Clifton Park Correspondent: No sign of Coaches Summit at Apropos


Midday: the parking lot was nearly empty.

6:46 PM: There were only two cars parked in front on Route 9, both parked  next to each other.

In the back, there was a white SUV near the building next to what looks like a trailer that comes off the side of Apropos. There were maybe 3-4 cars parked in the back lot spread all over the place. Typically, during a Coaches Summit,  there would be a big tent up in the rear of the parking area, out back like what one does for weddings. Nothing of the sort this time.

Later on this evening only one car up front (a passenger van) and a white commercial van in the front corner spot that wasn’t there earlier. This is the spot closet to Fred’s.

Lauren Salzman’s house at 21 Lape: lights on.

21 Oregon Trail. No light,s no cars, just three garbage cans up near the garage doors.

Edgar Boone’s house: Still has the reindeer in the yard. Car in driveway. There was a Silver Honda CRV SUV parked at the end of the driveway on the road. Could be owned by Nicki Clyne who drives a Honda.

Her IG account shows her kissing the heads of children around Christmas time. It might have been the heads of the Boone triplets.

Nancy’s house: Car in driveway. She appears to be home. Porch light on and chandelier that hangs down the entry way window was on.

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