DOS changing terms from ‘Slave Pod’ to ‘The Squad’

In a near-brilliant move of re-branding [no pun intended], the women of DOS have dropped the “slave & master” nomenclature in favor of “squad members” who collectively form a “team.”

What names they will change “collateral” and [hot iron pubic] “branding” to are unknown at present.

It seems the goal is: Save Keith Raniere from prosecution by making it appear that DOS is a happy sorority of volunteers.

A slave pod of Allison Mack, featuring India Oxenberg, Michelle Hatchette and Danielle Roberts appear in pictures striking poses with filtered light added to give an impressionistic mood.

The photos look like Madison Avenue billboard advertisements. In fact they remind me of the old cancer causing product,  New Port Cigarette ad campaign,. ‘Alive with Pleasure’.

The women seemed to have been ordered to be happy, united, and all-female. They love their sorority and, although it was once a secret operation, they are openly showing the NXIVM community that this was their idea and they love it.

Ironically, they told the same NXIVM community earlier this year that DOS was a fabrication devised by a couple of suppressives and embellished by Frank Report.

Comments like “My cup runneth over. You helped me see that we can choose to see this as bright times. Thank you for joining me in celebrating life. I’m so honored to be on this team with you” are part of the rebranding formula.

One wonders if this  sanitizing will save Keith Raniere – for, from a legal point of view,  it is not who is left on the slave cult “squad’ but who fled the slave cult team that matters.

The victims have voices too – and they are not honored to celebrate the coercive vindictive slave style life promulgated by Keith Raniere.

Life among these brutal people, good at covering up their sins and the sins of their master – the keeper of collateral, the intimidation, the mind control, the thought reform, the deception, the branding, the collateral, doth not make their cups to runneth over.

Nicki Clyne may have said it best in her comment: “I believe the correct hashtag is #squad. Did I do that right?”


I may be mistaken but India’s hair looks a little thin, Michelle looks emaciated and Danielle looks haggard and beat, as if she has aged rapidly.
India Oxenberg, Michelle Hatchette and Dr. Danielle Roberts strike poses for the new, happy sorority campaign. Danielle looks like she does not want to do this. Perhaps she is aware that she is likely going to lose her medical license and perhaps be criminally charged.


Keith Raniere invented the world’s first multilevel blackmail and branding scheme, called DOS. I suspect he is looking to get off Scot-free and if others are charged criminally, so be it.

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[…] The party at Lucas Confectionary [see: ‘DOS changing terms from “slave pod” to “the squad”]’ was for Michelle Hatchette, who worked […]

5 years ago

another good post. 🙂
your fan,

Outsider thoughts on the SQUAD
Outsider thoughts on the SQUAD
5 years ago

So they think the term “SQUAD” is more benign? Sorry “ladies” we all know what it is fronting for!!

Danielle looks like she is hitting the bottle. Didn’t she say on her website she comes from a family of alcoholics?. What did she do to her hair? Is she channeling her inner Helena Bonham Carter with her disheveled appearance? And that top/dress is just horrible like a potato sack. She must have borrowed it from Lauren Salzman.

Michelle’s head is bigger than the rest of her body. Grinning like a scary Cheshire Cat. I will never think of the Cheshire cat the same now.

India looks older than her beautiful mom who is twice her age. Skin looks greyish and yes her hair is noticeably thin.

This appears to be Michelle’s birthday celebration. Lucas Confectionary is a sister establishment of Pecks Arcade where Michelle lists as her employer on FB. Obviously being an MDS and a coach for ESP/NXIVM does not pay the bills.

One of the owners of Lucas/Peck’s is Vic Christopher. Does Anyone know if he is related to ESPIAN Tracy Christopher?

5 years ago

Holy eff! They all look so terrible. God. What a toll the stress, diet and press has had on them. Yes. That is Linda Chung. I don’t think the girl on the left is part of DOS. She doesn’t fit his type. The rest are. Linda. Nicki. Alli. Michelle. Sam. Indie. Danielle. “Look at us having so much fun. Slaves? No! We are empowered women empowering other women. Branding bad? No way Jose! It’s the latest trend in sororities! We love each other so much.” Danielle what the fuck happened to you? You look like you’ve aged 20 years. It’s all so pathetic and sad. These women once thought for themselves. Governed their own bodies. Were vibrant, loving and beautiful souls. Now they have no souls. Look into their eyes. Nothing. Empty. Soulless.

Squad Goals
Squad Goals
5 years ago
Reply to  Soulless

the girl on the end (left) is Micaela Zahner – May not be part of Dos Yet but she is definitely an ESPIAN based on her facebook friends list

All of Them Witches
All of Them Witches
5 years ago

Is that Linda Chung second from left in top picture?

5 years ago

RE: The way the boards are aligned behind the women in these photos – My first thought when viewing the photos was of a weird, smashed up police lineup/mugshot. My second thought was that India is showing signs of anorexia and/or illness, Michelle appears the same and Dr. Danielle is obviously under extreme stress and looks to be self medicating.

5 years ago
Reply to  ionwhitepoetry

Danielle looks like she may have spotted an ABC cameraman in the background. Bhahaha

5 years ago

I hope this party was staged to make the girls look like a happy sorority; if not, it sure looks like a crappy party to me. Dance floor strung with lights and no one dancing, DJ playing to no one in particular, and the slave pod posing for the new PR campaign. I don’t blame Danielle Roberts for wanting to get out of there!

5 years ago

I hate to admit it, Frank , I usually think you read too much into some of these postings, but I think your right. The girls look unhealthy (someone get India back to CA), and Dr. Danielle has this “get me outta here” look on her face in all the pictures.

5 years ago

Mind-benders and brainwashed,.such a waste. They cannot see it, yet, and some like Pam and Barbara J will go to their graves believing he’s the best thing since vegetarian tacos.

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