Raniere NOW in Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center

Keith Alan Raniere, AKA prisoner 57005-177, is now listed on Inmate Locator as a resident of the MDC BROOKLYN, an administrative security metropolitan detention center in Brooklyn, NY.

An official at the MDC confirmed that Raniere is presently housed in the facility.

Raniere is expected to be arraigned in Federal Court in Brooklyn and this relocation – he formerly was being held in Oklahoma City at the Federal Transfer Facility – signals his arrival and impending arraignment.

If Raniere fails to get bail, the Brooklyn MDC is likely to be his home until his trial which may take as long as a year or more before it commences.

Stay tuned for more info as it develops.

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  • Keith is a master manipulator. And he’s now in with a bunch of really bad people. Some of which who will get out of prison at one point and some of which Keith will be able to highly manipulate. The only hope in this mess is that one of these inmates finds out he’s a child molester and does something bad about it. Otherwise Keith will have a captive audience with hundreds of horrible people who he will use to do awful things on anyone he perceived that wronged him when those inmates get out. Let’s hope that a couple of the lifers hear about the awful things Keith did to women and children and take the law into their own hands.

    • You really think VanDouche is going to get buddy buddy and up close and personal with the prison’s general population? Do you think these people are going to understand or care about his mumbo jumbo word salad about being an authentic human and other such nonsense?

      If VanDouche wanted to become Kingpin or some other crime boss mafioso and manipulate criminals, he would’ve done it outside of jail not inside of it.

      • Yes I fully believe Keith will try to use what he knows to manipulate other inmates. Both as a matter of survival and vengeance. Keith has been manipulating people for decades. And all it takes is 1-2 inmates to listen to him and he can possibly start something bigger. But my hope is that 1-2 inmates don’t like him and his prison and they do to him what psychopaths do. Don’t discount his ability to manipulate. 10’s of thousands went through his bullshit plagiarized programs, he slept with 100s of women under false pretenses, and got a couple of idiot billionaires to give him close to 100 million dollars. He’s an evil little gnome, but he’s a talented manipulator.

        • I think this is over. Do you think the other inmates aren’t going to find out who exactly the new guy is?

          How long do you think guys his size and who have been so pampered for almost two decades last in jail? What does he have to negotiate with them?

          Emotional manipulation tends to work more on women than men, hence the skewed ratio of women to men in cults on an average of 70/30 in general. Also, a sociopath’s edge is in their ability to manipulate those who have a conscience. How do you think it will work on like-minded sociopaths?

    • I think you raise a valid concern. Some prisoners have been known to even solicit murder from behind bars, using other inmates who are released before them. Couple that thought with the fact that KR has already proven his never ending desire for revenge and punishment, for those who betray him. Anyone remember Cullen Davis from Fort Worth? One thing, though – he will need access to money while in prison, in order to solicit this. Unfortunately, I am sure someone will funds him. Scary.

  • If he makes bail he will either:

    A. RUN again.
    B. Get his followers to commit suicide like Jim Jones

    Don’t give this man Bail

  • Eeeep. MDC is a literal hellhole. He probably got gangraped the instant he walked into the joint.

    Weird thing is that I don’t feel the slightest bit of sympathy for him.

  • My empathy actually makes me feel a little sorry for the guy. But then I think about what he must have had a hand in doling out to others and then I have to feel more empathy for them.

    He made his own bed and now has to lie in it. I’m not the of manager of affairs in this Universe.

    • Yep – I get it. I have much respect for professionals who are able to work with and try to help sociopaths/narcissists. People like KR are truly sick in a way that is pretty much impossible to help. The best one can do is try to prevent the massive damage that happens to the people around a sociopath/narcissist. If isolation from society is what it takes, so be it. Prison may not be what it should – a humane place to rehabilitate those that have acted inhumanely, but it’s better than letting a diseased mind continue to infect many other minds.

        • You don’t seem to understand that empathy is natural feeling that exhibits itself when a person is in situation you would not like to be in. There is a closeness and a distance there as well. If I was a victim or really close to someone who was a victim, I would immediately feel “fuck him”. But since I’m at a distance from a third party perspective, I feel things a little less and so I feel a bit of empathy which is immediately overcome by the empathy I feel for his victims.

          I’m not a “bleeding heart moron” you ass. I was just telling the subtleties of what I felt.

    • Please, dude !
      Just think of Jane Doe 1 who was blindfolded and tied naked to a table to be raped by an unknown man… How did she feel ? I really feel for her and she’s got all my sympathy !..

        • “Keith is” is not me, but I am guilty of posting in multiple threads. Won’t do it any more, I promise!

          • Didn’t realize you were king of made-up rules, Hmmmm! You and Keith would appear to have much in common.

            I appreciated it when orangecounty posted the link, and more than once, else I would have had to hunt for it when I finally got time to read about sociopaths. It’s great information and absolutely relevant to this blog! Frank also posts so often that useful links disappear quickly under all the new content, and muliple postings by orangecounty was a considerate and gracious act.

    • Sympathy? This guy has manipulated people. No sympathy. Sorry. Maybe after he’s paid for his crimes.

  • MDC. Dreams really do come true. My only wish now is to see what his face looked like as he entered that godforsaken shithole; his reaction as he’s violated in front of a dozen or so other inmates when one of the guards gets told it’s time for ‘nuts and butts’ duty (if you don’t know what this is, ask a prison guard).

    I’m not generally one to revel in schafenfreud, but if Vandickhole can, in the confines of his new prison hell, receive merely a tenth of the horribleness he doled out over 20 years, I will be a happy guy. I also hope that he’ll be forced to stay in general pop, so that he gets the full experience of MDC; complete with being forced to kiester a few items of contraband for his new ‘friends’. Oh, but to dream.

  • Looks like they sent VanGrifter via CONAIR. Well, let’s hope he gets assigned to the old section of MDC Brooklyn…

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