Apropos is plowed. It is supposed to hit the thirties and then into the forties by the end of Coaches summit.

apropos sunset

2 thoughts on “CLIFTON PARK CORRESPONDENT: Reports

  1. How stupid or desperate (or both) do you have to be to show up for an ESP Coaches Summit when the FBI is investigation ESP? Seriously? Why not just shave your head bald and paint a target on top of it?

  2. Lauren is either with her mama, broke and can’t afford snow plowin’, or visitin’ her friends down Mexico way.
    She be too lazy to get out and do anything to her driveway herself as she is the queen in waiting when her mama kicks the bucket. That there is if there’s a company left to take over.
    Maybe she’s just too depressed to get out of bed since her Vanguard left her with his baby mama for Mexico and she ain’t gettin’ her time with her Master. She did give up her life for him afterall.

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