor Porter – impervious to contagion – as you would be if you had taken the basic precaution not to swallow/breathe/touch the contaminated substance you were administering to others.

    How many swanned around in this blessed unaffected state? Had they all passed the Porter Test? Or just the ones who weren’t focussed on tending the sick and ill instead of monitoring them for interesting reactions.

    I wonder what use might KAR and Doctor Porter have had in mind for their squad of snuff-test graduates?
    Doesn’t military intelligence hand out assassin type duties to operatives displaying this special skill?

  • Look what I found in my e mail box.
    An e mail from Senator Gillibrand advocating the legalization of marijuana.
    Sign Kristen Gillibrand’s Petition to Legalize Marijuana.

    I suppose most of the followers of NXIVM had to be on marijuana.

    “Support My Plan to Legalize Marijuana
    Our current drug policies are rooted in institutional racism and result in the mass incarceration of people of color. And it’s time to unleash the economic equity and opportunity of marijuana legalization.”

    “If you believe it’s time to legalize marijuana and right the wrongs of our country’s failed war on drugs, add your name today.

  • Regarding the Mystery sicknes:

    The whole mystery illness seems like a ‘Jones Town’ rehearsal/experiment.

    Why else run the experiment?

    I am sure most Frankreport readers recognize the symptoms as being similar to dysentery caused by E. coli or salmonella poisoning.

    I doubt Dr. Porter used botulism because 1 single gram of botulism can kill almost 14,000 people if digested. It’s the deadliest natural toxin on earth. E.coli is not nearly as deadly and is easy to come by. Just collect some dog or human feces and your ready to go!

    • Really? Touch feces and get E.coli?

      I guess that means you should check the tip of your cock for E.coli, along with your tongue. You poop-chute pervert!

  • That attack on their followers constitues an act of terrorism with biochemical weapons. That is a very big issue that concerns Inland Security, the Department of Health, FBI and CIA.

  • Nothing is more indicative of the evil of NXIVM and its elites than the high status afforded these two quacks, Doctors Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts.
    Doctors take an oath to try to “do no harm.”

    Herr Doktor Brandon Porter, an employee of Clare Bronfman and a recipient of Allison Mack’s largess in the form of a loan to buy a home, would exhibit to unsuspecting test subjects films which would show people being butchered in gruesome ways.
    Films which could only be described as “snuff” films, either real or simulated.
    After the infamous Milgram experiments at Yale University this kind of psychological experimentation on non-consenting people was declared unethical.
    The corrupt New York State Medical Board still refuses to yank this quack’s medical license.
    And now recent reports indicate that Herr Doktor Brandon Porter is living in Clare Bronfman’s mansion.
    I hope when Herr Doktor Porter visits Nicki Clyne’s abode he brings along some of his snuff films for her entertainment.

    As for Fraeulein Doktor Danielle Roberts she administered hot cauterizing irons to female slaves to burn in the initials of both Keith Raniere and his demented slave master girlfriend Allison Mack.
    Nothing says slavery like being branded like a cow.
    This sadistic ritual was directed under the command of the sadistic Allison Mack.
    There was no legitimate purpose for this torture of human beings.
    When the women screamed in pain and torment the sadistic Allison Mack directed Fraeulein Docktor Roberts to continue with the ritual.
    No pain killers or anti-biotics were administered to the women to lessen the pain or reduce the risk of infection.
    Again the corrupt New York State Medical Board refuses to yank this quack’s medical license.
    Fraeulein Doktor Danielle Roberts is rumored to be a frequent guest at Legatus Pro Tempore Nicki Clyne’s NYC apartment.

    A story like NXIVM’s cast of freaks, sadists and degenerates belong in the works of Edgar Allan Poe, not on the streets of Twenty-First Century America.

  • Well it really is quite easy what happen and it doesn’t involve food at all. The reason these people got sick is they found out about all the shit the they had been fed i.e. smartest man in the world, most ethical and all the rest was bullshit. They found immediately afterwards about the pedophilia and stumpys other perversions,and manipulations, what a world class asshole he is, and that is what induced the projectile vomiting and the literal shit storm.

