Five leaked photos of Nxians – readers asked to help ID people and places

Frank Report received these five photos recently from a known source.

Readers are asked to ID the people and the places.

DOS hair loss diet? Michelle Hatchette [front] appears to be going bald. Could it be from the low calorie diet? Ivy Nevares, kneeling, looks like she may have a receding hairline.


A skinny Allison Mack poses in front of an uneaten birthday cake.


The smiley faces of NXIVM.  Readers are asked to identify the people in this picture [and other pictures].

More smiles.

The smiling faces seem to be absent. Whether that has anything to do with the appearance of a police officer is unknown.


11 thoughts on “Five leaked photos of Nxians – readers asked to help ID people and places

  1. 3rd pic is old as Souki and Jenn kobelt were smart enough to get the fuck out of this BS Cult when they heard about vaginal branding.

    • Souki (nxited) on far left. Behind Michelle and next to Allison is Jen kobelt (nxited) and possibly Chris Pearson-smith?

  2. I think Allison Mack is probably in Vancouver in that pic. I say that because Save On foods sells that exact same cake in that exact same packaging. (I know, as I’ve bought it many times)
    Save On Foods is only in Western Canada. Not sure if its relevant or not.

    • Flowers that is a possibility, but more locally, the upstate grocery chain Price Chopper also has that cake. I was a cake decorator briefly there. That slice is 12.99, it comes straight out of a frozen box which we slice up into three overpriced sizes, and we decorated the biggest slices in that exact way: two strawberries dunked in artificial glaze and Pannetone stick things in the corner. The border is supposed to be a different swirly pattern but they tend to update the photo on the recipe iPad and not tell the actual workers who are too swamped to check for updates periodically.

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