Expian warns Espians: do NOT die for Vanguard!

During the intensive “The Ethicist”, we were shown the movie, The Mission, in which Jeremy Iron, playing the priest, walks courageously towards the Spaniards who are shooting at him with riffles, as an act of character and determination. This scene was emphasized as important because of the importance of the idea of dying for a principle.

And here is Vanguard hiding in Mexico!

What a joke! Where is your will of steel, Vanguard?

“No one has a word stronger than mine,” I heard you say many times! Where did that all go?

For those who are still in the organization, PLEASE, for the love of God, do NOT die for ANY principle! As this might be another of Vanguard’s tricks to ask you to do something that can harm yourself or others!

I know that you may not take this warning seriously, but when you get out of ESP, everything comes together and then you suddenly realize the extent of the manipulation and danger-osity of Vanguard, and his associate, N. Salzman.

So please, step back a little, and ask yourselves, “What if the media are correct? What if I am wrong? What if harm and manipulation are being done?”

Remember that trying others’ perspective is THE way of becoming truly ethical!

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  • Keith, Nancy, Lauren have slowly and insidiously for years been working up to this moment. In effect, they have been weaponizing the loyal followers to see what they can get you to do. Charles Manson did the same thing with his “family”. I have hypothesized what Keith’s end game may be and it never ends well. I am pretty sure this is what Catherine Oxenberg feels in her gut when she says “I believe my daughter to be in grave danger”

    If you are inclined read, Diane Lake’s book “member of the family” and you will see what I mean. Charlie used LSD to make his followers vulnerable to thought reform, and then he would “postulate” his beliefs in evening “intensives”. Keith et al use NLP, hypnosis etc to induce thought reform on their followers. You have been slowly indoctrinated to accept what they have taught you as gospel until you had your “Aha” moments.

    Welcome back to “civilian” life Expians. Be gentle on yourselves as you continue on your path to healing and personal growth outside the NXIVM bubble.

  • I’m so glad someone wrote this- I also experienced a lot of the trainings starting to lean toward the question “what would you die for”.




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