From an Old Friend: Message to Siobhan Hotaling: “Follow your moral compass”

Several years ago, Siobhan Hotaling, an EMP, had an ethical breach:  She refused to have sex with Keith Raniere. She’s a lesbian.  An old friend writes today to deliver her a message:

Point of View

Dear Siobhan;

I’ve been in circles to have known you since childhood. A boyfriend even lived next to you. Never have I heard anyone describe you as less than amazing. You were always fun, insightful and confident. You did your thing &  your thing is amazing. You were born amazing, you are still amazing. You don’t need anyone’s guidance. Follow your moral compass!

Please get back in touch with old friends, everyone misses you! It’ll be OK. No one on the outside wants anything but your success and happiness in this life. We LOVE YOU!!! No matter what, we love you & you’re a precious gift.

I can still hear you laugh & see you smile. Your light shines bright. You are loved.

Siobhan Hotaling did not want to have sex with Keith Raniere. He told her that it was not the raw crude sex he wanted but that she alone was destined to bear his avatar child. She is gay and did not want a baby. Keith declared her to be in ‘ethical breach.’ Everyone in the inner circle of ESP was forbidden to discuss the nature of the breach. But many knew she was in breach but did not know the reason. Frank Report, not being in ESP, has no requirement to keep it secret. Many opportunities bypassed her in her so-called career with ESP because she would not have raw crude sex with Keith Raniere.   Maybe it’s time for her to leave.

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Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • Siobahn is a sad case. She could have had a life, but chose to be weak and become a slave to the machine. Her self esteem is so low that even though she knows a lot about the abuses she and others have withstood .she stays. She probably still teeters between upbeat and bright and manic/suicidal. She was cooked along time ago.Sorry

  • Siobhan is institutionalized with NXIVM. She’s been in a really long time and has drank a lot of kool-aid. She makes pretty good money for little work being an EMP.
    She thought her music would go somewhere with the help of her mentor Keith. Really no one has been successful with music or acting with Keith Raniere’s help.
    She’s gotten to rub elbows with the Simi somewhat famous actors and felt special hanging out with them. In the end, she’s still lost as ever and heading nowhere.
    It’s sad and I agree with the poster. Siobhan could be so much more without NXIVM but for some it’s a hard “drug”to give up and start all over again.

  • Rumor is she did have sex with him and he “fixed” her gayness. She went back, as you can’t fix gay. It was enough to give her what she wanted. The ability to charge people to do EM’s.



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