Do signs point to suicide pact?

[Editor’s Note: This is not a normal post, but rather an expression of concern. It may not be entirely cohesive. But I believe there is a hugely imbalanced, deeply disturbed, and mind-reformed group of people gathering together tomorrow in the Albany area. Their leader will most likely be absent but he – although deeply in trouble and seeking to escape from it – will still exert total and perhaps final control over some of them. Probably nothing will happen, perhaps he will set a time bomb to go off  later, or a calamity might occur. I sense he knows the end of his berserk control over his slaves is nearing an end; how it will end for his slaves is anybody’s guess. It seems pretty clear to me how it will end for him – if he cannot escape blame by sacrificing one or more of his slaves – it will end for Keith in a snivel and a whimper.]

Lauren Salzman is tweeting a quote from Euripides: “When a good man is hurt, all who would be called good must suffer with him.”

Allison Mack quotes Joan of Arc on dying young.

Michelle Hatchette speaks of “Standing by… to take up arms.”

Dr. Danielle Roberts has access to poison.

The DOS slaves gather tomorrow in the Albany area.



Dr. Danielle Roberts answer when asked about branding women.




Sticking out tongues:


Charles Manson

Emaciated Michelle Hatchette, DOS member.
Here is what Michelle looked like in 2013; pre-DOS.


“I have had people killed for my beliefs,” Keith Raniere.

Will he be a death coach? 


In Keith Raniere’s Rational Inquiry, he teaches about good and bad suicide:

Facilitate discussion on the following points: (15 minutes)

Is suicide bad?

Is murder always bad?

Is there-ever a time when the destruction of value on a small scale could build value on a larger scale?

Do students understand the concepts of suicide and murder with regard to good and bad?

Do students understand that destruction on any level is the ultimate crime against humanity?

Do students understand that there are exceptions and the destruction of value on a small scale my actually build value on a larger scale?

Discuss the following questions with your group to spur thought; challenge the assumption:

Can you think of anything that is counter survival and/or destroys value that is good?

Can you think of anything that is pro survival and builds value that is bad?





People killed for his beliefs?

Gina Hutchinson purportedly committed suicide. Mr. Raniere started having sex with her when she was 15.


From the diary of Gina Hutchinson.

Kristin Snyder was said to be pregnant with Keith’s child when she disappeared.


Pam and Barb both died young from cancer. First of the full time harem who recruited other slaves for him.


Keith Raniere sent this illustration to Toni Natalie. 


Allison Mack said on her blog   “My mentor, Keith, once gave me a lesson on how to listen, truly listen, almost in a meditative way. He taught me how to hear the euphony of the world. More often than not I am spinning in my head consumed with thoughts about what are others are thinking of me, how I can do better and what I’m going to eat for lunch. The noise in my head is so loud that I can’t hear anything other than the feedback bouncing off the inside of my skull. He taught me to close my eyes, tame my thoughts and really listen… Suddenly the world sings and becomes symphonic in pattern and texture. We can take what we experience and make it into art. So it stands to reason that the more deeply I experience existence, the better artist I will be. The Source teaches that and it comes from what Keith shares with his students, taking them on a journey to that depth of one’s life experience and expression. When I saw this video, I remembered experiencing the magnificence of sitting still long enough to listen – to hear the world around me. From this stillness comes a freedom – because that voice in my head now seems irrelevant. And so the concert has begun…

Will Allison die for his beliefs?


Raniere sketch


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5 years ago

The veggies shown is actually an extremely generous depiction of the DOS Diet – which consists [mainly] of sugarless chewing gum, water, saltine crackers, clear soups, and fruits that are easily and quickly converted to water. A woman who has some healthy poundage on her – such as Michele or Allison did [and they were by no means ‘fat’] – will not immediately suffer from the “anorexic” type diet, living for awhile off the healthy body fat. Most of these women are starving and are stark raving mad from that, they embrace their slavehood and Keith’s editings of their minds wholly and completely – in part due to the fact that they can no longer process thought on any viable level of their intellect. It’s exhausting to even consider arguing with Keith and his dictations. Much less actually do it. Just the physical nature of the act of leaving seems utterly impossible. Because immobility of thought and action are part of starvation and slavery. Coherent independent thinking is not even an option. It’s enough to be able to process the basic foundational precepts of NXIVM and DOS training.

To Those Still Involved - Please Read
To Those Still Involved - Please Read
5 years ago

Everything Keith has done/taught, has been calculated. He says and teaches things that are designed to help turn future leaps of faith into much smaller steps of faith. This is part of his masterful shifter behavior. For example, you might nod your head at being somebody in a past life that he describes, and before you know it, you are buying into ridiculous notions like your Dad is manipulating the commodities market. Keith uses small things to test buy-in. The classes are his biggest lab where he tests buy-in and where he lays groundwork to hack away at leaps of faith.

The most talked about example is all the groundwork he worked at over the years in order to get the Allisons and Laurens of the world to think it is a good thing to recruit women to be branded slaves. He uses the same sorts of groundwork to get women to be ok with sharing him and recruiting other women to have sex with him. Take a few minutes to look at all his different classes and you can see that he is leading your thoughts in a particular direction.

This isn’t new. Most of you already know this. Here is my point. I always thought that the “Is suicide bad?”, and “Is murder bad?” discussions were facilitated as a way for him to make it ok to “have people killed” who were “against the mission” (side note – what again is the mission???) I haven’t really paid attention to the posts linking Keith to possibly wanting to lead his followers to a mass suicide. However, something just clicked. Most think that Keith loved Pam more than anyone ever. Well, it’s a real possibility that he knowingly helped cause her to get cancer and then watched her die. We all know that Keith was over Barbara. He refused to help her carpal tunnel and watched her die. Keith likes to watch pain in females. Any and all females. Even you.

If I was a female and still in the organization, I would make it a priority to watch over myself and take care. I would not take some crazy suicide plot off the table. If he wanted to, you all know he could talk you into it in 10 minutes. If that conversation starts to come out of his mouth, nod, and plot your escape. Even better – plot it now and implement whenever. Decide now, that suicide and/or murder – no matter how lovely/vitally important it is made to sound – is not for you.

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