    Where’s my proof? Simple again. The “higher ups” had been drinking this putrid kool-aid for years bought into it to this day and are immune to getting sick from it.

    You, my friends are welcome. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  • Is it really true that none of the inner circle were affected, while almost everyone else was? In my experience, sometimes crucial details like that get mis-reported.

    For something like that to have happened, all the regular participants would probably have to have eaten a meal that the elite did not. Thus, there would have had to have been a set-up for insiders to eat different food; that could also have just happened accidentally in the course of them having access to something like a hospitality suite with better food.

    The other typical sticking point in something like this as a sort of conspiracy theory is the actual improbable logistics of it. How would anyone have pulled off a sort of mass poisoning of the NXIVM rank and file, at a resort apparently served by YMCA food service, without other members of that same rank and file or YMCA staff being involved, or realizing what was going on? It’s possible, but not particularly plausible.

    Sometimes strange things just happen. I had a letter from authorities in the city of Clifton Park – home of NXIVM – appear in my mail the other day in spite of never having been there in my life. At first, thoughts were running through my mind that NXians had tracked down my identity and set me up for some sort of trouble, but when I opened it up it turns out that there was just a bizarrely coincidental, mundane explanation…

    • I thought I read somewhere that the upper level had ordered pizza they did not share. Pizza is cooked at a very high temp 600 – 800 degrees) which would kill the virus. The upper rank may have had separate restrooms, and perhaps did not get up close and personal with the kiddos.

      There can be a lot of explanations as to why none of the upper level got sick.

      • Thanks for recalling and adding that detail.

        Vanguard’s pizza addiction saves the mission!

        Seriously, thinking about it a bit more, it is strange that Porter didn’t report the outbreak as he should have. But there could be a number of reasons for NXIVM not to want to the authorities looking into what was going on at their event, and possibly bringing public attention to it.

        • Agree. If it had been a restaurant, the management would have been required to report it to the health department. However, this was a private party and was likely catered.

          I see no benefit whatsoever to KAR making his adoring followers sick. He needed them on a number of levels.

          When Jim Jones did what he did, he was deeply paranoid, desperate, and strung out on all kinds of drugs.

          • From what I know about how such resorts work, they would have been using the YMCA’s food service except possibly for special events – remember, NXIVM had the whole resort, if reports are correct. Also, there was an item about how dining room staff were told not to take their cell phones in when the NXIVM crowd was there, which I believe applied to the regular YMCA employees doing food service.

            If I recall correctly, one of the things that Porter is in trouble with the medical board over, is his failure to report the mass illness, so presumably he had some professional responsibility in that regard. Also, your comment reminds me, the YMCA probably would have reported it, and likely was required to, had they been aware of it.

      • Yes, but that was to make the voters in the town become sick so they would not show up on election day. I just don’t see the parallel. The NXIVM members were a source of income, adulation and service.

  • One of the best articles ever. Did Porter and Raniere hold recognised Doctorate degrees in Pseudo Science?

  • For something to spread that rapidly, it sounds a lot like Norovirus (also known as the cruise ship disease), which can be foodborne or airborne, particularly in restrooms. The virus is easily passed from one person to another. The virus can live on surfaces such as light switch plates. If hands are not properly washed after using the restroom, and those same hands prepare food, it can be spread that way as well. Projectile vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms. The illness is highly unpleasant (and can be dangerous for the elderly, very young, and immune-compromised), but it generally passes after a few miserable days.

    Given that the restaurant Apropos was in its time cited for health code violations, poor food handling at the party would not shock me. However, an already-infected person usually brings it to the party.

    I guess without more information, I don’t see a big conspiracy here. .

    • Yes, you are right. And it can be spread in water or in physical substance. The Jack in the Box contamination that occurred in the 90s was reportedly the result of conditions at the processing plant that manufactured a particular burger.

      It could also happen if the resort was using a well system where the pumps supplying the water had problems with supplying sufficient chlorine residual to kill water-bourn bacteria.

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