Another Executive Success Failure: Victor Ochoa

Victor Ochoa was once a successful guy. He was an amazing singer and danced like a frog.

He can teach. He had major opportunities to sing on a national or maybe worldwide level.

He had opportunities to teach stars.





Then he became acquainted with Keith Raniere’s technology called The Source.

Now, he can’t teach because he can’t use the tools from The Source to teach. It’s like Keith Raniere invented acting and singing.

It reminds me of another woman who used to teach yoga before she met the Raniere gang.

She took the Eso/Exo classes – and when she left the cruel cult of Raniere, she went home and started teaching yoga again. Clare Bronfman found out and threatened to sue her – on the basis that she would be using some of the “tech” she learned in NXIVM if she taught yoga.

As if Raniere invented yoga.

No, Keith Raniere did not invent yoga although he does look remarkably similar to the inspiration of the cobra pose shown above .

The woman was intimidated and stopped teaching yoga.


In any event, this singing dude – Victor Ochoa – is restricted from giving singing lessons except on behalf of Keith Raniere. He seems to have attended Vanguard University which further muddled his brain. But he ran out of money [lucky for him] and had to return home.

He was a star in the making until Executive Success Programs got hold of him.

Viva Executive Success!

Even though he had talent before ESP, he learned Keith Raniere tech and that supersedes all else a person can learn.

It makes one quite incapable of anything else.


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  • Please don’t talk about him like he’s dead! People can survive difficult experiences and thrive. Luckily he’s out of there and is picking up on his old life. Wish him the best.

  • Dear Victor Ochoa,

    Please contact Verónica Jaspeado.

    You will find a path out, and a way back to performing and happiness.

    You are so talented!

    Your fans

    Estimado Victor Ochoa,

    Por favor, póngase en contacto con Verónica Jaspeado.

    Encontrarás una ruta de salida, y un camino de regreso hacia el rendimiento y la felicidad.

    ¡Eres muy talentoso!

    Sus fans

  • This is truly sad. It appears that the more involved he got with ESP/NXIVM the more his opportunities for roles dried up. Anyone know the last time he appeared in something?

    Basically what Clare, Nancy, Keith, Lauren have created is a form of indentured servitude. It is like the hotel California, you may check out but you may never leave.

    • Yep. VanDouche and company teach that dependency and attachment is a sign of inner deficiency…

      Except when it comes to paying a never ending amount of money for their courses or working to bring in others to do the same to continuously build the Amway like pyramid for the MLM that hides the cult. Then it isn’t dependency but “bettering” yourself and making the world a more noble civilization. It all makes sense if right is left and up is down, and to critically think is to become a mindless sheep.

      These people are such douches.

  • NXIVM focussing on Teacher training? A relatively new American teaching site called TeachThought, which operates a bit like TES in that it offers material, marking schemes, professional development for project based learning etc. and looked very good, very useful; uploaded a podcast with the Knife Media’s very own Jens Erik Gould. Strange.

    All the professionals who created and operate TeachThought look like well qualified and experienced practitioners, yet the person in charge of that organisation’s Professional Development, Mr. Drew Perkins, has not only produced a podcast but also also retweeted The Knife several times on the teachthought twitter page. As we all know, you can’t access info from The Knife unless you subscribe, or as from now, there is the option to buy packages of info from The Knife’s brand new patron site.

    Let this be moment of recklessness on the part of Teachthought’s professional Development Manager, who didn’t realise etc.. and not a decision made after due diligence.

    TeachThought please pay attention to the fact that NXIVM/THEKNIFE don’t ‘grow teachers’ or anything – they destroy everyones talents, businesses, families, you name it, they’ll destroy it.

    The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 103 Critical Thinking Your Way Through The News -The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 103 Critical Thinking Your Way Through The News –

  • That’s seriously sad.

    There’s life and joy in those photos. He should be on stage and on screen. May he find his way back there.

    Teaching might be complicated now, but not when the Raniereverse meets its inevitable end. Attrition of evangelized, shrinking flow of funds, gradual but relentless decline into disorder, and the gravity-sucking power of justice done right.

    It will all come together, It’s just a matter of when. Heggen’s replacement might be fierce and justice-loving. If not, there are many other offices that have an interest in Raniere, and it takes only one prosecutor, local, state, or federal, to put Raniere behind bars.

  • But is there any basis to a case like that? If these people were already teaching prior to enrolling in ESP, then they already had the knowledge to teach, and the knowledge was not acquired from ESP. I can’t see how anyone could win a bullshit case like that, and what a waste of time and money to pursue such a frivolous case .

    Clare and Keith are just bullies who use their money to scare and intimidate people .

    • To these people, their highest goal is not achieving something but making life hell to others. Raniere could not prove his technology to be new and was not able to patent it due to that. Does this stop him or his monkeys from harassing a third party? The problem is the courts being open for everyone as long as they have a small fortune to burn.

  • Fuck Clare and her puppet strings to sue for her master. VanDouche ripped off NLP, the human potential movement, self-help methods, Erickson hypnosis, mindfulness, religion, etc. There’s not a single original thing in his “technology” except for the fact that he calls such an amalgamation of ripped off tools that term when it should be reserved for actual, tangible inventions like cars, computers and other electronics, software frameworks and programs, machinery, etc. Technology? Don’t make me laugh.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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