Laura Darby’s Crazy Day in the Field – as FBI agents whirled around Clifton Park

By Laura Darby

Clifton Park Correspondent

I had to work from 9 AM -7 PM. My messages were going off rapid fire all day. My neighbor went over and shot a few pictures. He said it was hard to get close as there were 20 cars there. Plus all the news vehicles. He did speak to one of the news stations. He said no activity at Lauren Salzman’s house.

I drove over on my lunch hour to Nancy Salzman’s at 2 PM  and talked to channel 6. Neighbors would not go on record or agree to be filmed they told me. FBI was still there and was there till after 7 PM when they left with computers and a whole bunch of other stuff. I don’t know if the safe was brought out.
 I went out with one of films crews tonight. They were up all last night filming but, of course, left before the raids happened, hence the rush to get someone to shoot and all I have is an iPhone and ipad.
So this is what I saw tonight. Dog out at Brandon Porter’s, two people at Edger Boone’s dragging the garbage cans back to the house from end of driveway. Could have been Vanessa Boone or Perla Boone, Edgar’s mom. Didn’t recognize the male. I only saw the back of him but don’t think it was Edgar.  Some packages once again left on the front porch of 21 Oregon Trail. Nancy’s all closed up.
Loreta Garza’s all closed up.
Apropos: no one around not even a media vehicle.
We did drive to Alex Betancourt’s and oddly a light was on upstairs and someone was in there. Could have been a realtor or hired help for all I know but it was odd.  Sara Bronfman’s mansion also had lights on in the garage and one in the interior. Got some footage at Rosa Laura Junco’s; lights on there too.
Back over into Knox Woods and is very quiet.
It got interesting when I went over to  7 General’s Way. I circled around the cul-de-sac a couple of times to get footage. Apparently, there was a lot of traffic down there.  Some young guys came out asking what we were doing. We told them we were filming and asked did you know this was Allison Mack’s unit? Yes, they said they had heard, but they were not part of NXIVM and they didn’t want their trucks filmed (understandable), I told them to burn some sage to exorcise the demons. Then a senior citizen lady came out and started chanting my license plate to me. I got mouthy back to her, told her I lived in Knox Woods and it was not illegal to film on her street.
Again she chants my license plate back to me and asks what outlet we were with. I almost said Frank Report, but really it was none of her business. More chanting of my license plate, and asks me if it means anything. I said, Yeah, you can read (my license plate)  and my partner said lets move on so we did but not before me stating to the lady. These plates wont exist in a matter of days nor will this car :). My partner and I both felt the interactions were odd, like they were hiding something so I passed that info on to the people who may know better.
Literally, I am catching up on what went down today now.

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  • well…Franca Decrescenzo ( the Nxivm realtor and Proctor ) will have a bunch of new inventory…word is that she has already listed several propertys….wonder if they will be price reduced given the strange business that went on in them????

  • I’m a noob to this whole saga but have binging on the articles the last couple days and as nutty as everything we currently know is, I think things are about to get way crazier in terms of what we learn.

  • Be careful Laura, I guess not everyone is going to pleased about the downfall of this evil empire. ‘there’s nowt so queer as folk’ and while sage is good; for some ‘evil spirits’ a personal alarm and pepper spray might be better. always appreciate your intel, very, very much.

    • Update: I can report that my neighbor who was at Prefect’s house early yesterday at various times saw the safe removed. The computers came out much later. I also read in a comment in an interview of one of Keith’s Flintlock neighbors that all the security cameras on Espian properties fed back to Nancy’s house. I wonder who was tasked with reviewing the security footage.

      Today on a drive around by various news crews and my neighbor. Notices appeared on several properties: Apropos, Nancy’s, 21 Oregon Trail and 3 Flintlock a sign that says: FOR BUILDING ACCESS call 518-414-4729. Kumi Tucker from WNYT called it identified herself and was hung up on.

    • Thank you onewomanarmy for your concern. My work is largely done and now the neighborhood watch committee and I will watch real estate listings. I expect we will see more arrests: Nancy and Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, Loreta Garza, and India Oxenberg (unfortunately). Karen Unterrainer will surely be questioned heavily. Maybe Jim Del Negro, Edgar Boone, Nicky Clyne, Rosa Laura Junco and Marianna Fernandez also get arrested. plus, asset seizure and a lot of empty houses around Knox Woods, Stage Run Plantation, Farmview, Silo Drive etc. shortly. I am betting that we will see many of those go on the market unless they are seized first. A friend who hadn’t been in Knox Woods or Stage Run for over a year, remarked to me last Friday that the place felt like a ghost town, it was very quiet. I did remind him that we didn’t see a lot of walking back and forth at least in daytime during the winter months and this March has been snowy, cold and damp but he was right the neighborhood does have a different vibe.

      My wish now are threefold: for Frank Parlato to be exonerated ( IMO he earned every bit of that 1 million dollars helping to bring NXIVM down). John Tighe’s guilty plea gets overturned and India Oxenberg gets the help she needs, and she reunites with her mom who loves her unconditionally and dearly.

      • ‘John Tighe’s plea gets overturned’

        Every single person having put their neck out to make this arrest happen deserves so much credit; most have suffererd personally, but possibly none more so than John Tighe.
        If he was given an impossible choice between standing trial with doctored evidence vs copping to a deal admitting guilt, can the arrest of Raniere in any way carry some weight with the prosecutors? For a retrial, with more facts into evidence?

        • Wouldn’t be the first innocent man to go to jail because it was a better bet to cop a plea.
          I have never known what to think about that case.

        • I hope that somewhere on those servers and PCs that were confiscated by the feds there will be evidence of Tighe being framed. In fact, now that Keith will never see freedom again, I have newfound hope that Tighe will be exonerated.

      • May everything you wish come to pass.

        And know we all wish it too, that all those good things happen.

        Thank you for all your updates!

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