Natalie makes report of Raniere hearing

Keith Raniere threatened Toni Natalie [above] that the next time he saw her she would be dead or in jail. Funny, how the smartest man in the world's word were almost prophetic. He just had it mixed up. He is in jail and Toni, who is in NYC today, expects to see him in person after 20 years and needless to say Toni is not in jail [although the Vanguard tried pretty hard to get her there].

By Toni Natalie

He was as arrogant and smug as always. Outside the courtroom, I heard the marshals unlock his chains. Catherine Oxenberg and I had seats on the bench in the front row.

And although the courtroom was full – mostly with media  – there were only two people in the courtroom he could see – Catherine Ozenberg and me.

He looked at us twice – gazed at me right in the eyes – twice. He did not look repentant.

He did not seem broken at all.  He did not speak to the judge except when asked to answer questions to which he said, “Yes, your honor.” He’d lean forward and tried to pretend he was being sincere. That fake sincere tone he always has.

Looking across at the formidable prosecution team, he must have gotten a whiff of what he’s up against. Maybe he is too arrogant to care.

Tonight, I am told will be his first night in general population.

Inside, the courtroom I don’t think there were any NXIVM people. Other than a few victims – including Barbara Bouchey – all the rest were media.

Keith was clean shaven. His hair was messy. His hair was not short but neither was it Jesus long. I would call it Charlie Manson long.


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  • Such a happy day for all of us who have been waiting for years, (decades for you Toni) for this man to be held accountable. This is just the tip of the iceberg and soon others will join him in defending themselves for their actions.

    It is truly a joyful day for those of us who have lived in fear of his terror.

    Thank you for all who have take action against Raniere to make this day happen. It’s been a long hard journey and finally we can see the fruits of our labor happening before our eyes.

    Susan Dones

  • Toni,
    You are a true hero, you have given a stranger hope & strength more than you know. I have been trying to reach out to you, Frank, & Catherine but they’ve had my phone, computer, and accounts all set up as linked to theirs. My daughter was kidnapped and abducted across state lines 1,000 miles away for the use of the cult’ s “rainbow cultural gardens” program aka child slave grooming& trafficking branch of nxivm. We’ve been hostages for her entire childhood and despite 50+ visits to law enforcement and courts, our case has been stonewalled every time with NO LEGITIMATE INVESITGATION EVER DONE. In fact, I was told by them to stop trying because they will just keep getting our case to one they know will drop it and do nothing. My daughter just turned 8 and it’s been 268 DAYS since we’ve last seen each other. Her whole childhood has been stolen and I miss her beyond words.
    As seen in so many of the other cases, we were & still are victims of nxivms relentless “cyber experts” (aka criminal frauds making money off of trafficking children for the benefit of their cult). THIS is yet another way they get their dirty money used to violate and attack others. And with Keith behind bars, this will only get worse. Grown women can step up and bravely try their best to get their voices heard but my daughter and the other kids who’ve been stolen away from their loving mothers cannot. Please help!!

  • I am happy for you to have this day. Thinking back to the day I met you with Keith and Pam (getting hair cuts), we were excited about the future and being involved with this new program and the mission of growth and success. It was the summer.of 1998.

    What we didn’t know was * THIS WAS NOT KEITH’S MISSION. Unfortunately, his addiction to power and control along with his punitive nature (and the fact that he’s a sociopath ) have caused many casualties. You are a warrior and deserve this day…the beginning of the end of the reign of this madman.


  • I think I know why nobody on Keith’s side showed up. Anyone far enough in the bubble to still support Raniere, would be too afraid of being arrested, or at least questioned by law enforcement. Maybe they were told not to come to Brooklyn for that reason.

  • Wow. NOBODY showed up for the great and powerful prisoner 57005-177? TBH I’m kinda shocked. Where were his loyal followers? Probably the first smart thing any of them has done since last June. The next wave of FBI interviews are coming. This is your final chance to actually show you have CHARACTER and INTEGRITY. Go now before the one before you informs on you first. No matter how benign your part in this twisted web is, you have participated and likely been part of criminal activity. Whether it’s keeping a secret here or stashing money there, it’s all fair game now. A few documents that were tampered with, an email sent to your slave, any IT interference. All. Fair. Game. I wish you luck current Espians. I wish you luck those Expians who know much, but haven’t said a word. I wish you luck Expians in counselling, trying to put your lives back together.
    You know who I don’t wish luck to?
    Moira Penza.
    She and her team got this on lock.

  • I welled up with respect and pride watching Catherine Oxenberg in this video.

    Can’t tell by looking, but she’s gonna come at you with everything she’s got if you mess with her family.

    • So there was criminal conduct, but it’s okay, because it was consensual.

      I am concerned the victim blaming / shaming is coming.

      • I think until recent events, he skated under the “everything was consensual” theory. But that’s not going to fly this time. He was dumb enough to leave an incriminating trail of emails and texts. The defense is going to have to dig deep to muster up a credible defense. He’s clearly a monster, despite the benign appearance. I think the prosecution has a formidable mountain of evidence. In this new, Harvey Weinstein era, no jury is going to stand for his bullshit. Keith is not going to walk on a technicality, or a “glove doesn’t fit” surprise. There’s just too much out there. I’m glad he’s got a team of good lawyers. All the better when the prosecution prevails anyway.

  • Toni, I hope you feel an immense weight of burden lifting from your life. You have endured much because of this creep. You bearing witness in the front row is the definition of justice being served. May they throw the book at him and let his fellow inmates take care of the rest. Peace out.

  • Haha! Thank you for an informative and entertaining post, Toni. It was wonderful to read that Keith will be in the general population.

  • I must say I’ve followed the NXIVM story for many years, and the picture of you in front of MDC is giving me LIFE!! I greatly admire the courage you’ve shown all these years. Thanks for the eyewitness reporting today!

  • Judges usually don’t fall for that crap for even five seconds.

    Whenever they think someone is trying to play them, they usually pause right after that person speaks while looking at them hard before they continue on.

    Like anybody with 4 lawyers sitting at the table looks ever so innocent. Even if half of them are unknowns and one’s father famous.

    Congrats on being able to be there. Maybe gen pop will wipe the smug smile off his face. At the very least, he isn’t getting out any time soon.

  • Thank you for sharing, Toni. I also read your interview in the Daily Mail. Thank you for speaking out and giving insight.

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